MTSS 8: Beatin’ It

You’re all doing it, right?

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  1. 1 Walabio

    The episode did not go over the danger of autoerotic asphyxiation. It was funny that it showed a boy sufficating while the mother reads the script from episode # 0. It did not cover that intact men do not need lubrication — ¡poor mutilated males!

  2. 2 Nikol

    Yes. Circumcision will get its own episode.

  3. 3 Carenot to share

    awesome episode nikol!!!! thanks for listening to my previous suggesiton.

  4. 4 Kaleena
  5. 5 Hey Nonny Mouse

    Loved the bonus outtakes episode, particularly the kids who wouldn’t misbehave on cue, and the “towel-flicking” scene that you had to retake over and over and over…

  6. 6 no turtleneck sweater

    As a circumcised male, I just want to point out that lubrication is entirely optional for us, too. I always find it funny when people say things like “poor mutilated males”. It’s served me quite well, thankyouverymuch, and given the opportunity, I wouldn’t change it. Some ladies even think it gives it a little more “personality”.

    And re: autoerotic asphyxiation - one would imagine that showing someone die doing it illustrates the danger.

  7. 7 Sharpless

    Yeah, I’ll confirm that circumcision/lubrication thing. I’m circumcised and I never need to use lubrication and, frankly, if I’m ever in the mood for it, I’m quite capable of making my own, thankyouverymuch. :) Anyway, I’m quite happy being circumcised. I’m more worried about the size of my penis, than how pretty it does or doesn’t look!

    Anyway, another good episode. I was going into withdrawal! You ladies are hilarious.

  8. 8 Ender

    Don’t usually watch podcasts, found you off Milkandcookies. You folks are hilarious and well written stuff. Will visit again and check out the back episodes. Thanks

  9. 9 Crabby Dude

    Non-circumcision? Who wants to go around with a wang that looks like an elephant trunk? That sh**’s weird looking.

    I’m not gay, but if I were, an uncircumcised cock would probably scare me straight, funny looking things they are.

  10. 10 Crabby Dude

    Oh, and my own personal tip, learned as a wee lad of 16 -

    If you use shampoo as an emergency lube, do NOT forget to wash it all off. It looked like my genitalia had been mummified after it dried, and getting that shite off was painful to say the least. Of course, being a dirty teenager who didn’t shower more than once per week didn’t make matters any better. Learn from my mistakes!

  11. 11 m

    Excellent stuff!!! Christ i have no idea how frank sex talk can be daunting to anyone, unreasonable to anyone, detrimental to anyone.

    You’re treating sex in exactly the way it should be treated: As something - gasp! - normal.

    Keep it up…


  12. 12 Sharpless

    @Crabby Dude

    I’m not really fond of using foreign substances for lube, unless of course it’s actual lube. I used baby oil once, and it was just unfathomably messy and annoying, as nice as it felt on my penis. I like to keep things simple, admittedly. I go dry or I use pre-cum or, when I have enough control, I cum only a little bit and then use that. I only ever chafe when I go at it for too long.

    Pardon me for being the one guy who makes a creepy comment, but was I the only one who felt a stirring in the loins while Nikol was talking about cumming? Perhaps my penis was just enthused by the suggestion. Who knows? :)

  13. 13 Zing

    Sharpless, if you could watch all of the episodes without being even a little aroused, you’d have a bigger problem.

  14. 14 Crabby Dude

    I only did the shampoo thing because I was a horny teenager desperate for something greasy, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Bad hygiene (or, at least, the laziness not to wash up afterward) proved to be a bad idea, since I wasn’t in the shower at the time I tried this out.

    Now, let’s not compliment Nikol too much. Her head’ll swell even more so - that girl be thinkin’ she’s a rock star already :)

  15. 15 Nikol

    @ Crabby Dude- you gotta show me some love or I’ll get all weird and start peeing on your furniture. The other posters have already been warned about this, which is why they keep saying nice stuff.

    @CareNot- You made me laugh and brought up something important.

    @m- That has to be the easiest name ever to type

    @Sharpless and Zing- I may pee on your furniture anyway. Keep talking me up, though. A woman could use a little comment fluffing here and there.

    Dr. Petra is awesome, as usual. Great link to that Weeds clip.

