MTSS 9: Syphilis

Happy Halloween!

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  1. 1 Guy

    Sorry, we had comments turned off. They’re back in action now!

  2. 2 Matt

    Boo. (Did I scare ya?)

  3. 3 Mr. Black

    Why syphillis? Who the fu*k gets syphillis these days? Why not make an episode about the dangers of scurvy? They rank about the same on the relevance scale.

    Still had some good lines and appreciated the holiday-inspired motif, though.

  4. 4 nikol

    Mr. Black,

    As stated in the episode and on the website we directed people to, syphillis is on the rise again. It seems to have a lot to do with Abstinence Only Education.

  5. 5 courtneyernster

    I’ve also heard that water-on-brain, quinsy, and consumption are making a terrify comeback as well.

  6. 6 courtneyernster

    I mean terrifying!

  7. 7 borkborbork

    Excellent episode! Very well shot and funny as hell. I don’t get these other comments. Syphilis is one of the fastest growing STDs in America. Plus, it can wield a mean chainsaw.

  8. 8 the boy

    yeah. that was awesome. Way, way better than the “horrors of ____”, or whatever videos we had to watch in health. Chainsaw wielding std > sad-faced 15-year-old

  9. 9 JT

    Excellent episode!

  10. 10 thehoneybunny

    seriously, THE BEST MTSS episode yet. you guys are awesome!

  11. 11 mommiebear2

    This was great! The ending was just perfect, even had me on the edge of my seat and everythin’. :)

  12. 12 podster

    I *love* your show. I also *love* my iPhone. And, I particularly love to download your show into iTunes and watch it on my iPhone…best of everything. However, it looks like you folks (or your technical assistants/lackeys) started using a different codec to encode episodes 8 and 9…they’re encoded using something called “AVC”, which seems to make them unplayable on the iPhone (and probably the video iPod as well, though I can’t confirm that because I don’t have one.) Would it be possible, for future episodes, for you to go back to the previous method of encoding, so iPhone users can continue to enjoy and learn from the show?

    And, more compellingly…are you ever going to do an episode about putting your phone in vibrate mode, stuffing it down your pants, and waiting for someone to call?

  13. 13 Guy

    Yes, the team of technical assistants we outsourced to India really messed up with these last two.

    Fortunately we hear you and are re-compressing the episodes. A follow up post will be put up as soon as the corrected videos are available.

    Feel free to send us an iPhone so that we can prevent this from happening in the future (this would also allow us to shoot the vibration episode).

  14. 14 Guy

    iPod/iPhone versions of #8 and #9 are now available.

    Thank you everyone for the feedback!

  15. 15 podster

    Yay! Thank you! Now my iPhone is finally “fully functional”!

  16. 16 magpie

    Great episode! I actually jumped a little, not quite out of my seat, but a little. I’m a big fan of sex and a big fan of the Midwest, therefore this show is basically everything I’ve ever hoped for and more. Thanks for bringing it to fruition.

    Could you do a show on sex games and/or sex toy parties? For instance, we recently purchased Dickhead Hoopla for a party, which is a thrilling game that involves the tossing of rings onto a plastic penis attached to your opponent’s headband. I would love to see Nikol and Britney play it.

  17. 17 Hendrik

    what can I say… I would have never imagined you guys being able to use such great special effects! wonderful…
    Keep doing the show, I like it a lot. Thanks for rewarding constant viewers with short lines like the “todd” one in this episode.
    Just to let you know: you got a least one fan here in Germany =)

    Greets from across the big ocean


  18. 18 Ben

    Thanks for creating an edgy way of teaching sex to teens but what’s up with the female adult on teen lesbian bit at the end? Totally over board!

  19. 19 Matt

    Yeah, what’s the idea of having a sexy sex show?!? Cut it out.

    Sheesh, everybody’s a critic. Start your own if you don’t like this one.

  20. 20 MacGuges

    This episode was kick-ass, up to and including the sexy conclusion. It was funny and reinforced the message, ’safe sex is more fun’.

  21. 21 nikol

    Magpie–sex games/sex parties is on the list. Britney and I may go pro for Dickhead Hoopla.

    Hendrik–we need all the German fans we can get! Spread the word. Danke.

    Podster–where’s my iPhone? Come on already.

  22. 22 LadyPoetess

    You seem to have made an Italian web newscast - - it has a good chunk of this episode in the newscast, though since I do not speak Italian, I can’t really say what their views on the program are. ^^

  23. 23 nichole

    certainly not a prude here, but time to do a show also on the ‘girls gone wild’ epidemic going on - young women thinking they’re just objects to be filmed boobs out and that’s the extent of their worth. paris whore anyone? i’m all for taking the boob flash with some glee and adventure, and definitely 100% for a woman owning her own sexuality, but gads, what the hell is wrong with generation (…) and their step back in self worth? it’s as if that’s all many young girls think you have to offer the world? hey, i love my push-up bra and porn (another show you could do) as much as the next guy, but i cringe to think that ten year olds play with those br*ts dolls, see those late night commercials and think this is how they attract a mate - and then exploit themselves at 16. your wee 20-somethings should be having safe fun and experimenting, but whose grandmother wants to see that on a national commercial? there’s something to be said about self-respect and owning sexuality as opposed to being the typical wannabe whore because the media compels you to.

    plus, not wearing panties might be fun knowledge for your significant other, but not wearing panties everywhere including new york cabs - i shudder to think about. eeeew!!!

