MTSS 7: Homosexuality Part 1

100% gay.

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  1. 1 Kevin Crossman

    I listen to or watch a lot of podcasts but this is seriously breaking into my top ten! What a refreshing, informative, and funny podcast. LOVE LOVE LOVE MTSS!

  2. 2 David

    Great show! But a part 1 implies a part 2… and you may want to also explain that it’s all right not to fit into the stereotypes of being gay.

  3. 3 Jasmine

    Drop dead awesome cool + funny. Hey, the Britney clip was awesome! How was it filmed?

  4. 4 Lindsay

    That was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Love the U-Haul joke.

  5. 5 The Ems

    Beautiful. Part two? Are you going to say anything about bisexuality? Because I think people have trouble understanding that a lot of the time, and think it’s just a fad/phase, which isn’t true at all…

  6. 6 dom.

    nikol, you’re amazing.

  7. 7 olafb

    Funny and informative! Amazing show!

  8. 8 FallenNinja

    Outstanding - Well produced and presented. All the clumsiness and awkwardness of my path through the years of teen fumbling could well have been made a little easier had I had some light hearted reference like this. Keep up the good work.

  9. 9 dirk gently

    superb job. this should be shown in every high school in america. or, lacking that, every high school student should sit down at their computers with their parents and come to this site.

    offer not valid in iran or idaho, where there are no gays and never have been.

  10. 10 Baylink

    Yeah, the U-Haul joke was great; I was *so* hoping you were gonna go there…

    and I hate to pick nits, but you left the comma off the T-shirts.

    I’m gonna buy one anyway, though; laundry markers are cheap.

  11. 11 Debbie

    I think that Scott did a fantastic job! You should have him in more of your videos! Nikol, you rock, too!!!

  12. 12 Farzaneh

    You definitely learnt a good lessen about cancer jokes after episode three.

    Funny comment dirk gently, cause I live in Iran, and I am so queer ;)

  13. 13 Lee

    The wit and satire surpass the comedic side banter. This IS and always will be the best in passing all knowledge that should be known about one’s true self. Great job all.
    PS: Scott = FABULOUS, Nikol doesn’t need further reassurence to how much she Rocks! Love you all at MTSS!!!

  14. 14 Ken

    Oh man. I love you guys.

  15. 15 GramPam

    These episodes just keep getting better and better! Everyone really seems to be growing into their roles as the site itself seems to grow. Enjoyed Scott’s guest appearance. Britney cracks me up. I must forward this episode to my gay friend from high school. Just really wanted to say how impressed I am by the work all of you do and encourage you to keep pushing forward on what really is a very important mission.

  16. 16 nikol

    Thank you everyone for the comments! It makes us feel sexy.

    David there will be a part 2, and we will be tackling stereotypes along with other issues.

    Jasmine–Britney was cloned using the latest technology from the Swedish government.

    The Ems… Bisexuality will get its own episode.

    Dom–you are correct.

    Baylink–by putting “Thanks” on a separate line we hoped to avoid the comma. But the truth is that Guy’s parents were killed by commas. He’s terrified by the mere site of them.

  17. 17 Nicholas

    You guys should add subscribe buttons for miro!

  18. 18 Bethany

    Brilliant. Steve Eley directed me to your site and I watched every episode and read every comment. This show is fantastic and I applaud your efforts and humor.

    Also, I enjoyed the big F You to all the “cancer is not now, and will never be funny” commenters from the Older Boyfriend episode… and that is coming from someone who just beat lymphoma at 25. Things have power over you if you can’t laugh at them and your joke was damn funny, imo.


  19. 19 christopher

    This shows format was the best; a good mix of not too many new cast members; good amount of jokes; and definitely do the interview part again, it really gives the show gravity.

  20. 20 Jo

    You guys are HILARIOUS, keep up the good work!

  21. 21 sarahh

    loves it. But where are the updates!

  22. 22 currently west of the miss.

    I understand that the people involved have lives outside of this website, have dayjobs, I think one mentioned children? I am totally cool with having to wait for each episode . . . . Now where is the new one? When will it come? Teenagers’ sex education can not wait :)–with every passing wk w/o an episode, untold scores of teenagers will commit major faux-pas (how make plural?)–this can not be allowed to continue :).

    btw, i came across a link in a flyer at my U: Speaking of Sex Podcast. Forgot the exact link, i’m sure you can google it.

    another btw, add a link to post on Facebook (as you have done w/ delicious, Digg, google, et al.)

    i really do think this is a great website. keeping trying to post in a consistent manner and keep up the good work! :)

  23. 23 Dade Williams

    I just came across your show and saw the homosexuality video and killed myself laughing you are all hilarious i love it i am definitely subscribing.

    Your New Loyal Viewer

  24. 24 ariel

    brilliant show. these are all things which really need to be said.

  25. 25 nikol

    Thanks for the comment love!

    We are working on adding a Miro button as well as a link to my Facebook page.

    Britney, Guy, and I spent all weekend shooting two new episodes. The first one will debut next weekend along with a special bonus episode.

    Stay tuned and tell all your friends!

  26. 26 Rachel Nabors

    I love this! A friend sent me a link to it after I ran three weeks’ worth of comics about masturbation.

    “Homosexuality is a choice. Like cancer.” Make a shirt with that on it!

    Anyway, how can I post this video and a link to your site on my blog or myspace?

  27. 27 Dade Williams

    OMG i second that motion PLEASE make that t-shirt i will so buy it!!

  28. 28 Pann

    This is a really great show. Keep up the good work! Yay!

  29. 29 Lauren

    This episode had me in stitches. Loved the U-Haul joke! I just recently stumbled onto the website and I’ve made my friends watch the eps and we all think it’s great! Keep em’ coming.

    I third the motion to make a t-shirt out of “Homosexuality is a choice. Like cancer” I would so buy one.

  30. 30 Guy

    Thanks Lauren!

    The T-shirt will be available by the end of the week.

  31. 31 Kelev

    On the topic of homosexuality and “choice” I wanted to say that, as a gay male and as a Queer activist, I think we shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes insisting that “choice” isn`t an issue where sexuality is concerned.

    Whether or not sexuality is a choice probably depends a lot on the individual and varies from person to person, time to time, relationship to relationship. I think there *are* folks for whom their sexuality, whatever it may be, is a choice.

    And it should be.

    Religion is a choice, yet no one would ever argue that it is somehow less valid or less deserving of protection because it is a choice.

    Political affiliation is a choice and, again, a protected, almost sacred one.

    And I, for one, am all for people of all ages choosing to try anything sexually, sensually etc so long as it`s safe and consensual. if, after trying it out, a previously “straight” person decides they`re not “gay”, but they`re not exactly “straight” anymore, then *fabulous*!

