STD’s, Teens, and Nikol on CBS’ The Early Show

Nikol appeared on The Early Show on CBS this morning to discuss the recent CDC study that revealed that one in four teenage girls has contracted an STD.

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  1. 1 Krista

    As Nikol noted in a tweet, I dugg the story, but I was the only one :(

    Great job, Nikol!

  2. 2 Bill Alldredge

    You guys rock! Keep it up!

  3. 3 David

    ??? Why are they saying that this is so hugely shocking? I remember in high school health we were pounded this statistic, and it was probably a 10 year old statistic as well. The point of the study was that this is the first study on this generation that still confirms those statistics.

  4. 4 Nikol

    Yeah, the study itself was conducted in 2003. While I did not get to express it on the show, I was not shocked in the least at the numbers. In the green room I blabbered on and on about how this is not something new. I am pleased, however, that networks like CBS are not taking the low road with coverage. They honestly took a look and did not sensationalize the report.

    Aren’t the teens that were on amazing girls? So proud of them!

    Oh, and Rick Kaplan, the exec producer, is the sweetest man I have ever met in my life.

  5. 5 Retrokatze

    So, what about the boys? Who do those girls contract STDs from, huh? Must be because they’re all sluts or something. /SARCASM

  6. 6 maxwell

    way to go nikol!

  7. 7 UbiquitousChe

    Yay Nikol! You’re my hero!

    Well, okay. Iron Man is my hero. But you come a close second. :D

    It kind of shocks me that this was considered late breaking news. But on the other hand it’s brilliant that this kind of information is getting out there at all. It’s badly needed.

    You wacky Americans with your heads in the sand regarding all things sexual. :P

    I was wondering if you guys have considered setting up a thread specifically for STD related information? I find that a lot of people don’t even know what I know about STDs. Things like the fact that Chlamydia usually manifests no early symptoms and can result in infertility before it ever gets noticed.

    And I’m sure my knowledge of STD’s is still highly inadequate.

    On a side note, I found the video to be really choppy. I get about five seconds of footage followed by a ten second pause. I don’t know if that’s because my connection is too slow - and I’m watching this at work (ha!) and my work connection is a right beast - or if it’s to do with my ISP being weird (much more likely).

    Is this video availible somewhere else? I’d like to watch it again, only smoothly this time. It’s kind of hard for me to follow this one.

  8. 8 Cara

    Great job Nikol!
    Thank you for your very important message of TALKING about sex and opening up with communication about sex. As a sex educator in schools in California, I find that the conversation I have in classes are more about communication and feelings about sexuality than actually doing it. If we could open up the dialogue about sex instead of putting it aside and making it so taboo, wouldn’t we have such healthier and safter views and attitudes on it?

  9. 9 Bobby

    is this statistic shocking? i dont find it shocking at all.

    a) 1 in four of the 800 girls who participated in this study had std’s. that is not a fair representation of all teenage girls in america. no one takes into account what type of girls might agree be part of this study (as i see it, a girl who is not sexually active might just assume she is extempt from the study) and that throws off the statistic all together

    b) the lack of education teenagers get on sex is ridiculous. that coupled with the idea that younger people are less likely to catch a disease bc they have not had the experiene of an older person (which is untrue) and the fact that whether for boys or girls, getting tested is such a hassle, 25% or teenage girls having an STD does not surprise me at all. and unfortunately, a lot of those girls might not know it, the guys they are fooling around with might not know it, and the cycle just goes on and on.

  10. 10 redheadeditor

    You rock my world, Nicol.

    I am a sex educator for Planned Parenthood. In my state (left of you in location, right of you in politics) we have abstinence-only based sex ed. A lot of good that does as 10,000 teens A DAY are diagnosed with an STI. And we all agree parents are and should be the best teachers, but so few are equipped with the facts or guts. So where can I teach since I am not allowed in pubic schools (thanks to our wonderful governor)? I am allowed in juvenile jail, drug/alcohol rehab, and probation offices. The message in our state is “We wait till kids are in trouble before we teach them how to stay out of trouble.” The statistics don’t shock people like you and me, and I bet nothing I have just told you shocks you. We do not give our teens enough credit to take the facts and make healthy decisions so we take the facts and decision making ability away from them. We all know that the old adage “handing out condoms encourages sex” is like carrying an umbrella causes it to rain.

    I love your message. Keep up the good work. Any way I can help?

  11. 11 Johnny Foster

    Thank you, Bobby.
    I was desperately hoping someone else would call the validity of this study into question.
    The same way anti-smoking advocates falsely cite the cherry-picked results of the WHO’s study on the effects of second-hand smoke (Which it turns out isn’t even statistically significant),
    it doesn’t surprise me that nationally renowned news sources are jumping on this study as an easy way to scare more people shitless. Nothing boosts ratings like national panic.
    (Only 800 people? Where did they find them? What are their backgrounds? Is it possible that this study is purposefully-biased?
    Why is nobody else asking these questions before throwing it on national television?)

    I’m all about bringing awareness to the public when it comes to practicing safe sex in response to the REAL STD threats out there, but when you make a big, meaty-sounding claim like “One in Four,” then you had damn well better be able to back it up.
    Look at it this way. In the early 60’s, kids were told that smoking pot would lead to listening to jazz music and raping white women. When the kids found out it was horse shit, they toked even harder, just for spite.
    When you lie about the dangers of sex to kids, and they figure it out, they’re going to assume there’s no danger at all.
    (Translation: Kids are stupid as hell.)
    Take those two 16 year olds on the show with you, for example. (Was being 16 the only basis for qualification?) They obviously had no idea what was going on, it was clear they weren’t sexually active, and they were just allowing themselves to be spoon-fed the obviously-leading questions of the air-headed hostesses.

    “Waaah! Peer pressure! Waah, media sources! We obviously have no free will! Please give us teenagers an excuse to act stupid as hell when it comes to sex, even though anyone with a double-digit IQ and an internet connection can find their way to Wikipedia and learn twice as much in an hour as any public-school sex-ed class can teach them in 4 months.”

    You know, parents COULD theoretically keep shirking their responsibility to talk with their kids about sex.
    Yeah, it’d be perfectly fine, as long as they taught their kids not to be willfully ignorant.

    (End rant.)

    Nikol, as usual, you brought the right message to the table.
    I’m curious though, how did you avoid strangling them all on the air?

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