MTSS 11: Backdoor Business

Anal sex.

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  1. 1 Derek

    Another great show! keep up the good work!

  2. 2 Texas Gentleman

    Awesome, funny, educational, and witty. Love it.

  3. 3 Rachel Allyn

    So funny, so good. But no mention of Santorum? Please use if there is another anal episode.

  4. 4 Lizziey

    Amazing, as always!

  5. 5 Curvaceous Dee

    Another great episode, and funny as always! If you do another ‘cast on anal sex, I’d love to get your take on enemas/douches for pre-sex cleansing of the butt.

    xx Dee

  6. 6 DailyBedpost

    Sweet Jesus! This is my new favorite show! Well done!

  7. 7 Matthew Bernier

    Jeepers, It’s a good thing you didn’t post this before you went on the Fox Morning show!

  8. 8 Matt

    Just wanted to share this headline I found on the net:

    Canada seeks ‘rogue elf’ who sent obscene letters from Santa

    ‘Tis the season. :)

  9. 9 Trevor

    Best one yet. And thank you for propagating the use of the word “peg”.

  10. 10 Josh


    I totally overlooked you all after I watched the second episode. I didn’t bother to look at the rest of the site obviously because i was confused. Well with a name with midwest in the title and an episode about abstinence I wasn’t sure where you were going with the show.

    I’m glad a good friend put me back on the straight and not narrow.

    Can’t wait for the abortion episode! Working the cause with the fundies screaming in my ears for all these years I can use some comic relief.

    You do good work! Screw the haters! And fox news is not a legitimate news source but it’s great to be exposed!!!

  11. 11 figleaf

    Nice that you mentioned the “if anyone gets it in the backdoor everyone gets it in the back door” philosophy. And not so much because “it’s better to receive than to give” but because “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    That Details Magazine article last summer, about all the guys bragging about how not caring that it hurts is part of the fun, made that “do unto others” part a lot more important.

    Hmm. Anything else? Along the same lines maybe stress that “if it hurts he’s doing it wrong, and her partner will tell all her friends. And they’ll all laugh at him.”


  12. 12 Queue

    This ‘cast reminded me of a (parody?) ad.

  13. 13 Timmy

    Is it gay for a man to want a woman to stick something up his rear? Just a question. People have told me it is. What’s your opinion? I’m all for the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You really need a show on sex toys, or “marital aids” as they may also be known. That may seem off topic, but the word strap-on comes to mind, and things come full circle.

  14. 14 Matt

    My feeling is that it makes very little difference whether or not it’s gay. If you like it, do it. You’ll find a gal who’ll be glad to oblige you. You’ll be happy, she’ll be happy, who cares what “people” tell you?

  15. 15 Nicole

    Timmy: it doesn’t (necessarily) mean you’re gay. It means you have nerve endings. It only makes you gay if you like doing it with someone of the same sex.

  16. 16 Michael

    Fantastic Episode. The hotdogs bit made me oddly queasy. Hotdogs/sweets…gross. But still funny as all get out.

    As someone who will freely admit to engaging in pegging (via the psuedo-anonymous internet) I can say it does not “mean you’re gay”. I have no interest in sex with a man, but give my girl the right toy (and for god’s sake, alot of lube) and I’m quite happy.

  17. 17 Ray

    Great episode. You should do one on couples and sex toys.

  18. 18 SCW

    Again, unbelievable. It is appalling that anyone would think these videos useful to properly educating CHILDREN about the purpose and place of sex in a well-adjusted persons life. Again, the lack of thoughtful, insightful reflection on te deeper moral and ethical implications of what these videos advocate simply reveals the immaturity and ignorance of those producing the videos. I hope these videos are never taken seriously…..

  19. 19 Matt

    I think Robin Williams said it best when he described Americans as people so uptight the British kicked us out.

  20. 20 Scott Hayes

    Um, SCW, are you blind, or just simple? The title of the show is Midwest TEEN sex show. What the hell are you going on about CHILDREN for. If you’re itching for pederasty, go somewhere else! You wanna talk about ignorance, why don’t you turn your judgement on yourself, talking about children. I mean, no offense, but after reading just one of your little comments, you now strike me as one of the biggest dullards who unfortunately has access to the internet. Do you bother to read the disclaimer at the end of the episodes. It basically says that this show is for fun, and you don’t have to take it seriously if you don’t want to. Now I realize you’re going to keep watching the Midwest TEEN sex show because it pisses you off so much, but could you please keep your ridiculous comments to yourself? I take HUGE offense to you calling those responsible for this show immature and ignorant. Nikol is one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and there is NOTHING ignorant or immature about her. These guys are just trying to entertain people, and they MEAN NO HARM!!!