  24. 24 Purpleshoes

    1) Okay, okay, you have the right to have whatever variety of gender-on-gender action you want on your own damn show, but what are the chances that we’re ever going to get to see dude/dude makeouts? Pretty low, is the thing. It’s not compatible with the male gaze! Unless the male gaze is from the male gays.

    Plus you don’t appear to have recurring male actors, but, you know, you could work around that somehow.

    2) Oh my _god_ the comments on that Wall Street Journal article are _hilarious_. They’re all from Concerned Parents who think they should get to sign a waiver before their kids screw; furthermore, several people blamed the 60s. Dear socially-conservative boomers: I _promise_ you that your generation did not invent sex for fun. Please die faster. Love, Purpleshoes.

  25. 25 Bill Ruhsam

    Great episode, you guys! Keep up the good work.

    Some friends and I were discussing the Midwestteensexshow last night. All were mid-30’s ish people and only 2 felt that it wasn’t clear in its message. We managed to drag them around to the the general rock-awesomeness of the show by pointing out that we aren’t the audience. We’re the secondary audience who enjoys the humorous nature of the episodes. The true audience are the teenagers exposed to abstinence-only education who don’t know these facts.

    The opinion was also raised that the message might get lost in the humor, but I feel that you are doing a great job, and are hitting just the right tone. Keep it up.

  26. 26 nikol

    Nichole-thanks for the note about “Girls Gone Wild.” We will be addressing the matter in a future episode.

    Purpleshoes-That baby boomer comment had me cracking up. Don’t worry, there will be some quality man-on-man action soon (that both men and women can enjoy).

    Bill-we will never consider you as “secondary.” Thank you for defending MTSS although I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of humor. This is a serious show about a serious topic.

  27. 27 Mighty Ponygirl

    I thought it was a little weak on the education part… which probably accounts for all the “WTF syphalis? why not rubella” comments. But whatever, it’s a Halloween episode, you’re allowed to kick up your heels and it’s your show.

    Suggestions for upcoming shows… um…

    The big ol’ elephant in the room… Abortion … it’s not exactly a bunch of yucks but kids need to know that it *won’t* make you a suicidal, cancer-ridden, barren-wombed … you get the idea. Impediments: How hard it can be to get one in states where there’s only one clinic, waiting periods, “Pregnancy Crisis Centers,” etc. It will get you flamed, but I’m sure you get plenty of hatemail from the uptight sorts already.

    Proper birth control use: how to put on condoms, obviously (and what not to use along with a condom–vaseline); how long after you start taking the pill before it kicks in; how Plan B works and the timeframe you have for it to still work.

    Talking to your parents about sex and birth control.

    Bisexuality vs. experimentation

    Sex manuals! (I know you’ve got an upcoming show on Porn, so this might be a nice also-ran to that for women who aren’t so much into it).

  28. 28 nikol

    Mighty Ponygirl–thank you for all the suggestions.

    We will be covering abortion soon, as well as expanded episodes on birth control and bisexuality vs. experimentation.

    Sex Manuals is probably further down the line, but that topic is perfect for our show.

    Keep the comments coming!

  29. 29 Mighty Ponygirl

    Your show is a lot of fun — and your efforts are very much appreciated… keep up the good work!

  30. 30 Lindsey

    I just saw you guys on the morning show! I totally agree with what you are doing and want to give you guys a thumbs up!

  31. 31 Humongous


    Just wanted to say great job with the show!!!

    Very well done in every way.

    I also have some episode topic ideas:

    Penis Size
    Sex Toys
    Phone Sex
    Multiple Partners

    Well ok, that’s a lot… good luck!

    Also, Nikol you are hot, let’s run away together.


  32. 32 Curvaceous Dee

    That was a hoot - a nice and unexpected change from your usual format!

    xx Dee

  33. 33 Olivier

    Just a note that because of the girls gone wild comments on this post, after viewing this episode I actually got a ‘girls gone wild’ video from rever. ow.

  34. 34 Guy

    Olivier, thanks for letting us know about the ad! We’re working with Revver to have it permanently removed.

    UPDATE: GGW ads should no longer appear on our site.

  35. 35 Bill S.

    OMFG: “Featuring: Evan Syphilis” for the win… You are KILLING me!

  36. 36 Me

    I still remember a college microbiology lecture on STDs, which included super syphilis; the rise in untreatable cases. As serious as that is, all I could see was the little syphilis spirochaetes with tiny superman-cloaks.

  37. 37 SubtleKnife

    Syphilis - Sex is more fun when you share!

    Made ME giggle, at least…

  38. 38 Kimberly

    If you don’t know anything, live in a cave, were raised by wolves, lived in a barn, or had uber-religious parents, then, yeah, syphillis is not anything to worry about. HOWEVER, if you are currently having sex with ANYONE, you should know that syphillis is running rampant in much of the world today. Its not just something Ben Franklin had (and died from). It’s something that you can most definitely still get…EASILY. Don’t compare it to scurvy and consumption unless you want to be severely made fun of at your local clinic. They might even dress up like pirates to make the point hit home.

  39. 39 Melt

    If a strange man enters your home, it is highly recommended that you do NOT attempt to disarm him the way Britney just did.

  40. 40 MikeyinCA

    Well that episode was 10 times better than the 1 room format of most of the others. Great fun. GO SYPHILIS !!!

  41. 41 2Cute4theparty

    could you do more episodes about STIs? this one is great but there are so many others and people know so little about them, especially the ones you can contract through oral sex. This would also give you lots more topics to last you guys a while!
    please take ur top off more

  42. 42 Logan S

    “Not with dudes. I can’t get a guy pregnant.” Almost laughed myself into a coma

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