MTSS 16: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol


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  1. 1 Andrew Mager

    I love it :) Great work.

  2. 2 Stu Hancock


    ANOTHER one!!!!

    Oh, MAN, I’ve become an addict. I check my RSS feed every day, hoping OBOYOBOYOBOYOBOY is there gonna be another episode?

    It’s so bad to be so hooked.

    And then…today…..HERE IT IS!!! WAHOO!!!! And, as usual, it was freakin’ great.

    I’ve sort of decided that while the messaging is super that the comedy is even better. Sorry about that :-).

    Boy, any more gushing and I’ll be returning to full-blown simpering adolescent…geez….

    Nice job, rock stars,

    - Stu

  3. 3 Renee

    Party on, Wayne. Do they make date rape beer lite?

  4. 4 Polly

    If you think teens are unattractive when they’re drunk, try going on a business trip with a bunch of over-30 idiots. At least teens have an excuse. They may really not know their limit and they’ve never had any bad experiences while partying. By the time you’re much over 20, it’s just sad to see you stumbling around. I loved the intro to this episode. That’s what you look like when you’re wasted. That isn’t going to attract any high quality people into your life so please take note!

  5. 5 Amanda

    Loved it!!! Well done.

  6. 6 Nick

    OMG! And me that thought I was just unlucky all those nights I went out and was the hottest thing at the party (got plastered) and wondered how come I wasn’t picking up!
    Thanks Midwest Teen Sex Show, keep up the good work!

  7. 7 Mattie

    Another great show! Really lifted my poor mood.

    I am gonna have to find some Date Rape Beer. I hope it’s a dark beer. I want to at least enjoy my last few moments of cognizance.

  8. 8 Dave

    Great episode as usual!

    Have you guys ever thought of releasing a DVD??

  9. 9 Guy


    We’re working on a DVD full of extras and deleted scenes. Right now we’re looking for a sponsor to offset the production costs.

  10. 10 gimmeadollr

    Nuts, my flash isn’t working. Is there a place I can download this?

  11. 11 DD

    A couple of thoughts:

    If we’re at the point in our culture where people can make a satirical video about alcohol, drug use, and sexual activity including a fictional commercial for “Date Rape Beer”–and when the producers of the video believe they’re actually HELPING young people…then maybe we could all agree that young people are living some really crappy lives. Maybe just joking about getting wasted and having sex, or joking about using substances to rape somebody, or joking about hating your own children isn’t really the answer to the problem.

    Someone involved in one risky behavior is likely to become involved in others as well. Sex is a risk-behavior, as are alcohol and substance use/abuse. Encouraging young people to experiment with sex will likely increase their dabbling in the other things (see, for example)…

    I don’t like your videos, but I’m not shocked that you make them–go ahead, amuse yourselves. Just don’t want you to deceive yourselves into thinking you’re performing a public service, or doing teens today any favours here…

  12. 12 Heather

    Ok, DD, I don’t see how you jump to the fact that having sex will lead you to go on to doing other things such as drinking or substance abuse. This is a non sequitar train of reasoning. And that means “(literally means “does not follow”) in a general sense any argument which fails to establish a connection between the premises and the conclusion may be called a non-sequitar. In practice, however, the label non-sequitar tends to be reserved for arguments in which irrelevant reasons are offered to support a claim.”
    ps. I have sex and I don’t abuse anything. Except for maybe sex…

  13. 13 Heather

    Oh yeah, the video was great!! Keep them coming!! : D

  14. 14 Nikol
  15. 15 Briar

    It’s no lie our culture is hung up on sex. Whether we’re salaciously plastering it on TV, deeming it sacred, forbidding people to have it, or condemning others for trying and succeeding in starting a healthy conversation about it, it’s clear.

    But I wouldn’t call the MTSS videos “satirical.” That word connotes a mean-spiritedness that isn’t characteristic of MTSS whatsoever. Their videos deal with the pleasures of sex…and the grim realities other forms of education-by-miseducation-or-abbreviated-education shove, combined, to the shadowy corners of responsible consciousness.

    You can attack the act all you want; humans will still be sexual beings. And they will still always benefit from a bit of well-meaning information, however comically phrased, than tight-lipped silence and upturned noses.

  16. 16 Nikol

    @DD I left a video comment for you. :)

  17. 17 Briar

    Wait! I would totally use this definition of satire to describe MTSS:

    Satire. A manner of writing that mixes a critical attitude with wit and humor in an effort to improve mankind and human institutions.

