MTSS 10: Dating

But I have enough friends.

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  1. 1 tim

    Great episode! Great show in general, actually. Funny as hell, and informative to boot. (yes, boot) If this was around when I was a teen, maybe I wouldn’t have made such dumbass mistakes dating and such.

    (nah, probably would’ve happened anyway)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. 2 Earl Newton

    This is what vidcasting was made for.

  3. 3 Meg

    wonderful! :)

  4. 4 tim

    i wish my last date had heard that part about being honest about not wanting to go out again.

  5. 5 Matt

    I didn’t realize Britney’s breasts were pixellated. I hope she didn’t get teased too much in Phys. Ed.

  6. 6 Lizziey

    This is such a good show! I love it! Can you believe that my health teacher told me about it? Anyway, my favourite part in this episode would have to be when Britney’s getting a date for her “friend.” Keep it up because I (as well as many others, I assume) enjoy this a lot!

  7. 7 nichole

    i have to comment because my secret word was ‘candy.’

    come on! you know you have to comment when that is your secret non-spammer word!

  8. 8 Grace

    Great and hilarious as usual! I love all the subtle things (like Britney walking into the wall) that make this so hilarious. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  9. 9 drizzo

    I really do love your episodes. a lot. But yeah, some of the “jokes” put me on the edge. Like the one that included “rape” in this episode. I don’t think we can take the chance of making a joke when the masses of people just won’t get it. It’s a huge rape myth that girls just lie about rape if they’re mad at a guy. The false accusation of rape are actually the same percent as any other violent crime, around 2%, however people don’t think this is the case. I just think its a touchy and scary subject when you “joke” about these things that the majority of people will not “understand.” I wouldn’t want the simplicity of a joke to complicate an issue that is not even on the road to being fully addressed yet.

  10. 10 wGEric

    I think your target audience is a bit too young and immature to get rape joke. It will go right over their heads. Here you are telling teens to lie about something very serious causing people to waste time investigating a lie and ruining a persons reputation. Rape is not funny. I wish you wouldn’t tell people to falsely accuse people of it.

  11. 11 healthnutz

    As others have said, rape is no joke. I’m a guy and I think false rape accusations are among the worst things you could do to someone. I know most of your jokes revolve around sex and prejudices, I think rape is crossing the line. This website is out on the news, millions of children are going to hear about it and visit it. Many parents don’t filter sites, and many children know ways around it. It hurts me to think even one false rape accusation would become of this, but i’m sure it will be much higher than that.

    Rape is not funny to anyone.

  12. 12 Jordan

    I’m so glad I happened to hear about this site on TV this morning haha, it is hilarious.

    I love how brutally honest it is. :)

  13. 13 Britney

    You’re absolutely right; rape is not funny. False accusations of rape are also not funny, yet they do occur …and then become plot points of made for TV movies.

    We were commenting on just that. We were very sarcastically making fun of the absurdity of such a notion (adolescent rejection causing irrational and malicious behavior) and that it actually does happen.

    Also, please remember that none of our “tips” are real tips. I may masturbate in a drive-thru window and never wash my vagina…but I am not telling poeple to follow suit. The “tips” are mere ridiculous jokes to NOT be taken seriously.

  14. 14 mt

    Just friends? I hate you.

  15. 15 Nikol

    Aww, MT, it’s not you. It’s me. I am just not ready for that kind of commitment right now.

  16. 16 ReallyThough

    This episode was funny but a bit more graphic then the others, not that Im knockin on pixelated boobs. Okay, maybe I am but between the wife-beater shot and the pixelation, I can use my imagination.
    Anyway, dating can be skipped all together with a party and beer. There is also a higher “scoring” ratio when just skipping the dating all together. Note: A first date, after you already slept with the person, can be awkward.

  17. 17 James

    So I have watched everyone of these videos and I think anyone that has seen any of these videos and doesn’t catch that the rape thing was said dripping with sarcasm should take a step back and slap themselves for being so idiotic. I think you are all doing an awesome job, and Hop you continue the fun… Nikol you and brit are a Riot!!!

  18. 18 Hilary

    Great episode. Love the shows.