  16. 16 Sharpless

    Woot! So does this mean I’m officially a fluffer?

  17. 17 Destin

    I look forward to seeing your episode on Circumcision. I believe strongly that Bodily Autonomy is a basic human right. What other body part can you just ask a doctor amputate from your child?
    “Excuse me, but could you please cut off my child’s pinky? I had mine accidentally sliced off in a lawnmower incident, and well, you know, a boy should look like his father.”
    Destin Gerek

  18. 18 Zing

    From what I know, there isn’t good evidence to support or deride male circumcision. Sexual experience is supposedly the same, and cleanliness isn’t really an issue.

    There is, however, a possible reason for its limited practice. There was a study recently in Africa that is still undergoing confirmation trials, but is so far compelling:

    At any rate, I’m also interested in what information we’ll receive from the friendly folks here :)

  19. 19 Matt

    Well, the impression of that original youtube video that you linked to previously was clever…

  20. 20 Crabby Dude

    Niokl -

    I already know well of your exploits and know better than to mess with you. You crazy, girl. However, I can still give some lip because you know you love it.

  21. 21 Walabio


    ¿How fare you?

    You indicated that you are interested in doing a show about sexual mutilation. Beware of the recent junkscience done for selling mutilation in the United States:

    Basically, The Ob/Gyns in the US make lots of money on unnecessary genital cutting like Cæsarian Sections, male sexual mutilations, and episiotomies. About the males sexual mutilations OB/Gyns are not even qualifiedto work on males; if a babyboy has a problem with his genitals, they should refer him to a Pædiatric Urologist.

    The rate of male sexual mutilation has dropped from about 90% to about 55% over the last few decades because parents figured out that the Ob/Gyns lied about masturbation causing physical and psychological problems and mutilating males does not stop them from masturbating anyway. The Ob/Gyns needed to reverse the trend before the rate of male genital mutilation drops beneath 50% because of the sheople-effect:

    The reason the rate of male genital mutilation has not already dropped to near nothing is that parents mutilate their children because most other parents mutilate their children even though they now know that the Ob/Gyns lied about masturbation being bad and mutilation preventing it. Once most parents do not mutilate their babies, the mutilation rate will plummet. to single-digit percents. In other words, we are very near the tipping point.

    The Ob/Gyns decided to use scare-tactics. Back in 1932, mutilation-promoter Abraham L. Wolbarst, M.D. stated without evidence that mutilation prevents cancer. This was debunked:

    * -

    Recently, Ob?gyns did a study of Catholics to determine whether male genital mutilation prevents Cervical Cancer. Basically, that boils down to comparing Filipinos to mainlanders. The Filipinos mutilated their males before Spanish arrived and still do. We know that Cervical Cancer is from Human Papillomavirus. The thing about Islands is that all there has a disease or none do. We already know that very few in the philippines have Human papillomavirus. The study found exactly what the Ob/Gyns wanted to find.

    Back in the 1980s, people noticed that Muslims in East Africa have Lower rares of HIV than Animalists. The Ob/Gyns then began screaming that Male Genital Mutilation prevents AIDS. This was extreme cherrypicking:

    The United States of America has the highest rate of Male Genital Mutilation in the developed world and the highest rate of HIV. In South Africa, over 90% of males are mutilated and about 30% of the population has HIV. Africa has the highest percentage of mutilated males of any continent anf the highest rate of HIV for any continent.

    The Ob/Gyns recently did studies where they took HIV-negative males, mutilated half of them, tested half of them and waited 6 months. The mutilated males who could not have sex for most of those six months had lower rate of HIV.

    Since condoms are so effective at preventing HIV that we do not even know what the failure-rate is,* but if one really wanted to do this pointless study, the way to do it is split up HIV-negative males into 2 groups randomly, mutilate half of them, follow then for a year, remove HIV-positive males from both groups (effectively, this zeros both groups which is imporatant becouse of group could not have sex for a few month and therefore would have a lower rare of HIV), and then follow the remainder for one year and then test them for the final results of the study.

    * -

    Doctors Opposing Circumcision* pointed out the methodological flause in these studies *_“BEFORE”_* they began. These studies were done knowing that the results would be useless.