    When we insist that sexuality is never a choice, we paint sexual minorities into a corner, wall them (Stonewall them, if you will) behind a ghetto.

    The best way out of these traps and beyond this black & white thinking is to *encourage* the idea that sexuality *is* a choice and to encourage “straights” to try on “gay”, “gays” to try on “straight”, and see if we can all become a little more flexble and open-minded.

    Many of the kids I work with as an activist and sex educator are already thinking like this. They pretty much assume that everyone is some shade of “bi” and they don`t get bogged down splitting hairs over what “side” someone may land on, any given day or in any given relationship.

    I don’t think anyone is “born homosexual” or “born heterosexual”. We’re born *sexual* and that’s it. We may have preferences for one sex just like we have preferences for body type, hair color, personality etc. And we know that these preferences are a combination of genes and environment, nature and nurture. These things are subject to change but - and here’s the important part - no one should *ever* be forced to change, to feel or be or do or choose anything they don’t want to becuae someone else thinks they should.

    Sex *is* a choice and it’s *your* choice: nobody else’s.

  32. 32 sarah

    What’s up with presenting this issue through an interview with your “gay friend?” This logic reminds me of the classic idea that ones “black friend” can speak for all African Americans. Instead of letting your “gay friend” stand in for all gays and lesbians, I would have loved for you to have explore the issues that Kelev gestures to — the fact that sexuality is fluid and that it’s socially constructed.

    I wanted to second Kelev’s point that sexuality is far more complex than just “gay” and “straight.” All humans have all have the capacity, even if we never chose to act on it, to have sex with and be attracted to people of all genders. In other words, sexuality exists on a spectrum — we’re ALL essentially bisexual to some extent. It’s okay with me if straight-identified people choose not to act on their bisexuality, but please stop insisting so vehemently that you’re 100%, completely, without a doubt, totally straight! It’s an impossibility! Further, the idea that human sexuality can be reduced to the gender of the person we chose to sleep with is such a simplification — this idea is an human invention, not a biological fact. In the United States, it wasn’t until relatively recently (the last 2/3 of the 20th century) that we started defining sexuality solely by the gender of the persons one chooses to engage in sex with.

    I also wanted to add that I think that fixed notions of sexuality are really harmful. Such static ideas absolutely do ghettoize LGBT individuals as the “other,” and they replicate very heteronormative ideas of understanding sexuality. I’d love to see a world where we understand sexuality as a very complex, individually-specific thing. Trying to fit human sexuality into such a narrow box hurts us all!

  33. 33 Kelev

    Yes! As a guy who likes sex with guys, I want to say that these essentialised notions about sexuality *ruin* my chances to seduce straight boys!

    How do you expect me to score a quick handjob or blowjob with my favourite, open-minded “straight” boys if you peddle this idea that we’re all born *one way* or the *other* and “never the twain shall meet”.

    (and if per chance I do score - oh, and I *do* - this black and white thinking threatens to send the poor things into an identity crisis!)

    No, no, no! Sexuality is fluid (the wet spot on my shirt proves it). People (at least some of us) are perfectly capable of balancing and reconciling multiple practices, personalities and “identities” when the over-riding message is that all of this stuff is complementary, not competitve.

    When I speak of “choice” I’m talking about the choice to do things *along with* your primary identity / practices. *Not* being forced to choose a new identity *instead of* your primary one.

    I know lots of “gays” (myself included) who have or do enjoy “straight” sex *along with* the gay sex that is our favourite.

    I have *never* met any gays who were happy having straight sex *instead of* gay sex. That “ex-gay” stuff is garbage.

    But many of the kids / teens I work with do often talk about “post-gay”, the idea that these labels don’t work as well as they used to, that they limit instead of liberate.

    Dan Savage (someone mentioned him and I notice the link to your site) likes the labels because they give us a convenient code with which to hook up. It doesn’t tell anybody much to say “I’m a Jill-sexual” or a “kelev-phile” (actually kelev-phile might tell you something if you speak Hebrew…another story). “Gay/lesbian/straight/bi/zoo/pedo/necro/swinger/ambi” etc. give us convenient tags with which to meet other “gays/lesbians/straights/bi…” etc.

    But a lot of the folks, especially teens and 20s, I know use the cute little finger quotation marks whenever they say “gay” or “straight” to indicate the label’s flexibility, to say there’s so much more than that little bit of shorthand.

    Try it. it’s fun!

  34. 34 Peter

    Oh my god, Scott is so beautiful! I would like to meet him.

    Very nice video, thank you.

    Greetings from Europe/GER.


  35. 35 SCW

    This is quite interesting. I have to admit I hope this is never shown in any high school class in any part of the nation. The lack of serious, thoughtful discussion into the moral and scientific implications of what you are doing with these podcasts is quite revealing of the character underlying the production of such videos. It is very apparent these videos promote nothing short of bondage to exotic passion and physical sensation. Anyone who was honest and thoughtful about life should easily be able to see life is much more than the relatively short experience of an orgasm. Anyone living for that will never be satisfied……

  36. 36 Timmy

    Dirk Gently, Farzaneh - I don’t know about Idaho, but the president of Iran was recently quoted as saying that their were no homosexuals in Iran. It was on the quotes page of time magazin just recently. I’ve got too many laying around to find it.

  37. 37 branz

    Been watching this thanks to Mike & Juliet’s show; so glad they clued me in! Scott is so pretty; wish I could set him up with some of my friends.
    Your sexuality is in some ways a choice. As someone who identifies as “bi-sexual,” I choose not to rule anything out. But identity does not rule out experimentation. The Kinsey scale places people on a continuum, and that seems the closest thing to what I see in my gay community.
    Thanks for making such great shows. I wish I could have showed this stuff to my cousin! bad decision making there. :{

  38. 38 meredith

    funny as always, but i object to the final line when you compare homosexuality to cancer. It implies that like cancer, homosexuality is both 1) bad and 2) treatable.

  39. 39 David F

    I wish that this topic is discussed and talked about like sex is between parents and kids. I came out about… oh, three years ago, and had a total melt down. Even after all the tears and “I wish you knocked up a girl instead”’s it is extremely awkward to talk to my mom and dad about me being gay and the baggage that comes with it.

  40. 40 Scott Hayes

    Scott IS so pretty. Thank you!


  41. 41 Chris

    While I agree, there is some fluidity to sexuality, I don’t believe we are all gay or partially gay or bisexual, or anything else. Part of the reason we define things, is so we know what the hell it means. A gay person is one that has sexual relationships with the same gender, and not with the opposite. A Straight person does not have sexual relations with members of the same gender, opting only for the opposite gender. Bisexuals are just greedy….they enjoy sex with any gender.

