MTSS 12: Parents

They’re annoying and weird, but you should still talk to them about sex.

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  1. 1 Matt

    Lalalalala! My favorite joke of the season! I just wish it weren’t so sadly true. I knew a gal in high school who thought she was pregnant after a night of heavy kissing. Her friends said that wasn’t possible, so she called her grandmother, who told her she was indeed pregnant. What’s even sadder, I dated that young woman for a couple months. That’s not the sad part. The sad part is I couldn’t figure out why we were unable to communicate.

  2. 2 Nikol

    The sad part would be if she had gotten malaria!

  3. 3 Matt

    Um, as much as I hate to admit there’s something I don’t understand: Malaria? Sorry, I don’t get the reference. (God that was painful. Is there any eggnog left?)

  4. 4 Nikol

    Oh, there was no reference, I just thought it would have been a sad part.

  5. 5 Matt

    Hahahahaha! I like the way you think!

  6. 6 David

    Haha! I love how you take things and turn them completely around. (like making kids responsible for their parents).

    My favorite part is the the “Jack and a biothc” bit. You guys should do television!

  7. 7 Bob

    If my parents ever found this website, they’d probably sh** themselves. I didn’t even get ‘the talk’.

    Go go evangelicals!

    Yeah, thanks for the lulz.

  8. 8 courtney

    Britney I am in love with you. You are TOO funny.


    Nikol’s sadistic boss Courtney

  9. 9 marikun

    I love it!

    Ironically, there was a spot about MWTSS on the Mike and Juliet show that came on my TV five minutes ago (please note, I live in NJ), so I came to the site and lo and behold, a new episode! What a great Christmas present!

  10. 10 Renee

    When will you guys stop being so damn witty? Jesus, you’re killing me here.

  11. 11 Mel

    You are absolutely FANTASTIC! I also didn’t get the talk, but had my genius friends to rely on for pointers. Every episode has brought me to laughter - a rare treat these days with the crap we’ve got to watch. Keep up the good work!

  12. 12 Terri Durand

    I just saw you guys on that morning show, so I decided to check out your website! IT IS FANTASTIC! I have a 15 year old daughter and I just told her about your site. I think you guys are doing a great job! Keep up the great work. I laughed my behind off so many times already watching your clips. They are informative, to the point and yet hysterically funny. I see no negatives about this site, only a postive way to open up discussions between parents and their kids. Thank you.


  13. 13 Mark

    I’m 17, I live in the northeast(Boston). I just finished watching all of the episodes after seeing you on the morning show and I thought that they were original, funny, and spoke to teens in particular because many if not all stereotypes/misconceptions about sex were addressed. Also, I love/understand your humor because it’s shock comedy and you surprise me even when I think I know what is going to be said next. I never got the talk and I’m not exactly sure where I learned about sex. Probably the magical invention of the internet or the scene in Kindergarten Cop where the kid with the glasses says, “Boys have a penis and girls have a fachina.” But no, probably from older sibling or older friends of siblings. Sorry the comment is so long but I just love your show, keep it cumming!

  14. 14 Jamie

    Alright, so I also seen MWTSS on the Morning Show… I have 5 kids, 2 oldest are 15 and 17. I always featured myself as a groovy mom, thinking that if they need me, they will come talk to me. While I have probably fashionably had my merry little head up my ass, they have already had locker room education, and I am sliding in a little late here. I have showed them this, they use my laptop all the time, so I am going to make it a routine to keep your sight up often so that they can watch the latest. Keep up the great work, I can use the help (So can my kids)

  15. 15 Curvaceous Dee

    That was a great episode (the last line was brilliant), and a topic that I think is vitally important. I think parents need to know not to leave it too late, either - just because you don’t think your kids are thinking about sex doesn’t mean they’re not. If they’ve hit puberty, it’s time to talk.

    xx Dee

  16. 16 John

    Actually I feel so cool even though my 14 year old step daughter tells me I am a geek (I know I am hun); she actually came to me and asked me if sex feels good.

    I said yes , but the first few times suck cause you don’t know how to do it right and that its better wait for someone that cares enough to let you try to figure it out at your own speed then at their speed. And to please please use a condom, cause of all the crazy gross disgusting diseases out there; that would make it so incredibly humiliating to try to find someone you love that also has the same diseases as you.

    She then told me she was waiting for marriage, I felt like saying “but I just said it felt good” but decided to leave it there … was I wrong?

    She also asked me how do girls masturbate, I said “same way guys do, you rub you genitals; and girls get wet there when your on the right track, keep going till it feels really really good instead of kinda nice”

    Its like they don’t teach anything useful in sex ed, why do they bother with it they might as well call it ‘reproductive organ part naming class’. They should teach things like how to masturbate or have sex, and the kids would believe that your telling them the straight truth when you say wear a condom or wait if you have the will power.

    For instance the could teach that foreplay is the magical thing that actually makes things fun. Or that you should masturbate or you will have no clue at all and your boy-friend will not be able to help you much and feel like a looser for not giving you one.
    Or that there is a magical mysterious G spot … that girls have no clue about; can you imagine a teacher saying “and if it feels you want to pee mid way through … don’t clamp down on it and make it stop , because thats the G-spot orgasm and its 10 times better then an ordinary one, and you want that to happen”

  17. 17 mattz

    Hey! I’m a fifteen years old boy from Germany and I’m watching your show and every published episode. Funerally I don’t understand 100% of what your talking, but it’s enough to get the main part and the jokes! Thank you for the show keep on going it’s just fantastic, here in my circle of friends there are many watching the show so… your work is accepted worldwide!

  18. 18 Deb Pissed in Phoenix


    I watched your show this am on Mike and Juliet and you lost me in the first 3 lines…Let me tell you why - Saying “a pedophile is like dating someone with cancer and you would not do that”, is truly the most offensive, hurtful and politically incorrect thing someone could possibly even come up with on this show.

    I heard that one sentence and HAVE never BEEN MORE offended in the 53 years I have been around. I do not get shocked by much. Do you know how many cancer survivors and non-survivors are out there? They still try to have productive lives and go on even when dealt a hard blow. As if it is not hard enough to find people willing to commit with one who has this deadly disease. No, now I have some teenage sex show promoting these narrow minded thoughts. Is that not what your show is about is to open minds? It is bad enough to contend with the normal world out there, but to have a kid show about sex and rank dating a person with cancer right up there with pedophilia. GREAT - NOT.

    Do me a favor and get your heads out of your ass - it is fine to teach young people about sex, but to link pedophilia with cancer is just NOT cool. What about that unlucky leukemia victim who does not have a prom date this year, because they have no hair from chemo? What a bunch of losers you showed yourselves to be today. I would apologize for all the children who have either had cancer and cannot speak for themselves, are dealing with some form of treatment, or has one or more parent who is coping with cancer. Fools…were you high when you wrote that sentence???

    Let me know when you have taken this line and anything else like it out of your script. You do not teach at the expense of an entirely harmless group of people. You truly treated victims of cancer like we had the “black plague” or are “lepers”. How insensitive can a program be???

    - Certainly your lame comic can come up with better lines than this.

    Sign me pissed off in Phoenix and not afraid to sign my name


  19. 19 Derek

    Deborah just made me think, is doing a show on Menopause and its subsequent hormonal instability too far ahead to talk to teens about?


  20. 20 Jen from Philadelphia

    I’m just curious if Deborah from Phoenix takes everything in life so literally. If so, I’m glad she found time to drop MTSS a message with all that time she must spend in the shower shampooing…Just lather, rinse, and repeat, Deb.

    Oh and as a good friend of that “lame comic”, you should be peanut butter and jealous that she spends her life laughing and making others laugh while you just spend time bringing others into your realm of negativity and satire free universe.

    As a medical professional and former sex ed teacher, I am proud to sign my name.


    I’d give my mother’s maiden name too as collateral.

  21. 21 Jacob

    Oh for gods sake, Deborah chill out for a bit..there just have to be some satire and political not correct jokes in order to stay sane in this weird world…

  22. 22 Nikol

    What is most interesting about Deborah’s comment, which is a duplicate of the email she sent me, is that I have gotten several responses just like hers in the last 24 hours. Seems there was a rerun of Mike and Juliet.

    The really disturbing part is that these concerned people are not taking the time to look at our website or watch any of the shows. They are giving a knee jerk reaction to something they half listened to on a Fox morning show.

    I am appalled at the amount of people who form ideas based simply on what they have been fed in the media. As someone who now participates as a form of media, I am saddened at the level of thoughtlessness that exists. The day we all stop relying on our computers and televisions to tell us what to believe will be a wonderful day indeed.

    Deborah, you’ll be first on our list when we decide to change everything we are doing to suit your world view. And if you have managed to find that one joke to be the most offensive thing you have heard in 53 years, boy have I got some links to send you.

  23. 23 Lizziey

    If you’re going to start insulting someone and the things they represent, know what you’re talking about. Explore the information *before* you rant and rave on something you know hardly anything about. Please, people. Think just a little bit here.

    Nikol: What a good response. You always handle these ridiculous situations in such a nice, well thought out manner. Quite unlike the majority of people that give you a hard time for all of the wonderful things you’ve done.

  24. 24 Jonathan

    You are hi-fornicating-larious! I could use fewer cancer jokes, though.

  25. 25 Deb Pissed in Phoenix

    You know it is far different when you have an invasive form of cancer like I do, but may live 20 more years maybe not. When single you want people to get to know you and not ditch out before they realize you bring much to this world, it seems that either way you play this card you either told someone too soon or were hiding it from them so it is a no win situation.
    I am not having a knee jerk reaction as I did watch your shows. Actually I was shocked to be listed in the same category as a pedophile and probably would most other cancer victims if you took the time to think about it. I am merely stating that dating a pedophile is like dating someone with cancer is totally inappropriate, there is no form of justification for this statement period. Having cancer and yes laughter is the best medicine and I am always the funniest one in the room, in fact I could have made comedy a profession if I had chosen to. I have three degrees so I am not dumb - your analogy between the two diseases is just plain wrong -PERIOD.
    Imagine if you were a high school kid with your first crush and you heard this comment? Does this give young people who perhaps have lost their hair any hope or self-esteem about finding a nice person to share their lives with - for the duration of what this world has to offer? No…. I thought the condom balloon animals was funny - it is not like I am taking all of your ideas and trashing them. Would you have said, “dating a pedophile is like dating someone with ‘Down’s Syndrome’ and you would not do that.?
    I think this comment is along the same vein with people who suffer from an amputation, or a brain injury, the list can go on ad infinitum. You would not find the humor in those statements either, especially if you were diagnosed with having the same. Let me assure you that the statistics are high that many of you will have this diagnosis at some point in your life, or a loved one that is in your circle.
    I have a cousin by marriage and she has found a partner that suits her mental state (which is far below normal). I think that is fantastic for her to have found someone on the same level. Would you call her a retard? Perhaps joking around at home or amongst friends may be ok. However, you are representing a noble act, which is to teach teenagers about sex. I would merely ask you to act noble in this adventure of yours.

    With all the different things kid’s have to deal with in today’s society, why target any group? Attention deficit disorder, thyroid problems, weight issues, drug and alcohol issues, the rate of autistic diagnosis in today?s society is skyrocketing.

    If you cannot understand these basic facts then you truly should not be on mass media form of education. Please do not take this wrong, I stated before I think what you are doing is fantastic as I am blown away with how much kids are doing today and without protection. The topic needs to be addressed. It can be addressed with humor, just take into consideration of how vulnerable these children are, especailly when they “do not fit the norm” as society deems it today.

    I still think your comment was very tasteless, I have been dumped when people find out I have cancer - it never ceases to amaze me as I was wonderful before that issue had been known and then all of a sudden I am like the plague. Just take the kids into consideration as they have so many hormones and inexperience, they do not need to feel even worse about themselves as it is hard for adults, imagine what it could do to some young person. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey to you.
    I make fun of myself all the time - it is far different when I do it as opposed to having a show do it. It is like so many other politically incorrect “jokes” that twenty years ago would not have raised an eyebrow. I am more concerned with the kids where so many things are like the end of the world. They have not grasped the maturity that adults have had 20 to 60 years to work on.
    I feel sorry for those of you who do not understand, for those who want me to chill out - remember what goes around comes around -


  26. 26 Gaven

    My two-cents:
    I love the show and everything. I agree with a few less cancer jokes, but then again it’s America and we have freedom to say what we want, and if someone does not like it, then they have the freedom to turn it off.

  27. 27 Alex

    i need sex to live

  28. 28 Erica

    Debbie Downer over here needs to chill out. If you don’t like the show, just remember that no one is forcing you to watch it! I love all the jokes and I think every episode is hilarious! And Deb, I’m sure you’re “always the funniest one in the room” so maybe you should make a series of videos online and get thousands of fans like MTSS!