    Thanks internet!

  18. 18 Polly

    I wonder where DD went to high school? At my school, kids were routinely getting wasted and having sex. A site like this isn’t encouraging it, it’s just saying that it happens and pointing out why it’s not a good idea.

    Heather’s comment on DD’s input made my head hurt. Maybe if I wasn’t so drunk in high school and having sex all the time, I would understand what she was trying to sat.

  19. 19 Shaun

    As your loyal webmaster (without much time on his hands to actually get stuff done) I gotta say this was one of the best episodes.

    now take your shirt off!

  20. 20 Ryan

    I’ve gotta say, that was funny, but not nearly as good as the past 15 episodes. At least we finally got a new episode, though! Please make the next one soon!

  21. 21 ang

    Loved it. I don’t find jokes about date rape funny, but I love this show.

  22. 22 Ubiquitous Che

    I can see it now:

    Guy: So, people got really pissed at the cancer thing, right?
    Nikol: Yeah, pretty much. Think we can top it?
    Guy: I dunno. We need something that can personally offend as many people as possible. Maybe something about sex? Or assault? Or narcotics? Hmm…
    Guy + Nikol: DATE RAPE BEER!!!


    Loved the episode. Britney did the whole CSI thing waaaaay too well. Keep up the good work.

    And I promise that I’ll get a viddler soon; seducing Nikol over email is proving to be harder than I thought it would be.

  23. 23 Anonymous

    Over a year ago, my current girlfriend met a guy at a party, the two got drunk and high and had sex later at one of his friend’s apartments.
    We weren’t dating at the time, but I got used to making fun of girls who let their inhibitions go for a night and have sex with people they just meet, so when I found out about it I was crushed.
    She could never see why it bothered me so much that she would do that since I see her as a smart and beautiful girl even if it was over a year ago and I think that’s what bothered/bothers me most about it.
    I try not to bring it up anymore, but it still is on my mind from time to time.
    I told her it was dead but I still feel the urge to say something sometimes or at least find the guy and punch him in the face.
    Am I wrong for thinking like that or is she wrong for thinking I’m making a bigger deal out of it?
    Advice anyone?

  24. 24 Ned

    @Anonymous: It’s my opinion that your feelings about this matter are your problem. I have some direct experience with this kind of situation, and while you may have valid points about your girl friend’s ability to do something so dangerous, the fact is that those are not your choices to make. This is one of those things where you just have to let it go in order to be stable in your relationship. Anything else will result in you two parting ways.

  25. 25 Polly

    Anony - Yes, you are making a big deal about it. Your girlfriend happened to have consenting sex (you didn’t say she was raped) before you guys were going out. That’s what happened. Unless you were a virgin when you started seeing the woman, I don’t think you have a right to get upset over it. This just confirms my policy of never talking to the people I date about former lovers.

  26. 26 jennifermf


    i could tell you about the stupid sh** i’ve done in the past, and you probably wouldn’t believe it. in less than a month, i’m getting married to someone i love in ways i never thought were possible, i have a healthy fabulous sex life that never involves alcohol, and this year (hopefully) i’ll be graduating with a master’s degree (i have two BS’s under my belt right now).

    i’ve also slept with more people than you’ve probably got as your myspace friends, and many of them were inspired by the use of some kind of chemical substance. i am not a bad person because of my past; in fact, it’s made me who i am today, an intelligent ethical upstanding citizen madly in love with her fiance and who wouldn’t dream of doing anything to throw that away.

    just because your gf did something you might not approve of doesn’t mean she isn’t the girl you (i assume) love and want to be with. the things she did in her past and experiences she’s had made her the person she is today. and you can either love her (all of her) for who she is now, or you can save both of you the time and energy, and end it now because of something that happened in her past.

    and while we’re talking about pasts, i’m thinking you’re quite possibly not perfect, and you’ve quite likely done something (perhaps many somethings) that she never would have agreed with or supported in your past, too.

  27. 27 buffawhat

    Here’s my little bit of info and insight into the club scene.
    I’m 22 and I’ve worked at a club in Buffalo NY for about a year. I’m a light guy, and occasional barback, but mainly I’m paid to drink and push buttons.