    The idea that gay doesn’t really mean gay is completely retarded. Kind of like saying “Vegetarians sometimes eat meat” or that “white people are sometimes black” Just because you try to change the meaning of a word, doesn’t mean it should be changed. It is what it is. Neither good nor bad, the phrase “GAY” is not equivalent to the phrase “BISEXUAL” I however do agree with Kelev’s first post that people should be allowed to express their sexuality without fear, without prejudice (as long as it is consensual and legal)

    Now on to SCW—-”Moral and Scientific Implications”?? I suppose it is up to the schools to teach morals now? What, Like it’s ok to Kill your enemies as long as you don’t like a cock in your behind every now and then? What about the Scientific Implications? Ok, So if everyone were gay, then we wouldn’t have any children, with the exception of modern medicine allowing lesbians to get pregnant by artificial insemination. So, being gay can cause a slowdown of the world’s growing population….which is fine according to science, as our world population is getting so big (and is increasing at an exponential pace)that we may use all the resources before long. So I guess being gay means that you can get your jollies and not be a part of the global overpopulation problem.

  42. 42 Kerry

    great, great, show.
    nikol - i love the anti-circus shirt =D

  43. 43 Autymn D. C.

    No, gay is not equivalent with same-sexer, but with manic. Queer applies for same-sex. Thus: straiht or queer, not gay or straiht.

    (Scott is so.. plain.)

  44. 44 Scott Hayes

    Autymn D. C., I am all but plain. Look at your boring-ass comment (including words that are not spelled correctly).

  45. 45 Ai

    this show is awesome! saw it advertised on the news. What caught me was this episode. I’m not gay myself, but a lot of my friends are or are Bi and i’m very protective of them. I’m in an artsy school, so it’s very diverse, but you still got the people who can’t leave the others alone. One of my best friends is gay and i love him to death! There isn’t anything wrong with it, and it’s even supposed to be “against my religion.” No…i don’t agree. I think god is being mean right there. And people who say it’s gross and can’t stand it don’t have a life! ;D

  46. 46 Ai

    this show is awesome! saw it advertised on the news. What caught me was this episode. I’m not gay myself, but a lot of my friends are or are Bi and i’m very protective of them. I’m in an artsy school, so it’s very diverse, but you still got the people who can’t leave the others alone. One of my best friends is gay and i love him to death! There isn’t anything wrong with it, and it’s even supposed to be “against my religion.” No…i don’t agree. I think god is being mean right there. And people who say it’s gross and can’t stand it don’t have a life! ;D

  47. 47 Elton

    Current research actually shows that homosexuality is determined before birth. And honestly for those how believe its a choice that just fuel for the fire of the bigots who just want to hate one you. Because they believe its a choice then they will say well while have u chosen that? Who want to be discriminated against and have ppl give you dirty looks? No one being gay is not a choice its just who you are granted there maybe sum ppl who will try it out or just be really horny and do sum thing with a guy but if your you did not choose it it choose you and ppl need to understand that and move on with there lives.

  48. 48 Elton

    Current research actually shows that homosexuality is determined before birth. And honestly for those who believe its a choice thats just fuel for the fire of the bigots who just want to hate one you. Because they believe that if its a choice then they will say well while have u chosen that? Who want to be discriminated against and have ppl give you dirty looks? No one being gay is not a choice its just who you are granted there maybe sum ppl who will try it out or just be really horny and do sum thing with a guy but if your gay you did not choose it it choose you and ppl need to understand that and move on with there lives.

    o and i really like the comparing gay to cancer cuz its true you don’t choose to be gay nor would you choose to get cancer its just something that happens and you have to adapt to it!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 Kelev


    I’ve been studying this issue for almost two decades. I started out as completely neutral, even slightly favouring the idea of a biological basis for homosexuality. Every year there’s another study (sometimes more than one) “proving” conclusively that people are “born gay”. But every year, those same studies are shown to be fatally flawed; what was thought to be causal is only correlational, the results aren’t as statistically significant as they were claimed, etc. etc. etc.

    Not only is the research flawed, but the assumption that a genetic source for homosexuality would magically make the world safe and loving for gays because Gosh! They’re born that way!!! is so naive it’s painful.

    No skinhead ever decided not to beat up a black woman because she was born with dark skin. No sexist ever decided that their sexism was uninformed because women were born with a different set of genitalia from men. Indeed, the fact that things like skin colour and sex are genetic only adds fuel to the fire of haters who can denounce the genetic “flaws” of those they hate, while feeling genetically superior themselves.

    Finally, the whole assumption behind studies like this is that “normal, male-female heterosexuality” is the automatic default, while anything else is an aberration that needs to be accounted for (and potentially corrected). But one of the things that sociologists who have been interviewing people all over the world, of all ages and sexes, for years have found and proven solidly is that just about *everyone* has homosexual attractions from time to time, some more than others, some less. What makes one of those people “gay” and one “straight” is such a complicated, context sensitive, socially constructed, nuanced bundle of factors that no brain study of siblings could ever come close to untangling it.

    The most elegant solution is also probably the most true; everyone is potentially gay. Some are simply more so than others. Why? Who knows? Who cares?

    I know many gays out there desperately want to think they’re special. And many straights out there desperately want to believe they’re normal. But I am entirely convinced that one day, future scientists will look back on all these studies about being “born gay” and see them as the modern equivalent of phrenology or palmistry, or like those silly medieval arguments about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Such are the silly superstitions of people who are so obsessed with minor variations, they’re ignoring our greater similarities; as I’ve said before, there is no such thing as homosexual, or heterosexual, or bisexual…just sexual.

    Now that doesn’t mean your particular preference can’t be your identity, or that you can’t use it to find others with the same taste and perhaps even start your own sub-culture or even culture (why, I fantasise daily about starting a Queer cult! E-mail me if you wanna join!).

    But a genetic basis for that all sounds awfully like eugenics. And the history of eugenics over the past has been decidedly un-fabulous.

  50. 50 Elton

    So if it is a choice your saying you could go have sex with a girl tomorrow and actually enjoy it? I really don’t think i could nor any other gay person could now i never wanted nor desired to be gay it just happened and all i know is Im goin to have to make the best of it.

  51. 51 Kelev


    I hope you do more than “make the best of it”. That makes it sound like a disability, and that’s yucky straight propaganda (and by “straight” I don’t mean “heterosexual”; heterosexual is just boy-girl sex, which is great. Everybody should try it, at least once. Everyone should try everything, at least once. No, by “straight” I mean people that have boy-girl sex and who think that’s all anybody should have. They’re usually the most sexually frustrated closet-cases around and their only relief is to make those of us who are more sexually liberated feel guilty for being so. Don’t listen to the straights).