  29. 29 Nikol

    Hey, one thing I love about Deb is that she actually posted her comment here. As I read through angry emails that rely upon the anonymity of the web to keep them from thinking of me as a human who may be hurt by what they are saying about everything from my body to my parenting skills, I am often left feeling depressed by them. I need to work on getting a thick skin, and I know I will get used to it eventually.
    Deb actually was quite brave to post her opinion here, though. She knew in posting that most of the people who would read it were regular viewers and she opened herself up to be told off. I’m not going to tell you guys to stop telling her off, by the way. I appreciate it greatly, and it helps me feel like I am not a total jerk.
    Deborah, my assumption that you had not really looked at our site or watched any shows had more to do with your reference to us as educators, the fact that you posted that comment in this episode’s stream instead of “The Older Boyfriend” and your reference to our “comic”. I am glad to see that you have, though. Many of the people emailing me right now have said straight away that they have not and will not ever watch the show.
    We very well may have used down syndrome, had we thought of it at the time. We didn’t get extremely selective with our disease choice, just tried to pick one that effects a lot of people and would be terrible to pick on anyone for. That was part of the joke about it.

    I am so sorry to hear that some jerks have broken up with you because you have cancer. Where the hell are you meeting these people?

    Teens, please weigh in for me here so we can get some things straight. I want to know if you would dump someone or not date someone because they have cancer. Let’s discuss that because I would really like to examine this. I assumed at the time I uttered the joke that nobody really felt that way, but I think it is time to get talking about it.

  30. 30 David


    I don’t think it would really matter. If I really loved the person I would date them no matter what terrible ailment they have. Unless it is the flu.

    I also think it is douchy to dump someone when you find out that they have cancer, or AIDS, or another life threatening disease. Don’t get wrong, I can see why some one would dump someone if they found out that they were that kind of sick, I mean it is a horrible thing to see some one you are spending a lot of time with, and getting attached to do be ripped from you prematurely.

  31. 31 waraw

    Smart women are so sexy.

    I thought it was funny that Deb said she got dumped for having cancer. Doesn’t that just prove that the original line was correct? Okay, that’s a little mean, but gain some perspective. There’re people dying of malaria out there!

  32. 32 john

    Of course i wouldn’t leave someone just because they had cancer or some disease. That is when i would be there for them the most. I’m sure most people agree with me on this.

  33. 33 Ashley

    I just rewatched Ep 3, just in case I’d missed what was offensive.

    It’s funny because it’s ridiculous. As someone with a disease that has led to people breaking it off with me and to people simply refusing to date me, I can say that I am not offended, because it wasn’t meant to offend…. It was meant to be funny. AND IS! Perhaps Deb has cancer of the funny-bone?

    It is a terrible tragedy that one of the few places I see a sense of humor AND a strong message suffers from such closed-minded reactionaries. Just remember, Nikol, for every one negative there are probably 10 people who both laughed and got something from the show. I know you’re pretty heavily loaded on the laughs, but I find something deeply touching about what you do here.

  34. 34 Jordan

    Personally I thought the joke was funny and (to Deborah) I would think a down syndrome joke would be even funnier. I have a friend who has cancer (she is 16) and she and her boyfriend have been happy together for about 2 years. If this really makes anyone offended you should really listen to Distorted View. They acctually mean it when they make the jokes.
    Sorry you have gotten so many mean and narrow minded emails Nikol but just remember everyone that you are helping with this. I love this podcast thanks for all you do!

  35. 35 Lanora

    In response to dating people with illnesses, I personally have MS and I often feel that people won’t want to be around me because I have a health issue. I am 25 and I have had MS now for three years. Each year, my MS is different and I have lost and gained a lot of friends in these three years. People are ignorant and refuse to understand that MS is not a sexually transmitted disease.
    Would I date someone with a disease? Of course I would, if they were mentally strong and emotionally available. I have had men tell me that they would not date me because I am “sick.” As I told someone close to me, everyone is sick either mentally or physically. Some people just hide it better than others.

  36. 36 Chris

    Ok, I would not date someone who is sick, as my wife would kill me…though, had I not met my wife and were still single, it wouldn’t make me run away. The key for me in the dating game was to find someone that loves me and that I love as well.

    As far as Deb is concerned, I thought her first post sounded a bit prudish, but her second post I thought thoroughly explained her position. The joke was in bad taste, though it was funny. I think about the only thing Deb can do, is try to look at it for what it was meant to be, and not what she initially took from it. However, I think MTSS needs to be more careful in post production, and try to understand how their jokes are likely to be taken. The main question to ask would be “Will this joke drive away the people who should be watching this?”

    I say all this basically because one of my best friends of 14 years has a rare kidney disease and has received 2 transplants. For quite a while he never had a girlfriend, but not from lack of interest. He was afraid that should his condition worsen, the girl would bolt, leaving him alone in his time of need. He has gotten better, due to the transplants, and now while he goes out a lot and the girls all know his problems, I can still tell he isn’t really close to any of the girls he’s with. Especially since I haven’t met any of them, and neither have his parents.

    So, for teenagers with diseases like Deb describes above, they are wrestling with adolescence and the disease, the joke could very easily have an unintended consequence and turn those kids away from getting help from anyone. It may also make them think they should be less truthful about their medical problems, and that can only hurt themselves in the long run.

    Deb, thanks for bringing up the point,

    Nikol, thanks for starting the dialog. I know you didn’t mean to offend, I also know that if you tried to not offend anyone, the show wouldn’t be funny at all. I like the show, and find it as a great tool, I’ve even showed it to my 14 and 15 year old God Daughters. I would just like to restate what I said above. When looking at the finished product, ask yourself “Will this turn off the intended audience?” I don’t care if turns off soon to be parents like my wife and I, but you guys state the main purpose is for the teens that really don’t have an outlet for open and honest dialog. It would be a shame that part of your target audience won’t feel that this is a good outlet for them to ask their questions because of a joke gone bad.

  37. 37 Chri

    OK, after writing the above, it occurred to me, that I need to clarify my opening statement. That as an adult I would date someone who is sick, however, when I was a teenager, I wanted no part in it. The responsibility is overwhelming.

    I didn’t want to be the reason for anyone to survive, should they be physically or mentally ill. I didn’t want someone getting so attached to me that they made it through some serious illness, only to find out our relationship wasn’t going to work out. I couldn’t live with that kind of guilt knowing that I was the cause of someone else’s depression.

    When I was a teenager, I dated a girl that wanted to follow me to college. I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. We were both in high school. First off, I wasn’t even thinking about college, I was thinking about turning 16 and getting my driver’s license. I also didn’t want her to follow me, have things turn sour, and then be blamed for ruining her life because she may have truly wanted to go to another school, but was willing to follow me because she loved me.

    So, it’s a tricky issue, but those with diseases need love just like the rest of us, and if anything, they need a little more support than the rest of us to keep them from suffering deep into depression that might just kill them.

  38. 38 Tim

    I have to input here. I think the show is amazing. It’s an excellent satire of what sex is. The humor is hy-larius, and it really does open the door for communication between kids and their parents. My oldest daughter has seen the show and we’ve discussed things she didn’t exactly understand. Even before the show we talked about her questions concerning sex. As a persnt of three children, two of them being girls, I whole heartedly endorse this forum. Keep up the good work, it’s bloody brilliant!

  39. 39 Timmy

    I guess I went a little overboard there. I’m not a fan of silent censorship, though. I am sorry for attacking another poster. Society may call me an adult, but I try not to act like one.

    “how one lives is so far distant from how one ought to live, that he who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation; for a man who wishes to act entirely up to his professions of virtue soon meets with what destroys him among so much that is evil.” - Machiavelli

  40. 40 Lizziey

    I would not dump someone because they had cancer. That’s just sick and mean.

  41. 41 Scott Hayes

    Does anyone know how many people get cancer and never even know it? You REALLY don’t think that’s kind of funny. Really rakes in the lulz for me!

    Deb, chill out! Trust us, the joke is funny.

    The main demographic for MTSS seems to be teenagers (duh…). If you are out-of-touch with the teens of today, you don’t realize then, how completely savvy and sarcastic they are!

    Fads are a funny thing, and always present. Just like fads dictate what the kids all wear, listen to, watch, etc, they also dictate what constitutes as sharp and witty.

    Deb, the show is NOT for you. If you’ve honestly never in your life heard anything more offensive than that joke, well then… you’ve obviously never meet me.

    To Nikol and the rest of the MTSS; KEEP THE LULZ COMING! You guys seriously have ALL of Whitewater, WI watching your show!

  42. 42 mary

    I am no longer a teen, but I can see why someone would stop dating someone because the person had a life-threatening illness. Not that it is morally correct, but because the person might be afraid that he or she is going to get hurt. Teens break up with one another for all sorts of “bad” reasons. A guy dumped my sister when she got a bad haircut. Heck, I know of 30 somethings that have broken up with romantic partners for stupid reasons. It doesn’t make it right, it doesn’t make it fair, but, all is fair in love and war–last time I checked there was no Geneva Convention for love.
    I thought the cancer joke was strong, but effective–to me, it was obvious sarcasm, but that’s me, maybe it wasn’t so obvious to Deb–that’s the great thing about Art–it’s subject to interpretation.
    I love the site–keep up the good work!

  43. 43 muppets take manhattan

    britney barber is the hottest bitch i know.

  44. 44 Derek

    In regard to Timmy’s comment:

    Who would ever think that MTSS would provoke conversations including quotes from Machiavelli?

    In regard to muppets take manhattan’s comment:

    I’ma buy that Britney a jumbo pretzel gurllll.

  45. 45 Nikol

    If you are dating someone and they are diagnosed cancer, chances are pretty high that you already have an emotional investment in that person and watching them hurt and struggle will change you if you are by their side or not. I think it could be too much for some teens, but recognizing that they are not ready to handle being the boy/girlfriend of someone through a serious illness can be handled maturely.

    The other scenario, in which a person would just not start a relationship with one who is ill could be applied to all of the other reasons a person decides not to be involved with another. We all know our limits and coping capacities. Much of the high school experience related around small groups of friends who have a common interest. An illness does not remove those interests or change the core of a person.

    Something interesting to consider here is the fear of teens and adults alike regarding getting hurt in a relationship. Unless you are one of those rare people who only ever dates on person and stays with them for life, there will be hurt to be had. We should never let the fear of loss dictate our allowance of love. To live that way is as effective as never eating a meal for fear that there may not be enough to fill you up.

  46. 46 MusicMan

    Nikol, if you have the balls to say a joke about cancer, then you need to have the balls to leave it at that.

    So, therefore I agree with Debbie, the cancer joke isn’t funny. Anymore.

  47. 47 NIkol

    Well, MusicMan, people had to suck the funny right out of cancer when they wouldn’t leave it alone.
    We aren’t even discussing the joke anymore, but let me say loud and clear that I will never apologize for making that one.

  48. 48 Jason

    Hey Nikol, i’d like to say that coming from a family where 4 out of 4 (they divorced and remarried) parents had cancer, and 2 out of the 4 lived, I am one of the seemingly few people in my situation that found it funny regardless, My father had cancer when i was young, he always had a good sense of humor about it. if we take the humor out of our lives, we cease to be human, and life without comedy and smiling, and joking is way to serious of a life to enjoy. There shouldn’t be anything that is “too serious” to joke about simply because that limit you put on yourself instantly takes away a little bit of pleasure and happyness you could have had in your life


    September 3, The last words of a dying man who really enjoyed life. “Jay, Some people live their lives in fear of death, so much fear they surround themselves in security and protection and give away their freedom. Their freedom to live, laugh, and enjoy what they choose, Taboo’s and fear will never let you enjoy life, as much pain as i’ve gone through, There is one thing i’m actually happy about, i know when i’m going to die and i spent every momment making the best of it up untill that point.”

  49. 49 Matt

    Now, there’s a motto: “Sucking the Funny Out of Cancer Since 2007.”

    And it even sounds a little kinky.

  50. 50 Jasmine

    Just to continue beating the dead horse, i will sum up and say that i can see Pissed Deb’s point. However, i believe that the main purpose of the joke was to try to add a little bit of the humour that so many people find funny today (ie, dead babies, cancer, retards, etc.), and that will often make or break a show like this.

    The thing is, though, that while there are some jokes like this thrown in, the overall points are valid, and very useful.

    i would personally like to say that i love this show, and look forward to new episodes.

    And also, if you can condemn something without ever watching it, hearing it, etc, you are an idiot.

  51. 51 Chris

    I also look forward to future episodes, and I wasn’t even offended about the joke as much as I was that everyone was giving Deb a hard time because she did take offense to it….So, my final thought is this…don’t discount the site because a joke may be offensive, but don’t discount other posters simply because they found something offensive. We all have different perspectives on everything, and while MTSS allows multiple perspectives on what is right, wrong or indifferent, we out to at least let other people try to explain their points of view, and then shred their arguments without personal attacks.

    To MTSS, thanks for the chance to discuss!!!

  52. 52 bruceo

    About all this cancer talk–
    I have now seen everything on this site and I think it’s great. Except for the cancer thing.