    But….(you knew there was a but)…winceable moment: Telling people to fake rape claims? Ouch. Not funny. It is hard enough for people to come forward and get believed.

  19. 19 Timmy

    I have an idea for a show: breaking up! You must teach teens how to break up without resorting to restraining orders.

  20. 20 Cho

    Britney is ugly

  21. 21 Phoebe

    The jokes might go over younger peoples heads… but it is soo funny! You should have a show like this but geared towards an older audiance. That way you can be as sarcastic and crude as you want without the risks of damaging a young child! haha

  22. 22 IMSA12

    I hope Britney gets that problem with her breasts taken care of. I seem to recall that this happened to her at least once before.

    The “holier than thou” types would do well if they stopped lecturing the rest of us on what is or is not suitable content for MTSS. My internet browser has several useful features which allow me to choose what I view when I’m on online. It’s really neat!

  23. 23 Sara

    This show is really great! People need to stop taking some of the stuff so seriously!
    It’s not like someone going to go out and say some false rape thing, it was just a jest at rejection.

    Thank you so much for making this show! It really makes my day!

  24. 24 Chris

    Well, I for one, had my jaw drop over the false rape joke. I realize it was just a joke, but it had actually happened to me in 1996….long before the days of this podcast. I got lucky, the accusations came out a year after we had broken up (also a year after she started the rumors that we were doing ‘it’–we weren’t) I was also lucky, because I had a lot of female friends that knew me pretty well. I also had my reputation as a stand-up guy, and the teacher’s all knew who I was. Her reputation, on the other hand wasn’t all that great, and the teachers knew she was lying about it. Thank God, otherwise, I might be in jail for it.

    I guess what kinda upset me there, is that this is a pretty popular site, and with popularity comes the expectations that even the people who don’t get the joke will view it and try to do something to impress their friends (kinda like white girls singing “baby got back” or posers singing “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”). This site isn’t for those people, but they do show up. And an over the top joke, combined with the lack of maturity of a lot of teenagers (myself included 15 years ago) and you basically set up a time bomb. You’re just giving excuses to overly emotional teenage girls that will use whatever they can to keep from getting in trouble (I thought it was OK because I saw it on MTSS).

    Again, the trouble isn’t with the level headed people that can identify the joke, the problem is with the overly emotional ones that will take something said in jest and turn it into a big problem with legal ramifications, and ruining someone else’s life.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  25. 25 Tim

    just want to drop u a line and say WTF i think your web site is a good idea but with the episode about dating and brittinys dating advice on how to deal with rejection should be removed. i was one of those young men when at the age of 17 broke up with my then gf next thing i had to do was hide from the entire football team and get grilled for 18 hours by the police and luckily having the support of not only my parents but hers too that it was not true because thats exactly what she said i did to her after breaking up with her and eventhough i was cleared of any wrong doing I got dirty looks for years I have been an advocate for years trying to get legislation past making it a sexual offense to falsely accusse someone of rape i feel if you have been raped please come forward but if you have not dont come forward and say you have because you have been rejected although because these false reports are never published in crime stats . in this country a wrongfully convicted person is realeased from prison every single day and thats not even 1% of police reports proven to be false by estimates that even make it to trial. but with this countries new attitude of its better safe to convict an innocent person than sorry to allow a guilty person walk free many innocent people are sent to prison were the possibility of themselves being victims of rape is over 99% not to mentions many physically being beat to within an inch of their lives from day one of incarceration .but the number of prosecutions for making false rape allegations is 0% as far as my research goes ( please make your viewers aware of the consequenses of making false allegations including the the possibilities of being exposed as a person who makes false allegations of rape and are later are raped (which statically occure to 25% of woman in this country) the possibility that a real rapist may walk . maybe an episode on what the consequences are would be appropriate and maybe 100,000n people a year would not be wrongfully arrested and in most cases imtimidated, threatened and mental and physically tortured into accepting a plea deal for something they did not do and please ask your viewrs to write their senetors to make laws punishing those who make such false allegation especially with sex offenders laws as they are today . it is in my opinion that making false allegations of rape agaist someone is rape in itselfe because although not act of sex is used the act of making false allegations to control someone is no different than a rapist uses the act of sex to gain control of someone. and with strick laws to punish sex offenders and prosecutors political agenda to get as many sex offense convictions as they can to make themselves more popular to voters their is no telling how many people are being raped today in our prison systems as a result of a false rape allegation because although teens are impressionable even adult woman false accuse man of rape to maintain control of their victim(s).