    And in answer to your question, yes, I like boy-girl sex, too. Maybe you don’t. That makes you one kind of Queer, and me another. We really shoudn’t think of “homosexuality”, but rather of “homosexualitieS” (plural). The problem with the science in question is that it only examines one type of homosexuality. Arguably, though, that kind of homosexuality isn’t even the most common. If you think of ALL the gay sex people have (soldiers, frat boys/soroity sisters, boarding schools, prisons, monasteries, youthful “experimentation” etc. etc. etc.) throughout all the different cultures that construct sex completely differently from the way we do, throughout history, it’s not at all a stretch to suggest that what we think of as “gay” is just the tip of the iceberg. But those behaviours, those cultures, seldom make it into the research.

    Yes, maybe the sibling research you referenced has found a subsection of the population that has a strong biological basis for homosexual behaviour. But completely absent from such research is all the other socially motivated homosexual acts that could very well be the majority.

    But after a couple thousand years of heterosexist dogma demonising homosexuality (along with all sexuality, really) as “abnormal”, we still have a long way to go before we accept homosexuality (along with all sexuality, really) as normal, common and good.

    be the change you want to see.

  52. 52 Emma

    I wasn’t sure where to put episode requests, so I figured I’d put it here. I’d like to see an episode on coming out. I’ve kinda come out to my dad, but he didn’t really believe me and my mom would flip out. I’m only a freshman in high school, but I don want to know more about how to deal with staying in the closet and/or coming out and how to deal with it once I have.

  53. 53 TJ

    Not a teen, but found the few episodes I watched very informative & comedic (probably your goal). Viewing this episode brought out a question that I guess I always had that maybe SOMEBODY can answer: Can homosexual/bicurious feelings have something to do with your past & not actually mean that you are gay or could that just be repressed feelings? Gays have said that they knew either all their life or since they were very young. What about those who discover it late in life without those past feelings? But keep up the good work!

  54. 54 Scott Hayes

    TJ, I think that would have a lot to do with someones individual sexual development.

    If I had to give an answer right now, I think that someone who is gay, probably knew it all along…

    Also, I am not one who feels that a man who has sexual relations with another man is necessarily gay. Between you and I, I have gotten a few straight men to engage in various levels of sexual intimacy in my time. As I still know a few of these guys I know for sure that it was a 1 time deal for them, and they are definitely straight.

    Just a little of my opinion. I really do think though that someone who could honestly identify with homosexuality probably knew it (or wondered) their whole life…

  55. 55 Nick

    Its Scott the homosexual! I love you and your down to earth version of sexuality, and I can’t wait for a “Homosexuality is a choice like cancer shirt”

  56. 56 Scott Hayes

    Oh Nick, Nick, Nick… There already WAS a tshirt that said that… You don’t even wanna go there (apparently).

    Remember kids; There’s nothing more natural than sexuality. Take it from me; Scott, the homosexual!

    Love ya bitches!

  57. 57 Quueeer as 3-euro bill

    “Homosexuality is a choice, like cancer.” Okay, funny. I laughed like crazy until I suddenly remembered that a lot of people actually think than homosexuality is an illness. Until about 30 years ago, American psychologists generally thought so, too. A few manipulative, brain-washing, religious cure-the-homo programs are lobbying big churches to oppen their doors to them.

    And we won’t even go into detail about how some whacko leaders in a few countries would like to “cure” their nations by placing us homos on an island with no food to “starve” the “disease” out of their populations. (This is called genocide, by the way.)

    So maybe you could switch comparisons?

    “Homosexuality is a choice, like being left-handed.”

  58. 58 Nick

    Thanks Scott! Now I too can feel good about the naturality of my sexuality! And when I first herd the slogan I didn’t really think about it in that context. And I’m sad that Nikol didn’t email me back :’(
    I guess she really is busy

  59. 59 Scott Hayes

    Quueeer as a 3-euro bill, you know what I say? I say F— em!…Right in the ear. If they want to think we’re sick, that’s just fine with me.

    I think breeders are sick. I can’t even stay in the room if there is straight (or worse…LESBIAN) porn on.

    No offense girls, but Scott the Homosexuals says that what’s REALLY sick, is vaginas.


  60. 60 Nick

    Straight porn… eh… not so bad, but lesbian porn…ew I just don’t get it. And yeah Vagina’s are kinda ugly… Even a lot my friends admit they are ugly.

  61. 61 Scott the Homosexual

    No way. Even the straight porn. I hate watching some poor, unsuspecting, potentially hot guy have to put his dingdong into some wierd nasty orifice.

    Seriously… The vagina? What the hell IS that thing?

  62. 62 Brian

    Scott, are you Scott Hayes? from other posts?

    Dirk Gently (great books, btw ;) ), Farazanah:
    Not only are there totally NO gays in Iran (by presidential decree)
    not so long ago (like in 2005/2006) our megolomanical, racist Minister of Immigration here in Holland wanted to sent illegal Iranian homosexuals back to Iran. When parliament protested and said that Iranian gays were hung by the neck till death just for being gay there, she replied: “Well then, they shouldn’t TELL anyone they’re gay”. Yep, that’s Holland in the 21st century for ya … Even though her coalition had the majority, she was luckily voted down (just on this issue), but she’s not in the government anymore. Still, people like that are one in six now in Holland, and some are much worse.
    If the Netherlands was in the u.s.a., it would now definitely be a BLOOD RED state.

    In 2002 I met a 20 year old Hungarian boy, who replied SERIOUSLY, when I joked to him that Hungary was seemingly the only country in Europe without gays: “Yes, that’s true, we have no gays!” Sometimes, I wonder if the passing of time, and/or education, really matters at all.

    Kelev, you are confusing a couple of things:
    Being sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex, and still wanting to have the occasional straight sex, is not at odds with each other.
    If gays can’t help falling in love with men, how can it be my choice if I fall in love with girls??
    In 33 years, I’ve never fallen in love with a man.

    Also, you think that people want to find a scientific basis for gayness, because that will increase acceptation. That might be a side effect, but scientists study that stuff, because it’s there to be studied, maybe to make a name for themselves, or even because to further human knowledge. Or, most likely, they are CURIOUS and want to know what’s what.

    You seem to seek protection in the concept of choice. Do you really think that same skinhead will think: “Oh, so it’s NOT genetic, it’s his CHOICE, so let’s NOT beat him up!” ?? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah RRRRRRRRRight!