    And by the way, sex is funny and a damn good vehicle for funny shows like this one. If you’re so uptight you’ve never been able to laugh during sex, I feel bad for you. If you’re all dried up below the belt, please don’t expect the rest of us to be as well.

    Merry Christmas.

  21. 21 Matt

    Hm. Although it might be more pleasant personally if SCW kept quiet, that would violate the spirit of the first amendment. And while he or she might want to consider buying underpants that are a size larger, I think from the comment left it’s obvious that SCW wants what we all want - what’s best for the kids.

    “Therefore let all those of good will come together, and leave off the naming of names.” - Mercedes Lackey.

  22. 22 Timmy

    Note to Scott Hayes: as a matter of personal experience, you have to have sex before you can laugh during it. Its funny regardless. And a Merry Christmas to yall.

  23. 23 Scott Hayes

    Funny things happen during sex all the time! You bump heads, your lube-covered hand slides down the bed rail you were supporting yourself against and you hit your chin and bite your tongue, oh… and let’s not forget the rogue fart or other unfortunate noise…

    I didn’t mean to sound like such a dick when responding to SCW. It just really bothers me that she took the time to post the comment. You know full well that as she (he?) was writing, she was thinking to herself ‘this is the comment that will make those sinners see the light and stop producing this perverted material’.

    It bothers me that she (he) needed to use words like immature and ignorant. Thats name calling is what that is. Calling people you don’t even know nasty names, is totally immature and ignorant.

    Happy Holidays!

  24. 24 Matt

    I totally agree. Anybody who goes around calling others names is a stinky-butt poophead.

    Happy Days.

  25. 25 Nikol

    @Racehl Allyn: Good catch on that one. You should tell the readers more. Everyone ought to know about Santorum
    @Trevor: This was our midwest love for Savage shining through.
    @figleaf: You are awesome. Thanks a million for the write up and the good discussion points.
    @Timmy: See our episode on Beatin It to answer your question.
    Ahem. Well, I would love to be all flamy and mean, but I’ll just point out that you are missing a major point here. This may surprise you to hear, but I hope nobody takes our show seriously either. If the viewers are taking what we say as being all serious and some sort of end all education about sex, the world has gotten to an ugly place and we may as well jump off a cliff together.
    I will repeat for you what I have to repeat a lot these days. We are not educators. We do not pretend to be. This is not an educational site and it is not intended for children to view.
    @Scott: Thank you, honey, for your defense. Lately I’ve been a bit bogged down in the hate mail, reading things like that I need a diet and a tan and that I should leave the parenting to good mothers. SCW’s denouncement of me as immature and ignorant was easy to just pass over with barely more than a squint when there are others out there saying that they hope my kids have terrible lives.
    And @Matt, as always, you are a delightful ray of sunshine!
    @ Everyone else, thank you thank you thank you. We love you.

  26. 26 Raymond

    Okay i got MOST of the back door front door innuendo, but pray tell, what does “Shimmie down your Chimney” refer to ? Oh, Asked and Answered, I had to think about that for a minuet. Oh Nikol, are you doing to do and Oral show in the future ? Also, I can not reccomend more Strongly the Floral works of Geordia O’Keefe for any necessary double entrendie . An O’Keefe Lilly or Orchid would have helped Epposide 1 out a lot.

  27. 27 Matt

    Ahem. Mimimimimi…..

    ‘Tis the season to be sneezin’
    Fa la etc.
    This darn cold has got me wheezin’
    Fa la etc.
    Take we now our medication
    Fa la etc.
    This is one lousy vacation

    Have Fun.

  28. 28 Matt

    Oh, the preceding is best sung with a stopped up nose for best effect.

    And before you start being sympathetic, I feel fine. God I love egg nog.

