MTSS 6: Gym Class

Shower time.

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  1. 1 dom

    i loved this one!

    “amanda, nice vagina!”

    “but, who’s gonna get your back?”
    *nikol pops up*

  2. 2 Christian

    Midwest Teen Sex Show Gals n Guys … You are great.

    Your German fan

  3. 3 JC


    Will it turn you gay?….


    Awesome _b

  4. 4 Ken W

    Hilarious as always. Glad to see something for the guys this time around too!

    “Get away from me.”


  5. 5 Katelyn

    Genius. Genius!!

  6. 6 Mike

    … Ok, yeah… “Girls don’t shower.” Fantastic!

    Seriously, I had to replay the credits like three times. The first time I though maybe I had blacked out, and imagined it. The third because I couldn’t see it clearly the second time through the tears…

    Love your work.

    [note:] I couldn’t help noticing a difference in your hair color (nikol) from the opening scene B/W, to the final B/W. Did you dye your hair halfway through the movie? Long live Red-Heads! Well… I’m blond, but thats the milk-man’s fault…[/note]


  7. 7 Jeffe

    Yeah, but now I want to know… Who’s gonna get Nikol’s back?

    Im sure Puppers wanted to… but wow…

    Cleansing my mind for a moment to comment, well, without as much bias (cause I love you guys)
    Brilliant show, this is totally the topic teens need to be able to talk about. No one ever talks about how awful Gym class is or how those perfect looking people spoil it for everyone.

    And cutting to the guys, classic. Towel snapping does happen, I think it has to do with guys being too homophobic to touch each other, but wanting to show how much they care. Or something.

  8. 8 Pug

    You folks are (quite simply) awesome. Bravo. Keep it up! Time for me to refresh my PayPal account so I can drop something in your tip jar…

    …is it strange that I feel a real kinship with Puppers?

  9. 9 John

    I think y’all could raise some funds by publishing a DVD or VCD with the raw footage from that shower scene. Poor Puppers! He’ll never get a moments rest now that he’s had “that” dream…

    Keep up the fantastic work… your telling the truths that nobody else seems to want told

  10. 10 Jonnyflash

    I loved this epsiode! I’m planning on hyping it this week on our own podcast, The SuperCandid Podcast!

  11. 11 Ziptone

    Gold. Pure gold.

    Thank you.


  12. 12 Jeremy

    That was hilarious.

  13. 13 JKG

    Wow, thanks again, great show. Your post production work looks great also! I and all males on the planet want to thank you for the shower scene……. :)

  14. 14 Courtney

    Your funniest one yet, Guy. Absolutely hilarious.

  15. 15 David Julian

    I’m not from the Midwest, and I’m an adult, but I love this show. It’s hilarious!! My roommate and I watch it together each week. She says it just keeps getting better every time. Thanks.

  16. 16 Eric Willis

    Totally awesome :D

  17. 17 Jenny

    I am so in love with this project. More, please.

    My gym class horror story:
    When I was 14 this really bitchy popular girl in my class hid in the showers and had her friends pretend to talk bad about her and then they asked me if I liked her and of course I said “No” and then she jumped out and screamed “A-HA!” and told everyone in our class that I was badmouthing her in the locker room.

    Later that year her brother was killed and then I kind of felt like we were even.

    True story.

  18. 18 Botch the Crab

    I think this show has hit its stride. Funny sh**!

  19. 19 imgomez

    I love it. In jr. high, one of the gym teachers showered with the students after every class — that was 4-5 showers a day! We all knew it was creepy, but in the 70s I guess we weren’t as atuned to just HOW creepy.

    I also had a swimming teacher who encouraged the boys to bunch together in a line - naked - as we waited for him to distribute soggy, clinging, school-provided swim suits. Ewwww!

  20. 20 The Ems

    You’re right. Girls don’t shower. Or at least, I never did. Mainly because my gym teacher actually did like to check us out while we were changing…
    and tried to get us to pick shower buddies…
    basically, my gym teacher=gym teacher shown in video, only like, 80.

  21. 21 Andy

    Thank you for your hard video-working. I just wanted show you a little appreciation and express how much I loved the show.


  22. 22 E. Claire

    Awesome! Great new additions to the cast. :D
    No one showers in our Gym. Maybe due to the fact that the teachers are using our shower room as a storage place for wrestling mats, basketball hoops, and something that looks like a dish-washer…?

  23. 23 Ivy

    “Girls don’t shower!” XD These are amazing - simply amazing. You all do a great job ;)

  24. 24 Josh

    Very creative — good job! “amazing” rating on

  25. 25 Jeremy

    This was the perfect blend of educational, funny and sexy.

  26. 26 Frank

    This show is an example of what is right in the world.

  27. 27 Timmy

    I graduated HS just a few years back (it will be four in May), and they didn’t make anyone from the normal gym classes shower. They couldn’t make us shower, so we didn’t. The showers were there, though, to use if we wanted to. I don’t know if the sports teams showered, because I never participated in sports.

  28. 28 angel

    we totally didn’t shower after gym class in high school. but this one time, i was there late and the football players started showing up….and undressing. apparently THEY used the showers and i was left to drool and ogle.

    by the way, i’m totally gay, and not a girl who snuck into the boy’s locker rooms.

  29. 29 Ása

    hey LOVE your shows keep on rockin

    your Icelandic fan!!