  26. 26 Tim

    Also wanted to add a comment on how this web site is directed towards teens and as a sex ed web site for them but your own admission in you replies to the rape joke was that your “tips” are not serious or even actual tips and that your web site and the tips contained in your educational web site are just a joke and shouldnt be taken seriously so even now i am even confused and am concerned that your web sites joke are exposing children to material that is inappropriate for them to view at their age for entertainment purposes. and that i have obviously struck a nerve with viewers since no additional comments have been left since earlier today.

  27. 27 Jermaine

    man i love these podcast.

  28. 28 Kimberly

    Okay, Nikol….no cancer jokes, and no rape jokes. Too much too soon.


  29. 29 Cheryl


    What happened to you was not a good thing, and unfortunately it does happen, but even with that being said, it makes me wonder why you would want to impose a penalty that would make an already extremely hard crime to report even harder. Right away people may be thinking that it wouldn’t because it would only punish the false reports, but then what about all the true cases of rape in which the rapist is acquitted anyway. It happens even in the most obvious of circumstances, even with video evidence of the violation, rapists are allowed to walk free. Then, on top of being violated when raped, the survivor is charged with a sexual offense. The survivor is already been dragged through the mud enough as it is, their sexual history, while irrelevant, is paraded around for the world to see. Things like that, or the idea of rape as a “compliment”, because they thought you were “pretty enough to rape”, or the idea of “boys will be boys”, sets them free. Filing a false police report is already a crime, considering all a rape survivor has to deal with, it shouldn’t be made harder.

  30. 30 Nimby

    Tim, meet my friend, “OBVIOUS JOKE”.
    Obvious Joke, meet this idiot over here who’s watching a show he can’t understand.

    Sorry, I don’t like being a jerk, but I’m so tired of seeing Nikol get shit for doing something good in this world, and Lord knows she’s too nice to tell you to shut the hell up. -_-

    Seriously, though… check your “joke radar”. While you’re at it, check your gaydar. And your sonar. And your microwave. And your regular radar. You just… you’ve–you’ve got a lot of stuff to change is what I’m saying. Like that sense of humor. You should trade it in for a better one; I hear McDonald’s has low-quality ones free when you order a Mighty Kids Meal.

  31. 31 Scott the Homosexual

    Oh Nimby, can we please make out? I heart you.

    Tim, my boy… GET OVER IT!!! That’s all I have to say. Maybe the reason you’re so pissed about the whole thing is because you really WERE going to rape her, and never got the chance… That’s it, isn’t it?

    Nikol, there’s no such thing as too much too soon. I want an episode all about cancer. You could even show people how to open a surface tumor on their partner, and have sex with it! That would be so hawt!

    Luv ya bitches!
    Scott the Homo

  32. 32 Nimby

    “The jokes might go over younger peoples heads… but it is soo funny! You should have a show like this but geared towards an older audiance. That way you can be as sarcastic and crude as you want without the risks of damaging a young child! haha” –Phoebe

    We, um… already know about these things. Trust me.

  33. 33 chuma

    the humor is getting more subversive, e.g. (or is it i.e.) when “dad” lays a lascivious slap on Brits’ ass on her way out on the date…the show is operating on so many levels…drawing out my own naughtiness and twisted point of view. thank you for setting me free.

  34. 34 mich

    Hey there- i love this show and all the jokes-
    but being raped, accused of rape, dealing with authorities after any incident related to it either being a lie or the truth, and the amount of years that being raped or accused of rape can affect your future relationships and sexlife is not funny.

    This brittney tip could easily have been just as effective by saying something waaayyyy less serious. Like - ‘he still sleeps with his mother!’, or ‘ I was kinda into him but if it weren’t for his awful syphillis rash!’.

    I think that there are enough people out there who don’t get humour and who are wierd enough to actually take this advice to heart. I mean there are some people who think driving over your boy/girlfriend is the best way to end a relationship! Some of the brittany tips aren’t necessarily that obvious on the joke front either. For example- the one brittany tip about never washing your vagina. Some girls might take this as a hint to start shoving soap and products where it shouldn’t be.