    * -

    Parents have no right to mutilate their children. ¿Whose body? ¿Whose right? Parents have an obligation to do what is in the best interest of the child; this includes medical treatment. ¿Should we let parents bind the feet of their children? Sharon and Candy deliberately deafened their children.* ¿Was that right? Human sexual mutilation is an issue of Human rights.

    * -



    The first Intactivistic wiki on Earth devoted to Peaceful Beginnings:

    * - HTTP://PeaceFulBeginnings.Org/>

  22. 22 Chris

    Is there really such a thing as a boy scout slip knot, and is it really illegal in Nebraska?

  23. 23 nikol


    Don’t tell anyone but the Boy Scout Slip Knot may or may not be real… but it’s definitely illegal.

  24. 24 Ranchero

    Hey! Someone’s been watching the “Trainables” video! From California, as someone who is married to Midwesterner, love the episode, and love the show. Keep it up!

  25. 25 W.H.O. Cares

    The episode on “Beating It” is the most hilarious one, it is purely brilliant.
    Calling your production “a teen” show is the greatest injustice. The “educational” aspect of it is just a gravy.
    Borat move over, the “Midwest Sex Comedy Show” is cumming.

    W.H.O. Cares.

  26. 26 nichole

    uh, can someone explain to me what walabio is saying in non-crazy english speak? personally i’m happy going to my ob/gyn for my yearly check up, but i don’t think my husband has ever visited one and therefore has never had one mutilate him. is he talking about circumcision? i’m pretty sure my husband hasn’t had to visit an ob/gyn for that either. yeah, he’s circumcised, but that didn’t happen under the supervision of sharon and candy. i don’t even know a sharon and candy and if they are doing anything to my husband’s penis, i’ll freaking kill the whores.

    damn it, with names like sharon and candy, you know they just have to be bad. no wonder why there are nameless children running around deaf! was it because they were masterbating with circumcised penises? i’m so confused!

  27. 27 Walabio

    Basically, back in the 19th century, a quack named Kellogg best known for cornflakes believed that masturbation caused blindness and insanity. He promoted sexually mutilated children to stop them from masturbating. Other doctors knew that he was a quack, but circumcised children for the money even though it violates the Hippocratic Oath. In the race to mutilate the children for fee, the OB/Gyns won because they are there at birth and thus can mutilate them before any other doctor can. OB/Gyns are not even qualified to operate on males.

    It soon became apparent that circumcision does not stop masturbation because of the invention of petroleum jelly and that masturbation does not cause blindness and insanity anyway. The Ob/Gyns then started over a century of of looking for a disease for their cure.

    Sharon & Candy are an illistrative example. Basically they, out of spite, made their children deaf. ¿Was it wrong for them to deliberately handicap their children? ¿Is it wrong to deliberately sexually mutilate children? ¡No difference exists between the two!

  28. 28 Puppie

    So glad you made the point about boys avoiding the “death grip”. I am a 33-year old woman, and lemme tell ya. I’ve broken up with more than one man because his lifetime of “death grip self-love” had made it impossible for him to orgasm through intercourse or oral. When a guy *must* finish himself off by his own hand every single time because that’s all he can respond to anymore? It is NOT hott and it makes for a bad, unsatisfying sex life.

    Ditto for guys who’ve watched so much porn that they’re flummoxed that my real body might move and respond differently than those silicone bodies.

    These are men whose bad self-sex habits caused them to lose a great *actual* sex. Wish it was discussed more with teenage boys to keep them from setting themselves on that path.

  29. 29 Amber

    This show is amazing. The whole idea is fabulous! Don’t change a thing-
    Most importantly don’t let snarky viewers who don’t get the humor derail your comedic genius! I think MTSS is utterly hilarious yet strangely effective.
    If more kids saw this at my high school, at 22 I wouldn’t be stuck buying crappy baby shower gifts for my friends when I should be buying them shots at the bar.

  30. 30 Amber

    oh, and P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ref to the “trainables” video…that is a classic!

    lol there is another one where two boys are talking after gym or something about how one of them had a wet dream last night…that would make a great parody for your show!

    I think it’s this video:

  31. 31 Kelev

    When you do your show on circumcision, you should be sure to talk about how common/uncommon it is in other countries. I’ve lived in Europe, the US and spent time in Canada and it’s a real eye opener.