    In my early days, I was a “hospitality liaison” for the club… in other words, I was supposed to slink up to rich folk and make them feel welcome, and make them buy lots of top shelf drinks for me and their friends. Note this was a gay club, so I used my young and cute wiles to attract a lot of attention.. Amidst all of that, I learned a lot about drugs, alcohol, and partying.

    I do a lot of observing; it’s part of my job. I see young kids just turning 18, some just turn 21 and coming to the club for the first time. I firmly believe kids are drinking younger and younger these days, so your 21st bday drink is anti-climactic and it leaves you wanting more. The real way to celebrate is to get a bunch of your friends and go to a dance club and really “party for the first time.” Like a grownup right?

    This normally involves a bit of blow, maybe you found some ecstasy you’ve been saving up for that “raver” experience. I see it happen every weekend, kids running around, slightly out of their mind and dipping into the bathrooms to catch a drink from their older friends. Maybe you’ve caught the eye of one of our resident dealers in the club. They think you are cute, buy you a shot, maybe notice you are looking for more and take you to a stall and give you a pump or pass you a pill. You’ll take it, because you want to feel grownup and the three shots of crown you just had is clouding your judgment and Victor is SUCH a nice guy. –Now don’t toss this off as a gay thing, you pretty young straight girls out with your mo’s? you are in worse trouble.. we will straight up leave you to go dance with a cute boy, leaving you vulnerable to all the uber horny straight guys that come to the club just to pick you up.–

    This is how you get hooked, and unless you are a super paranoid psychosomatic delusional nut, you will enjoy yourself and become hooked. Not just the drugs, but the dancing, the alcohol, the friendliness, and the older crowds paying so much attention to you.

    Ladies, I’m one of the people you should stay away from. I’m a wingman for one of our djs. I’ll go and find you, tell you how pretty you are, buy you a drink and tell you its complements of the dj. Granted I’m gay but I’m a terrible person and I don’t care who you are as long as the DJ thinks you are hot and wants your number. I guess its cool and all to get the special attention, but remember guys, EVERYTHING you experience at a club revolves around SEX.

    Ecstasy is harder to get, and you may never see it.. But I’m damned sure you will be offered coke at least once; unless you are ugly, then its just a wasted investment and none of this applies to you.

    I’m not saying stay away from the clubs, but after a few common STI’s and about a year and half of drinking and partying, you’ll look back and realize that sex drugs and alcohol is a very fast rollercoster, that won’t let you off easy.

  28. 28 Heather

    Sorry Polly. I was just stating that DD was making a ridiculous statement to say that having sex will lead to substance abuse. It’s a logical fallacy since the two activities do not reflect on each other. Basically I’m just pointing out that he can’t make a conclusion with the statement that he used.

  29. 29 Heather

    @ anonymous- As you weren’t with the girl at the time, you definitely don’t have any reason or right to want to punch the guy in the face. Your now gf consented (or so I’m guessing as rape wasn’t mention) so it isn’t something that you should get up in arms over. It’s understandable to not want to hear about her previous sex life, but you shouldn’t get so worked up about it. Like others have said before me, you are too worried about what you should not be. However, you may want to make sure that she has been tested for any diseases as she has had a previous sex life.

  30. 30 Nikol

    I think it is pretty natural for Anonymous to have these feelings. Notably because they challenged his preconceived ideas about the sort of girl who engages in the old drunken poke.

    So lets not jump down his throat about how screwy it is to still be bothered. Instead, how about finding a way to cope with those feelings in a healthy way and eventually move past them.

    We find out a lot about a person through the course of a loving, trusting relationship. Some of those things are wonderful. Others are unsettling because we have always thought we would never date someone who had done or thought or wanted those things.

    A- Is this something you are capable of moving beyond? Are you able to challenge your own thinking and see your girlfriend as more complete because of her experiences?

  31. 31 Nikol

    @ang I don’t find date rape funny in practice. I find the skit hilarious because we poke at the ridiculous mentality of a person who would go to those lengths to get laid.

    Know what I didn’t know when I was 16? Never accept and unsealed beverage.

  32. 32 me

    “Satire. A manner of writing that mixes a critical attitude with wit and humor in an effort to improve mankind and human institutions.”

    That’s not really what satire means. It’s a piece of work, particularly in verse, that holds up to ridicule stupidities and vices. (Wit needn’t come into it, though akin to bad poetry I suppose it could then be called bad satire).

    MWTSS doesn’t seem quite that, though it does have satirical elements from what I’ve seen.