    Are you boasting that you seduce straight boys now and then? Why are you especially proud of that? (I mean, if they’re all really ugly … ;) ) Are you using this concept of “gay is a choice” to seduce them? Or as some sort of justification for yourself? Like, I am not really gay, he’s not really straigth, so it’s okay for me to have sex with him. Any sort of justification about this, points towards guilt, gay guilt over issues like this, usually points towards a subcoucious uncomplete acceptance of your sexuality.

    Why do you think that skinhead wants to beat you up? Because he’s actually gay, and denies it. Check out all those gay Republicans, they are the heaviest anti-gay voters. (yah, yah, i know: Gay Republican, it’s an oxymoron)

    But now, the more unpleasant question:
    Do you think that totally gay guys would need some gleeful “SCOOORE!” I-got-the-straight-guy kinda thing?

    Let me end with a IMHO internet mandatory signature:
    == I have opinions. At times, I’ve been known to be wrong about things. ;) ===

  63. 63 Scott the Homosexual

    Yes Brian. Scott the Homosexual is Scott Hayes. Guest in episode 7.

    We (all gay men) recognize the frailty that is the hetero man, and very much so enjoy swimming in your heads until you let us play with your dingdongs.

    Straight is straight and Gay is gay. I have no problem f-ing a straight man and letting him continue to be straight.

    Ya’ll need to take sexuality out from under the microscope. Do what feels good, makes you happy. Just always remember to do it SAFELY, and try not to hurt anyone with your sexual exploits.

    The way people are arguing about sexuality on this page just blows my mind. Everyone should embrace their sexuality for being such a huge factor in what makes each and every one of us a shining individual.

    If you’re straight and one night you decide to smoke the pole and then never do it again, you’re probably not gay. If your gay and one night decide to go backstage behind the beef curtains and then never do it again, you’re probably still gay.

    I think the one thing that’s very important to remember is that you CAN’T CHANGE YOUR SEXUALITY. Learn to embrace, bitches.

    Luv, the HOMO

  64. 64 Nimby

    I agree with Scott. I think that really what we need to remember is that, sure, you can say “I’ll choose to do this”, but basically there *is* a level of attraction there, where say you’re a five year old boy in kindergarten, and you look at this girl and you’re just like, “hey… that’s, uh… yeah. wow. nice.” you know, those little schoolyard crushes? Well, it’s pretty obvious that you (the five year old boy) weren’t weighing your options… “boys… hm… nah. Girls have cooties, yeah, but… hm… it’s a tough choice. I don’t know…” I mean, that NEVER HAPPENS.

    I think perhaps, if you wanted to compromise and split hairs, you could say that sexuality was kind of fluid for some people–meaning just the sexual aspect–but that attraction, in terms of a lasting relationship or whatever, is definitely something that you just feel from the beginning, in terms of what sex you feel it towards.

  65. 65 Scott the Homosexual


    Are you straight? Are we gonna do it in the butt?

  66. 66 brad

    I dont see why straight guys have a problem with(a)gay men as their friends, and (b)accepting that it’s not a choice. point (a) A gay man is a great friend to have. He knows women better than you do, 98% of the time and can give advice because hey, he likes love stories as much as anyone. He is you ambassador to the opposite sex. He is not the enemy. He’s one more man off the market to the women you want, and a friend who your girlfriend WONT cheat on you with. The enemy is that asshole with the IPO and porsche and a trust fund. Hate THAT man. point (b) If it’s not a choice and as some recent studies have suggested, genetic, then it’s an inhereted thing. The more gay men are open about their sexuality and not trying to fake a life with a wife and kid they dont really love, the less that gene gets passed down and the less gay men there will be eventually.

    I’m straight BTW.

  67. 67 Jessica

    gay men know women better? wtf?!? such a stereotype! yes, brad, it is fairly obvious that you’re “straight BTW”. and by straight, i mean straight, not heterosexual (referencing kelev’s post here here). but you’re clearly not alone, here…. which brings me to my bigger point: what’s up with the vagina hating? it’s not funny–it’s misogynist. while gender and sexuality might be two separate things, sexism and homophobia are mutually constructed. so to nick, scott and all other perpetrators of the rampant sexism in the gay men’s community: your liberation is bound up with mine, so please check the sexism at the door. thanks!

  68. 68 Lee

    “Homosexuality’s a choice - like cancer.” Wait…what? First of all, I can’t tell if this statement is saying that homosexuality is really a choice or not, because obviously cancer isn’t a choice. Regardless, homosexuality can be either a choice or simply the way a person is, it’s not one or the other. There are lots of different ways a person can be gay. Some choose it, others are just inherently that way, so don’t try to say it either is or isn’t a choice, because it can be either depending on the person.

  69. 69 RichardH

    Well wasn’t this special! Yes like cancer, you can choose to have it (or live with it). How about seeking a cure for it. Like most cancers, there is a cure.

    This cure affects the heart, mind and soul. Wait for it……..

    Yes, it’s Jesus Christ.

    No one is predestined to be a homosexual, more than someone is predestined to be a theft, a murderer, a adulterer, etc. This is the big myth that is perpetuated in society today.

    Are they really trying to help anyone or just sell stuff (like that stupid t-shirt).

  70. 70 Scott the Homosexual

    Geez, what’s up with all the negativity on this page?

    RichardH, you can take that god spouting crap, and feel free to never return to this website.

    There is no god! Christianity is based off of an astrological anomole! The age of Pisces my good man.

    And Jessica, I love women. I identify with women. I’m usually (voluntarily mind you) surrounded by women. I still think that the snizz is disgusting. Get over it. You know Jessica, most people at this point would agree that being a woman (having a vag) is very natural. The same CANNOT however be said for homosexuality. People DO NOT find it natural at all. Please DO NOT compare your plight for liberation to mine.

    You think being a woman is hard? Walk a mile in the shoes of a faggot…

    And RichardH, seriously, I hope you find what’s true on this planet because Jesus isn’t it. That’s why all you god-fearing conservatives can’t impress me with your opinions at all. They are all based on the sayings of a MYTHICAL person. Zeitgueist, RichardH,…Zeitgueist.

  71. 71 brad

    gay men know women better? umm, did britney not just make that joke in the movie up above where she’s lying on the bed? did i not get that heavy stereotype? So the guy downstairs making a vegetable quiche was actually straight? and did you not get that whole level of sarcasm i was on in that last post? cripes a’mighty, no one laughs anymore.