    In Europe, pretty much no one is circumcised except for Muslims and Jews (and even many of them are beginning to abandon the practice). There’s no huge panic about penile cancer or cleanliness. STD rates, including AIDS, are typically lower in Europe than in the US, despite claims that circumcision helps prevent AIDS (if that were true, the US would have a lower AIDS rate than Europe, which is not the case, sadly).

    Canada is more like Europe.

    In the US, though, kids are circumcised for no good reason other than their dads were (gee, I guess because dad didn’t get a choice in the matter, his kid shouldn’t either. Where’s the logic in that?!). Or because of religion (again, isn’t religion something a person should choose for themselves, including whether to get baptised, circumcised, ordained, etc?).

    For me, that’s what it comes down to: consent. We preach and preach about the importance of consent where sex is concerned (and we should!) yet somehow when it comes to circumcision, it’s OK to strap a kid down against his will and painfully remove a perfectly healthy, useful and pleasurable body part.

    If it was *any* other procedure, it would be *illegal*! It certainly is for girls!

    Not to say it shouldn’t be legal at all. It should be perfectly legal for a consenting adult or even a kid who demonstrates knowledge on the subject and consent to elect to have the procedure done. If a kid decides he wants to look like his circumcised dad (if that’s important for some reason) if he decides to follow a particular religion, or if he believes in the health benefits of a circumcised penis, then great. Go for it!

    Other than that, the US should follow the example of the vast, vast majority of the world and leave healthy boys’ body parts in place until the actual *owner* of that body part decides what they want done with it, and can articulate those desires clearly, knowledgably and, again, with their full consent.

  32. 32 jill

    any chance you could do a show on female masturbation? so many girls are made to feel like masturbation is “dirty” or “gross.” i’m in my mid-20s, and i didn’t start masturbating until mid-way through college. so many years lost! for those of you girls who still haven’t started, put your hands in your pants right now!! or even better, go buy a vibrator. your clit will thank you. :)

    on an more somber note, our world is saturated with representations of sex that emphasize male pleasure, and i think that it’s super important to encourage female masturbation, not only because it’s healthy, normal and oh-so pleasurable, but because girls, i promise you, knowing (and loving) your own body will help you and your partner make sex much better for you. above all, sex (either alone or with a partner) should be pleasurable for women, not just men. so please, masturbate away, and don’t ever hesitate to tell your partner what he needs to do to make you feel good. if he doesn’t seem to value your pleasure, he is NOT worth your time. and boys, women are sexual beings, not sexual objects (as dr. phil once said, we’re not your “masturbatory rag dolls”)! we’ve got as many nerve endings in our clit as you’ve got in your penis, so please, treat us with respect and put (lots of) effort into pleasuring us. (i’d recommend these books: How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure by Lou Paget, Box Lunch, The Lay Person’s Guide to Cunnilingus by Diana Cage or She Comes First…The Guide to Pleasuring a Woman by Ian Kerner, PhD).

  33. 33 Husband

    Hi Jill,

    They already did Female Masturbation. It was the very first episode. I think you have to click “older” to see it, and I know it is on You Tube and iTunes.

  34. 34 James

    Thank you SO much for making this video. It was EXACTLY what I needed to know!

  35. 35 Kaleb

    Ok Walabio. Let me straighten out your twisted little mind set. People realized a long time ago that circumcision didn’t prevent any of the ridiculous things you’ve mentioned. In the Jewish community, a circumcision is a religous ceremony. And to most other parents who circumcised their children, its a question of cleanliness. It is a fact that it is easier to clean and keep clean a circumcised penis than to have to fool around with foreskin. And as a man i can say that some men shouldn’t be trusted with their own cleanliness. I am circumcised and my sons and grandsons will be as well. I do however commend your research skills however i wish you would take a look at the issue from a more modern prospective. You kind of sound like an babbling idoit who just wanted to show off his knowledge of penises and their relevance in history……odd?!

  36. 36 Walabio

    Dec 14th, 2007 at 4:00 am:

    > Let me straighten out your twisted little mind set. People realized a long time ago that circumcision didn’t prevent any of the ridiculous things you’ve mentioned.

    Yes, but these are excuses medical doctors used to justify genital mutilation.

    > In the Jewish community, a circumcision is a religous ceremony.