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I do think I’m capable of moving beyond it, and I’ve gotten a lot better then the first couple of months after I found out about it.
    And yes, I was a virgin prior to dating this girl so I think that also factors in a big part of it.
    The issue for me hasn’t been her consenting to sex, but I had her in such high regards as a person even before we were dating and it was hard for me to find out about her doing something like that.
    Factor this in as well:

    The way I even found out about the night it happened was I found a picture of her and the guy making out from that night and she explained to me that she had been dating the guy and not to worry (she was afraid I’d break up with her if she told me the truth).
    She told me 3 months later the “truth” about the picture. That that’s when she met the guy, they got drunk and high at the party, she sobered up some, drove him to a friend’s house, spent the night and they had sex.
    I’m not saying that all people who have sex with someone they just meet are bad, but I just wouldn’t have expected it from her. She’s not perfect and neither am I, but that was one of the things I wouldn’t have saw coming from a girl like her.

    Another thing about it is when we were dating in July (it had been about 4 months since she had spoken to or seen him really) she went over to his house because he called her about his grandmother dying and he needed her to “comfort” him. they apparently drank, got high, and played soccer (i don’t know). I didn’t even find out about this shit until this past January a few weeks after the whole had sex thing when she met him thing, so it was a pretty rough time for us then.
    I’m willing to look past it now because there’s nothing I can do, but it’s still on my mind sometimes.

  34. 34 Carter

    I find the prospect of anyone masturbating to QVC hilarious.

  35. 35 Loretta

    Heather is completely wrong.

    It’s non sequitOr.

    Other than that, pretty spot on.

  36. 36 Nimby

    @Loretta: A non sequitur -is- a logical fallacy. ^_^
    Also, good job on another episode, guys. I was wondering how you’d handle this episode. Of course, you just seemed to ignore the fact that some things make people nervous and plowed through the issue as usual. To that, I say “kudos”. ^_^

  37. 37 Nimby

    And Date Rape Beer=hilarious. Obviously, date rape in and of itself is not funny. But the skit is not using date rape as its focusing point–it’s much more clever than that. You guys are smart, and that’s rare in a lot of things on the internets today. =D

  38. 38 Lauren

    Presell the DVD and you’ll have all the cash you need. We trust you. Because you gave us a sealed beer! :D

    But seriously, if catstrophe should strike and aliens probe the only copy of the DVD without protection, I’d consider it a well-spent donation. Get the cover art and a partal content list up on the site with a paypal link and your problems are solved.

  39. 39 Jenn

    Great episode and DD is an idiot, thinking this is going to encourage teens to go out and party and have sex…they’re already doing that without anyone’s aid. My question is what is the next month’s episode going to cover? Thanks!

  40. 40 drizzo

    Look, let me start by saying I usually love your stuff although sometimes the material is a bit questionable. This episode though just was not funny to me. There was no stance being taken–just a bunch of jokes about drugs, sex, and alcohol that could really be interpreted any way you want. The “date rape beer” sketch was kind of appalling to me. From reading the comments, I know what your purpose was in it, but it bordered on victim blaming in that a woman should know not to take an opened alcoholic beverage from someone or else she is in part to blame for what happened to her.

    @ nikol: you said “Know what I didn?t know when I was 16? Never accept and unsealed beverage.”–Good advice, but if someone got you drunk or used a date rape drug in a drink it is never the fault or responsibility of the woman to prevent her own rape. That is the rapists job. Only he can be blamed for the act of rape. And the act of slipping a girl a roofie or offering her loads of alcohol for the purpose of getting her drunk enough to have his way is RAPE, not sex. Maybe the title of your episode here should have been “alcohol, drugs, sex, and rape,” if you were going to go in to that territory, which it looks like you did.

  41. 41 Heather

    Thanks Nimbly. It is Non Sequitur. Latin is funny like that.
    And drizzo, Nikol isn’t saying that it is the victims fault. She is trying to let people know NOT to take open drinks from people. It helps prevent date-rape if you don’t leave an open drink around and don’t take drinks from people. I think that it is good to tell the kids to not accept their drinks opened so that way they don’t become a victim of date-rape.

  42. 42 Nikol

    @Drizzo Correct, it is never the victims fault. Still, three are a lot of things we can do to just be smarter. The world is so dangerous sometimes. Sadly, we have to lock our doors to our homes and cars to help prevent break ins. It doesn’t mean they won’t happen, but it helps.

