MTSS 15: Break-Ups

I’m so over you… Hold me.

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  1. 1 steve

    Another great episode! What’s the name of the piece of music used for the section at 2:40 (Classical tune)?

  2. 2 brad

    wow..just wow. great turn around on this one, i wasnt expecting another one for a few weeks.

    I really hate it when someone doesnt tell you why theyre breaking up with you. i’d rather have the truth and a “fuck you” than either a lie or nothing at all. I can come up with a million reasons why i suck…but i need to know which one cause this breakup, otherwise, how will i learn?

    But seriously, she pissed me off.

  3. 3 Scott the Homosexual

    Geez Nikol… If you lose any more weight we won’t even be able to see you.

    Great episode!

  4. 4 Curvaceous Dee

    Another fantastic episode. Nikol, you really have the art of dead-pan down - I’m impressed (and also seriously hoping one day you’ll show a blooper reel, if you don’t manage it every time).

    Britney, that closing song was the best ever :)

    xx Dee

  5. 5 Jenny, Bloggess

    Best. Episode. Ever.

    I’m not just saying that because I want Britney and Nikol and to make out with me.

    But I do want Britney and Nikol to make out with me.

  6. 6 candylover

    I’ve watched all your shows

    over and over.
    and over.

    Theyre SOOO FUNNY :D

    Lovee it xx

  7. 7 Nick

    I love you guys. Your the reason I cry at night, but remember that I cry only to keep from laughing!

  8. 8 Dilek

    that was awesome. i stopped by just to watch older episodes, besides i still haven’t got enough of “oral sex”, and yet i couldn’t believe my eyes seeing a new episode! really, the episodes are getting better and better. i see my self dead in the future. died of laughter. and it will be MTSS’s fault! >D but nevermind.

    i agree with brad. it simply sucks, if you don’t get a reason for a break up. escpecially when the relationship lasted long. it’s always the same “i don’t want to hurt you, let’s just be friends”. well.. hell no. i rather get a reason for that, than such lame excuses. don’t want to hurt, hu? so what does a break up cause? excactly: too much free time!

  9. 9 Nikol

    @curvaceous Dee I am usually way too nervous to do anything but deadpan. I have to do several takes as Guy directs me to smile.

  10. 10 Jesse L

    No matter what anyone tells you, honesty will almost always result with a verbal (and sometimes physical) onslaught.

    That being said, it’s definitely the best policy. I know I always want to hear the truth. But when it comes time for me wanting to break it off with someone… well… I’m just tired of being called an asshole.

    Another absolutely amazing show guys. I’m in love with BB. Funniest Female on the internet.

  11. 11 Zoe

    Fab episode! The series is great - not only educational, but INSANELY FUNNY! I’ve told all my friends to check you out and I don’t even care when they give me funny looks and edge away after I utter the words “Teen Sex Show”….. well, mahybe a little…. But they already knew I was weird anyways ^_^

  12. 12 Stacey

    Hey, what’s with the whore bashing at the end?

  13. 13 Polly

    I just invented a new way to break up with someone! I’ll email them this episode!

    To all those who want the truth about why someone is breaking up with you, be careful what you ask for. If the answer is that your balls are entirely too large compared to the rest of your package, what are you going to do with that information?

  14. 14 Pete

    Then I’d start singing I’ve Got Big Balls!

  15. 15 Jim Kirks

    Love the show guys! My gut hurts after every episode, because I am laughing. What did you think? Thanks for always entertaining.

  16. 16 Mouseclone

    It is always great to see another production of MTSS. I wish that more people were honest when it came to break ups. But I think that we have all been there and really, the truth of it all, we just do not want to be with that person anymore.

    As for nudity in America, yeah Americans need to lighten up. There is no reason to be ashamed of God. Yes, Adam was in God’s images and Adam was naked. After eating the fruit, Adam was ashamed of Gods image. Really depends on how you look at things.

  17. 17 Pat

    This stuff just gets better and better…

    Beautiful episode
    Keep up the Fabulous work…

    “You’re a douche…”

    AWESOME closing song

  18. 18 Adie

    The song at the end of this episode was EPIC.

  19. 19 Jack

    The timing of this video is uncanny, as I’ve been getting over a recent break up myself. The last few weeks have been pretty lousy for me but this cheered me up.

    I’ve loved the show ever since I found it and I’m always excited when you guys put out a new episode. Thanks for making them and a special thanks for making this one.

  20. 20 Ubiquitous Che

    Another brilliant vid….

    One question though.

    Who’s Becky?

  21. 21 Rob

    God, I love MTTS.
    I think that this was definitely a necessary episode, because a properly executed break up, if you’ll pardon the pun, is better than an atrophied relationship.
    I was in the nether regions for something like three months before my girlfriend kissed me for the last time and drove away with her DVDs. Like, no actual words of closure. And when you’re left hanging, it really sucks.
    I think it’s awesome that you guys are teaching how to properly break up with someone, because the alternative is a lot worse.
    And, I love Nikol’s black humor.

  22. 22 Nick

    Outrageously funny, keep on the good work.

  23. 23 Nikol

    I am reading your comments and loving the hell out of all of you. Thanks for getting us here!

  24. 24 Heather

    I love you guys! You guys seriously make my day!

  25. 25 Brittany S.

    Nikol, who’s Becky? I thought you said you loved me!! WTF! It’s so over! lol

  26. 26 Nikol

    @Brittany S. Awww, honey. Don’t act that way. I still love you. I just got to be free.

