MTSS 4: Birth Control

In this episode we look at a few forms of birth control. There are many other options available including the Patch, female condoms, the sponge, foam, cervical caps, diaphragms, surgical sterilization, and playing World of Warcraft.

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  1. 1 Noogie Husband

    The logo image in the past two shows has been streched.

    You should have pressured Nikol’s husband into doing a WoW rant including numerous esoteric references to time-wasting and intercourse-evading activities in the game. This is however no real regret since the kids were so fantastic at start and end.

  2. 2 Jenn E

    Is there going to be a Birth Control Part 2? There was no mention of the patch, NuvaRing or the IUD. :( Kudos on mentioning pull & pray, though. Love the show!

  3. 3 Nikol

    Hi Jenn,

    There was so much to mention! I actually had the IUD for a bit. Damn thing would have been lovely had it not expelled itself after a year. It was also quite pokey for my partner. I never tried the patch or NuvaRing. Have you?
    Feel free to really utilize these comment threads as an open discussion on the topics. We really want to get people talking about these things.

  4. 4 Maggi

    I like the pill the best. I get annoyed at my girl friends my age (16) who don’t remember to take it regularly. I also wouldn’t use the IUD because I have sex with different guys, and I’m told an IUD should only be used if I’m not doing other guys.

  5. 5 Nikol

    That’s right, Maggi. The IUD makes it quite a bit easier for STI’s to spread into the uterus and become fatal or cause sterility. It also is somewhat uncomfortable to have put in, especially the part where they measure your cervix.

    Right now my favorite form of birth control is condoms. I love it that there are so many options, but I prefer using one that doesn’t muck about with my hormones.

  6. 6 Christian

    Hi MTSS, I love your show and especially this episode, it’s great. Go on like this! Greetz, Christian

  7. 7 Steven

    haha pray & pull method lmao!
    and yes kids are annoying & they are so selfish.

    uhh i was wondering if you guys are gonna go in more depth
    of the use of condoms?
    seeing that they not only help prevent unwanted pregnancies but
    also prevent against STD’s.

    great episode.

  8. 8 dom.

    hey princess how you doing, wanna get high? want some coke, want some crack, want some meth? wanna snif some clue? heh, heh, heh?!

    no thanks, im going home to masturbate.


  9. 9 the4rghtchords

    Ok, it’s been two weeks….how much longer are you going to make us wait??? Seriously, I’m going to start losing sleep if I don’t see a new MTSS soon.

  10. 10 Wedge Plissken

    That was GREAT! ‘Never wash your vagina’! My gosh-we’ve been turning our daughter into bait! Time to hide the soap…lose the attractant-create a natural chastity belt. Brilliant!

  11. 11 Brad

    What he said. Stop holding out on us. We need more of your witty sex humor.

  12. 12 Goldie Lox

    Well, i have a question and if i could get some tips that would great. I’ve just started having sex with my boyfriend… we haven’t done it that many times but i thought as much chemistry as me and him seem to have we’d have better sex but its actually pretty boring… any ideas??

  13. 13 Rick

    @Maggi: If you’re using the pill over the IUD because you’re having sex with more than one guy, please make the guys wear a condom too.

    The pill only stops pregnancy — as I’m sure you already know.

    Remember that every time you have sex with a guy, you’re having sex with every person he’s ever had sex with. And every person they’ve ever had sex with. STDs (or STIs as I see they’re called in places) will travel and an STD is a LOT less fun than a baby.


  14. 14 randy

    also, for girls who don’t have access to vibrators, I’ve read of girls using the back of one of those new cheap electric toothbrushes, or if it has removable bristles take them off or cover up the tip with a sock or something

    “but its actually pretty boring… any ideas??”, um are you having orgasms? Do you want to have sex with him? Maybe you’re into girls……?

  15. 15 Thomas J. Brown

    STIs vs STDs - The difference is basically infections versus diseases. STI is preferable to STD for a number of reasons, but the most important is that it more accurately describes the range of, well, infections!

    Depo-Provera (the shot) - Depo is a fantastic solution for most people. Some women experience adverse reactions, and the side effects are worth learning about _before_ you get the shot. The most important thing to know is that women should not be on Depo for more than two years. Studies have shown that Depo is associated with a loss of bone density, resulting in an increased risk of osteoporosis.