  72. 72 Jessica

    Shit, I wish I could separate my gender and queer politics! But I’m sitting here in my very queer, but also very female body, realizing that it’s more complicated than that! :) So yes, I will happily walk a mile in the shoes of a faggot–I did so this morning when I walked to the bus stop. And I’ll do so tomorrow and every day of my life… And each of these days is filled with the understanding that I have a choice: I can keep my pretty little mouth shut, barefoot and smiling so everyone can sleep well at night. Or I can do otherwise, and be told to “get over it”, to get a sense of humor. Or worse.

    But to be fair, I didn’t out myself in my initial post, a choice I made because I wanted to avoid being dismissed as some “angry lesbian” (a trope which I’m sure I’m being placed into as I type. I’m actually quite cheery and nice, I promise!!) And I agree with you 100% about the futility of comparing oppressions. Arguing about which is worse, sexism or homophobia, will get us nowhere. We should be battling the heterosexist world, not each other! Which is not at all to say that sexism and homophobia are the same. They operate very differently, but there are connections in the systems of thought that undergird them. When I said before that they are mutually constituted, what I meant was that homophobic thought is informed by ideas about gender, just as sexist thought is informed by notions about sex and sexuality. Hence the term “heterosexism.”

    Finally, the snarkyness of my initial post was probably unproductive and I regret that. I felt that a number of the posts on this wall were fairly problematic, but it was unfair of me to lash out at a few people–deconstructing the whole thing sounded way to time consuming, so I took the lazy route and picked two! I’m tempted to launch into a long explanation of my thoughts on the “vaginas are gross” thing, but I’d really rather prefer to direct that critique at a straight guy (this is NOT an invitation for you straight men out there to say vaginas are gross!!). And I also don’t want to detract from my last point, which is that I really respect you, Scott, for being willing to share your story on a public podcast. That’s totally freaking brave and kickass awesome, and I’ve bet you’ve already made a difference in lots of people’s lives. And thank you all at the Midwest Teen Sex Show for doing what you do. I really wasn’t a fan of this particular episode (I agree with Sarah and Kelev’s comments above), but I think you’re spectacular and I can’t wait for the next episode!

  73. 73 Kelev


    You write like a homosexual, but you still think like a straight. Vaginas are only “icky” because we’ve been indoctrinated by thousands of years of straight, monotheistic, superstitious taboos (like the ones Richard spouts above) that have told us everything sexual is dirty.

    It’s the same indoctrination that says that Gay sex is “unnatural”, despite the fact that many people - if not most - have had some gay thoughts, feelings, experiences at some time or another, maybe even lots.

    It’s the same indoctrination that says that Gay is Gay and Straight is Straight, Male is Male and Female is Female, the same indoctrination that used to say Black is Black and White is White and never shall they meet, lest we run afoul of miscegenation laws, sodomy laws, or simply mob violence. Blacks used to risk prison for fucking whites, just like men risked (or still risk) prison (or worse) for fucking men, and women risked prison (or worse) for fucking anyone (male or female) who wasn’t their lord, master and owner. Anyone who crossed boundaries, crossed lines or cross-dressed would be smacked down, hard. The lines and limits may have changed (sometimes not) but they’re still here.

    We should cross all lines, all borders, eradicate all boundaries, so long as the result is consensual pleasure.

    Heterosexism (a word that has, unfortunately, been a bit ruined by “angry lesbians”) is more than about Gay vs Straight. Sadly, much of what passes for “Gay” is simply the stereotypical, uncritical, pantomime of what straights *think* is Gay. And sadly, many Gays are only too willing to be and do exactly that, especially when it comes to aping straight prejudices (like silly vagina-phobia). Heterosexism invented “The Gay”, The Male, The Woman, The White, The Black, The Adult, The Child, The Leader, The Follower, and expects us to Obey.

    I don’t.

    Finally, I’ve been waiting to jump in here, seeing if anyone states the obvious regarding the Scary Vag. Namely, cocks are hardly beauty-contest winners much of the time.

    Now I love cock. Really, I don’t think anyone on this planet loves, reveres, worships cock as much as I do. I’m at least in the top ten. Even at that, I’m the first to say there’s some ugly and funny-looking ones out there.

    That doesn’t change the fact that they’re magic. And so are vaginas. *Real* magic, life magic, sex magic (not that bullshit, fake, necrophilia that Christianity tries to get us to swallow as magic). We all came out of the combination of a cock and a cunt. Put a cock and a cunt together and you can Make A Life. Put any combination of cocks and cunts together (cock with cock, cunt with cunt, cock with cunt) or any combination of one or more body parts with other body parts, and you can create some of the best sensations that we as humans can give or receive.

    That’s what I worship. That’s my paganism. Cocks and cunts and foreskins and clits and tits and tongues and assholes are my holy objects of reverence. That dead, naked guy nailed to the stick and his angry, blood-thirsty, war-god daddy are pretty much the closest thing I think you can get to pure evil.

    That angry war-god (and the followers that invented him) are the one who taught that vaginas are nasty. To hell with them and their taboos.

  74. 74 Sterling

    Wow, kinda heated debate here.

    I must admit, I am not particularly fond of vaginas. However, they are no more disgusting than your average rectum. Or scrotum, for that matter.

    However, I was planning on leaving a response to the vid. So here it is.

    Hilarious! My mother said the exact same things to me, still persists in doing so.

    You could have laid off the stereotypes a little, I mean, quiche, come on.

    Y’all are doing a good thing, keep it up. We need more people who are open and honest and not just “DONT HAVE SEX”. It isn’t safe.

  75. 75 Robert Jamison

    That T-shirt should read “Thanks, Masturbation” not “Thanks Masturbation”. Great video, horrible grammar on T-Shirt :(

  76. 76 Kelev

    Robert, not so. The shirt might just be in the omitted-subject, third person, as in “(He/She) thanks masturbation” (referring to the wearer).

    In any case, I truly believe you will live a longer and healthier life if you don’t pay such close attention to the grammar on gag t-shirts.

    I suggest taking the time you would have wasted thinking about grammar and use it instead on masturbating!

  77. 77 anon

    So refreshing to see homosexuality talked about with humor in a way which is less offensive than it is empowering.

  78. 78 Mari

    nice episode :3
    im happy to see that at least the younger portions of society are becoming more accepting of homosexuality. On message boards, I was surprised when someone posted something against gay marriage and basically everyone on there leapt up and attacked. there was definitely more support for gays than against them.
    so good work!

  79. 79 Scott the Homosexual


    Ready? This is me (opening mouth…firmly cramming all of my own foot up to the ankle straight down my throat…)

    I have a tendancy to speak without knowing a situation in full. You are also gay. Welcome to the club?

    You have made me want to step out of my queer man shoes, and into those of a woman…

    I’m sorry.

