MTSS 17: The Penis

We examine the penis. Despite what other websites may claim, viewing this episode will not make it bigger.

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  1. 1 VJrabauke

    what a great episode!

  2. 2 Polly

    Thanks you guys! Another episode that just made my day! I especially liked the part where you threw a bucket of ’something’ on Britney. Thanks for taking one for the team, Britney! I get paid on the 1st and I’ll be donating!

  3. 3 Plurfekt

    I was a little skeptical going into this video, but I must say I found it to be one of the funnier things I’ve ever seen. Also, as an added bonus, I caught myself, a number of times, feeling like I was being personally berated with the various discussions of male inadequacy. Thank you! -Matt

  4. 4 BlurpleBerry

    Other than being a teeny bit on the heteronormative side, this episode is fantastic. B+!

  5. 5 Alex

    I feel the need to point out that, although Nikol is correct in saying that the majority of sperm is mixed with seminal fluid at orgasm, precum also contains enough sperm to get you pregnant. This is the reason why the withdrawl method does not work, so please, if the penis is entering the vagina at any point, use birth control!

  6. 6 Scott the Homosexual

    Yay! I just wrote a comment, but it didn’t post or even say it was awaiting moderation… So I’ll post it again.

    In the episode summary you say that you will examine the penis. This suggested to me that there was going to be some male nudity in this episode, but it’s fine though. It’s still a good episode. I guess…


    It’s awesome! When Britney gets covered with all that baby batter, I laughed so hard I thougt I was going to die. This is one of the best yet, kudos to all involved!

  7. 7 Jack Moore

    Great show, I have donated my $5, keep up the great work.

    Please don’t go away!

  8. 8 Jiz Lee

    “I’m flexible…” Thank you so much for including that!

  9. 9 G

    The episode includes a plea for donations, and I came to the site looking to donate, but I can’t find a link or button to donate. A nice big Paypal button would make it easier.

  10. 10 Bea

    nice one :))
    especially the part “Dave’s penis have you meat my Vagina?” :)) and the grandma :)))

  11. 11 Marc

    “and titties”
    That would make for a great t-shirt :D

  12. 12 Marc

    By the way, the average penis is between 5.1 and 5.7 inch ?
    I see what you did there, and on behalf of the male population on this planet, I thank you.

  13. 13 Anabella

    Great! Loved it!

  14. 14 Darryl

    Oops! Sorry! Did I comment too soon? I swear that doesn’t usually happen!

    Great episode gang! Very funny!

  15. 15 JB Justice

    Wow, info packed, your usual flair, George Carlin would have been proud, keep up the great work, money to follow…JBJ

  16. 16 Jimmy

    This was definitely the funniest episode so far, I rolled around for a little while after the grandma part.

  17. 17 Bob

    Grandma rocked my world.

    Where’s that Steven(?) kid?

    I miss him.

  18. 18 waraw

    Should I ever not be able to attain stiffness, I will remember the words “Boner Boulevard” coupled with the image of Britney blowing the hair out of her face. Sexay. Of course, I’ll have to forget that Britney is obviously a spitter.

  19. 19 Renee

    I wish my vagina were that hot.
    Your show is making me gay. I’m okay with that.

  20. 20 Couchpixie


    They didn’t call it a stimulus check for nothing!

    I am most amused to discover that I sponsored an episode on “The Penis,” very pleased that it contained the “introductions” scene (among other fine moments) and my dog is way stoked to have her picture on the internet attached to this particular project because she is all about slurpin’ on the sausage. In a spayed virgin sort of way.

    Now it is up to everybody else: give ’til you quiver!

  21. 21 Curvaceous Dee

    Think of the foreskin as an extra-sexy pocket? I like it! (Mind you, I like pockets …)

    xx Dee

  22. 22 Britney

    Jiz Lee,
    Please tell me you’re the Jiz Lee from Crash Pad and Super Freak. Please?

  23. 23 Mark

    You guys should make a shirt that includes the words unicorn, prostate and…MAGIC!
    Great work guys.

  24. 24 Bob

    If one is done on the vag, make Scott squirm uncomfortably.

  25. 25 clyde

    LOVED the episode. One of the very best to date. Is there an address where we can mail checks and/or money orders to support the show?

    And, why not a ’spitters are quitters’ t shirt?

  26. 26 Destiny

    You guys are so amazing.
    Nikol- Your hair is hot!
    Britney- I have a boyfriend but I could totally go lesbian for you.
    Thanks for the laughs :)

  27. 27 Ubiquitous Che

    You guys rock. That kicked ass.

    Keep up the good work.

