MTSS regular Neil Arsenty stars in “Big City, Small World”

Neil “I lost Sanchez 3 clicks back” Arsenty will be performing in the sketch comedy show “Big City, Small World” over the next month in Chicago. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, don’t miss the chance to see the hilarious and awesome Mr. Arsenty perform live.

Big City, Small World, and Trapped

Neil Arsenty and Noelle Schmitt present an original sketch comedy revue featuring a lifetime of interconnected relationships, from childhood to old age, in 30 minutes or less! An overprotective father reacts to a text message on his daughter’s phone, a mom is too cool for her shy and disfigured son, old “friends” get re-aquainted in a car ride to a wedding and many more.

Written by Neil Arsenty and Noelle Schmitt. Directed by Jay Steigmann.

Thursdays at 10:30pm. June 12-July 17.
Donny’s Skybox. 1608 N. Wells St. 4th Floor. Chicago, IL.
$10/ticket, $8/student, $5/training center student.
312.337.3992 for tickets or buy tickets online.

8 Responses to “MTSS regular Neil Arsenty stars in “Big City, Small World””

  1. 1 Nikol

    Chicago area people, we really ought to have a big MTSS outing where we get dinner then see the show. Who’s with me?

  2. 2 Nimby

    I would be if I lived in Chicago. As is, I still want to see it. Perhaps if the show is a success, they’ll let Guy record it? =D
    Yeah, yeah, I know… unlikely. But still–I can hope, can’t I?

  3. 3 Jasmine

    i’m for it… if i can get to chicago. *lives in florida*

  4. 4 Shaun

    I’d be down!

  5. 5 Neil


    I’m planning on getting this show taped, but don’t let that discourage you from having an outing! We could meet you guys in person and go out for beers afterward (for those with ID’s that say you’re 21 and over).

    Thanks for the support!

  6. 6 Logan S

    Gotta say that Neil is definitely has the best delivery when it comes to lines in MTSS. I laugh every time hey says totally and fist pounds and explodes it in episode 16. I wish i could see his show but i live in Arizona.

  7. 7 Neil


    Thanks, man! I’m in the process of uploading the sketches from the show to YouTube. You can check them out at

    Thanks for the support!!

  8. 8 aviva

    yes i like it

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