    And no matter what birth control you use, the male should always use a condom. Very few methods of birth control protect against STIs and no method of birth control works 100% of the time (except for abstinence). Remember, no sex is safe sex!

  16. 16 Dr. O'Connell

    Hi Nikol,
    I’m a gynecologist, and I adore your site! I wanted to give you some updated info on the IUD: there is an increased risk of pelvic infection with the IUD, but only in the 3 weeks following insertion. After that, there’s no increased risk of catching an STD or of one turning into PID. So everyone at risk of STDs (basically, everyone have sex) needs condoms to protect themselves and their fertility, but the IUD doesn’t put you in any extra danger.
    Dr. Kate O’Connell

  17. 17 Nikol

    Thanks, Dr. Kate. Very cool to have you watching.

  18. 18 Ben Goering

    I play WoW and get my fair share of action. I understand the stereotype, but we’re not all ubernerds. Ha. :)

    I’m not offended at all, though. No worries. I think what y’all are up to is fantastic.

  19. 19 Ieatbugs

    Morning After Pill plz? :D

  20. 20 Steven Luscher

    Hahah! “That’s what she said.” Classic.

    New favorite podcast. Keep on keepin’ on!

  21. 21 huprkjrcef

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! xzpekpqdflweoy

  22. 22 Danielle

    First of all, I wanted to say that this is the most refreshing sex ed I have ever seen.

    Also, about the birth control:
    I was on the pill for a few years and had a horrible time taking it at exactly the same time each day. What ended up happening is that if I forgot to take it a day, for the next couple of days, I had phantom cramps. Even if I messed up what time I took it (one or two hours late), I would start to feel sick to my stomach.

    I’m on the Nuva-Ring now, and although I’ve only been on it for two months, I must say I don’t feel the ups and downs in my hormones. My periods are much shorter, too. Down from 5-7 w/out birth control to 4 w/pill to 3 w/ring. Weird, but useful. I still use condoms out of (good) habit.

    Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make mention of something a ob-gyn-to-be said to me: “You can take out the ring during sex, or you could make a game out of it. You know, sometimes the ring can come out, and it’ll stay on your boyfriend’s penis. Ring-toss at its best.”

  23. 23 Susie Bright

    Why did the diaphragm/cervical cap go out of style? I loved mine. I did all the stations of the cross when it came to birth control… Condoms in the hands of a competent man is best, or blatant lesbianism. After that, diaphragms, cause there’s no side effects and you get to your vagina without the stupid hangups. Of course, there’s the icky jelly. Murderous for oral sex. Okay, i never liked that. But with cervical caps, it was like you used one drop, it was a nonissue. I think the cervical caps were fab. You buy one and it lasts for years. The Big Pharm people make a fortune on the Pill. I didn’t have amusing side effects. I suppose also the barrier caps went out of fashion because they dont’ do sh** about AIDS. But neither does the Pill. Just blathering here, it was a great show.

  24. 24 Jen

    You didn’t cover the best form of birth control (for women)….having sex with other women. Nothing works better. It’s got the success rate of preventing babies that abstinence does, without that pesky lack of partnered sexual activity.

    And I also wanted to second the hope for an episode where you cover emergency contraception. Especially since it’s aimed at teens, probably under 18, who can’t get e.c. over the counter.

  25. 25 MEJ

    I am with Danielle, I use NuvaRing and it is great. I think it is especially better than the pill for younger women because you don’t have to think about it every day. Also, the pill gave me headaches and mood swings and the ring doesn’t (my doc said it is a lower dose).

    When I was younger I used to forget my pill a lot and then switch to condoms and worry and worry with my partner every month that something would go wrong. I am more in control now; the ring helps.

    Also NuvaRing has a weird side-effect of making things juicier down there than normal… weird, but manageable!

  26. 26 couchpixie

    I want to put in a good word for the Pill. I had monster PMS and menstral migraines until I went on the Pill. Now I don’t even have to have periods, much less cramps, fatigue, acne, depression, bloating, constipation, & migraines. It can do all that AND prevent babies! (Also, if you’re a teen and anxious about perceptions parents/adults might have about you being on the Pill, the elimination of PMS misery is something ANY woman–and many men–can totally understand without making you feel like a slut.) Still, USE A CONDOM. It is REALLY easy and REALLY effective for all kinds of things. I’m a big fan of two methods of birth control/STD protection at all time. That way, if the condom comes off (and sometimes they do), at least you don’t have to start picking out baby names.