    Maybe there could be a show on cleanliness - and methods of proper healthy cleaning to prevent yeast infections, bladder infections and other problems women are susceptible to. And possibly a show on rape- what to do if you have experienced it, how to prevent it, subtle hints showing that your object of affection may not be into it, as well as the really obvious ones, and who to look for help once this has happened so that you can deal with it in a healthy way.

    In my experiences with dark or twisted humour- alot of people people just don’t know i’m joking. And I personally think accusing someone of something that is harsh and can be one word against another - isn’t funny in a learning environment.

    I hope you can edit that joke.

  35. 35 mich

    ps- i think you guys/gals do an excellent job on this show!

  36. 36 Anissia

    HEll yeah , It’s about time someone did something like this, you are awesome!!! I’m in wisconsin too, you guys , I love show!!!

  37. 37 Ozzy

    Nikol, will I go to hell because I laughed at the rape joke?

    I mean I know I’m on my way there because I touch myself at night, but still.

  38. 38 Pvt. Joker

    Nikol, Great show. Thanks for having a show that speaks to teens not forgetting that they are NOT idiots. They will get the jokes and understand the punchline. Part of communicating with kids is letting them know that as a parent, you realize that they aren’t stupid.

    In the animal world, the idiots and the weak are EATEN by the bigger, smarter animals. There will still be an A-hole that will take a hammer to another kids Melon because he saw it in a cartoon.
    Those kids would be eaten.

    Tim, I understand why you feel the way you do. A close friend of mine was accused of the same thing 15yrs ago. He did time in jail, and 3 years later the girl recanted her claim. It was too late however. He and his family lived through HELL for 4 years. Even though he was cleared, there were always those who refused to believe it.

    If you think that a scorned girl that IS a bit psychotic hasn’t thought of doing this, you’re high.

  39. 39 Jens

    Awesome :0) Funny, informativ, looking forward to see some more episodes.
    Greeting from Germany

  40. 40 Sam

    Give me a break. I don’t know what planet you live on, but on my mine, most highschool kids actually have not only a functioning brain, but a functioning sense of humor and sarcasm. That goes for all of you self-righteous, “you’re corrupting the youth” sensationalists in these comments.

    “but your own admission in you replies to the rape joke was that your “tips” are not serious or even actual tips and that your web site and the tips contained in your educational web site are just a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously so even now i am even confused and am concerned that your web sites joke are exposing children to material that is inappropriate for them to view at their age for entertainment purposes. ”

    Oh stop with the hyperbole.
    She SAID that the SPECIFIC segments in the episodes, entitled “tips”, are dripping with sarcasm and OBVIOUSLY not meant to be serious. Teens who watch these videos are surely able to discern the difference and see the implicit humor.

  41. 41 Andrew Mager


  42. 42 Heather

    Scott (the Homosexual), I absolutely love you! You make me laugh every time I read one of your posts! Nikol, I love the episodes. You are a genius! Britney, you are an amazing actress! I love you guys!

  43. 43 Stacy

    i thought it was funny and informative…and although i see the point of some people saying that its not good to say something..they clearly have a disclaimer in the be watched with adults if your under 18 or at least with your parents i am not naive enough to actually think that ALL of the teenies watching do that..but i aslo think that we dont give enough credit to teens…they know a lot more than we think..and i think that they would understand the ramifications of falsely accusing rape…although teenage girls are known for being overly dramatic and emotional and although i am SURE that false accusations from teenage girls have happened…i would venture to say MOSt would understand the sarcasm and NOT do something so stupid…

    that being said..i totally saw Britney’s nipples…


  44. 44 Jack

    Hey guys…
    I actually tried on dating after this…

    But i guess i’m still a big pussy…!!
    I might be needing Britney’s help after all…!!

  45. 45 H J

    I have to comment to correct the adults who are assuming that none of us have heard the false rape myth and aren’t getting the joke.
    My friends and I are 14-19.
    We’re informed. We all laughed.
    Way to go, Nikol.

    None of us are about to call RAPE as a direct result of this episode.

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