    ¿So? ¿What is your point? Human sacrifice is is a religious ceremony. I refuse to give religious fanatics a free pass. I believe that all sexual mutilation should be banned. Let me quote something controversial currently in the news:

    “ … There are churches there, believe me, that cut their children too,as the people of Bolvangar did — not in the same way, but just as horribly. They cut theit sexorgans, yes, both boys and girls; they cut them with knives so that they shan’t feel. That is is what the church does, and every church is the same: control, destroy, obliterate every good feeling. … ”


    Ruta Skadi

    That is part of a paragraph from “The Subtle Knife” That is the the second book of “His Dark Material” by Philip Pullman. Ruta Skadi is a witch. The first book, “Northern Lights” is currently a controversial movie called “The Golden Compass”.

    > And to most other parents who circumcised their children, its a question of cleanliness.

    By that logic, we cut away the lips and cheeks so that mouths will be cleaner.

    ¿Are you aware that by your twisted logic, we should m8utilate both girls and boys? The genitals of girls are harder to clean than boys. Girls get more UTIs. Boys almost never get pelvic infections but girls do.

    > And as a man i can say that some men shouldn’t be trusted with their own cleanliness.

    Yes, yes, I know people who never brush their teeth.

    > I am circumcised and my sons and grandsons will be as well.

    I am certain that your children will appreciate the barbarous torture and mutilation, the continuos irritation, and the reduced sexual function and sensation.

    > I do however commend your research skills however i wish you would take a look at the issue from a more modern prospective.

    I do have a modern perspective. You are the one advocating a ritual sexual mutilation from the Bronze-Age.

  37. 37 Timmy

    Kaleena - If that were true there would be NO KITTENS. God would have killed them all. Just because of me. Now please, go back to reading St. Augustine..

    It is amazing how quickly these degraded into a debate about circumcision. My brother, who isn’t, elected to have it done to his son, because that is “normal” here in the US. The mother also had a say there, she wanted her son to be “normal”. I think it’s BS. I can understand those who do so out of religion, and you can call it a defining part of American culture, but another defining part of American culture is the ability to tell everyone else to shove it with their cultural norms. (PS. I also believe that people should be permitted to sacrafice animals as part of their religion, but selectively. I don’t believe any of these “New Age” religions should have a right to sacrafice animals, because they’re either newly made up or a revival of old religions, which might as well be newly made up.)

  38. 38 hawgwld

    I’m checking out your videos to see about watching them with my 16 yr old daughter. Great job!!

    As for circumcision, from a female’s perspective I much prefer a circumcised over a non.

  39. 39 joe

    Am i the only 1 that caught the homage to the old 70’s mom walkin in to the boy masturbating thats funny love the videos keep’em coming

  40. 40 ben

    Damn, I thought I was gonna be the first person to recognize the homage to the 70’s sex-ed video. Do remember the scene when they go around and say all the different names for penis? Or my favorite: “I’m wet and sticky.”

    Just wanted to add that a great website for masterbation that I found in my teens is

  41. 41 IMSA12

    A cow named Rocky!? Now that’s twisted!

  42. 42 AaronM

    @Kaleb: Man, I’m Jewish and circumcised. It has an immense religious significance to my people and I can’t say I appreciate you pissing all over it.
    Nikol: this show is a great idea that’s been well executed. It’s funny, clever and entertaining. I only wish it had existed a few years ago so I could have watched it in sex ed. Would’ve answered a lot of questions for me.
    Oh well. Keep up the great work.

  43. 43 Kelev

    Hi Aaron,

    I don’t know if you were addressing me or ‘Kaleb’. I think he’s pro-circ. Maybe you got our names confused.

    Listen, I’m Jewish, too (born and raised, lived, went to school, worked in Israel). Even though my folks weren’t religious, I was circumcised and I resent it. One of my first boyfriends was uncut (and Jewish!) and I had endless fun playing with his foreskin. It gave both of us pleasure and showed me that the foreskin is a sex organ all on its own; one that was taken from me against my will.

    I’m basically an atheist. If anything, I worship nature, the Earth and science, so you could call me a Pagan. I don’t believe in “God”, and even if I did, I would never cut off a baby’s body part because “God” commanded it. That’s sick and wrong. Face it. If a bunch of religious folks held down an adult, or even an older child,. and forcibly circumcised him against his will, that would be assualt. Somehow, though, when it’s a baby, his cries and protests, or any thought about his beliefs, are immaterial.