    Also, a question for Nikol. My friend Eugene and I (we’re both big fans!) need a debate settled. We were struck by appearance of the dude making out in the car (”Todd”?) who says you don’t need condoms when you’re in love. I say that he’s TOTALLY thirty, and Eugene says no way, that he’s not a day over twenty-nine. There is money riding on this. (Obviously, we aren’t getting laid, otherwise we’d be debating about whether or not the sensation of a guy’s jizz running out from between your legs is a turn-on, and therefore a good reason to do russian roulette with condoms, or extremely disgusting, and therefore the number one reason above all others that rubbers are the answer.) Thanks and keep it up!

  27. 27 Katie


    >>It’s got the success rate of preventing babies that abstinence does, without that pesky lack of partnered sexual activity.

    I wouldn’t go that far.


  28. 28 Khajaiva

    Love the video. But I wanted to know, What advice would you give to girls, who’s parents doesn’t want them to have sex, but their doing it anyway and wanted birth control?

  29. 29 nikol


    While condoms aren’t foolproof, they’re available at drugstores everywhere and are a good start. You can buy them no matter what your age. Always use condoms!

    While you’re “doing it anyway” do you really want to be having sex? There’s plenty of fun to be had without risking pregnancy.

    I also recommend finding an adult in your life you can talk to about birth control. If it’s not your parents, maybe it’s an aunt or uncle, a teacher, an older sibling, a nurse or doctor.

    Feel free to email me at

  30. 30 Pann

    I was confused by the “never wash your vagina” joke.

    I realize now that it was a joke (like, uh, you’ll smell bad and that will keep you from having sex, and that will be birth control??)

    But it’s confusing — at least to me…

  31. 31 Yah

    It’s hilarious that you thought the joke was confusing. Have you ever smelled a stinky dirty vagina?

  32. 32 Ashley

    If a guy uses condoms all the time, should a girl also think about combining that with another form of birth control? I.E., coupling condoms and BC, or one of the other mentioned methods?

    PS, it’s not a joke to not wash your vagina. Your vagina does take care of itself, and contains several forms of bacteria that, if one washes it continually (especially with scented soap), could actually do more harm than good. [Am I right on that one? At least, halfway?]

  33. 33 Lex

    Ashley, washing your vagina with scented soaps (or — ack — douches) will often do more harm than good. But washing gently with a mild soap or with just plain water is fine. I don’t mean squirting water up inside your vagina and jumping up and down, or anything, I just mean the quick ’spread the lips and splash some water around’ move.

  34. 34 Tyson

    Excellent show, love the writing, and the performances are great! Definitely hooked now.

  35. 35 Tim, the Enchanter

    OMFG… I totally blew Pepsi all over my monitor after the “that’s what she said” part. Thanks for making my day!

  36. 36 Taleen

    I love your videos. the humor is great for teens an makes it more comfortable to talk about sex if it isnt such a hush hush topic like it was in the days of me growing up! i think teens parents need to lighten up because teens are having sex at much younger ages. i had my first child @ 15 if some one would have had this kinds of things around to educate me i think i would have been much more responsible as a teen having sex! Once again thank you. i plan on having my 13 ear old son an my 14 year old daughter watch your videos. i cant say it much better to them my self an besides… what do i know im old an dumb in thier eyes! lol

  37. 37 Ashley

    I have to say that I appreciate this show as a form of Sexual Education… however as a sexual health educator there are a few points in the video/ on the discussion board that is not being addressed and leading to an increase in the misinformation of young girls.

    1) The IUD as increasing your risk of contracting STI’s over the pill is a claim that should not be made. ANY form of birth control, other than the condom, is solely for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. The only form of birth control effective in preventing against STI’s is a CONDOM. Therefore whether on the pill or the IUD your risk of contracting and STI are the same if you are not using a condom. Also, the IUD (mirena) is the MOST EFFECTIVE and MOST FOOLPROOF method on the market (which is why I am on it). For example, with TYPICAL use the IUD has a pregnancy rate of 1/1000, the condom is 15/100, and the pill is still at 8/100. That takes me to my second point to comment on what someone else said.
    2) ALWAYS use 2 forms of birth control with one being a condom. There is nothing else effective against STI’s and birth control is most effective with one barrier and one hormonal! Do not couple 2 condoms together whether one male and one female or two males. The friction between them will cause increased breakage. One condom is better than two!!!
    3) Depo is effective, but it may be taken off the market due to it’s harsh side effects. There are even research papers in medical journals on their use in the castration of sex offenders because it has been shown to decrease sex drive. Also, if there is a side effect it is irreversible because you cannot take it out of your body.
    4) You should also be educating more on HOW to use these methods. Most condom breakages are from misuse. For example, only latex or polyurethane condoms should be used, and only water based lubricant that does not include nonoxyl-9 should be used. And don’t forget to ‘pinch an inch’ at the tip.
    5) Yes, you should wash your vagina! That being said the internal vaginal canal is self cleaning and therefore you should not douche (clean the inside out by squirting water into the vaginal canal). But the clitoral hood should be lifted back and gently cleaned underneath and the vulva (external area) should be washed for cleanliness.