    Everyone is arguing about whether or not it’s “fair” for cancer to be joked about. Well, I personally believe that ANYTHING is fair game for a joke, but my problem with this analogy to cancer is that IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! Hasn’t anyone thought about that aspect of this “comparison” joke? Unless I’m reading the original joke wrong, the point of Nikol’s association of pedophilia and disease is that no one should want to date someone who is “afflicted” with pedophilia. Nikol, help me out here–isn’t that what you were trying to say in that piece? That pedophiles are disgusting? But now, aren’t you saying that people with cancer are NOT disgusting? Aren’t you saying that teens should NOT be averse to dating someone with cancer? Well, then it would follow that teens should be equally willing to date pedophiles. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s not “funny” because IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! It just seems to be a mean comment that links pedophiles to people with cancer in a completely nonsensical way.

    Now, if you wanted your comparison to be FUNNY, you should have said something like, “You shouldn’t want to date a pedophile; after all, would you date a Catholic priest?” (Now THAT would truly be disgusting, and, more importantly, it would make sense.)

  53. 53 MG

    Hi Deb,

    I saw your postings and I’m hoping you’re still checking in or reading this.

    I watched my mother die of cancer two years ago. Seeing a vibrant, funny, chubby little Irish woman shrivel into a jaundiced shell in the span of 9 months was beyond horrifying. She was diagnosed around christmas and died the day after my birthday in September. At 25 I, an only child whose father died when I was 6, had to plan a funeral/wake, deal with insane family and bury my mother. I had to be strong just to stay sane, I had to find time to scream when I was alone because it was too much for me to lose it in front of people. I felt like I was losing my mind on more than one occasion. A week after I buried my mother I lost my job. My boss felt she had been very nice to wait until after the funeral and all, but she wanted to hire on a friend of hers for my position.

    Do you you know what got me through that? Through the agony of loss, the unemployment, the financial madness the medical insanity and the familial drama?


    My mother had been a witty, funny person. She had a dark sense of humor and used to joke about her chemotherapy being “the only chance I’ve ever had to be high legally”. When she realized the extent of her diagnosis she joked that “God wants me real bad. What an ass—-.” On the last day she was at all conscious, my birthday, she flipped me off when I started getting all emo about her illness.

    I heard her voice after she was gone in my dark days. She wasn’t crying, she was laughing, joking, inspiring me. I’m sure she’d rather be here with me. I’m sure she’d rather have lived to a ripe old age, seen me marry and have kids, but I know most of all she wanted me to laugh at this wonderful, joyful joke we call life.

    I’m sorry for your pain and loss, but I’m more sorry that you’ve allowed bitterness to replace humor.

    The people here at the MTSS meant no offense to you and your self-righteous priggery speaks more about your character than theirs. I for one wish I had one of those shirts. I’d wear it proudly, both as the son of someone lost to a terrible disease and a humanist with many GLBT friends and loved one.

    Long story short (too late) lighten up Deb.


  54. 54 Christine

    I admit that I didn’t read all 50+ comments.

    As for the cancer joke: Wait, people thought she was actually suggesting you shouldn’t date someone with cancer? Strange. I showed that episode to one of my friends the other day, and she certainly found it amusing.

    As for dating someone with cancer, yes, I would, why not? Because I would know they won’t be around forever? I’m rather sure there’s people willing to date those in the armed forces. And stunt doubles. And us common mortals in general

  55. 55 Susan

    Nikol, I love your show for its clever and insightful humor. That’s why I don’t understand your continued defense of your cancer comment. If you were attempting satire, it came off as mere ridicule. As another poster said, most types of humor need to make sense. Satire lets us laugh at our bad behavior and examine the truth behind the joke and perhaps change our behavior. If there’s no truth to examine, there is no satire.

    If you can expose an interesting angle in which pedophilia and cancer share something in common other than both being diseases, then your comment might be a joke.

    Your t-shirt joke “Homosexuality is a choice…just like cancer” was offensive to some, but at least it was satirical because neither homosexuality nor cancer are choices. It forces homophobic people to realize that the rest of the world sees their treatment of homosexuals as despicable. After all, what kind of human would pass laws and ostracize people with cancer?

    But the pedophilia/cancer comment is offensive and not funny. There is a relevant difference between the two diseases: it is not okay for a teen to date someone who is a pedophile, but it is okay for a teen to date someone with cancer. So your comment is merely ridicule because it doesn’t force anybody to examine her bad behavior. In fact, through its flawed logic it seems to actually encourage teens to avoid a friend with cancer—just as they should avoid the pedophile.

    If you weren’t attempting satire and you were just being nonsensical or enjoying the shock-value of saying something disparaging, then your comment was as amusing as Imus’ “nappy-headed hos” or Michael Richards’ nightclub tirade.

    I wish the people who urged Deb to “lighten up” and laugh at mean-spirited put-downs would “smarten up”!

  56. 56 Nikol

    Cancer=Not a Choice
    Homosexuality=Not a Choice
    There are arguments on all aspects of these statements,(some say pedophilia is not a disease, homosexuality is not a choice) but to say that they do not make sense is inaccurate.

    Before you get too sappy over Deb, let us recall that she was pretty mean spirited herself. Those accused of being high, fool, idiot losers would know. I appreciate the comments where people steer clear of mud slinging, but I am not going to run to anyone’s side when they issue that sort of comment from the get go.

    Now to sap even more out of the joke, I will go ahead and offer my breakdown of why I found it funny.

    How many of you have seen “Clueless”? It may be before/after some of your times, but the man character is one we are all familiar with. She was a parody (not a satire) of that teen girl flipping her hair and offering stilted judgments on people and events with an “Oh my god” and an eye roll. We use that sort of voice for a few of our jokes. Think back to Birth Control where I say, “Babies are f*&%ing stupid. You have to feed them at least once a day.” Same concept. Did you think I believed that? Then why oh why oh heavens why would you think I meant that you shouldn’t date someone with cancer?

    Now on to shock value. I have addressed this in emails to people. I love shock value humor because it inadvertently causes us to think about why we are squirming in our seats. The viewer says or thinks, “That’s really bad” which causes us to examine why it is so bad in the first place. I am not saying that in writing a joke about cancer I am some saint of cancer awareness or even that I was doing the teen psyche a service, but you can’t deny that this has sparked some discussion where there once was none. That can’t be a bad thing.

    Speaking of discussion, can someone please say something about how awesome Madge the Vag is?

  57. 57 Nikol

    *main character* (typos make Hulk angry)

  58. 58 Matt

    Creepy! Of course I loved Madge. In fact, I almost dated her. Which is what made me finally quit doing drugs. I’m kidding of course - I never quit doing drugs. But you knew that.

  59. 59 Susan

    I am not sappy over Deb. Her illogical emotion appeal helped you avoid the fact that your comment wasn’t a joke. Deb was bitchy and unfunny, but Deb still had a logical point, which is continually ignored by you and some of your posters. She used too much emotion to explain why the comment wasn’t funny and did not know how to explain why she was offended, and so everyone jumped on her. I am not interested in Deb’s unfortunate emotional attack (hey, she tempered it with her second email). I am interested in explaining to you why your comment wasn’t funny.

    The main character of “Clueless” WAS a satire (and a parody). Why would you deny the satire when you do such an excellent job of making use of that ditsy, valley girl character to say the opposite of what you mean? Do you really not know why your comedy works?

    A satirical character or comment must be consistent. You cannot say, “Don’t date a pedophile because you wouldn’t date a cancer patient” because the entire comment MUST be satirical or it doesn’t work! Your character must instead urge young teens to date pedophiles because, after all, wouldn’t they also enjoy dating a psychokiller.

    Shock-value is only valuable if you are saying something meaningful. Imus and Richards said nothing of value. If you were saying something of value, what was it? Do you think I am squirming about cancer patients not being date-worthy? No, I am wondering why you think I would be. The discussion this has sparked is not about pedophilia. It is about mocking cancer patients and unfunny comments. I don’t think this is the direction you meant this to take.

    Do you think your comment would have been funny if you had substituted “African American” instead of “cancer”? Why?

    I love your show. I think you guys are very, very funny. I don’t want you to stop. Make cancer jokes, make sexist jokes, make racial jokes—but make sure they are actually jokes–jokes that have something interesting to reveal about our hidden anxieties. I do not want you to become fodder for Fox.

  60. 60 Matt

    Ha. Friend, everyone but Doris Day is fodder for Fox, and O’Reilly’s kinda suspicious of her too. Generally, all Fox manages to do is increase viewership. So I wouldn’t worry about that. What I’m worried about is, I’m almost out of eggnog. Poured whiskey on an omelette this morning. Just wasn’t the same. sigh.

  61. 61 MG

    Madge the Vag made my skin crawl. I love her.

    It’s funny to think that not that long ago a dad taking his son to a prostitute (or setting up such a situation) was a much more common occurence. At a Sex Worker’s Outreach seminar a few years back I hear a woman who had been working as a hooker for the better part of 30 years talk about father’s bringing their sons to “make them a man”. In a society where women were supposed to be chaste and ignorant of sex until marriage, prostitution was a means of sexual education in some backwards ass way. Check out the book “Sex in the Second City” for more on this not too long ago way of thinking.

    So when I hear the republivillains harkening back to the good old days I get a very different image from “Leave it To Beaver”.


  62. 62 Laura

    Sweet Jeebus, are people still on about the pedophilia/cancer thing? I thought it was hilarious. You didn’t see the humor? Fine, you didn’t. Let it go, or at least keep it out of the comment sections for videos other than The Older Boyfriend. I love MTSS, check it often for new updates, and can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next.

    And Deb, while I generally avoid ad hominem forum posts, please consider the value of laughing at yourself and your situation in life once in a while. I know there is nothing funny about invasive cancer, having lost close friends and family to it myself, but when life hands you crap you can either complain about how it has damaged you or you can find something to giggle about. I prefer the latter, even (especially) if it means laughing at myself. Which do you prefer?

    Again, to end it on a positive note, keep up the fantastic work, MTSS!

  63. 63 succubus

    I tried to send this last night, after Susan’s remark, but I guess this site isn’t too Palm-friendly, so here it goes again (and I’m just gonna copy and paste)

    Really Susan? I have to disagree with YOUR rigid rules on what makes a joke funy.
    The great comments on MTSS work because the majority of us know enough to distinguish ’serious’ issues and ‘nonsense’ puns. And I believe that those viewers who can’t (like Deb), will eventually weed themselved out (like Deb, because if you haven’t notices, she sort of dissapeared from the forum).
    In my view, the ‘cancer joke’ had to parts to it: there was the ‘warning: DON’T date pedophiles’ bit, followed by a social critique on people who DON’T date people with cancer. (And I think most of us understood it the first time.)
    To Nikol: I agree with your Twitter, this is getting tiresome. Maybe you should put a ‘10 more comments’ (or any other random/arbtrary number), and close this episode’s forum.

    I love this show and everyone I’ve showed it to does, too.
    Still laughing with the show,

  64. 64 Scott Hayes

    Yeah, Susan? You are wierd and kind of creepy. Way to tell Nikol what she meant. All hail Susan, the All Knowing.

    You all know the old saying;

    Cancer, cancer everywhere,
    so let’s all go get sick.

    Seriously though, this is fun. I actually look forward to reading these comments daily now to see what people are saying. Nikol, you ALWAYS manage to create conversation where there was none before. For that quality (and sooooo many more), I have always admired you, and you KNOW that. I think you’re f-ing hilarious.

    Now, let’s all go drive on babies. (wink)

  65. 65 Susan

    I am weird–just like you shouldn’t date a pedophile.
    But I am glad you realize I am not creepy since you shouldn’t be afraid to date people with cancer.

    Clever joke, Scott.

  66. 66 Nikol

    Scott, you just brought back a really funny old memory and made me realize that I sure say strange things about babies a lot. Remember that time you were with me at the hospital because we thought I had colon cancer (ewwww, cancer) and I was coming out of the anesthesia? What did I ask the nurse to feed me?

    Sorry about that. Just thought I would bring the comments back to the real comedy. Babies. (no, not babies with cancer, you sickwads)

    We really need a cancer thread.

  67. 67 John

    could someone delete all that damn bitching about the damn joke .. the joke is funny … the bitching is not.

    Besides it stole all the lime light from my other post ;)

    Love the show … if you try to please everyone you wouldn’t be edgy, fun and actually attract an audience. Teens can get a calm boring PC sex education at school.

  68. 68 Ames

    First of all thank you for the site, it’s a great blend of honesty and humor (babies are f@$*ing stupid, I’ve raised two. I was afraid I would wake my kids I was laughing so hard about that). More importantly, thank you for continuing to encourage people to share their thoughts and opinions. It’s frequently too easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and just lob vitriol and venom at people. The art of discourse is one that is, sadly, lacking and I think it’s wonderful that you try and turn adverse reactions into opportunities to talk about issues.
    Keep up the great job and I’ll be looking forward to your next episode.

  69. 69 Scott Hayes

    Babies are f-ing stupid! No body feeds ME at least once a day, I have to do that myself! No justice in this world I tell ya…

    Susan, my “clever” joke was an inside joke that I didn’t expect anyone but Nikol to understand. Thanks though, for your always delightful commentary.

    Nikol, Babies are hilarious! Especially when you drive on them. Or boil them with cabbage. How about boiling them with cancer cabbage. Yummmmmmmy!