  29. 29 Matt

    Girlfriend’s roasting on an open fire
    Sister’s broiling in the oven
    They said they liked to cook so I cooked ‘em
    And now the D.A.’s angry over nothin’
    I need a bigger oven
    This recipe will never fail
    Wrap in foil, bake at three-hundred-ninety-two
    Although it’s been said many times, many ways
    You’re delicious with onions

  30. 30 Gizmo

    Just to be contrary, I actually think that these are good educational tools. Sure, parts of them are just jokes (most of them, in fact), but a lot of the information is useful, especially since it’s awkward to actually ask anyone this kind of stuff. I don’t care what anyone says, masturbation really IS the anti-drug.

  31. 31 Podblack

    Honestly? I think you are educational. You’re interesting, clearly labelled, informative and I’ve blogged you for my blog entry for tomorrow, because I’m so impressed.

    I’ve worked in religious schools where one-size-fits-all attitude has alienated teens and made them worried about sexuality and if they’re ‘right or wrong’. So I really enjoy your program. Keep it up!

  32. 32 Queen Loretta

    Please please please do one on watersports. The scope is enormous, or so I’m told.

  33. 33 Thomas

    i just heard about this show this morning on The Morning Show (a show i never watch, but thanks to holiday vacation) and i must say, i love the idea, wit, and language on the show. i will definitely share my knowledge about this show.

    season’s best.

  34. 34 LT

    I just saw this on Mike and Juliet this morning and decided to check it out. As a mother of two teenage boys I am always trying to find ways to make them more comfortable with talking about sex. Talking to your mom is mortifying you know. Your podcast is hilarious! Anything that opens the door for discussion about sex with your teens is a good thing. You might do a show on the emotional side of sex though, especially having sex when you weren’t really in love with the person. Here’s what I tell the boys, “If you are ready to look at that person for the rest of your life, then have sex. Because if you have a baby with them, then guess what? You’ll be looking at them for the rest of your life”. Is that too harsh? HA!

  35. 35 CrzyTeenCHK!

    I saw this on the Fox Morning Shwo and decided to see what the big fuss about it was. They only made this podcast more popular cuz now all my friends and I have been watching the episodes and we love them. Im actually going to show my mom! Keep up guys as a teen I really LOVE this!!!!!

  36. 36 naomi

    i seen u guyz on this mornin show wit mike n juliet or whateva so im like imma try it and its really good! really! i luv how yall make sex in anyway seem funny at tha same time!

  37. 37 Chris

    To SCW,
    Though it has been nearly 10 years since I graduated high school, I still remember the days of being a single virgin, helping my female friends with tough questions about sex. Should they do it, should they dump him if it isn’t any good, blah blah blah. When I was in Junior High, I had brought a Metal Edge magazine to school. One girl grabbed it and started going through it, and wanted me to get her some of the condoms with your favorite rock bands on them. We used to joke around about sex all the time, and nothing worked as a joke like a double meaning. All this to say that teens know about sex. They know that sex can be fun and that sex can make babies. The difference is that teens don’t really have anyone they can truly trust to give them an honest perspective as opposed to “You are too young”. Besides, they think, “If sex is so bad, why do my parents do it” and now you look like a hypocrite on that subject.

    So, this site is seems to be more about being able to talk openly with your kids about what truly happens. Should we all lie to our teens and tell them that sex isn’t fun? No, because they can see right through that, and if sex isn’t fun, than how come masturbation is?

    I guess you truly need a reality check on your perspective. Back in the Ozzie and Harriet days of the 1950’s Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old first cousin. It wasn’t really a controversy for another 30 years. In the 1800’s a girl would be married off once she started growing pubes and would have about 3 kids by the time she was 18. And lets all go back to the wonderful baby boomer perspective. The songs that were so nice, were actually very dirty when you actually listen to the lyrics. “Wake up, Little Suzie”, while innocent enough, shows what other people will think even though they both fell asleep. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly, the Beach Boys, The Big Bopper, all had dirty songs. The Big Bopper was known for a song that went “Let me show you where it’s at, the name of the place is I like it like that” Rest assured, he wasn’t talking about auto insurance.

    What I am trying to point out through this extremely long post, is that teens know something is happening during puberty. They aren’t stupid, they aren’t close minded and as long as their parents refuse to give them the answers that satisfy their questions, they will seek out the answers from other avenues, most likely those with some experience but not the maturity, like their friends.

  38. 38 simon

    sooooooooooo good! more shows on anal please. pegging in particular. thx!