  27. 27 LC


    Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Christian myth of “Adam & Eve” and Adam not liking his own/gods image has nothing to do with the irrational aversion to nudity in America. The problem lies in the ignorant, austere “Religious Right” and their narrow, antiquated and hypocritical belief systems…
    It’s unfortunate these people exist, and even more so that there appear to be so many of them. They even have “creation museums” where they teach children that the earth is only 5,000 years old, and that humans lived side-by-side with dinosaurs… HA. These people are f****** nuts!

    A couple more join the fanatical Christian groups, and I’m moving to the UK, Spain, or the Netherlands….

  28. 28 Gary

    Guy, a little quick inserting the commercial/credits at 3:24 and 3:32. Nice lines like “outside the family” and “…depends on how hot their friends are.” I do appreciate the little visuals like Nikol just hangin’ out in the men’s room and the tip jar on Britney’s keyboard. But, a question–what is the last line of Britney’s solo lament? Lots of playbacks but no comprendo.

  29. 29 Nikol
  30. 30 Mad! and IGrowBeards

    First of all thank you so much for brining this show to the public access in a way that not only helps young adults understand the taboo topic of “SEX” as well as having a humorous side to it. I’ve been watching this since day one and I totally thought that it was great and I’ve seen how much your skills have improved not only the writing but also the acting and technical editing of the show. If is not too much to ask it would be nice to have this show broadcast on national television since im sure the success wouldn’t be questioned!

    Once again thanks and please don’t stop making us laugh since this is the new age material for kids of today that will actually help them understand what “SEX” is about and how to be safe about it!!!

    Mad! and IGrowBeards.

  31. 31 Matt

    So, I’m off on business for a few weeks and you’re seeing other viewers! Or are they seeing you? i can never remember how that works….well, just dandy, how on earth can i manage to be self-righteous and absent-minded at the same time?

    Guess my memory isn’t what it once was, although by definition I have no way of knowing that. Glad to see you were active while I was away.

  32. 32 Nikol

    Listen, Matt, I am not the kind of woman who waits around whilst men wander the internet. I need daily attention. I need site traffic. I need to be held, albeit by your eyeballs and bandwidth. Don’t go away again. *sniffle*

  33. 33 Matt

    Now, now, don’t cry, you’ll short out your keyboard and get electrocuted. And you know how that upsets the children.

  34. 34 elk

    you guys are geniuses!

    elk, the middle east

  35. 35 Jo

    When’s the next episode out! I LOVE THIS SHOW, it’s the greatest!
    Thank yuu so much!

  36. 36 Brooke Keast

    As a Mom with 2 teens I applaude you for taking the initiative to get everyone talking about sex. Keep up the good work!

  37. 37 bryan.w

    hay i loved all the vidos i watched but this one got me. if i have two girl friends and i wont to brack up with one of them which one should i brack up with?

    p.s. i seen your shows on the news last night i pened the site down and i had to see them when i did i really liked them so thinks i really needed the info that you gave me and good luck whith the next shows.

  38. 38 MikeyinCA

    Awesome. Now we even get music videos. Great last line!

  39. 39 MikeyinCA

    P.S. Enjoy Vegas. It will be a hot mother in August, but well worth it still. Make sure and hit 9 Fine Irishmen in the NYNY for a pint and some entertainment. Keep up the good work!

  40. 40 Michael
  41. 41 Michael

    I didn’t even see the prom contest!!!! can my video question/submission count or should I work on something super special for Britt? this could be my chance to finally be the creepy internet wolf type predator who meets up with strangers that my friends always tell me I look like. I mean… not that but more like a sheep… I have to go.

  42. 42 Trevor

    is there a way i can download britney’s song at the end?

  43. 43 Nikol

  44. 44 Nimby

    This. Is. AWESOME. First we get more of the show’s excellent, oh-so-close-to-horrifying black humor (that kind is the BEST), but we also get a spoof-religious revival skit (the guy’s “AWESOME” comment at the end was the perfect finish and really sold it for me) and OMGAMAKEOUTSCENEBRITNEYANDNIKOL. ;)
    Anyway, this is one of the best I’ve seen yet, and it proves you guys still know exactly what to do to make us laugh about sex. Honestly, I think your show encourages openness about sex far more than anything else out there.
    And, again, the deadpan/black humor rocks. “That way, you can take a picture of them…”
    The song rocks, and is Britney really playing the piano there?

  45. 45 Ermy

    simply awe-some


  46. 46 Esme

    I want an mp3 of Brittany’s song.

  47. 47 Mollie

    That song at the end… was so beautiful it brought me to tears….

    hahahaha I LOVE you guys!!!

  48. 48 Saucy Wench

    And I thought “Dirty Hole” by VAST was the best break-up song ever. I stand corrected! Fantastic job as always.

  49. 49 Lee Baumann

    There should totally be an episode on rebounding and rebound relationships….though I would imagine would be as shortly aired as a real rebound would dictate. I’m just salty for coming out of one of them myself………….Keep up the great work Nikol, Brittany, and the rest of the cast that I haven’t read about yet…which I swear I will get to.

  50. 50 Hadeem

    I just thought os something. If someone broke up and is going to have break-up sex with the ex and you swoop in, is that stealing their break-up sex or just rebound sex?

  51. 51 SA Newsie

    I think the reason people are so shocked when you break up with them in an honest way (i.e. “We can’t be together anymore because every day you suck a little bit more life out of me - you’re a parasite, and a moron, and, quite frankly, I’m embarrassed that I ever let you see me naked) is that we haven’t been honest in the relationship itself … which is probably why the break-up was inevitable.

    It’s all about boundaries, when breaking up or getting together.

    Or, if all else fails, you could just tell the guy you’re dating you’re dying of cancer and move to another country. Worked like a charm for me. :)

  52. 52 Cody

    Is everyone that works on these bisexual? lol I liked the song at the end

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