    Chris is gone at a theatre competition all week. Can I come sleep at your house on Friday? I’m going to call you right now…

  70. 70 Lauren

    “Do you think your comment would have been funny if you had substituted “African American” instead of “cancer”? Why?”

    Of course! Racism is hilarious because it’s so silly.

    “Homosexuality is a choice, just like being black… and you wouldn’t date a BLACK person would you?”

    That would have been great. If Susan needs me to break it down for her, I can do humor algebra and diagram why it’s funny when not within x bound of satire.

    In keeping with my “first clue is free” policy: most types of humor need to make sense… and those that don’t are called absurd. Susan appears to be unfamiliar with absurd humor, which means she is too old to be here. It also may mean she has cancephilia, which is why she’s so frustrated. No one will date her.

    I’m sorry Deb has cancer… and not an aneurysm. Now THAT would shush her up with the quickness. Oh snap!

  71. 71 Jenny

    I am a parent and I agree that we need more sex education on the web. And with that, more parents need to talk with their children about the real things out there. Not the fairy tale stuff, so that if they are ever in a position where they need to decide ~ they have the confidence in their decision and the knowledge.
    Teach all ~ preventive, abstinence …
    Great job!

  72. 72 Nick

    I really like your show! Its original and has just the right amount of monotonic humor to make me laugh. (Even when I’m alone in my room… Crying…) But anyways I have an Idea on what you could do for a future show. Since the word “slut” seems to be popular you could do a show involving sexual promiscuity, and the usage of the words: slut, whore, hoe, skank, hoochie, strumpet, lady of the evening…etc…

    1. Your show is godly
    2. try doing a show involving “sluts”
    3. I’m going to email you this because I don’t know if you’ll get it in this comment.

  73. 73 John Scott

    This is awesome I have been on here at work for 9 hours now having the best work day ever. Thanks! You should do one on why people are turned down, dumped, or just not worthy. Then maybe Deb would realize her real problem. We all assume are problems stem from the readily viewable retarded ideas in our head. But generally we are completely wrong. Take me for instance, It is easier to say I get dumped cause I have two fingers. Reality is that I am really just to damn good looking and my big (penis like) fingers are toooo much for them to handle. See my hands are the problem but not cause they don’t like them.

  74. 74 Isabel Londono

    I am in Bogota, Colombia and I am an educational coach, who work mostly with young professionals that need to make important decisions about their education (MBA, PhD, etc). I saw the comment on the news about your program and I watched all the episodes. They are great. I wish we could translate them to Spanish so that young Colombian girls and boys can understand them. You are doing something great. I am amazed always at the power of truth, clarity, honesty, talking straight forward, in our conversations with other human beings, and how it is then when powerful strong love comes out.

  75. 75 Doug

    Just found the show today, watched it all in one go. Great stuff.

    Britney is a charming young lady, and very talented besides.

    Nikol is a marvelous host, managing to be direct and funny at the same time.

    On the cancer thing (I know I should let it die, but I’m a glutton for punishment): It was intended to have an impact and it did. In the moment that that joke was made, it worked. Outside of that moment, we have the ugly mess you see here. Will they talk about cancer and such on another episode? Possibly. It bears discussing. Dealing with normal relationships is tricky enough (fodder for several episodes, at least), throwing in a life-changing illness is a whole new minefield.

  76. 76 Susan

    Lauren, your joke “Homosexuality is a choice, just like being black… and you wouldn’t date a BLACK person would you?” is funny because each part of it is ironic. The problem with the original was that the first statement was factual and the second was a related idea but ironic. It wasn’t absurd because there ARE people who will avoid people who are sick.

    I thought it was clever of Scott to say I was weird and that I was creepy. I caught his attempt to parallel Nikol’s original joke. The first statement was factual, and the second was Scott being ironic because he doesn’t really think I am creepy.

    (And, yes, Scott, I know that you weren’t really making that joke at all. My complimenting you on making it was me being ironic.)

  77. 77 Daniel

    I saw you guys on the news and decided to check you guys out. After watching a few episode and believe you guys are going a great job. Keep at it.

  78. 78 Carly

    Thanks Midwest Teen Sex Show. Now I know everything I need to know about sex! Peanut butter chocolate weaner surprise! God, I wish I would have watched this video last night! lalalalalala

  79. 79 Scott Hayes

    Ok, NO Susan. You’ve missed the point entirely AGAIN. First of all, I DON’T know you at all, which means my first statement was not factual. And about me calling you creepy…Where’s the irony? I think you’re creepy. There, no irony. Isn’t that clever? You’re wierd and creepy. Get over yourself and stop analyzing humor because that’s SO gay. (Irony?)

  80. 80 Tamara

    Nikol…I love you. You are beautiful, and I’m pretty sure your kids have a damn cool mom. You make me laugh…so hard. Great show. My favorite cancer joke? being gay is a choice….like cancer! I love it. here’s a joke for you. How many babies does it take to paint a wall? It depends on how hard you throw them. Enjoy your day

  81. 81 Lauren

    Susan: I have a master’s in English, and I keep no stock with the colloquial bastardization/generalization of the word “irony.” I wrote “absurd” because I meant “absurd”– the definition of the word includes foolishness and illogical premise, but does not include strict impossibility.

    It’s fine– you didn’t know you were picking a really terrible opponent for a semantic debate. Most people on the internet are illiterate. In the future you should at least check before you pop off about what someone means.

    I’ve also completed a rather large amount of neuroscience coursework because I write about science. The brain loves to perceive constructions (music, language, etc.) that appear to fit a familiar pattern but are actually modified or strange in some way. This is why absurd humor appears in most cultures, but the culture sets up the expectation that is thwarted by the absurdity. This is why there’s a generational/(pop)cultural gap at work in how people feel about the cancer joke.

    “The problem with the original was that the first statement was factual..”

    Oh. You’re one of those.
    Homosexuality is a biological fact and appears in the overwhelming majority of vertabrate mammals. Thanks for playing– I can tell you tried!

  82. 82 Susan


    You say the definition of the word absurd does not include strict impossibility. Of course it doesn’t, but that was not part of my argument. I believing you are setting up a straw man argument to knock down because you are unable to knock my actual argument.

    It doesn’t matter how the word absurd is defined, my point still remains that Nikol’s first statement was neither absurd not ironic–it was factual. Her second comment was neither absurd nor ironic. It was actually factual. There actually ARE people who will not date people with cancer. That is the only reason it was nor funny.

    As to the “first statement was factual” that was a reference to the warning to teens not to date a guy who is older than you because he is a pedophile–it was not a reference to homosexuality. (I don’t think you were around for that so you’re excused for missing that.)

    I do not think homosexuality is a choice, after all you wouldn’t laugh at your friend when he told you he was bi-racial, would you?

  83. 83 Adelaide

    Ooh, so much drama!
    Either way, I love you guys and am continually trying to spread the love to my friends (take that how you will… )

    Keep it up :)

  84. 84 Tamara

    why don’t lauren and susan exchange phone numbers, or meet in real life and fight?

    Nikol, you should make an episode on meeting people online. You could talk about dating sites. Cyber sex. And how completely base and pointless it is to fight with someone you’ve never met over the internet.

  85. 85 Jean

    Quoting Chris (Jan 5th, 2008 at 12:43 pm): “I wasn?t even offended about the joke as much as I was that everyone was giving Deb a hard time because she did take offense to it?.”

    I agree with Chris. Even though Deb came on pretty strong in her first post, it made me realize that she has a point I hadn’t thought of before. I don’t have to agree with it (though I think maybe I do - haven’t decided for sure) but it does at least open my mind up a bit to considering a POV I hadn’t considered before. Of course if I was the person (creator of the show) she was directing the comment to, I could see how I might need to pause before responding, lest my defensiveness and trouble with criticism prevent me from really absorbing her point. However, the rude and dismissive comments directed toward her by other posters was pretty offputting. It makes it seem like this isn’t a group that wants to truly consider anyone else’s point of view.

    I also agree with Susan and whoever else said the joke (about not dating a pedophile just like you wouldn’t date someone w/ cancer) just doesn’t make sense. The example thta compares dating a pedophile to dating a psycho killer makes a lot more sense. It really made me wonder if you were trying to say it was a good idea to date a pedophile (because we know it’s absurd to think you would dismiss dating someone just b/c they have cancer). Of course I couldn’t imagine that you meant it was a good idea to date a pedophile, so then I have to assume you really believe it’s a bad idea to date someone with cancer. Can you see how it just doesn’t make sense - at least to some of us? There’s no parallel between the two comments.

  86. 86 Samantha

    I would date a cancer patient, and I would date a black person — heck, I would even date a cancerous, homosexual black person, providing they were female and therefore interested — but I feel that I can say with some degree of confidence that, even never having met her, I would not date Susan. I feel that this personal attack has really cemented my argument in favor of the original joke.

    Now, all of that said… first-time viewer here, and I LOVE the show! I sat down and watched all 12 episodes. I may no longer be a teen (just barely out of the woods there,) and I may consider myself extremely well-versed in all things sex-ed these days, but this kind of thing is wonderful to me because it is appauling to see how uneducated a lot of people really are on the subject… and that includes many 20-somethings I know too! Having a show that is not only educational but entertaining is the bee’s knees.

  87. 87 Susan


    Saying you would not date someone because she expressed an intellectual idea different from your own IS a personal attack. You believe that making me feel unattractive to you will boost the logic of your argument to others.

    I challenge you–or anyone else–to find any personal attack I have made to support my argument.

  88. 88 Guy

    Everyone, please play nice.

  89. 89 Samantha

    It was a joke honey, no need to get your knickers in a twist. It wasn’t meant as a legitimate argument, and incase you didn’t notice, I didn’t actually bother to formulate a real argument of any sort.

  90. 90 Scott Hayes

    …depends on how hard you throw them! LOL

    I hope Nikol saw that joke because I’m sure it made her laugh, Tamara.

  91. 91 Nick

    YAY! Dead baby jokes!
    What’s blue and thrashes about on the floor?
    A baby playing in a plastic bag.

    How do you get 100 babies into a bucket?
    With a blender!

    Why did the baby fall out of the tree?
    Because he was dead!


  92. 92 Samantha

    How do you make a baby cry twice?
    Oooo, not gonna go there.

  93. 93 Susan


    Calling someone “honey” and telling them they have their “knickers in a twist” is condescending.

    You did present an argument. You said my argument was not persuasive because I had personally attacked someone. You provided no evidence for your argument. Then, ironically, you commenced to personally attack me.

    I just heard Nikol on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning. She was fantastic. Her show has the potential to really reach teens with a message that blends comedy and education. She could also go in another direction: she could be crass and cheap with her comedy.

    Many posters seem to be urging her to go for the cheap laughs. I really like what she is doing. I hope she doesn’t use put-down humor to respond to honest critics.

    I work with teens. I want to tell them about this website, but I am not sure yet if I can. I am not a sex education teacher; I teach rhetoric.

  94. 94 Jasmine

    Please! Samantha and Susan, enough!!

    you know, you could get each other’s email addresses and continue your arguing in private…

  95. 95 Scott Hayes

    Come on Jasmine, this is what America is all about! Let these two keep getting pissed! Really, all this is missing is some swift and blinding violence, and little cupcakes with red, white and blue frosting…

    GO LULZ!

  96. 96 Samantha

    I never accused you of making any personal attacks, Susan. Reread what I said please, if you would. I said -I- made a personal attack. I did, and it was in jest. I was also condescending, yes. You need not notify me of when I am being rude, I am aware.

    Anyhow, I’m done.

  97. 97 Scott Hayes

    What the world needs now…
    Is love, sweet love…

  98. 98 Tamara

    I love dead baby jokes. :) random happy face
    :0))) donald trump face….you’re fired

  99. 99 Susan


    I did read what you said: “I feel that this personal attack has really cemented my argument in favor of the original joke.” So your ability to personally attack me is the evidence you need to believe in the original joke?

    (Hint: if you don’t respond to me, I won’t respond back.)

  100. 100 Jasmine

    point taken, scott hayes. point taken.

  101. 101 Nick

    Its the only thing that theres just to little of!

  102. 102 Matt

    Gee, I dunno, Nick. Bandwidth is kind of at a premium too. Also, eggnog appears to be seasonal…..

  103. 103 Bob

    Just to make an esoteric, off-the-wall statement that may or may not back Deb up (Yes, I know I’m late on that but I wanted to see where the arguments would go. Ultimately, I wish they didn’t turn into a flamewar with a bunch of little kids attacking someone.), I’ve been dumped for reasons, though not as serious as cancer, that make no sense whatsoever.

    1) I’m bipolar. Some people hear that and run fast. [insert fast joke about obesity and food here] They want life to be easy for them, dating included, and expect a breeze. I can honestly say it really hurts to be dumped for a health-related issue.

    2) I’m bisexual. That very word makes both males and females of any orientation cringe a little. I’ve been dumped by girls because they thought they were being used or found the fact that I like males absolutely disgusting. That hurts. On the flip, I’ve been shunned by males as well for the idea that I call myself bisexual because of “passing”. Passing what? An exam? Someone fill me in.