  39. 39 Bajonista

    Nikol said “Lately I’ve been a bit bogged down in the hate mail, reading things like that I need a diet and a tan and that I should leave the parenting to good mothers. SCW’s denouncement of me as immature and ignorant was easy to just pass over with barely more than a squint when there are others out there saying that they hope my kids have terrible lives.”

    I really think that what you’re doing here is wonderful. I’m from South Texas and we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the US, which means that we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the Industrialized World. Pretty pitiful, don’t you think? This, of course, can be linked to the policy of abstinence only sex “education.”

    I just wanted you to know that from what I’ve seen on your show (mostly the kids playing in the background, and being cute little kids) you seem like a fantastic mother! Your kids seem well adjusted and confident in who they are, and at this age this is due to their parenting.

    I want to be a mom like you The hate mail must be from trolls, which of course means that they’re 45 year olds living in their mom’s basements that have never touched a real woman and whose only sexual experience is with internet porn. Google the phrase “sharp knees” and you’ll see what I mean.

  40. 40 Purpleshoes

    Aw, Nikol, I think you’re extraordinarily pretty. You are on the list of my top ten media girlcrushes! I get so pissed off when only women who some fictional stereotype of a very specific kind of dude thinks are hot get to talk about sex in the media. That means that I never get to see people who look like me, or who I think are hot, talk about sex in the media. It’s a giant pain in the ass. Please do not go on a diet, though I like - I say, hopefully non-creepily - what you’ve done with your hair.

    That is all. Also, good show. I am on this page for purposes of forwarding this link to a couple I know who are very clearly doing it wrong. I’m sure they’ll thank me?

  41. 41 Siouxperman

    I read your About section and it says that you do not promote teen sex yet you have a funny video that tells teens the steps they need to take to have anal sex? You may want to change your About section so it reflects the truth. You are promoting teen sex, you are just to ignorant to realize it.

    When I was a teenager I didn’t need my parents to have blunt conversations with me about sex, I needed them to parent. I didn’t need them to explain to me that I need my girlfriend to poop before I have anal sex with her and that I need to loosen her up first by taking my time preparing her and then make sure to wear a condom and plenty of lube. No, I needed my parents to parent. Guess what, I didn’t have anal sex but I might have thought about it had my parents told me all of the steps? It would’ve made me think about it more if my parents thought it was important to teach me. Having my parents teach me how to have anal sex would not have been parenting, it would’ve been pathetic. Hopefully as more parents learn about this site, more will make sure to block it from their kids computers.

  42. 42 Scott the Homosexual

    Well Siouxperman, you wanna know something really cool? We are not all you! Go figure, huh?

    There is probably a world FULL of young people who REALLY want to learn about anal sex. See, some people actually have a sex drive, and anal play may be one of the things that drives them into a sexual relationship. And now, these nice folks have put out this entertaining and valuable info about anal sex for anyone who wants to read it. Guess what, Siouxperman… You don’t have to read or watch it if you don’t want. And if you have kids (I’m hoping you don’t) you don’t have to let them watch either. The REAL kicker though? If you do have any kids, I sincerely hope that one of them asks you about doing it in the butt one day. If that ever happens, spare a thought for me.

    In this day and age, gross, harmful, disgusting (mis)information is so WIDELY available due to the internets, I think it’s a REALLY good idea for parents and teens to have totally open lines of communication.

  43. 43 Nimby

    Your kids are sweet, Nikol! In the outtakes you spent like at least two minutes trying to get them to fight each other! (And that was just what we saw… it seemed like it probably took longer.)
    Any time you’ve got a situation like that, you’re in good shape, hun.

  44. 44 Nimby

    No, I needed my parents to parent.



  45. 45 RichardH

    Why should I advise any maturing young adult to listen to someone who failed miserably (and morally)? Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the man (or woman) that does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly (wicked).”

    This episode deals with Anal Sex as if it is okay to do if done properly and safely. ITS SODOMY FOLKS!!! It’s not okay to do this. Just beause you have the ability to do something doesn’t make it okay to do it.

    This website is nothing more than a glib attempt at sexual liberality and immorality with commerical sponsorship. It’s all about the money honey. This sarcastic bunch doesn’t care one bit about you, your health (physical, mental or spiritual)or well-being.