    None of my sons is circumcised. If, when they’re older, they want to cut off, pierce, tat, stretch or whatever any part of their body for sexual, religious or social purposes - great! Otherwise, I’ve left them whole, just like Nature made them. Thankfully, we belong to a shul where such things are common. Hopefully, more Jews will do likewise.

    We don’t do animal sacrifice or stone adulteresses any more, even though we are commanded to in the bible. We should leave our sons whole and let them worship in whatever way they see fit, or not at all.

  44. 44 Tanner

    You should have a circumcised and uncircumcised episodes…

  45. 45 john conter

    Asking Mom to help finish? Please describe how this would work? It’s only a matter of time before I get caught and I need to know how I would phrase this? Ask this? How does this work?? Thanks.

  46. 46 Scott the Homosexual

    Cirumcision is sooo dumb and archaic. I’m surprised it’s not illegal.

    I don’t care if it’s old tradition. I’ll piss all over it and laugh while doing it.

    Nobody ever asked me if it was ok to lop off a chunck of my dick! 24 years later, I’m still really pissed. That foreskin was mine, and I couldn’t even talk to defend myself. TOTAL BULL****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In this day when more and more people are obsessed with natural, and organic, and wholistic, I CAN’T BELIEVE people are still chopping off the ends of little boys penises. Pretty f-ed up in my book…

    Paganism, huh? I should look into that.

  47. 47 Nimby

    Honestly, I don’t see why it’s a big deal… I mean, I don’t really miss that bit of skin very much, and apparently it doesn’t make that much of a difference anyway. Oh well… I guess some people will continue to hate against the Jews! =P

    (Note: I am neither Jewish nor serious)

  48. 48 Jim

    Didn’t see any comments like this, so here goes. I was happily uncircumsized until I was in my 20s. I had a “normal” teenage sex life, ie lots of jerkin off with a few moments of “true passion” here and there. Way more wanting it than getting it, but it was the 60s.

    I allowed the US Navy to badger me into getting circumsized because it was healthier, etc. Besides the pain of recovery, I have regretted it ever since, the experience is not anywhere near as fulfilling and I have “ghost sensations” even 40 years later.

  49. 49 JorgeM

    Circumcision is creepy. Why anyone thinks taking a knife to a healthy newborn baby is a good idea is beyond me. My son has his foreskin. I wish I had mine, but my parents and their doctor decided for me.

    I hope that the Circumcision show goes into all the outright mythology surrounding circumcision in America. The United States is the only country to circumcise newborns for “medical” reasons. Look into it. The Midwest is desperately in need of enlightment on this subject.

  50. 50 Big I

    The mother’s speech to wack-off boy seems eeriely familiar. According to Walabio its from episode #0, but I never saw episode #0!

    Either I’m dealing with some very personal repressed memory here, or this exact speech is from some sex-ed film I was forced to watch as a child. For God’s sake, tell me its the latter!

  51. 51 Big I

    OK I can now go to bed knowing where I know wack-off boy’s mother?s speech from. It’s not from any sex-ed film I saw as a child. Nor is it from any of my personal experiences (thank you Jebus).

    It’s from “The ABC’s of Sex Education for Trainables” a 1973 film designed to help bring sex-ed to the mentally handicapped. No despite what you may think I did not see it as a small retarded child myself — no, the films become something of a cult classic among evil b*stered with sick sick sick senses of humor (such as yours truly). Back in my day the only way to see this film was on something we called pirated DVDs (otherwise known as the Victrola) but you kids should be able to find it at your YouTubey.

  52. 52 Jessica N.

    Ha ha ha! I recognize the “getting caught” mom’s speech from this old “Sex Ed for Trainables” video. Brilliant!

  53. 53 Gerald

    I wish this method of teaching about sexuality had been available when I was growing up in the ’40s and ’50s. My parents had no clue, even though they thought they were being informative!

  54. 54 Daniel Danly

    Love your podcasts ! This has nothing to do with sex, but… what is the music playing at the end of the bonus episode (a bit russian.. balalaika maybe ?)
    Thanks for all the informations !