    Where do I find these losers? College. I do feel for Deb but I can’t put my place in her shoes as I don’t know how I would react if Nikol said “someone who is bipolar” or the like. Knowing me, I’d just forget about it. I’m open and light-hearted about most things.

    As for the show itself, I don’t want it to change. It’s crass, it’s cheesy, and it gets the point across. I’m 20. What was my sex-ed? Losing my virginity. Abstinence-only, faith-based public sexual education doesn’t work, plain and simple. Most kids don’t get a talk from their parents and all we get from school is “IF YOU HAVE SEX, YOU WILL GET AIDS, GET SOMEONE PREGNANT, AND THEN GO TO HELL.” God-forbid if they said anything about same-sex relations. I think *real* sex-ed, not this abstinence-only crap, would help in more ways than many think. I’m co-chair of Stop Violence Against Women for Amnesty International at my university. I also deal with Out Front (Amnesty’s LGBT rights advocacy). A lot of these kids that have been raped or otherwise mention something about their sex-ed. I don’t know if there would be a drop in violence, rape, etc, but who knows?

    This kind of turned into a stream-of-consciousness comment. As I mentioned way up top, I never received sex anything, as my parents are Evangelical, and the town I lived in was the exact same. Annnnd off the soapbox I go. (for an amusing story regarding genital piercings, check out the blog that’s linked.)

  104. 104 Scott the Homosexual

    Geez Bob. First, I don’t know if it would be the best idea for MTSS to make a show about rape or sex crimes. People get so offended about cancer… imagine how they’d feel about jokes regarding rape…

    Rape, it’s really just accidental sex. (oops, my penis slipped in you) ???

    I don’t know… You seem like a fun guy though, Bob. That’s why I’m willing to overlook your bi-polarism and your liking of the vag, so that you and I can go out. Just don’t get cancer… I’m not really feelin’ that.

    Love ya!

  105. 105 Tamara

    Scott….you will love me one day! If you wake up three weeks from now in Vegas with your shirt on backwards…that was me.
    Love me…LOVE ME FOREVER!!!!

  106. 106 Brian

    To immediately “come out of the closet”: I’m with Susan on this one. So sue me. (Stay with me, it’s get more Nikol-friendly later on)

    Basically, equating a pedophile with a person with cancer is not funny. Aside from all the techni-logic-grammar stuff, it’s mostly called the “KICKING PEOPLE WHEN THEY’RE DOWN”-syndrome?

    Nikol, you COULD allow for Deb’s hurt feelings … ONCE and admit:
    a. that on this tiny, tiny part Susan’s joke was funnier and b. you have made a mistake. That would be big of you. I’m sorry to shatter your self-image of being the worlds best joke-ista, but you knew that you weren’t that, the 2nd time you got preggers. ;) Whoa, sorree, a joke about you. ;) (Oh and about you not admitting that you made a mistake: yeah, not happening, I know that.) Imagine: You’re 53, you have cancer, you have been dumped twice in last couple of years because of that, since you wanted to be ‘honest’, and you suddenly realize: Not only am I never EVER gonna have sex again, I also won’t EVER be cuddled! Then you watch this really great show, until …
    Anyway, if you don’t wanna admit you mistakes or you honestly think you didn’t make any, no skin of my nose! :)

    All that said, I think I can manage to enjoy your show, even despite this. Nobody’s perfect. (Right? Or … maybe … YOU … ???)

    >>Susan Jan 6th, 2008 at 5:30 pm
    >> A satirical character or comment must be consistent. You cannot say, “Don’t date a pedophile because you wouldn’t date a cancer patient” because the entire comment MUST be satirical or it doesn’t work! Your character must instead urge young teens to date pedophiles because, after all, wouldn’t they also enjoy dating a psychokiller.

    IMHO, Susan nailed it right there. Admitted, I’m a geek with a weakness for logical reasoning, not emotional pandering, so I’ll never win a political contest, but still, it was funnier.

    >> Laura Jan 6th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    >> when life hands you crap you can either complain about how it has damaged you
    >> or you can find something to giggle about.
    Yah, but we don’t like OTHER people to giggle AT us or ABOUT us.
    It’s like with jewish or black people: they can laugh about themselves, but they’ll be offended if someone else jokes about them.

    Isabel, if you pay me enough I will translate the podcasts to spanish and subtitle them, that’s not hard. To get a real Columbian “coleur locale” to it,
    I think you’d have to translate my factual Spanish to ‘Columbian Spanish’, though …

    Baby jokes:
    It sits in corner, it’s red, and it gets smaller and smaller, what is it?
    A baby with cheese scraper!

    >> “I would date a cancer patient, and I would date a black person — ”
    Do you want credits for that? Just asking, because I have this great black lesbian friend with just one tit, who’ll gladly give you any KIND of credit, especially credit that includes wet, oral-bodily contact, so …;)

    I mean, wow! What a show! This one is clearly not made on a shoe string and a dime! It REALLY looks good, I don’t wanna sound like everybody but Brittney is VERY good, timing, accents and everything. Your props dept. is very good, but your audio dept. is the best! I mean, like, WOWAWEEWA, it’s just quite good. If you’re being sponsored you sure make good use of it.
    Every actor I’ve seen sofar in 12 eps is good, they all seem very professional, cutest one is katzi?

    When I started watching this, my first thought was: wow there’s hope for you Americans yet!!! I’ve been fighting with neo-con Americans a lot over issues of safe sex vs. abstinence, and me being from Amsterdam, very leftwing, you can see how there’s a lot to fight about.
    Slowly, I’m adjusting to the idea that it might not be only a tiny portion of Americans think like Europeans about sex-ed and that abstinence is kinda absurd, but that you might make up a significant part of your pop. We always knew that not everyone was a gungho bible-thumper, but I always thought your numbers were under 10 percent. Being from the Netherlands, I can gloat and boast the lowest teen (under 20) pregnancy rate of the world (6 per 1000, usa 110-120 per thousand), so mmm I kinda can make above outrageous statements ;) Damn, I hope I didn’t get you ‘patriotic’ here, sooo not what I intended, and I hope your vids will increase safe sex, with condoms.

    Other points:
    - I never had the talk EITHER! But at age 11, after talking to my friends, we all realized we all knew where babies came from.
    - Being Dutch, I’m gonna have to be your uncle here : Sometimes, your message gets kinda lost between all the jokes. Most of the time it doesn’t but you might wanna watch that. Or not, whatever, don’t care. For example, the one about syphilis(9), while GREAT as a horror short, was kinda not really informational?
    (google ‘dutch uncle’ if needed)
    - you get way too little credit here for your own acting, comedic skills. Pat delivery … it’s your friend.

    Lastly, I think it’s cool you react to your emails and posts here.
    Keep that up! if you can with 3 kids, that is … pfweiew!

    Oh and sorry, I like Marlene much better than Madge! don’t be mad! ;)

  107. 107 Brian

    Ya wouldn’t think it possible but I forgot these points:
    I’m over 33, straight AFAIK, never been in love with a man, so …
    I’m black.
    And yes, I’m a teeny weeny prejudiced on the cancer joke thing, i’m beating cancer, so there.
    I just volunteered all that info for y’all to more easily attack me ;)
    PS Ever since I was told that “I got bullied in high school, so I know what racism is like” I’ve been prejudiced towards white straight males not being able to understand the “”plight”" of non-white straight males. They’re like teflon, nothing will stick to them. So, especially comments from them, to ‘man up’ … not really effective.

    But give it your best shots.

  108. 108 Brian

    After reading through this a 2nd time (okay, even I skimmed this time) I am thinking: OH MY GOD!!
    The point Deb was making, the point Susan and I were making:
    Sure, jokes about cancer can be funny, but what is NOT funny, is to BE EQUATED WITH A PAEDOPHILE!!
    Is that so hard to understand? Can you please stop with the “tough it out”, “man up” and “take it like a man” type of comments? Because cancer patients hear death jokes all the time, we laugh the hardest of course.

    To the guy with little festively round Irish mum: She’s actually a pedophiliac! Now, laugh because a. that is funny and b. you will spoil the good mood of others when you don’t join in the fun.

    I really, really wonder about the need of the majority here to gang up on a goddamn cancer patient and say: “Oh hey, you have this horrible disease, and THEREFORE you are the SAME, as DISGUSTING as a peadophile”

    Nikol, you said:
    Would you also suggest large doses of CHEMO to fight off Pedophilia? ;)

    Pedophilia=disease from the mind
    Cancer=disease from the body
    ==> very different

    Pedophilia: much more control over it i.e. lock yourself up.
    Cancer: Still no real control over it.

    Also, and I am wildly speculating here, but don’t you have something in common with Deb?
    Didn’t you both get DUMPED by a man because of something growing inside you? Sons, and cancer?
    I am so TOTALLY supposing you got left, since you said that TWO of your kids are unplanned (of course, i ALSO assume that they are very loved, not even an assumption after your vid of them)

    Of course, it’s interesting why you are so vehemently opposed to apologizing? Is that coz of this artists rule “Never say sorry?” or do you genuinely believe that cancer and being a pedophile is the same? Do you think you’re infallible? ;) (yes, yes, sorry, another joke at your expense … )

    Sorry about the rant. something about the ganging up here just ticked me off.

    Lez be friends? ;) (yes, yes that’s a joke on you, and lesbians, and one-legged midgets from Mongolia! ;) )

  109. 109 Brian

    2 posts back when i said, “non-white straight males”, i SHOULD have said “non-white, non-straight, non-males”, of course! Sorry to dirty up this page once more. Just think of it as something I kept inside for twelve vids …!! ;)

  110. 110 Nimby

    Wow. You guys are _good_.
    What’s wonderful about this show, I think, is that you all actually have talent. Talent and a razor-sharp wit.
    For example, this stuff made me laugh more than most comedic TV shows. You guys know how to do comedy.
    Also, it’s pretty educational. I know it’s not meant for educational purposes… I mean it’s educational more in a gateway-way. (Wow… that was a dumb sentence. Sorry, I type as I think.) Like, “wow, people really can talk about this stuff and not be awkward…”. That kind of thing. You guys are doing something great for teens here. Speaking as a teen, I just wanted you to know that.
    And, just throwing this out here, but I’m totally going to recommend this to every one of my friends, just for the comedy alone. Now I have to figure out how to do it without getting weird looks…

    Actually, that would be a funny little featurette you could but under the “about” section: “How to tell people about this site without seeming kind of weird.”
    Can’t wait for the next video. If I had money, I’d trip over myself giving it to you.

  111. 111 Nimby

    Also, I just read through the “Deb” comments… and honestly, though I usually hate this expression/acronym:

    Chill out.
    She wasn’t being serious! It was meant sarcastically–she’s poking fun at some weird notion by adopting it as her own and going overboard with it, like when she said, “Being gay is a choice, just like cancer.” Obviously no right-thinking person would believe that cancer is a choice, just like no right-thinking person would believe that dating someone with cancer is bad. _WE ALL KNOW THIS._
    You may use the internet, but your certainly not as cool as my grandma: she watches the Colbert Report and would definitely understand the joke, and the type of humor that’s going on there.
    Of course, she also has a sense of humor, which really helps.

    Okay, last thought.
    Deb, here’s the deal:
    You should have realized right away what kind of person you were dealing with when Nikol (bless her) responded to you so nicely. In my experience, whenever someone can do that, it’s obvious that the commenter has made a mistake. It’s the same kind of thing as Mahatma Ghandi and MLK’s behavior.
    Wait… You don’t hate MLK, do you Deb? Do you just HATE BLACK PEOPLE? Huh? Huh?

    You racist.

  112. 112 Nimby

    Also, same goes for this guy Brian, I think.
    Girl? Lesbian? (Cause those two are totally different, of course. -_-) His/Hers/Its… okay, *their* last comment left me confused.

    Seriously, no one thinks you’re like a pedophile, as I pointed out. They’re laughing at the _idea that anyone would think that BECAUSE IT IS SO ABSURD._ They support YOU, man! (girl?). They’re with you!
    Don’t alienate people who could be your friends otherwise just because you had a knee-jerk reaction to something.

    How do I know it was a knee-jerk reaction? Because if you’d actually taken the time to look at it, you’d have realized your mistake. So it’s either that or you’re stupid. I’m not which the money’s on right now. (Ouch! I can be a dick sometimes!)

    Anyway… should you be bitching on the pedophilia video’s comment box? Or are you too afraid that you might validate Nikol’s -obviously real- opinion that pedophiles are like cancer patients?

    (By the way, DebBrian: that last sentence was sarcastic, in case you couldn’t tell. Maybe we’ll just create a punctuation mark for you people who can’t tell the difference between that and reality.)

  113. 113 Nimby

    Never mind, I understand your comment. I accidentally skipped the corresponding sentence in the two posts ago post.

  114. 114 Nimby

    And Nikol, was that an Airplane! reference in the jive-talk?

  115. 115 GrtzlRkqlxw

    I have to agree with the minority here:
    Cancer JOKES are OKAY!!!!!!!! BUT:
    Saying that cancer patient are the same as PEDOPHILES, IS NOT!!