    Kelev, Your long creepy reason as to why vaginas are “really” disgusting is incorrect. I (this is me talking), I think they are disgusting because they are pink squishy holes where people put stuff. Sorry about the graphic-ness…

    So, to recap…

    Jess, I’m sorry.
    Kelev, Good guess, but not at all on my page.
    Richard, Keep the god stuff out of blogs about teen sex. The two things are awful bedfellows.

    Love ya bitches!

  80. 80 Kelev


    And mouths? And butts? And ears? And nostrils? Like vaginas, any of these things can be gross or sexy or neutral, depending on the circumstances.

    And like vaginas (and the rest of the body) all of these things have been the subject of silly taboos and superstitions that label them “gross” even when they aren’t.

    I hate to break the news to you, sister, but you’re still functioning according to some bad societal programming.

    You’ve gone far enough to come out and throw off the chains that the haters try to put on queers. I’m challenging you to keep going and growing, throw away the taboos that our sexist, sex-negative society has put on something you owe your existence to as much, if not more, than your mouth.

  81. 81 Scott the Homosexual


    Nobody is more sexual than me. You don’t believe me? Come to Wisconsin and try to keep up with ME for a night. I dare you.

    Are you so sure you know everything? You can’t accept that I think vaginas are disgusting for reasons which have NOTHING to do with society?

    It’s people like you, Kelev…

    A few comments back you told someone they would live longer if they didn’t worry about the bad grammer on gag t-shirts. Why don’t you put that mirror up to yourself, Kelev? Hmm?

    I’m sorry “sister”, but you’re not going to put me up on your little societal cork-board.

    Vaginas are weird.

    I’m so over it.

  82. 82 Omaha Alex

    The U-Haul bit totally cracked me up because I’ve had friends totally do that.

    Great job, keep up the good work!!

    PS: I’m Alex, the homosexual.

  83. 83 Kelev

    I’ve been waiting to chime in about the murder of Lawrence King, the middle schooler (!) killed in California because he was Gay. I can’t find the words. This was a middle school! Both boys involved, King and his killer are barely older than my own son. This also comes on the heels of a young Gay man I knew committing suicide last week. It all makes me sick, sad, angry.

    I’ve lost all patience. It’s the 21st century, dammit! I have no time, no regard, no respect for anyone or anything that isn’t 100% pro-Queer. No incrementalism, no half-measures, none of this “civil unions are all right, but ‘marriage’ is for a man and a woman”. And certainly no “god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. Yeah, and “god” also commanded the Israelites to take the babies of their enemies and smash their skulls against the rocks.

    To. Hell. With. That. Anyway, I’m rambling so I’ll get to the point:

    I think it’s time for Queer nationalism. Not just the Queer Nation, Act-up, activist get-togethers where we march and sing and candle-light vigil, then it’s back to business-as-usual as a barely tolerated minority in StraightLand (One Nation Under God, God Save the Queen, and all that BS).

    I’m talking Queer separatism, Queer secession, Queer nationalism, with our own governments, our own institutions, traditions, and all the rights we deserve; Queer internationalism, even, with not just one Queer nation, but multiple Queer nations dotting the planet and providing refuge for any and all who believe in simple sexual freedom.

    Like any nationalism (Zionist, Greek, Irish, Indian etc.) I’m sure there are as many problems it will create as solve. But there are many problems that may only be solved when we as Queers carve out our own places where we aren’t the exception but the rule.

    Perhaps there are many problems that will be solved if we at least ask the question, consider the option of Queer nationalism, whether it happens or not.

    Something different needs to happen. Too many of us are dying, being killed and killing ourselves.

  84. 84 Chad

    OMG…I LOVE this episode. And I want a T-Shirt that says “Being Gay is a Choice…Like Cancer”. You should make them!

  85. 85 Eric

    I loved this episode. I am waiting for Part 2. I think bisexuality should be explained in Part 2 also.

  86. 86 Marc the Homosexual

    Kelev - seriously, do you really think a queer nation could actually work? there’d be a never-ending debate in the congress just to figure out which drapes to put up!

    I just came across the site today, and love it. I wish I would have had something like this available to me when I was a teen. Maybe I could have avoided “faking a life” (as brad so ineptly put it above) and been open and honest from the get go. I do love the woman I was married to, and I do love my kids - but I have never felt as whole and fulfilled as I have since I came out. Going from the priveledge life (white, upper-middle class) to a despised minority (gay, and old, to boot! gays have such an age bias! seriously, 44 is NOT that old!)

    Keep up the good work guys!

    (and yes, Scott, you ARE adorable! Do older men stand any chance with you? ;)

    Marc the Homosexual

  87. 87 Marc the Homosexual

    Wow did that get screwed up!

    ok - end of snarky comment to Kelev should also include” (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

    and i lost whole sentences in the next part; should have read:

    Going from the priveledge life (white, upper-middle class) to a despised minority (gay, and old, to boot! gays have such an age bias! seriously, 44 is NOT that old!) is not something you would normally choose to do. But it really wasn’t a choice, it was what I had to do. But as it has been mentioned previously, society is much more accepting of homosexuals now than it was when i was in high school and college. It gives me hope that we may actually see equal rights for the LGBT community in our lifetime. And it will hopefully allow other young men and women to not feel pressured into choosing to “fake a life” just to fit in over being who they truly are.

    sorry for the disjointed post - not sure what happened.


  88. 88 Pierce

    Hi all,

    Kelev: you hit the nail on the head so many times, I think it’s completely bent out of shape….eww how ugly ;)

    Scott: Come back and reread your responses to well thought out loving constructive criticism in, ah, 5 - 20 years - give or take a few, and post your thoughts then.

    Really loving this whole evolving informative and thought-provoking series. Keep up the good work. When mistakes are made, be honest and own up to it, it will look real good on ya, and make you even more trusting and believable in my eyes.

    love Pierce

  89. 89 Dan

    I think the discussion on this page has gotten very heated. Kelev and Scott you are both very passionate and make valid points. I just saw the show for the first time this morning. I love all of the episodes and I will be informing all of my friends and my sister who is a middle school teacher about this edgy technique. Nikol I think what you are doing here is very amazing and much needed. I am now 22 years old and when I was in sex ed classes the topic of homosexuality never even came up in classes. There was no resources for me to pull from and it made it very difficult to be a young gay man in highschool. No one knew and I was not out til 20. Kelev and Scott I love your arguments and think you are both obviously much more well versed then myself on this topic but I dont think its appropriate to be having a gay competition on here. There are many young gay men that may be looking up to both of you and now Scott after this episode. Its not healthy for role models to be talking about who is the gayer and gay legions and nations on a valuable resources comment section. I am sure young gay men are reading this stuff and you should both know how maleable young minds can be. Especially young gay men who dont seem to fit in anywhere in highschool except for the cosmo class. I make a point to met young gay men and educate them that you dont need to have sex or actively promote your sexuality to succeed. 95% of my friends are straight men and I constantly am educating their other friends, brothers, families and classmates that gay is ok. I love the passion from both of you and would honestly love to pick both of your brains more personally. I assume you two are both from the states which must make things harder. I am fortunate to of been born and raised in Manitoba a Liberal province in Canada. But honestly I would love to hear much more from both of you but is there a more appropriate place for these discussions is my question.