  55. 55 Derrick

    Definitely one of my favorite episodes. I wish I learned about masturbation when I was taught my ’skinny’ version of sex ed. Sadly, during the first round of sex ed [Around 5th grade] my mom did not want me to learn about that so I would go to the elementary library. Yay books!

    But a few tips to make future podcasts just as good. First, I don’t think the ’stranger’ is using the other hand. I believe the method is numbing your hand [Usually sitting on it] and then using it to masterbate. Second, you talked about ‘toys’ in the female episode but their are several toys for guys. [Example: the fleshlight, torso doll, ect...]

    Also, if you do talk about circumcision PLEASE break it down into male and female. Male circumscision does NOTHING to the sex drive and very little to how you masterbate. Plus, several internet forums tell me that a circumcised male [which I am] can strech the remaining skin so it forms a ’second’ skin. Meanwhile, female ‘circumscision’ [or castration] is a complete travesty designed to strip females of their sexual pleasure and put them in a sexually and overall submissive role.

    Also [I'm sorry if I'm rabiling/ranting] I was wondering if you were going to do a transgender episode. Or a crossdressing episode I’m a crossdresser myself and would love for someone to show others that I do not, in fact have ‘both sets’ [Yes...I got that question...]

    Thank you.I’m sorry for the long comment…

  56. 56 Embarrassed

    I’m embarrassed to say that i am a victim of the “death grip”. I have been using this method for a while now and find it impossible to cum without this method now. Is there anyway that i can go back to “normal”?

  57. 57 Anna

    an episode on circumcision please! I’m a chick and am having issues figuring the tricky thing out, it seems way more sensitive than my last partners.

  58. 58 xfactormunky

    what’s the boy scout slip knot? it must be pretty good if it’s illegal in nebaska, i couldnt find out anything about it except a few refferences to the name

  59. 59 Nimby

    Your agenda seems to instead be anti-religious instead of anti-circumcision, which seems to be more of a side-effect of your wider world view.

    And I am at a loss as to what quoting a work of bad children’s fiction proves exactly.

  60. 60 Logan S

    Loved this episode and all the circumcision talk. I was born in England and did not have the operation performed on my baby hog. I moved to America when i was 3 and have pretty much grown up here. When i reached adolescence, basically when getting girls to do things to your penis, i realized i was a minority among my peers. I looked into it and found the stats and research and agreed that it was nothing weird or wrong. What i hate is the stigma about having foreskin in America. Its the accepted way a penis is supposed to look here and its what girls expect to see when you take off your pants. I’ve had to many encounters with girls getting embarrassed or freaked out that i have resorted to telling them before a situation where hot sex will happen. It sucks because once you put a condom on all penis’s are the same and equal in the eyes of the lord, and vagina’s. I’m pissed because the stigma is reinforced by American society. Especially porn, good luck finding an uncut guy there. I’m lucky that it didn’t affect my self esteem but i have a real fear that if i have a boy in the future hell have to deal with this and won’t react the same way.

  61. 61 That one chick

    So… I gotta admit, I took the survey just so that I could watch Nikol and Britney (I hope I spelled that right) make out. It was worth it! lol. I love these videos, and I wish they had been around long ago… “the older boyfriend” would have been useful to me as a 17 year old. Keep up the good work!!

  62. 62 David

    As much as people say they clean, it is just not enough. Unfortunately with uncircumcised penises there is an odour and a taste problem.
    Don’t put anything into your mouth that isn’t cut.

  63. 63 Chris

    Good thing I don’t live in Nebraska! Now whats the Boy Scout Slip Knot?

  64. 64 Rational Thinker

    Circumcision is a non-uniform amputation of a non-uniform body part. In the U.S., a tight circumcision has traditionally been popular, so that many men have absolutely no mobile tissue along their shafts. These men require some kind of lubrication, because their hands (or whatever they stick their penises into) act as the foreskin gliding over the penis. In any case, the foreskin contains tens of thousands of nerves and provides a unique mechanical aspect to sexual stimulation; its removal irrevocably diminishes the penis in terms of pleasure and function.

    If you don’t know what an intact penis looks like or how it functions, check out

  65. 65 Mic Jagger

    I guess the kid dying is funny… There was a kid in our highschool that actually did die that way though, and it was probably pretty gutwrenching for his family. His twin brother took it pretty badly.

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