    So I commend you on making a forum for discussion with younger girls (I know I am only 22 but I imagine some of these girls are much younger) but you NEED to ensure that you are providing accurate information and that the jokes are not getting in the way of the message. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research before and provide accurate information:S And for any girls watching this, always check and double check other credible resources, or check with a doctor!!!!!!



  38. 38 Autymn D. C.

    no mention of rhythm method

  39. 39 Jenny

    Birth control ~ I use the IUD. I am 34 yrs old and though my period flows are a bit heavier than normal, it isn’t hormonal. I am surprised more woman are not educated about the IUD. It is just as effective as the pill and believe me - woman have a ton of hormonal changes every month based on your normal cycles but than kick in the PILL. That’s why there are a ton of crazy women out there. I swear many of you need to try the IUD - mine has no added hormones. And I tried the shot. I turned into a bitch. So ladies be aware of the hormones! Try the IUD!
    aka ((Intrauterine Devices))
    Though, yes you unmarried ladies and teens should always use a condom! you do Not want any diseases!!! seriously !

  40. 40 Klara

    Hi everybody,
    I just love your show and find it really funny and a good way for teenagers to learn the basics. Found it through the “sex is fun” podcast ( to which I’ve been listening for quite a time.
    Aged 25, during the last years I have spent a lot of time researching on and discussing about different methods of birth control and although I agree that it is better for young girls to take the pill than to get pregnant, I strongly criticise the fact that nobody really informs you about the side effect and, more important, that there are other and more natural methods that do not have to be less safe if you are responsible enough to use them correctly (there has been a scientific study on this topic recently).
    Personally, I just can repeat what SusieBright wrote, I am using a cervical cap in combination with a condom and feel very safe with it as does my boyfriend. Having an actual cycle makes me feel a lot more like a woman and I just enjoy analising what happens to me during the cycle (like a few days I just get terribly horny… :-))! Even if I became a swinger tomorrow, I wouldn’t get back on hormonal birth control, not least because then I wouldn’t have so much sexdrive left.

    Of course this is not a good method for everybody, but at least gynecologists should inform young as well as older women about this despite the profit interests of the pharma industry. It is a pity that for example the only place in Germany where you can get such a cervical cap is a feminist center in Berlin! By the way, there are less chemical gels today than back then, so I never felt any itching.

    Keep on spreading the news!

  41. 41 Elizabeth

    Norplan was not ideal, but in most countries it’s been replaced by Implanon, a single stick that goes effortlessly into your arm and keeps you baby-free for three whole years. If you’re fat it’s invisible, and if you’re skinny it enhances the definition of your glorious biceps. Taking it out is as easy as any other withdrawal.

    The only side effect in my experience is no periods. I recently added up what that saved me in Tampax costs over the last 5 years and bought a motorbike. If I’d counted what it saved me in diapers, schoolfees, psychotherapy and time spent trying to figure out whether I should invite that cute guy from Bangkok over for a weekend when I might just be all bloody and grumpy, I probably could have bought a house.

  42. 42 Nick

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes! It is so well put together and is very original.