  46. 46 Michael C

    You know what, Sioux makes a point. Yet the sad fact is, there are many, many parents who don’t, can’t or won’t talk to their kids about important stuff…like I don’t know…sex? I was raised by zealots who forbid everything…I was sent to private church school…and i was constantly warned about the hell-fires that awaited the amoral sinners. You know what…I still had sex by the time I was sixteen, with girls from church, engaging in some less-than-safe encouters. I wish I had parents who didn’t just tell me how wrong and immoral everything was, but actually took the time to explain things like urges, feelings, precautions, hygene, diseases, risks, etc. If this gets people talking…then at least they are talking…not sticking their head in the sand pretending that “it’s not my kid”. Guess what…if you do that…then guys/girls that are like I was at sixteen are going to come along and bang your daughter/son…and you will never even have a clue!

  47. 47 RichardH

    MichaelC, yeah you’re probably on your way to hell driving that skin-bus all the way there. The sad thing is, your parents gave you the keys.

  48. 48 Maggie Liz

    @ RichardH

    um … this may be something of a shock, but not everyone is Christian, and not everyone follows the doctrines of your Holy Book.

    Live life as you see fit, teach the children in your keeping the ways of your beliefs, but understand that there are plenty of folks who *do not* share your faith or your opinion.

    There are many paths to the divine -

    As far as parents parenting - we teach our children good hygiene, and how to read, how to drive… all skills that are essential for an adult in society. Giving them access to facts about sexual pleasure and teaching them how to make good decisions (for them) is just another face of parenting. One that many folks seem to lack the courage for.

    My Mom kept most of my friends from getting pregnant by providing them with facts. I have given my nephews the books “It’s So Amazing” and “It’s Perfectly Normal” (which are excellent reads) as a means of supporting my brother’s parenting from a distance. When they’re a bit older (they’re only 11) I can see these podcasts being extremely useful.

    That you’re podcasting such funny and honest things is an awesome thing, and Nikol …you’re making a difference. I hope life treats you and yours well. Ignore the haters - they’re all essentially cut from the same cloth.

    “My way is the only way, and anyone who disagrees is a BAD person”

    Easy to say but hard to do:
    rise above your hatred of them and your pity for them, and enjoy the fact that your life is yours to do with as *you* see fit. They shackle themselves with their own ignorance and fear, and there’s no greater punishment than the one they’re heaping on themselves.

    “They’re Dark Sided!!!”


  49. 49 Robert

    Hahaha, This was the best show ever xD

  50. 50 jessicaca

    wow. i’m 18 years old, i’ve been having sex for almost two years now. initially, i never really thought about having anal sex because i thought it looked painful and icky but recently, my ex boyfriend has been asking for it a lot lately (we still have sex..oddly enough) and i’m really interested in atleast trying it. i honestly had no idea how to do it, but now that i watched this, i’m definately more aware of how to do it, and do it right. thanks a lot! i may not really be a “teen” anymore but, you sure as hell educated me! keep up the good work :]

  51. 51 Paul

    “If your boyfriend is pressuring you into having anal sex, tell him he has to let you peg him first.”

    Thanks for giving my girlfriend that bright idea…

  52. 52 Rawrname

    Parenting= telling kids about sex.

    Sex being some kind of bad bad crazy mystery is not a good thing. Then people just do it instead and don’t do it safely. And by making it mysterious and ‘bad’ it makes kids more likely to be secretive about it or lie about it. It’s better to just be open about it so that if they want to have it, they can get birth control or if they get an STI or have other problems they have someone to talk to. And I don’t think being open about it makes kids more likely to have sex- my mom’s always been really relaxed with topics like that (sex, drugs, drinking) and so far I’m not addicted to crack and selling myself for money, haha.

  53. 53 Tom

    Great episode, great series! You’ve obviously put a lot of effort into these and the production values are fantastic. I stumbled onto one of your videos on Utube and followed the link here.

    These remind me of the greatsex podcasts at

    Thanks and keep them coming! :)

  54. 54 Wiss

    @Soupman– You’re right; I wouldn’t want to hear detailed buttsex instructions from Mom and Dad. But being a parent means being mature, and sucking it up when you’ve got to do something that you don’t want to. If I thought my kid was going to need some pointers on doin’ it in the ass, I would have to man up and talk about anal with them.

