MTSS 1: Female Masturbation

Our first episode is up! You can watch a Flash version below, but to enjoy the full HD-ness of teen sex, subscribe via the iTunes button to the right of this post or select the RSS podcast button.

MTSS 2: Abstinence

Our second episode looks at the pros and cons of abstinence. If you like our show, tell your friends about us!

MTSS 3: The Older Boyfriend

You’re 15. He’s 25. No problem, right?

MTSS 4: Birth Control

In this episode we look at a few forms of birth control. There are many other options available including the Patch, female condoms, the sponge, foam, cervical caps, diaphragms, surgical sterilization, and playing World of Warcraft.

MTSS 5: The First Time

Our first time since our last time.

MTSS 6: Gym Class

Shower time.

MTSS 7: Homosexuality Part 1

100% gay.

MTSS 8: Beatin’ It

You’re all doing it, right?

MTSS 9: Syphilis

Happy Halloween!

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MTSS 10: Dating

But I have enough friends.

MTSS 11: Backdoor Business

Anal sex.

MTSS 12: Parents

They’re annoying and weird, but you should still talk to them about sex.

MTSS 13: Porn

We primarily look at mainstream porn, but there is a wealth of material out there. Some good, some bad, and some hilarious.

MTSS 14: Oral Sex

It’s not going to lick itself.

MTSS 15: Break-Ups

I’m so over you… Hold me.

MTSS 16: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol


MTSS 17: The Penis

We examine the penis. Despite what other websites may claim, viewing this episode will not make it bigger.

MTSS 18: Fetishes


MTSS 19: Orgasms

Have you ever had one?

MTSS 20: The Green Tongue of HPV

Our Halloween Special. Welcome to the Abstinence Academy for slutty girls!

Special thanks to Radar Dog Productions for lengthy discussions of all things witches.

MTSS 21: Boobies

Boobies. Boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Jugs. Tits. Fun Bags. Dirty Pillows. Milk Sacks. Hooters. Ta Ta’s. Melons. Headlights. Rack. The Twins. Boulders. Sweater Meat. Udders. Bee Stings. Jubblies. Chesticles. Bazookas. Mammaries. Blouse Bunnies. Yabbos. Flapjacks. Orbs. Twin Peaks. Dairy Section. Bosom. Lady Bollocks. Lunch.

MTSS 22: Hook Ups

Got three minutes? Want to hook up?

MTSS 23: Vaginas

Find out what happens when vaginas stop being polite and start getting real.

MTSS 24: Condoms

No matter how many times you’ve seen the banana demo, it’s not the same as putting one on a boner.

Special thanks to singer Nina Storey and composer Ryan Franks for creating the character of “Hank” for this episode. You can hear more of Nina’s music at, along with the sweet sounds of Mr. Franks over at

MTSS 25: Prom

Prom babies cry just as loud.

Midwest Teen Sex Show #21 (Boobies Deleted Scene)

Girls Gone Wild? Not quite.