What if Your Undies had the Last Word?

Andrew Woodruff from ISIS (Internet Sexuality Information Services) wants you to write on your undies.

ISIS is hosting a contest where entrants design their own underwear with a message to promote sexual communication and prevent STDs. The grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship or cash equivalent. The contest ends May 15th.

Head over to UndiesContest.com, get those panties off, and start making some under-art.

Undies Contest

7 Responses to “What if Your Undies had the Last Word?”

  1. 1 Christian

    Somehow the website is blank?!

  2. 2 Ubiquitous Che

    Christian: I had trouble with their website in FireFox, but IE worked fine.

  3. 3 Tobias Ziegler

    well, webpages are not set up automatically, it takes its time trust me (i got experience there), or there was an error while loading, try pressing the f5 key once u opened the page

  4. 4 Linda Newton

    I left a long response on the ABC site that I because I felt most of the parents were bashing you and the concept of the show.

    As a teacher who works with adolescents I can attest to the fact that 90% of the parents do not really know their children ages 12 to 17, especially when they are 13 to 15. The kids act one way when the parents are around and completely different around their friends and classmates. Teachers get to see them around their classmates, and besides being an educator I used to work as a public health nurse.

    One parent felt you did not teach about the emotional side of sex…well most of the kids do not put emotional feelings with many of the sex acts…So many middle school girls are performing oral sex and to them it is no different than kissing. I heard several talk about how it was almost better than kissing because they did not have to look at the person in their face, they could close their eyes…all of the girls talked about how they could pretend the guy was someone else….girls feel they need to perform oral sex to keep a guy happy. These teenage boys have it made…then someone was griping that in one of the videos you did not address the dangers of suffocation from auto-erotic strangulation…I thought the danger was pretty self evident in the video…

    An expert knows everything about their field and can lecture and tell their audience all they ever needed to know about this topic…..You would thing this would be the number one concept taught to adults that are becoming educators…to be experts in what they are talking about…NO it is important but we are trained to design an ATTENTION GETTER or MOTIVATOR at the beginning of each lesson, so the students focus on what you have to say, get interested, find it relevant to their lives and listen to the entire lecture….IN OTHER WORDS GREAT TEACHERS have charisma and know how to get their students’ attention and keep it while they teach them something….
    THAT MAKES YOU A GREAT !!! Nikol you should think of pursuing a degree in education…you would make a wonderful teacher.

    We do need some shows on the dumb rumors on how to keep a girl from getting pregnant…like swimming in a pooling sex, cannot get pregnant…during her period…and many more…..

    Also when a student is approached by okay I said it a TEACHER….I find it disgusting if a teacher has sex with a student half his or her name.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I donated 10 dollars and I hope to donate a bit more when I get my taxes back….It is a worthy cause…I have given the site to my 15 yo son…I have had the sex talk and we have a very open relationship, but he is a different sex and his father is not in the picture much, so he might have some questions he is not comfortable asking me….His best friend’s mom thinks I am too liberal…this woman will not let her 15 yo son close the bathroom door when he has to go…HE MIGHT TOUCH himself….Parents today cannot educate their children on SEX, I mean they dont teach them social skills anymore, no help with homework, don’t sign papers, never come to meetings, and often do not pick up a sick teenager from school…..


    Linda Newton middle school science and math teacher

  5. 5 Linda Newton

    Sorry I made a grammar error in the first sentence, my computer keeps jumping back up a couple of lines and by the time I catch it…well vista is not the program I thought it was….sorry about that I really am a teacher and a darn good one at that, but then again spelling has never been my forte.

  6. 6 Linda Newton

    please just read my posts as emails, I also put thing instead of think and name instead of age….It has been a long day and I have been working on a dissertation paper….Too tired to type….I should have sent it to your email address….You do not need to respond and I will not be posting a lot…but I had to send a positive note to some very bright and talented young people who deserve a big “Thank you” from parents not media bashing….

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