    Nikol honestly keep up the good work even if people dont agree with your tact. Teenagers need to see things from different angles before they can deceide what to do. You give them a fresh and new opinion too racy to be found anywhere else.


  90. 90 Peter

    Great video. The bit about not figuring it out until late in your life is so true. I’m 24, and just realized I’m bi. It can make coming out a lot easier; I know my friends so well at this point, I knew exactly how they would react when I came out to them.

    The worst part is the feeling of “look at all this time I’ve wasted”. It’s not true–I accepted it as soon as I was able to, and no sooner–but it is a hard feeling to ignore.

    What I struggle with (an idea for a future video, maybe) is what to do now. I don’t know how to date a guy. I don’t know how to ask out a guy not knowing if he’s gay.

    Please, keep up the good work. I may not be a teen but I enjoy your show all the same.

  91. 91 Devon

    I just really wanted to thank you guys so much for these productions and for bringing entertainment to the social learning process. Here at our college, I’m head of the Rainbow Alliance on campus and i regularly link members to these videos if i think they might have a similar problem (or just for a healthy laugh sometimes). As this has been a real challenge getting much of membership base here on campus, these videos as well as some of the events we host are helping to bring our community together.

    Thank you thank you thank you from all of us here on campus!

    Rainbow Alliance President

  92. 92 BLair

    being gay and in high school myself i loved this! cant wait to see when part 2 comes out!

  93. 93 Bambi

    I’m adding my vote for the “Gay is a choice… like cancer” t shirt. Also, loved the “arts and crafts” bit.

    Keep it up MTSS!

  94. 94 Steph

    Oh my God, you’re wearing a “Boycott Ringling Bros.” tee! I think I just fell in love with you, Nikol. :D

  95. 95 will

    OMG! i luvd it! lol
    can kinda relate to scott, im not out yet but im sure theres ppl who kno and ppl who think cuz last yr i didnt rlly talk to guys cuz most of them seem to be obnoxious or i kno they dont like gay guys so i kinda kept w/groups of girls and stuff haha.

  96. 96 Bea

    scott is so hot :P my uncle’s gay and i love him…i love all gay people they rock :P

  97. 97 Solange

    Hi all,

    I really enjoy the shows. I recently took the time to read the comments about each show. Several of the posts on this board reminded me of a naive belief that I used to entertain. I thought that people who for lack of a better term were part of a culture(sexuality, gender, music, games) that necessitated an open/liberal mindset would be open about all things.

    Instead, many people who profess to being opressed/hated turns around and hates other groups. There were a few examples of this attitude on this board but the one that I think was very pervasive was the attacks on people who believe in christianity. I am christian but I don’t believe that any form of sexuality is wrong as long as no one is being hurt(in ways they don’t want to be) and it is consensual.

    Several posts made comments against stereotyping but in the same breath would insult a group of people/idea based on their religious beliefs. Please think about how you want people to treat you as an individual and the respect you would like for your culture. Everyone you meet is unique and can be an amazing source of information.

    My post is not about religion it is about stopping the hate. I am sorry if that message isn’t clear.

  98. 98 Scott the Homosexual

    I haven’t posted here in forever! I get too angry. Just wanted to thank people for their nice comments. Also to say, older men aren’t out of the question, but he’d have to have a LOT of money. JK :-P

  99. 99 ang

    Sometimes when I need to laugh I watch the coming out portion of this video. My dad pulled the same crap on me - art imitates life, eh?

  100. 100 Brandon


    Wow, I’m 21 and I work in sex ed for young homeless and at risk kids in Sydney, Australia and this website will be gettnig SO promotoed through ALL our networks.

    The kids we work with would eat this up Nikol. I’ts honest, it’s funny… well, it’s hillarious and it’s so true.

    Also, Scott can U-Haul himself to Sydney anytime he likes :P

  101. 101 Jean

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I heart the Midwest Teen Sex Show more than anything in the world (and not just because I’m from the Midwest.) Thanks for being intelligent and hilarious.

  102. 102 Jay

    “homosexuality is a choice….like cancer” <- that has just made my day XD

  103. 103 Dmitry the gay teen

    “And remember, Homosexuality is a choice. Like cancer”- I loved that. I kind of got shocked at where you said ‘choice’ but once you did it in comparison I laughed my ass off. HAH!

  104. 104 Miranda

    I know it’s your prerogative to express your views however you see fit in your videos, but I just didn’t like the bit at the end. I think the parting shot about whether or not homosexuality is a choice or not could have been left out.

    Maybe that’s just me.

  105. 105 Blair


    ive been waiting and wait for part two!
    please help me out with that and do part two

    love the show and love every new episode

    good job and keep it going

  106. 106 Sharlene

    I definitely support the Choice Like Cancer shirt.

    Also, I think your site rocks and I really wish I had this when I was in high school.

  107. 107 QueerRyanG

    Okay, after reading most of the responses here, I can’t help but interject something, with tongue firmly planted in (butt) cheek here…

    Does anyone else find it ironic and twisted that one of the earliest forms of primate that evolved into man was called Homo Erectus???

    (rim shot)


  108. 108 klassikal

    Just to responed to ryan…Homo means same, taken from the classification of species, and erectus happenes to correlate possible genetic differences and the founder of the species……

    also there seems to be little confused on the genotype of human beings…even if you send all homosexuals to a island to eventually die…Heterosexuals will still produce more homosexuals through genetic mutation…which is very common, whether it shows physical differences or genetic..ex.tasting ptc, or homosexuality

  109. 109 Tabithia Smart

    this is the best ever!! i love you guys!!! we watch your shows at my college, and you have got quite a following there. I went to prom with my gay friend and him and i had an awesome time. he didn’t come out till he was out of high school because we lived in a small town with only 125 people plus cows and they tried to drown you in the baptism water if you even said gay., lucky i wasn’t born there!! Oh and my mom loves you guys!!! so anyway being gay is a choice,…like cancer!!

  110. 110 Eriel

    is there gonna be a part two?
    “your just ugly ” part made me laugh so hard :D telling my mom was exactly just like this vid :]

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