    And yes, the whole team here seems pretty talented, comedy wise. Also, technically everything just looks good, not amateurish what have you.
    Please tell me if you guys are in any tv-shows, I will download them immediately.

    And while most of the time the poor, the underpriviliged, the getting-shot-twice-per-year, the getting mugged once-a-month, the terminally ill, the constantly duped, the Big-Firm-cheated people can see the lighter side of their miserable, looserish life, MOST of the time…. (take deep breath here), APPARENTLY Deb couldn’t do JUST that in that instance.

    So, give her a break, will ya? :D

    I suddenly realized that Nimby must’ve been drunk when she wrote that, LOL!

  116. 116 GrtzlRkqlxw

    You guys must spent TONS of cash on props and outfits, wigs etc.!!
    That is so cool! You really make it look professional, I incredibly hope for yours sake (and those 3 kids) that you make serious money with this.

    Also, kudos for bringing a message that must be a very hard-sell in red-stater-land …

    Or is that prejudiced of me?

  117. 117 Scott the Homosexual

    Nimby, you and I should get together and do it in the butt!

    And everyone else… GET OVER THE JOKE!!!!

    You want something new to be offended about? How about a pedophile WITH cancer? Who here would date that motherf-er? Hmm???


    …unless it’s to say how funny it was.

    Scott, the HOMOSEXUAL has SPOKEN!!!

  118. 118 Susan

    Scott et al, I am not offended by the comment MTSS made about pedophilia and cancer. I am merely pointing out that the comment was not a joke. Jokes need to be clever or absurd. It was neither.

    If you want to point out how revolting pedophiles are, it is not funny to compare them to people with cancer, because people with cancer do revolt some people.

    –On the other hand–

    Perhaps we should all laugh and dismiss everything MTSS says. Perhaps Fox has a point. This show is just a joke.

  119. 119 Nimby

    GrtzlRkqlxw, er, Myxlptlyk, er, fhqwghads… whatever. Anyway, unintelligible name, “Nimby” is actually a dude. And I was not drunk, just irritated.

    If -you- want to make a show like this and avoid any kind of humor that might possibly offend anyone… then go ahead. What will you have? Actually… nothing. You couldn’t have a SEX SHOW that doesn’t OFFEND someone on some level. What are you going to do? Where are you going to draw the line over who’s “legitimately offended” and who’s not?
    The truth is that I think Deb was actually offended, and I think perhaps from her point of view she had good reason to be. But it comes down to this: So what? She was kind of a bitch about it all, and in the end that made people lash out at her. So… she wasn’t very effective, was she?

    Anyway, unintelligible, you obviously have never been or seen anyone hammered if you think they could still turn out something -intelligible- enough and verify their realness in the small box with a curvy line through the letters. I mean, seriously… drunk is like… not able to function. And I was clearly able to function.

    But I appreciate the implication that I’m a perpetually-soused teenage female. In fact, I appreciate it almost as much as you appreciate the implication that you’re a hermaphrodite who likes to bang trees while wearing a clown mask and being aroused by the sounds of humpback whale songs as you down a whole bottle of Vicodin.

    ^_^ All meant in good fun, unintelligible.
    In fact, you couldn’t even have a sex show. Your show would be Garfield.

  120. 120 Nimby

    Scott et al, I am not offended by the comment MTSS made about pedophilia and cancer. I am merely pointing out that the comment was not a joke. Jokes need to be clever or absurd. It was neither.

    Obviously that makes the comparison absurd, which obviously, by your own admission, makes it a legitimate joke.

  121. 121 Nimby

    Whoops, misplaced a line in an earlier post. Here’s what it should look like:

    GrtzlRkqlxw, er, Myxlptlyk, er, fhqwghads… whatever. Anyway, unintelligible name, “Nimby” is actually a dude. And I was not drunk, just irritated.

    If -you- want to make a show like this and avoid any kind of humor that might possibly offend anyone… then go ahead. What will you have? Actually… nothing. You couldn’t have a SEX SHOW that doesn’t OFFEND someone on some level. You wouldn’t be able to have a sex show at all! Your show would be GARFIELD. What are you going to do? Where are you going to draw the line over who’s “legitimately offended” and who’s not?
    The truth is that I think Deb was actually offended, and I think perhaps from her point of view she had good reason to be. But it comes down to this: So what? She was kind of a bitch about it all, and in the end that made people lash out at her. So… she wasn’t very effective, was she?

    Anyway, unintelligible, you obviously have never been or seen anyone hammered if you think they could still turn out something -intelligible- enough and verify their realness in the small box with a curvy line through the letters. I mean, seriously… drunk is like… not able to function. And I was clearly able to function.

    But I appreciate the implication that I’m a perpetually-soused teenage female. In fact, I appreciate it almost as much as you appreciate the implication that you’re a hermaphrodite who likes to bang trees while wearing a clown mask and being aroused by the sounds of humpback whale songs as you down a whole bottle of Vicodin.

    ^_^ All meant in good fun, unintelligible.

  122. 122 Tamara

    SCOTTTTTTTT LOVE ME FOREVER!!!!!!!! We should just have a big naked thursday party!

  123. 123 Brian R.

    First, my thanks to all of you at MTSS. I’ve believed for years that people, not just kids, need ways to explore sexuality and ask questions they’re afraid to ask the people they know. I may not always agree with what you say but I’ll always be glad you have the courage to say it. I am a grandfather who wishes I’d had this kind of resource 35 years ago when I needed it.

    Second, “the joke” I’d like everyone to think about a small thought here… look at the state of the “television industry” at the moment. How many shows are off the air right now? And why are they off?

    MTTS doesn’t have a staff of 10 to 20 writers hashing out ideas to supply it with an endless stream of jokes that seem universal in scope. Heck, even when the big late shows did have 50 writers they came up with almost as many bombs as hits. We can argue about “why” a joke is, or isn’t funny til the end of time and it still won’t change whether or not I think it’s funny.

    I worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty years and almost every one of those people everyone thinks are so funny haven’t had to come up with an original joke in years. They still do, but no more often than you or I, if we’re lucky, two or three times a month.

    Whether I agree with the joke or not doesn’t matter. Whether the joke worked for you or not isn’t something Nikol can control. She made her choice and stands by that choice, good for her. And unless you’re willing write her jokes for her, let her keep making her choices.

  124. 124 Scott the Homosexual

    Susan, you F-ING suck!!!! The joke is absurd, and what’s more?… It’s SARCASM at it’s best. Sarcasm is hilarious. You’re too dumb to realize that! The proof, you ask? You take Fox news seriously!

    Susan, just shut up and go away. What kind of loser tries to start a flamewar on a comment board for a teen sex show?

    Do you have teens? When was the last time you were a teen? Is any of this relevant to you? Do you REALLY have nothing better to do than start flaming or watching Fox news?


    Tamara, I’m totally queer, but we can still have naked Thursdays. I’m tote looking forward to it!

    Luv ya bitches,
    Scott the Homo

  125. 125 Scott the Homosexual

    Also Susan, PLEASE stop trying to define ‘funny’. Humor is without definition as we are all so different.

    For example; If I had to define something as funny, I would say ‘Susans face’!

    (oh snap)

    Alright kiddies, I’m off for now. I’m going to the local hospital to laugh at cancer patients. (absurd?)

  126. 126 Firemoe

    How about this. The comment was merely a comment until it was broadcast worldwide. Now it’s a stroke of marketing genius. I would have never heard of this site if it wasn’t for all the irate crabby people. I appreciate how hard they are working for the lovely Nikol and spreading the word about her site. No press is bad press.

    I have a 12 year old daughter, and out of all the crap she looks at online, this will be a site I’m going to make her watch. I may make it her homepage.

    Here’s looking forward to an episode about teen boys who act a different culture and present themselves as thugs on myspace to impress 12 year old girls.


  127. 127 Tamara

    Yay….tomorrow…..6 pm….mountain time…we get naked and dance…for the sake of dancing naked. Tell a couple of chuck norris jokes, dance naked, make fun of cancer, dance naked, watch rent, and dance naked…you can pick a movie too i guess.

  128. 128 Susan


    Obviously, I have hit a nerve with you. No doubt I bother you because you know I am right.

    The comment may be offensive to some or not. That has never been my point. MTSS SHOULD be offensive if it makes people think about what is true.

    My comment is not funny nor does it make people think about what is true. MTSS should never say something that is offensive if it doesn’t make people think about what is true AND if it’s also not funny.

    Anyone–not just me–can define funny. You have not defined funny. It is a tough thing to do. You have not done it. You have merely said it’s funny because it’s absurd. I have explained why it is not absurd. Can you refute my analysis? Or will you just keeping saying the same thing.

    Once again, here is my analysis: It is not absurd because not dating pedophiles and not dating cancer patients are connected ideas in which people do both: one they should do and one they shouldn’t.

    If Nikol had said, “Don’t date pedophiles; after all you wouldn’t chew gum, would you?” that would be an absurd non sequitur. I don’t think it’s funny, but it is absurd. There is no link between dating someone who is taking advantage of your innocence and believing gum chewing is evil. That’s what makes it absurd.

    Now if Nikol had said, “Don’t date pedophiles; after all you wouldn’t chew gum you found in a toilet, would you?” that would be a bit absurd and a bit funnier, but it breaks with the pattern Nikol established: DATING A PEDOPHILE = a disgusting thing just as CHEWING TOILET GUM = a disgusting thing.

    Nikol’s pattern: DATING A PEDOPHILE = a disgusting thing just as DATING A CANCER PATIENT = not a disgusting thing, but something people will do.

    Here’s your challenge, Scott. Come up with a funny joke that is absurd that mirrors Nikol’s joke.

    Make us laugh, Scott.

  129. 129 Brian

    Scott, can you get over yourself? and everybody there?
    We’re NOT saying that you can’t joke about cancer or whatever.
    We’re NOT attacking the way you do things
    We’re NOT appreciating the humor, the hard work in all your vids, the professionalism. Seriously, they look like you have a lot of production money.

    We’re just saying: implying that cancer is the same as pedophiles is gross and wrong.

    And frankly, the rigidness of your, and Nikol’s defense of this is starting to look a lot like the Neo-con prejudices you’re supposed (at least I think) to combat.

    It behoves one to admit a mistake, especially after 11.9 flawless videos. But maybe that’s just me.

  130. 130 Matt

    My anti-spam words were “rupture migrant”. Would ruptured migrants be funny? What if they had cancer?

    The point I’m making here is, um, actually I wasn’t making a point. But I sure like my anti-spam words.

    Eggnog: The Other White Meat.

  131. 131 brian

    Very OOPS!!
    OF COURSE, that one sentence should’ve been
    We’re NOT NOT appreciating the humor, the hard work in all your vids, the professionalism.
    We’re ARE appreciating the humor, the hard work in all your vids, the professionalism.

  132. 132 brad

    dammit, the entire message of the podcast is lost and getting wrapped up over ONE JOKE THAT IS OFF-COLOR. Get over it people. the joke isnt going anywhere, I laughed my ass off, someone else might find it offensive. If you find it offensive, then thats your decision, your problem, deal. Any chance we can get back to the real topic of giving teens good information about life and take this mountain of negativity elsewhere?

    Seriously, if a cancer joke torques you up this much, i’d be afraid to fart in your presence.

  133. 133 Scott the Homosexual

    Brian, I didn’t realize I was under myself… (Get over myself?)

    Susan, You didn’t read my comment very well. I never tried to define ‘funny’. I accused YOU of doing that.

    Susan, the funniest thing to me, is you. In fact, you’re so damn funny, I am now desensitized to humor. I will never laugh again…

    …Except at cancer patients.

    Luv ya bitches!

    Tamara, the only movie I insist we watch is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We will be naked, right? Ooooh man, this is gonna RAWK!

  134. 134 Susan

    I am a humor nazi. I also don’t think anyone else’s opinions are valid. Nope!… Only mine.

    Also, I’ve never had an orgasm.

    Oh, and to all at MTSS, I absolutely LOVE every single thing you’ve done with your show. Sheer brilliance! Keep it up!

  135. 135 Susan

    Oh, and another thing,

    Brad said, “I laughed my ass off, someone else might find it offensive. If you find it offensive, then thats your decision, your problem, deal.”

    Brad, skip the offensive part. I was not offended by it. We agree about that.

    I desperately am interested in why people are finding it funny–as long as the have valid reason (so I am not really a nazi). Scott is unable to explain his opinion, but maybe you can. If the humor of it took off your ass, why?

  136. 136 Matt

    Hm. Maybe taken in context with all the other cancer jokes it would be funny, even if it wouldn’t be funny by itself? Kind of a continuation of a theme?

    Just a thought. I really kinda stopped paying attention when the number of comments got up past seventy….. (insert your own eggnog joke here, i’m out of ideas.)

  137. 137 brad

    Why is anything funny? It’s random, unexpected, somewhat shocking, draws an unusual and oddly enough, somewhat true sentiment to light. Hell, I just laughed cause they had the nerve to say it. The fact is, it’s so absurd and an intentionally blatant poor comparison that it’s comical.
    She could have said anything: “You wouldnt date someone who had rabies, would you?” and cut to a picture of britney foaming at the mouth, asking for a kiss, and it still would have been funny.

    and the whole “making fun of people’s pain” thing, People watch the three stooges and looney tunes, and the things they do to each other would kill a person, easily, yet we let our kids watch this. We’re not making fun of any specific person having cancer, That’s personal, and that’s wrong. Just like Wile E. Coyote is not making fun of any specific person who fell of a cliff and died. It’s not like laughing at other people’s pain is anything new.