    You know, we have had a few comments in email and other places discussing the lack of a message. I thought this was one of our preachiest episodes yet. I was pretty clear when I said that getting wasted in conjuncture with sex increases the danger of making poor choices about safety.

  43. 43 Scott the Homosexual

    This episode was HIGH-larious!

    A few things, if anyone is interested…

    Nikol, You look FABULOUS and you should come see me in your old apartment…

    Britney, You’re F-ing hilarious! Stouffers in the oven and masturbating to QVC? What a night! (been there myself…)

    Todd, Yes, you ARE the king.

    Comment Leavers (DD), I live in a college town of about 14,000. I’ve been to the bars. I’ve seen it all go down a million times. The scariest thing is how people knowingly put themselves in this situation and consider the risk worthwhile because culturally, we’ve made going out and getting plastered so important. I am glad for ANY opportunity people take to point out that this stuff IS going on and that it’s TRULY DISGUSTING.

    DD, I don’t know how old you are so you may not quite appreciate the standing of the typical 15-25 year old American youth. The format that the writers of MTSS have chosen to deliver their messages is BRILLIANT! They are creating videos with messages to keep youth informed (’cuz knowledge is power!) and people are actually watching! These videos then go on to garner press from the media, causing even more people to watch! And when 22 year old Jane next goes out to the bars for a wild night with her friends, may she be just a little more aware!

    It’s a completely scary world out there. I would like to think that anyone with positive intentions would like to dampen that “let’s go out and get totally sh**faced and pick up b*tches and do em while they’re sleeping” part of our youth culture.

    Keep up the good work!

  44. 44 waraw

    Great episode guys. One question I wish you’d addressed is whether any sex while wasted is truly consensual. Granted, I don’t know the answer to that one either, but I’m leaning towards No.

    From my own college experiences, I beg to differ with the line about her wanting your junk more if you don’t bang her. When I’d see a girl I was attracted to, and she was far too drunk, I’d make sure she got home safe and unmolested and in her own bed. Rather than seeing me as a nice guy, though, this invariably caused them to see me as That Guy Who Saw Me Puke, and even less attractive than before.

    DO NOT construe this as an argument for making a move while she’s blotto. I’m just sayin’, if you’re attracted to somebody it’s probably a much better idea to let them know long before the booze starts flowing.

  45. 45 Scott the Homosexual

    Waraw, of course you’re right. Unfortunately, in this country, it seems the booze never stops flowing. I’m surrounded by college students on a daily basis. Some of these kids start drinking as early as 8 or 9 AM on days when there are no classes. How are you supposed to tell some chick you fancy her when it’s time for lunch, and she’s already loaded?

  46. 46 Nimby

    @Scott–agreed; MTSS is probably one of the more effective methods of getting teenagers to think about things like this.
    One thing that people notice about these skits is that the characters in them are doing things that make people want to laugh at them. And teens–ever so self-conscious about popularity–hate to be the butt of a joke.

  47. 47 Ben

    Ah, man, I am completely in love with this show! It’s the greatest thing since….. the planet! Was Todd really drunk in that one? That was too funny! Keep it up!

  48. 48 Valerie

    Y’know, I’m going to back up Nikol in her understanding of our pal anonymous.

    Choices have consequences, and one of the problems with doing stupid stuff under the influence, or fully sober for that matter, is possibly having to confess that stupid stuff someday to somebody whose respect you would really like to keep. I had to make a similar confession back in the day, and it really did set my relationship with my boyfriend back a LONG way. We worked through it, but sheesh, it is pretty bad when dumb stuff you did long ago continues to have reverberations long after you’ve put it behind you, and stupid sex, what with the STI’s and offspring, tends to have a whole lot more reverberatory power than a lot of other stupid things people can do.

    That said, my experience is that people who are interested in maintaining a relationship seek out evidence that the person has grown past the indiscretions of their youth. People who are looking for reasons not to trust, tend to obsess over every bit of evidence that their partner has ever been untrustworthy. What’s most important is how that person is with you, now, not what they were like with somebody else a long time ago.