  30. 30 Chris

    Yeah, when I was in JR High, the teacher would make sure we showered, he (I am male, hear me sqeak) also made sure that no one wore underwear. Adolescence is the time when kids start getting teased about the size of their genitals, about not having pubes yet, and of course, when other boys also start the name calling, making sure that everyone realizes that being gay is bad. So, all these things culminate in the gym room shower. You have to show off your privates to other people, of the same gender and then your told that it is wrong to show off your privates to people of the opposite gender, all while being told that it is wrong to show off your privates to members of the same gender. Kind of confusing stuff, no wonder why teens get so screwed in the head

  31. 31 Autymn D. C.

    Puppers never met Kat. :(

  32. 32 Tanner

    aka: Skinny Bitch HAHAHA!!!

    Nice to see this type of stuff…something teens can actually relate to. Most websites are just straight forward about abstinence (can be quite boring).

  33. 33 gb

    I remember being too afraid of having an erection that I never showered, and the jock boys dragging me into the showers as the coach looked on laughing.
    I need therapy!

  34. 34 Jenny

    When I was in high school we didn’t have to shower but it was suggested by the gym teachers. Though when I was in Junior high, they did … wierd … that’s when you’re more body phobic …
    but the showers had curtains .. it wasn’t like those old school ones .. all military, jail like …
    though my husband now jokes and wants to believe it was all gay like … but it wasn’t ….
    though yes getting dresses everyone stares at each other …
    and everyone is always comparing in their minds ..
    gals just don’t get all hung up on it … we’re all made differently and thats the way it is … don’t be ashamed!

  35. 35 Nimby

    Just a tip, Jenny…
    but sometimes…
    people come across as…
    kind of creepy and spacey…
    when they keep using ellipses…
    especially when…
    they’re reminiscing about…
    an unhappy memory…
    just thought…
    that I’d share that…

    ^_^ meant in fun, ma’am.

  36. 36 birdflu

    Perhaps an oversight, but the episode might want to cover what to do when a guy pops a boner in the shower… otherwise, a fine show indeed.

  37. 37 Big I

    “Staying in shape can make for a better and longer lasting sex-life well into your 20s.”

    The actor’s delivery of this line was pitch-perfect - I nearly wet my pants! (Thank God the government automatically issues Depends under-garments to those of us over 30.)

  38. 38 Big I

    The first gym-class in Junior-High the coach said that we had to walk to the showers in our “Birthday Suits.” At first, I had no idea what he was talking about - did we have to wear blazers and little bow-ties?

    The next year I moved, and showering was optional at my new Junior-High and the same was true in High Shcool (and nobody took ‘em up on the offer).

    In retrospect I’m glad we had to get naked at school #1 because, to this day, I’m far less weirded out about the human body than are a number of my friends from my latter home town. I have buddies who not only don’t shower after working-out at the gym but who also claim that their wives have never seen them naked.

  39. 39 Midwest Health Teacher

    I love what you are doing! I wish that I could show your stuff in class. It’s just a bit too edgy for school. I recommended the site to my students, though. I just teach classroom health, but if I did I would take some offense to the stereotype of the lesbian gym teacher. OK, some are, but even if they are - doesn’t mean they get off looking at the girls. It is a wonder anyone becomes a gym teacher these days with the negative media images out there. I guess the good professional ones aren’t very funny. Anyway, just had to rant. Otherwise love the concept. Keep it up. Perhaps make some episodes that would fall in the PG-13 category, so I could show them to students. Thanks!

  40. 40 Midwest Health Teacher

    I meant if I did teach gym, I would take offense. Sorry, but what do you expect from a dumb jock?

  41. 41 Shad

    were you when i was in highschool…oh wait no internet before 96..keep it up i now have a way to make sure my younger sybs get some decent info.

  42. 42 Mehran

    *Jumps in shower* =)

  43. 43 stephen

    dude was drinkin a Honkers Ale from Goose Island…my favorite beer

  44. 44 Tony

    Who’s the Daddy?

  45. 45 MikeyinCA

    The link for choosing episodes is way too small. I sent an email to some pals and 3 of them said they only found one episode. at least make it IN CAPS!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    Funny Stuff

  46. 46 Jaden

    ha ha wow I love this!
    you guys are soo funny and I hope you guys do like a 1000 shows.
    Oh and I no some lil bitches like to be haten but f*** them cuz u guys are cool as sh**. and I really have learned stuff from you guys that i didnt no b4.

  47. 47 will

    that was gr8! haha i h8 gym cuz of the locker room haha thnkfully here in AK in HS we have an option of gym or 2 seasons of a sport! =D
    yah i totally luvd the fashion sho!

  48. 48 Bea

    we had showers in our school to but no one used them because the architect that designed the school must have been blind or high cause there are 2 big ass widows in the shower rooms that face either the street or the football field..omg..and the same is in the locker rooms (we changed in the bathroom :P)
    love your shows .bye
    Bea from Romania :P

  49. 49 Jake

    Ha No Way! I found this site by accident *cough* looking for porn lol jk but shes wearing a Fergus jersey I grew up next to that town. Fergus Falls Minnesota. makes me wonder where you got it from?

  50. 50 Chris

    LOL is that a Fergus Falls basketball jersey?? I used to drive past there all the time when driving to Grand Forks.

  51. 51 Kung Foo

    Wow, another amazing vid, hilariously funny and very informative. Great job!

  52. 52 zoe

    “Amanda, nice vagina!”

    this is so awesome and informative and funny!

    “Girls don’t shower.”

  53. 53 Sui

    Why is it playing Ep. 5 here? It should be ep. 6 ._.

  54. 54 Guy

    Sorry about that–it’s playing the correct episode now.

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