    Parenting, Progressomench, means that I have to protect my children in the best way I know how. Anyone who has a kid knows that telling, forbidding, or preaching doesn’t necessarily work, no matter what your beliefs are. Teenagers, in particular, f**k up, and parenting a teen means preparing them for misbehavior as much as preventing it. Not condoning it, but not pretending it’ll never happen.

    So, to reiterate, Siouxsie– the internet is not your father. Nicol is not your mother. If you confuse this website with “parenting”, you forfeit your right to reproduce. This website exists because there are millions of intimidated, confused, exhausted or absent parents out there who are setting their kids up for a very, very painful fall. This website is hardly enough to catch ‘em all, but it’s a good start.

  55. 55 Nimby

    So true, Wiss. So very very true. I wish everyone had parents as wise as you.

  56. 56 Jenna

    I thoroughly enjoyed your website. The anal video was exceptional, and went along with my philosophy - The do unto other’s bit. Come by my website, you find some interesting topics to do on video.

  57. 57 Logan S

    Great video i wish i has an outlet for creativity that you gals and guys do. I wondering whether it was edited out or not but I’ve read that stimulating the clitoris makes anal penetration easier as it relaxes the muscles in the anus. Not sure if it is true but you can never go wrong with clitoral stimulation!

  58. 58 Stacy

    Jesus H Birillium Batman..

    People take this stuff way too seriously…

    As nikol said they dont try to pretend this is some educational the risk of mis-interpreting her..i think what she is what theyre saying isnt necassarily FACTS but rather silly try to ease the tension of talking to your parents…at least thats how i take this web site..and i think if everyone would take the wienie out of their chocolate peanut butter pie…you might be able to relax a little and take this for what it is…something funny that can turn out to be helpful in the end…

    A lot of what theyre saying is TRUE…they often make good points i.e, :always wear a condom cause its dirty” those are good tips..but theyre hidden in there with the jokes that again, are meant to ease the tension and the embarrassment of talking to your parents about such…well, embarrassing topics as anal sex..

    and as far as the “I NEEDED MY PARENTS TO PARENT” douche-bag…um i will parrot the other supporters in saying…PART OF PARENTING IS THAT WIERD AND AWKWARD CONVRSATION YOULL HAVE TO HAVE WITH YOUR KIDS SOMEDAY…and guess what your kids will have questions..anal sex masturbation virginity STDs…you have to be open minded and flexible when your kids ask you this stuff or you risk saying something incredibly stupid like “JUST DONT DO IT…CAUSE I AM YOUR (insert title here) AND I SAID DO!!” and causing your child to get the information from some friemd who knows less than she who is going to tell her you cant get STDs from oral..and its okay to have anal without a condom cause when a guy jizzms in there it just dies….all this i say from experience…and all though i fear i am quite long winded….what i say is the truth…

    please lighten up parents…

    oh..ONE MORE THING…Nikol..i dont know you personally but i must say..anyone who critiques your parenting skills from behind a computer screen..someone who doesnt know you from a hole in the wall…is not only pathetic but not even worth your time and pain..ridiculous..i am sure your children are well taken care of or else you would do a show entitled “DONT DO THIS OR CPS WILL COME TAKE YOUR BABIES AWAY”…

    love you guys please keep em coming…they do entertain me so

  59. 59 Julia

    Was that “The Guide to Getting it On” by Joannides that she was reading on the bed at the end when her dad came in??? I have that book! It’s pretty rad, in an informative, open-minded way.

  60. 60 Nikol

    Julia, that is the best book ever.

  61. 61 markofsatan

    Just have to say I am really impressed by this series.I am not a teen.I do have a 17 yr old son and a 13 yr old girl (who happens to like only girls,gets that from her Mother,my lovely Witchy Wifey of 19yrs) and I recommended this series to them.Please keep up the good work.Finally,an honest and funny forum for a healthy and happy life.Cheers…..

  62. 62 Stacey

    Typical crass wood shop (no pun intended) version of sex ed, talking down to us like we’re a bunch of sex-crazed idiots. Have you seen what’s in the movie theaters? Pure crap, just like this series. It’s time we start writing intelligently and stop catering to the children of low-life baby-boomers.

  63. 63 YayaPR

    Omg this episode just made me laugh my ass out lol
    all your episodes are great keep it up guys! i think its a great way to reach out to teens n not make it so awkward cause its funny

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