  49. 49 SexyPixie

    This is the first one of these I’ve seen..Hilarious…Spot on…Wish I’d had this advice years ago…Too late now

  50. 50 Big D

    way back up there @DD….comein str8 out of highschool and seein this…there isnt enough education.. i know yes it seems a lil provocative when you first watch it but think about it seriously. In highschool kids are “doin it nasty style” and have no freakin clue how to keep from getting std’s and or gettin preg’ed up (thats the phrase i heard today.. i thought it was halarious) but the point is that it doesnt lead to drinking and drugs or any that shit. If someones going to drink they are going to drink wither sex is involved or not… blaming date rape and that on drinking or drugs…i really really highly doubt it. i think you blew out of proportion … honestly did you come from a place where everyone believed in “waiting for the one” and not exploring sexuality? if so… wake up its the 21’s century

  51. 51 Alex

    I wish this show had existed five years ago.

  52. 52 logruszed

    A few thoughts:

    1) Booze does enhance sex for some folks, whiskey-dick comes to mind. Personally I don’t drink (not a friend of Bill W, it just makes my stomach upset) but I do know that for some men and women they like to have a little vino or whatever before lovemaking. I know, I know the site isn’t all about hard facts but more or less edutainment.

    2) RE: DD’s concers about “If we live in a society…”. Pal, I do see where you’re coming from, but we’re already there. Do a GIS for “Liquid Panty Remover” some time (safe search =on) and you’ll come to a billboard that was along a major freeway in my home state/town advertising Southern Comfort.

    One of the methodologies for the effective use of satire is to put the false wisdom in the hands of the fool or buffoon. This is how a lot of the humor here works.

    Now you have stated that you dislike the videos, but you seem to indicate that you continue to watch them, might I suggest some reading for you? Start with Venus In Furs, see if you empathize. It might change your life.

    3) Nikol raped me.

  53. 53 Nikol

    @logruszed Whiskey Dick is a term for not being able to get it up or stay hard as a result of being too drunk. Not so much of an enhancement.

    And you were asking for it wearing those short shorts.

  54. 54 EmmaNasty

    omg i’m the biggest fan of mtss!

    no offense to the hotties playin the dudes
    but how come y’all dont put some younger guys on the show?

    i like to masturbate to whil;e watching and i feel like a skank who likes older men most of the time
    and we all know thats no good :/

  55. 55 Lee Baumann

    You tell it Scott. DD obviously doesn’t understand the concept that MTSS is trying to uphold. They deliver everything with logical intentions, thus, those same intentions can be passed to the viewers. “Date Rape Beer” does not exsist, but them bringing it up got you to think about date rape drugs in correlation to social outings. But on that tangent you led off on, many other people got the jist of being aware and making good choices. Not to go and drug the first person you see because defiling makes ya feel good.
    Scott!!! I will be back in Whitewater shortly….which is where Nikol should come hang out for a bit! Although she’s ever so busy, we are truly in your old apartment!

  56. 56 Lee Baumann

    Lookin for actors, you guys could still hit me up….hee hee

  57. 57 R.A.A.

    I’m pretty sure I almost did the robodog once at a party. Oh and thanks for the super funny and pretty informative videos guys

  58. 58 SA Newsie

    I think you guys should make shirts that say “MTSS: The antidote to Abstinence-Only Sex Education.”

    I grew up in South Africa, where a proud 1 in 5 people are now HIV positive or have full-blown AIDS, and in case you didn’t know, sub-Saharan Africa bears the proud label of being the only place on earth where AIDS is spread primarily through heterosexual contact. Whooee! We’re doing our best to help prevent the continued spread through, you guessed it, comprehensive sex education (which is actually showing positive results at the middle-school levels).

    Having lived in America for 8 years, and witnessing the damage that is done by abstinence-only sex education, I have to say: abstinence-only sex education in public schools is f*^@ing stupid. I’ve seen the national figures that back that statement up - overwhelmingly, not only does it NOT stop teens and younger from having sex, it makes them MORE likely not to have protected sex because apparently the one message they did take away from those classes was “birth control is unreliable and won’t protect you from STIs and pregnancy.” Further, what if I never want to get married? Does that mean I’m never allowed to have sex? F that. Someone ask good ol’ W how many games of “hide the sausage” he played pre-Laura, and then we’ll talk abstinence-only sex education.

    I’ve only recently been introduced to the show, and I love the candor you create with your audience. Keep up the good work, Nikol!

    As for Brit - future Tina Fey? Quite possibly. :)

  59. 59 Arryn

    Favorite part ever.

  60. 60 Sula

    Yeah make sure you spell it right or you go to a pornsite!

    Fascinating. Glad you got that… “Date Rape Beer!”

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