  43. 43 Amy

    my name is amy and at my college i am in a group called CHOICES, where everyone gets trained in comprehensive sexual education and then we sell contraception along with provide connections to facilities such as planned parenthood. when people have questions about anything sex related, we try to answer them.
    i wanted you to know that your Birth Control episode lacked some important facts. here are some off the top of my head: i was hoping you could do some more research and make another episode about it?

    how to put on a condom, including checking the expiration date and making sure it has an air bubble inside (so you know its not damaged)

    leaving space at the tip of the condom for semen (i dont remember if that was mentioned)

    only use water or silicone based lubes with latex condoms

    make sure to take condom off right after, while the penis is still erect

    morning after pill/ emergency contraception pill

    dental dams (although not contraception, protect against STIs and STDs)

    contraceptive forms for women:
    birth control pills
    ortho evera patch
    lea’s shield
    today’s sponge

    different sti’s and std’s take longer and shorter amounts of time to be detected on tests- some show up right away, but hiv, for example, can take up to 3 months for the antibodies to be detected

    you can get pregnant during period sex– sperm can live for 5-7 days inside a woman’s body

    if you dont have a dental dam, you can cut a nonlubricated condom up the side and cut off the end

    wearing 2 condoms at once increase friction and causes breakage

    never re-use a condom

    some sites this info comes from:
    genital hpv infection cdc fact sheet:
    genital herpes cdc fact sheet:

    helpful sites to offer (if you dont have them already):
    *center for disease control and prevention (cdc):* http://www.cdc.govnchstp/dstd/personal_health_questions.htm (provides std fact sheets and a contact center that provides std info and testing sites (800-CDC-INFO))
    *the emergency contraception website:* (provides information about, questions asked about, and where to find emergency contraception)
    *parents, families, & friends of lesbians and gays (pflag):* (provides support to help both family and friends of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, and GLBT people themselves)
    *planned parenthood federation of america (ppfa):* (provides information about sexuality, sexual health, and contact information nationwide)
    *rape, abuse, and incest national network (rainn):* (operates the national sexual assault hotline (800-656-HOPE) that provides free confidential calling)

  44. 44 Nimby

    Well, most of the stuff you mentioned about condoms can be found in the instructions. ^_^

  45. 45 Fumblinglilith

    What a great show! Loved the part about pull and pray. I unfortunately used it for several years, and my daughter is the result, though I love her dearly. I’m just really lucky that it was with my husband and not with any of the jerks that I dated beforehand, because it really would have messed my life up. But it’s best not to rely on luck people.
    Anyways, love the show keep up the good work!

  46. 46 Madeline

    The thing is I want to know reasons to wax a female’s body?
    What will encourage me to wax?
    What will discourage me to wax?

  47. 47 Yumi


    Though I’m not in this situation, I have a question that may effect other people having or wanting to have sex:

    What if you’re allergic to latex?? Are there non-latex condoms?

    I certainly hope there are.

    - Yumi

  48. 48 Guy

    Yes there are Yumi.

    Our friends over at Sex, Etc. have a nice piece on polyurethane condoms among others:

  49. 49 Xexyzl

    Generalizations are generally untrue.

  50. 50 peet

    seriously…the washing of the vagina comment was confusing.
    i’m pretty good about catching subtle jokes, but i don’t have one, and the women i’ve been with have usually been more in the style of ‘washers’ than not.

  51. 51 Kamoo

    I just wanted to comment on the hormonal birth control discussion: Before I was on Nuvaring, my periods were horrible and crazily irregular, often leaving me gasping with pain, on several occasions fainting, and once even taken to the hospital. (Several doctors during different visits declared me “perfectly healthy”–just an unlucky sufferer at one end of the period bell curve.)

    Now, however, my periods are regular, short, and light. I still have mood swings but I always had them before (and my sex drive has not diminished one little bit, although sometimes I wish it would…)

    Also, as a side note, I’m a big supporter of providing teens piles of sex information and honesty, but both the rhythm method and Fertility Awareness seem a bit innapropriate to stress. Anyone who finds it difficult to swallow a pill at the same time every day is not going to be able to consistently chart their morning temperature and cervical fluid. That said, this is a great book:

    Cheers, Nicol! So sad I didn’t get to meet you, Brit!

  52. 52 matt f

    haha “ohhh tod’s the king”. This show is amazing, yall explain everything in a simple and funny way so its easier then having one of those numerous loooooong akward talks with your parents. You should see about having school abstinence programs sponsor you, highschool kids like me would love and actually listen to this

  53. 53 jerrod

    I’m still laughing at this as I type.
    I haven’t laughed so hard since chelsea handler died.
    thank you stumbleupon. I’ll be subscribing to this podcast as soon as my laziness will allow.