  138. 138 Susan

    Thank you, Brad, for a thoughtful response.

    It is telling that you describe the comment as “random and unexpected.” Maybe it is to young people who don’t have cancer or don’t know someone who has cancer. Perhaps, because of their youth, they don’t know how cruelly cancer victims can be treated.

    However, if it is “random and unexpected,” then it cannot also be bringing a “somewhat true sentiment to light.” That is self-contradicting. If it is bizarre and absurd to a generation not jaded by the cruelty of others, then it cannot also be “somewhat true.” Either it is bizarre or it rings true.

    Today, people who contract rabies and are too stupid to get help and actually live long enough to froth at the mouth while dating, deserve to be mocked—after all, they are endangering their partners. That image doesn’t ring true—no deserving person can be placed in this predicament. We should not date pedophiles, psycho-killers, toilet-gum chewers, and people who don’t get treated for rabies. Those images are bizarre and therefore funny.

    The image of a cancer patient getting rejected after having the guts to tell a potential lover that they are sick does happen and doesn’t strike me as funny–doesn’t matter if I know the person or not.

    Can you think of another joke that’s humor is derived from the misfortune of a person who did not bring that misfortune upon themselves?

    I can’t. Laughing at other people’s pain is not really a free-for-all enjoyment fest.

  139. 139 Paige

    i just wanted to say that i love this show! i am 15. .me and my boyfriend just started to get intamant and watching this made me laugh so hard!!
    This whole cancer thing that was going on, yeah people get upset about things but anything that anyone says these days people can take it wrong. Just get over it, and if ya need to kick rocks :]
    Thanks for doing this, i think it will make people feel a lot more comfortable about sex, like we should be.
    hope your making more :]

  140. 140 Tamara

    I have never seen that one…. I need to apparently! do you have a myspace…I’m just gonna write down my url because my profile is private so it really doesn’t matter any way…
    yay me…*naked dance*….where are you at?

  141. 141 Tamara

    Susan…my grandfather died of cancer…..I still laughed. My sister had skin cancer…she laughed. It is sarcasm. Sarcasm is funny. Apparently not to you, but you are just looking to argue. You are going to reply to this because obviously you are looking for a little control right now, and you feel a need to argue…which is just base.

  142. 142 brad

    Go read up on rabies. Once you have syptoms start to develop, youre pretty much hosed. most of the people who die are in third world countries and are too poor to get treatment. thirty thousand people die of it every year. You have a better chance of surviving certain types of cancer than you do rabies. And you just called them stupid and deserving of mockery. Does it make the joke any less funny? Hell no.

    On the Bizzare statement, the comment itself, the joke, is bizzare, and should be bizzare to people like yourself, and therefore funny.

    Why the hell would anybody be truly spiteful of someone in that predicament? Bastards are truly spiteful, but this is tongue-in-cheek sarcasm here, it’s not like they actually have any ill will towards cancer patients. It’s not like anybody besides bullies are. But the fact that someone who is trying to help other people is saying it is what MAKES it so damn bizzare and therefore, funny. We’re lauging at the absurdity of the comment.

    Want more proof? Watch The scrubs episodes with Michael J Fox where they have a guy with parkinson’s make fun of people with OCD. Then go watch Will and Grace and sit through a half hour of gay jokes. After that, listen to some ralphie may going on about his obesity and wash all of that down with chris rock going on about being black. All of these things are not a choice, and all have had people suffer in one way or another for being in that “condition” (i cant think of a better word).

  143. 143 Susan

    Tamara says, “My sister had skin cancer…she laughed. It is sarcasm. Sarcasm is funny.”

    Yes, especially since you know the derivation of the word. Hint for others reading: sarkos means flesh. Sarkazein means to strip off the flesh.

    Laugh at your sister’s skin cancer, but maybe don’t chew it…especially if it fell into the toilet.

  144. 144 Susan

    Brad says, “Once you have symptoms start to develop, youre pretty much hosed.”

    True. Only a hoser would not seek health care, but wait and wait and then wait some more until symptoms start to occur. Then after the symptoms develop, she would have just have enough presence of mind to remember she had made a date but not quite enough presence of mind to remember that frothing from any orifice is a dead giveaway.

    It always is for me. I back away slowly from all my frothing, blind dates. That’s why I have never had an orgasm (as a generous poster-poser pointed out. I have only before dated rabid people. Damn, but the rabid are prevalent on myspace).

    Yet you think this idiot-rabid, dating fiend is on a par with a cancer patient? Why?

    Then you list a bunch of TV episodes I don’t remember. So help me out. Give me one black joke that mocks blacks that is funny that is not something a black person can control. I can tell you why it isn’t funny. Cancer jokes can be funny too, but this was not a cancer joke. This was a pedophile joke. That’s why it didn’t ring true.

    Give me one joke that you know is funny to many people (not Don Imus’ or Michael Richards’ recent faux pas). I’ll explain why it is not funny, and I’ll contrast it with Nikol’s comment.

    Sarcasm is elevated if it is satire but falls flat if it is just ridicule. Can you tell me a black joke that is satire but is not mere ridicule?

  145. 145 Tamara

    If her skin falls into the toilet…I would be so much more attracted to it. I like eating skin.
    and to quote Avenue Q
    “ethnic jokes might be uncouthe, but you laugh because they’re based on truth. Don’t take them as personal attacks, everyone enjoys them….so relax”

  146. 146 Guy

    Okay. Enough. I appreciate everyone’s comments, but this episode was about talking to your parents.

    Please stop personally attacking each other, and give the cancer talk a rest. Rather than leaving more cancer comments, I encourage you to spend some time at the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and perhaps make a donation.

  147. 147 Jugomugo

    I’ve been through every episode and I recommend it to everyone I know.

    Try not to let the naysayers and the hate mail get to you. There’s too many good things in life to let them get you down.

    People need not take things so seriously (not you, but some respondents). Can’t wait for every new episode.

  148. 148 GrtzlRkqlxw

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a badly dressed homo with the wrong eyeliner either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date some broad who got knocked up at the ripe old age of 18, not ONCE but TWICE (when she was EVEN older) either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date an AIDS leper either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a some teen girl with a potbelly and a face like a female Bulgarian hammer thrower either, now would you?

    who the cap fits …

    And now, for those with a REAL sense of humor:
    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a RAPE VICTIM either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a cripple either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a MidWesterner either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a Christian either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date a WAR vet with no legs either, now would you?

    Would YOU date a pedophile? Come on, you wouldn’t date trailer women (POOR) either, now would you?

    I’m so glad I finally found others who like to insult those pathetic cancer folks too! I mean, isn’t it their own fault? They shouldn’t have gone and get cancer! Why couldn’t they have stayed healthy, like regular folks!

    What is so nice about comedians in the last 10 years or so, is that it’s shifted from insulting the powerful, like the rich, the churches, Scientology, the politicians, the bosses to mocking the poor, the sick , the cancer patients, the women, minorities.
    It used to be like this that there was a line, which was, don’t make fun of people who already have it tough in life. But, now, it’s okay to insult especially the poor, the minorities, the sick and the cripples. I think this is called “refreshing” these days.

  149. 149 GrtzlRkqlxw


    Come on, seriously, not just teens, but EVERYONE will stop dating if the other person ENTERS into the relation with some terminal illness.

    It’s a whole different thing if you both start out healthy and one gets sick.

    But don’t kid yourself that you would be so noble if you discovered on the third date, that the other has a terrible illness and will be puking their guts out or will end up in a wheel chair within the next 3 years.

  150. 150 yuri

    what’s red and blue and crawling up your leg?

    a homesick abortion!

  151. 151 Michael C

    You know what? My daddy waa a trucker who I never met and my momma was a prostitute…but she gave me away when I was two because of drugs and then I was raised by a foster family that were religious zealots who hated blacks and fags and hippies because they were destroying this country and God would punsih them all very soon, but I started having sex when I was a teen anyway and then ran away to find my real mom who had two more kids since me, one of whom was black and who had a gay uncle. Then I ran away again and joined the army, became a vet, but had to come home from an oveseas tour early because my foster dad was dying of stomach cancer. I swear to God every word is true…you cant even make crap like this up…I am dysfunctional with a capital D and you know what…I still think MTSS is funny. But then again, i have never had rabies…go figure.

  152. 152 Bob


    “I don’t know… You seem like a fun guy though, Bob. That’s why I’m willing to overlook your bi-polarism and your liking of the vag, so that you and I can go out.”

    I’m hella fun.. just as long as sarcasm can be caught. Then I’m just an ass with a nice ass.

    Bipolarism makes for a rollercoaster relationship. I highly recommend, A++. Mania causes my sex drive to, well, be highly sought after.

    And just as long as it’s not a DQ.. But we don’t have those in New Orleans. Just other.. stuff.

    I demand a show on oral sex.

  153. 153 Susan

    Deb is no longer in this debate. Argue with her if you want, you windmill tilters, you. I am on your side. I am not going to defend her offended sensibilities, and I never have. No one since Deb has argued that a good joke that offends someone is out of bounds. If they did, and I missed it, I am sorry. I don’t agree with them.

    The question is not whether the cancer comment was offensive, the question is whether or not it was a good joke.

    I know you have all been hoping to link my argument with Deb’s so you can dismiss me, too, without having to think very hard. That’s not logical. You need to work much harder to think of an offensive comment that is similar to the pedophile/cancer comment. I am convinced no one can do it. The dead baby jokes don’t fit the category because no one actually thinks enjoying killing a baby is a good thing. Getting out of a relationship with a cancerous person whom you have just started dating may actually be a wise thing for you to do (if you yourself are not strong enough to handle such a difficult relationship).

    There are people who are so unhappy with their lives, that they need to distract themselves from their own pain by offending others.

    Do you believe that any comment that is offensive is funny? Don’t you demand something more intellectual of your humor? What more do you demand? How did the MTSS comment meet that requirement? That’s what I want to know.

    MTSS is at its best when it is offensive AND funny. It was at its lowest–once–when it was merely offensive.

    The dead baby & homesick abortion jokes are funny, clever, and offensive. I enjoy them. Keep them coming. But they don’t help the argument against the pedophile/cancer comment. You are funny. MTSS was not. MTSS was just offensive.

  154. 154 Tamara

    let’s do a show about bondage!!!!!!!!

  155. 155 speedylilbird

    Thank you thank you thank you! No really, this kind of facilitation of information is long over due! I got linked on my flist via Livejournal and have reposted the link and emailed it out to my sex ed savy friends who I know will appreciate it!

    I wish this was around when I was in a real sex ed class, if only to compliment my then-teachers’ well intentioned humorous approach to the subject in Jr. High and High School classes. If it had not been for the explicit nature of making available to us basic information about what happens when when you have sex, unprotected uninformed, I would have been raising a kid a long time ago and not be where I am today.

    Sadly, I can’t say the same for some of my other friends… they got the same classes, but I think what they lacked is some of the insights you cover in your podcasts on relationships, self esteem, and oddles more that is just kinda implied.

    As for what I’d love to see, if you’re still open to suggestions, is more on STD’s, a teens episode that is the flip side of the parents one (just thinking out loud here), mutual masturbation, and the mentality that I once had: that once you loose it, you have to marry the dunce you decided to loose it to.

    Anywho, keep up the great work!

  156. 156 Mari

    Hey I absolutely love your site :3 I show it to all my friends, i figure we could all learn something.

    About the cancer thing, I’m sort of on the fence. On the one hand, when I heard it, it was so unexpected that it was sort of funny.

    On the other hand, without really thinking about it this was the first episode I showed to one of my good friends (whose only brother died from cancer a few years back when we were in high school), and the thing that left the main impression on her was… the cancer joke. I did get her to watch the other videos and she liked them, but I felt like that really hurt her and I sort of felt bad for inadvertently telling her to watch it. like if you made a clearer point of “this sort of view (not dating people with cancer) is so stupid we’re GOING to make fun of it” then it would be more… understandable?

    keep it up with the episodes :3

  157. 157 Mari

    oh sorry, i didn’t see that post about not posting more about cancer until i scrolled upward more :( i only had read til about halfway down. But then I had wanted to leave something about my friend before I even knew everyone was talking about that.

    As far as parents go, I think it was a good episode. I’m definitely considering showing it to my mom because I know that my siblings are probably getting as much parent talk as I did, which is to say… none.

  158. 158 Unconcerned Mother of One Daughter (and two sons)

    Just quietly pointing out I’m a different Debbie in the Phoenix area. It’s a popular name.

    I love this show, and recommend it to everyone I know, regardless if they have or ARE teenagers. Anytime you can combine humor with sex and especially if you aim it at teens, I’m a supporter.