  54. 54 Gabriele

    You know, as a female, I’ve actually found that one of the least advertised form of hormone birth controls is actually the most convenient forms out there…. the NUVA RING! I gained weight on the pill (even though they have ‘proven’ that women won’t gain weight on it…. I’ve even known girls who have lost weight, but so much that they wanted to gain again). Messing with natural hormones can be a risky bitch, and while some people are well suited, some people transform from sexy slim cutie pies to over-weight hormonal nightmares. However, with the Nuva Ring, you put it in, mark your calender to take it out three weeks later, and then to put it back in the next week (or, you can just change it out completely after three weeks to avoid menstruating, which I don’t recommend, unless you have endometriosis or very painful periods, which can be, but not always is, a sign of endometriosis or other reproductive ills, which, by the way, are less researched than the causes of limp dick… girls might be in so much pain because of endometriosis that they can’t walk, and no one knows why or has medication for it, but limp dick at least had millions of dollars and Bob Dole behind it. Woe for those who can’t have sex). The great thing is that even though it’s hormonal, the majority of the hormones don’t circulate through the bloodstream, making it less bodily impacting than the pill…. It may not cure acne, but it can save you from the pains of traditional hormone treatments…. Mind you, I’m not an expert, but I’ve been doing my research since my first menses at eleven…. While other girls were playing in the schoolyard, I was trying to figure out why the hell I was so tormented while my 10 year old brother couldn’t give a damn about any thing to do with reproductive functions…

  55. 55 Gabriele

    And, I’m sorry I forgot to mention, never have sex without a condom unless you are in a tested and tested and tested (only one test suffices, the first two are emotional…. just kidding, do as you want, to a point…. to the other point, I will find you, and teach you better). Any ways, unless you are in a trusting monogamous relationship, in which you, AND your partner have been tested, DO NOT have sex without a condom! HAVE YOU SEEN FOREST GUMP? Even the love of the savants life gets AIDS! And you ARE NOT stupid is as stupid does. You know how and why to prevent, so do it!

  56. 56 UrFlyisOpen

    NIKOL PLEASE answer my question,
    I’ve recently been reading about condoms, trying to figure out what the best kinds are, and i’ve read a few things about Polyurethane. One article said it was “the newest material used for condoms, is a type of plastic nearly twice as strong as latex. This means they can be made extremely thin. It retains heat better than latex so it warms to the body’s temperature. It has not been approved against the HIV virus as yet. These are good for people with latex allergies.”
    Personally, as neither myself or my boyfriend have had intercourse before, I am more worried about pregnancy than I am about STIs. Do you know if these polyurethane condoms are a good choice?

  57. 57 Nikol

    @UrFlyIsOpen I love polyurethane condoms. I was just telling a friend about them today. While not allergic to latex, I find the thickness and smell off putting. Polyurethane is thinner, just as strong, and scentless. It is pricier, but an excellent choice.

  58. 58 chanteuse

    FYI: What you may think is a smelly vagina (and yes, they can get a little TOO bad) is actually a big bunch of hormones that will attract, rather than deter, the healthy sexual human being. How do you think the earlier humans - who likely were not bathing - had the impetus to come together (no pun intended)? Yeah, wash it, but no perfumes or chemicals or douching (as previously stated); they are not only harmful, but all our cologning and perfuming covers up our real smells that tell the truth about our chemical compatibility. Don’t hate your body! Just sayin’… (I did get the joke, by the way.)

    Nikol, your sense of humor and irreverence are great and mostly effective in terms of reaching the age group you’re targeting. But a few statements, like “babies are f-ing stupid” - how is that truly helpful? While it may be helpful to speak in teen’s lingo, sometimes you don’t sound like you expect much of young people, dumbing them down a bit.

    I’m thrilled, though, that this demographic has a place to go for real answers, especially since sex ed in the schools is nil and parents can often miss the boat.

  59. 59 AbstinenceOnlyEducated

    It is really sad that I am turning to a forum for this, but I cannot for the life of me find information regarding how soon you can have safer sex once you are on the pill. Does it take a month to become effective? A week? An instant? Anyone?

  60. 60 Nikol

    @AbstinenceOnlyEducated It is recommended to use a “barrier method” (condom, cervical cap, diaphragm) as a back up for the first month that you begin using a hormonal method of birth control.

  61. 61 A&T

    Hey, me and my gf love your show. I get to put it in her but soon :D

  62. 62 Cynthia

    This bears repeating: The birth control pill, Yaz, has been linked to a number of adverse reactions, including strokes and lawsuits are growing over these issues. Here is some good information:

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