  159. 159 Omaha Alex

    Simply awesome…

    I got the talk growing up, well, the talk about how a man and a woman have sex. My mom gave me the talk. I think she scared me, and that is why I’m gay. Yep. Just a thought.

    I’ve told many friends about this site, hecka awesome.

  160. 160 Meghan

    The next time I feel pressured to have sex, I will simply get up and run away, screaming, “LALALALALALALA!” Thanks, MTSS!

  161. 161 Sam


    For christs sake woman, are you so dense that you cannot even recognize blatant sarcarsm? NO ONE is actually equating pedophilia with cancer. Do you honestly understand what sarcasm is?
    Sarcasm: the act of stating the opposite of an intended meaning.
    The line in the video is funny because two health conditions that are indeed ENTIRELY DIFFERENT are being presented as similar in category, while the viewer knows this is not correct and was expecting the actor to mention something comparable with pedophilia. This “unexpectedness” or “opposite of intended meaning” is what makes this humorous. Am I really having to explaining sarcasm, here?

    Nothing about cancer in real life is funny. But we as humans living in the human condition, intermix humor and things such as cancer to reduce the pain of having to experience such terrible things. Alzheimers, other terrible diseases, War, starvation, genocide, etc are no different.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think cancer is a horrible disease, and have nothing but respect and sympathy for all those individuals who have to deal with such a nightmare and their families, including yourself.
    In the last 4 years alone, I have lost an uncle and a grandma to cancer, and another uncle was recently diagnosed.
    I am truly sorry for your situation, but I stand by the writer of this podcast. All the best.

  162. 162 Sam

    A Treatise on Episdoe #12. just kidding, but sorry for the crazy long post.. I just got into writing and couldn’t stop. I’m addressing this to all the tight-spun, negative
    commenters out there in defense of the shows creators. :)

    I believe one of the primary challenges facing teenagers today has to do with the increasing numbers of parents naively attempting to shelter them from the challenges and desires of modern society. Most high-schoolers these days actually have had much more experience with issues such as dating, intercourse, birth control, safe sex, alcohol, drugs, and more than their oblivious parents would even believe.

    Abdicating their responsibility to educate their teens, many parents today are too timid to speak with them about the young adult issues they are coming to face. Instead of initiating proper discussion and mentoring, they just grasp tighter onto their teenager’s fading youthful innocence and avoid speaking about puberty, sexual issues, relationship advice, alcohol and drugs, and any other difficult subject.
    Unfortunately, by doing this, the parents inadvertently create a situation where their children are not only uncomfortable discussing personal issues with them, but even perceive the parents as unconnected and an irrelevant source of guidance. This forces teens to turn to others for advice on these subjects, mostly friends, siblings, and classmates. This circumstance, in turn, can lead to serious misconceptions and falsehoods about these important issues being perpetuated through urban legends, folklore, and just plain youthful ignorance and immaturity.

    A VERY DISTURBING trend recently has been the increased spread of so-called “abstinence only” sex education in American schools. This oxymoron-termed form of “sexual education” is a thinly-veiled attempt to replace crucial sex and reproductive health education with conservative ideology and religious propaganda that emphasizes sexual abstinence and actually omits all other types of sexual and reproductive health education, particulary regarding birth control, STDs, and safe sex. This is not hyperbole… this is actually being taught in a significant portion of America’s public schools. This is the direct result of the conservative religous agenda being pushed by President Bush and his intoleranct, self-righteous, evangelical Christian base who wish to use to force their narrow interpretation of a religion onto a modern, pluralistic society. Over $1 billion dollars of your tax dollars have already been wasted on this nonsense.

    Thankfully, much research has been conducted, and indeed many peer-review studies have been published showing the total failure of this type of “education” to actually increase abstinence. What this “education” has increased, according to the studies, is the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies in students. From my perspective, even a monkey could resolve this anomoly. simple. Teenagers naturally will experiment with sexual behavior. All parents, especially these puritanical, fanato-religious types, need to realize that their teens and young adults, naturally, will at some point most likely engage in sexual activity. This will happen no matter how much effort they expend to the contrary. Starting with this rational premise, it then becomes obvious that not only do all teens need to receive comprehensive education on sex and reproductive health in school, but that communication and guidance from their parent(s) on these vital issues is essential.

    At the same time that many are being denied proper education in school, and many if not most are unable to confer with their parents, these already sexually-curious-by-nature teens are being bombarded by overtly sexual advertising, television, music, websites, magazines, and other media in our modern culture. It really doesn’t take a genius to realize that augmenting the potent soup of adolescence, sexual curosity, and hormones with ignorance and a lack of education can make for trouble.

    I personally think this is a great webcast, and is entirely relevant to the audience for which it is meant, which they identify as teens and young adults. It provides a humorous and entertaining perspective to practical education on sex and reproductive health which is so sorely lacking in our society. This “big sister” approach looks to be a great way to address these issues, and one which will captivate teens to continue coming back to the website. I really am glad that these type of alternatives exist for teens. Though I’m in my mid 20’s, it seems like yesterday that I was a freshman in highschool watching MTV’s late-night, question-and-answer show, “Loveline with Dr. Drew”. Loveline, in addition to that old Canadian woman’s sex-advice television show, provided many hours of quality, informative, entertainment. I would have loved your website when I was younger!

  163. 163 Alex

    My friend Matt introduced me to you guys a few days ago and I must say- I’m in love. Educational AND f**king hysterical! I have seen every single one at least twice now :)

    stay amazing <3

  164. 164 kay

    Could somebody please post what Britney Barber is saying starting at 0:57??? The first time I heard it I could barely make it out. So damn funny though!

  165. 165 Cady

    HI, i just found your site and i love it!

    I’m 19 and in my junior year there was at least one or two pregnant girls in every class i had, and if that doesnt prove abstenence only sex ed doesnt work i dont know what does. I had a girl in my 10th grade math class whose parents paid for her giant tattoo of a palm tree and beach on her inner hip, but aparently forgot to instruct her that one part of tskeing care of it involves not getting pregnant by 11th grade math class where she got to show off her lovely tattoo of a… well, i dont know anymore… now i kno thats rather rambley, but my point being, we have a problem when schools teach us nothing, then give no help when almost 20 percent of the girls enrolled are preggers, and parents will pay for your tattoo and let you “try out” some weed, but wont even mention the word condom.

    and susan, please stop sucking the fun out of everything by trying to explain why it is or isnt funny. we dont need your permision, or explanation, to laugh at something. its okay if you dont find it funny, but we like to laugh, it mskes us happy, so excuse us if we do so without first getting your analisis to tell us if the joke fits the proper formula.

    and by the way the joke wasnt “pedophiles are lke cancer patients and yo wouldnt date one o them!” it was “pedophilia is a disease like cancer, and you wouldnt date a cancer patient now would ya!” and i know i just got on susans case for explaining jokes, but i thought it could use pointing out that it wasnt saying cancer was like assaulting children, but that it is a disease. and last time i checked cancer was indeed a desease, i should know, i’ve been sick my whole life, and though i’ve seen more doctors than i can remeber, been wrongly diagnosed, and even treated for sicknesses i dont have more times than i csn count. and sill nobody knows what the diagnoses is, we do know that because of it i now have cancer and will most likely die before i reach 25, and still get to enjoy the excrutiateing pain and exauhstion that comes with whatever else is wrong with me, and watch a friend go through the same things with stage 3 lymhoma. yet we both laughed. nether one of us was offended. in fact im more offended by the fact that people are attacking others in the name of us cancer patents. we’re sick, not dead, if we have a problem most of us can still type well enough to say so. if we cant laugh, at this, at ourselves, at whatever, then this desease really has one, lighten p, i dont have enough time to get offended by humor, it feals better to laugh anyway.

    and i know this is an excessively long post, as well as long past the time of the posts im responding to, but i felt the need to speak up. and in closeing, though the joke was obviously just that, i do have something to say about dateing and cencer, peopel saying how awful it is to talk of not dateing someone because of cancer. well i wouldnt have sex with someone with seeping herpes sores. i know its very different, but people really miss the horrible things that come with. i mean, chemo, radiation, being sick constantly,and death. im not saying people shouldnt date someone because of csncer, but to start somethign long term with someone who yo know will suffer horribly and possibly, or even certantly die is not an easy simple thing. i have dated, i do date, i hope to continue to, but right now, though i love being in a real relationship, being in love just like everyone else, right now im in bed all day long, i wake p exhausted even after 18 hours of sleep, i can barley take enough medication to make my pain bareable because of how nausious the meds make me, and im lucky if i get out of the house two or three times a week, and thats to go to the doctor. i couldnt start up a real relationship, maybe if i had been dateing someone two years ago, before i broke my back, and when i could still get out and do something ever so often, i’d expect them to hang around, but i dont have the energy to start a real relationship now, im to tired to go out on a date, and sitting in bed watching a movie with someone is slightly less sexy when the sweat im drenched in comes from the fever and the medication, and though im sweeping the chunks of hair out of my bed as i debate how mch hair i have to lose before i shave my head compleatly, my legs keep getting furryer because im too tired to shave, let alone have sex. and i dont really have a whole lot to talk about, on the phone or in person, because the most exciteing thing going on in my life is decideing whether i want to do shots in the hip or but rockets, and im talking medication, not play time. now dont get me wrong, im actualy pretty happy, somehow i manage to keep myself going with sites and videos like this, but someone who wants to date someone who doesnt have the energy to walk out to the kitchen to eat, let alone live a life with enough to share would actually concern me. its one thing to take care of someone you love whos fallen ill, but really being my boyfriend would be more like being my nurse maid. i like guys who want to get ot and do things, go rock climbing, backpacking, climb a mountain, go see a concert, hike, swim, not a guy who wants to lay in bed all day, watching whatevers on tivo. dont you? and on top of all of that, knowing that i will die, i mean, its not being a bad person to not want to fall in love with someone who you know is going to have to leave you, in the same way it is really hard to stay together if your new boyfriend goes off to war, 6 months, 2 years, whatever of being apart and wondering if they’re okay, if they’re gonna get hurt, die. i couldnt do it. and maybe im selfish, but i dont want the guilt of knowing that i will leave one more person torn apart bu grief. i cant live with that. it doesnt make me or them a bad person, it makes us human. it is a situation that yo have no ideo how you would react in, or what you would do, until yo’ve actually been there, and hopefully you never will. but we look at someone who leaves there boyfriend/girlfriend, whos terminaly ill as the absolute worst, but staying in a relationship with someone you dont really love out of guilt, thats not fsir, not to them not to you, not to anyone. staying out of guilt is much worse then leaveing a person your not really in love with, or a situation that you just cant handle. staying with someone whos dieing, BECAUSE they’re dieing isnt noble, its cowardly, and unfair. and its not what we want. we are people how condecending is it to assume that we just cant handle life illness with out you, or that we are just so lucky to have someone by our side even if they’re only there out of guilt, that even though they dont love us, we should just feel blessed that they are willing to hold our hand for a while before they go home to f*** the person they really care about. and this isnt bitterness, this isnt from some bad experience. we are people, we are not some sick animal who needs someone to pet it while the vet gives it the shot to put it down. we can make our own decisions, who says someone else has the right to decide if we can handle life, (or death) without them there. that we are just so pitiful we just couldnt possibly make it without them to hold our hand. do you see how condecending and egotistical that is? that they are somehow so amazing without them we would just… so they should just wait ti out, you know show up and hold our hand for a while before they get down to they’re real girlfriend, just till we die, so we wont have to know the pain of losing them, and they wont have to feel guilty for leaving. and we get the joy of living our last days with someone who doesnt want to be a part of them. no thanks, if i only have so much time, im gonna make sure the people i spend it with want to be a part of it just as much as i want them to.

    now i know thats a ton of talk about something just sort of mentioned on the side, but a hell of a lot more offensive than some joke that i actualy thought was pretty funny, and if im not offended by it i dont see why others should be, i mean, i cant tell people what to think, but i sure dont want people to be offended for me, as if i cant for myself, your pitty is much more offensive in my view.


  166. 166 Bea

    one day while i was driving my little brother to school with my mom
    she wanted to give him “the talk” i knew something weird will happen but wasn’t prepared for what really did happen. my bro turned pale and greenish and started to vomit and my mom started to scream “stop the car stop the car” i nearly hit the car in front.

  167. 167 Stacy

    Lord i know this is probably the LATEST comment ever…

    but give me credit i just became a viewer…

    so i was waiting for the video to buffer and looked at the comments…and i really think that all of the funny has been sucked out of me..i never knew a joke had to be analyzed and fit a certain criteria to be funny…i am not going to use big words and try to sound all smart to make my point..but basically my point was an OBVIOUS joke..i mean i dont know Nikol and them personally but i am sure theyre not terrible people who would SERIOUSLy make fun of cancer..i think they made a joke that was obviously a JOKE whether or not it fit some persons perfect formula of a joke…it was funny…

    maybe its just funny to us stupid people…

    dont discount us stupids..we are hilarious..

  168. 168 Shane

    Who plays the Dad? He’s cute :)

  169. 169 click

    I love this site, so thank you

  170. 170 Chris

    The Guy at 2:30 looks like the lead singer from Rise Against!

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