  28. 28 Scott the Homosexual

    Yes Bob, That WOULD make me squirm really really really alot. :-P

  29. 29 Scott the Homosexual

    OOOH! And I didn’t catch that at the end there the last time I watched. ‘Titties not required for all penises.’

    …Nice. Way to keep us in mind, MTSS!

  30. 30 Troy in Las Vegas

    Nikol said, “You may be wondering what causes an erection…”

    Uh, no. It was Britney dancing around in a wet t-shirt. That pretty much does it.

    If I donate $10 can I get a copy of that footage, uh, for research purposes?

  31. 31 Megan

    Best MTSS episode thus far!! This was so, so funny.

    Badass Grandma: “Prostates are like unicorns: Hard to find, but when you do…magic.”

    XD Priceless.

    I also wanna say kudos to the guy who’s been the videos lately who played the dad in that Grandma scene. It’s really awesome to see a guy who’s older than most of the other actors in here acting in something so wonderfully irreverent as MTSS. He’s a cool dude.

    You’re all cool dudes, come to think of it. If I ever saw any of you, I would get all excited and fangirly. MTSS RULZ =D!

  32. 32 D

    Somehow, my Firefox3 does not show video at all. ie7 does it well.

  33. 33 Clintus

    great episode boys and girls. Hilarious and educational as always.

  34. 34 James

    Recently became a fan, just wanted to say I love what you’re all doing.
    Can Scott appear in another episode, please? Scott? Nikol? Can that happen?
    Keep up the great work MTSS!!

  35. 35 Matt

    You people are just plain silly! thank heaven.

  36. 36 Ashley ^o^

    I am SO in love with MTSS
    Best episode thus far
    “Maybe if you shut the f@*k up, you’d get more d&%k”
    Thx for the advice Grandma
    Its working WoNdErS…

  37. 37 Shawn

    “Jiz Lee,
    Please tell me you’re the Jiz Lee from Crash Pad and Super Freak. Please?”

    It is.

    Jiz is a huge fan of the show.

    I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Nicole when she did Radio Blowfish.

    Both Jiz and I want Nicole and Britney to come make guest appearances at the Crash Pad.

    I have volunteered for the role of Britney’s anus for I too am flexible.

    (donating money now! — we love you )

  38. 38 Tomi

    holy shit, are you guys in chicago?
    please be my best friends.

    and Nikol, please be my girlfriend. :D

  39. 39 The Evil Liberal

    This is a response to the person who said pre-cum had sperm in it: sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Pre-cum may have sperm in it if you haven’t peed since your last ejaculation. If you have peed though, then all the sperm in the urethra would’ve been A, killed by the acidity of the urine, and B, flushed out of there anyways.

    Love the show you guys, keep up the good work!

  40. 40 Fuck_Yoga

    I thought that men who were uncircumcised have a 50% higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS than men who are circumcised. Could someone shed some light on this for me?

  41. 41 Anis

    Why didn’t I discover this site earlier? It rawks x___x

  42. 42 Puckpwner

    The chances of getting HIV should be zero… you should be using a condom with casual partners.

    At any rate, the possibility of getting HIV through normal, vaginal intercourse is low. It may be slightly higher if you are uncut but, again, the question is moot is safe sex practices are being followed. The chances of getting HIV via vaginal sex when you choose partners from low-risk demographics and use a condom is something on the order of 1 in 500 million. In other words, never.

    Anal sex, overly rough sex, and especially drug use are the ways that HIV is most commonly transmitted.

    So, whether cur or uncut, use condoms and don’t do needle drugs, don’t have unprotected sex with prostitutes or drug addicts and you’ll be fine.

    The cut/uncut studies are used to help agencies plan preventative treatment in 3rd world countries. They don’t apply to industrialized nations where condoms are widely used.

  43. 43 Traeonna

    MTSS continues to put out…fantastic episodes. Thank you for the entertainment (and education).

  44. 44 Jasmine

    AACK! Britney!! i thought i was the only one who used nuts and washers in my jewelry!!

    (oh man. the recaptcha thingie is monster sausages. appropriate, no?)

  45. 45 Fuck_Yoga


    Thankyou very much for sharing that information with me, and I do agree that condoms should be used regardless if you are circumcised or not. Thanks again.

  46. 46 Naked rodeo clown with handlebar mustache

    Hey guys,

    love the episode, I watched several times and couldnt stop laughing.
    Keep up the great work.

    By the way, is it wrong to have a strong attraction towards larissa?

  47. 47 curious

    is Britney gay? if so, tell her she has an admirer. ;-)

  48. 48 Chelsea

    my favorite is
    “maybe if you’d shut the fu” up you’d get more dick”
    thank you

  49. 49 Rational Thinker

    Through science and medicine, the foreskin is known to contain specialized structures, muscle, a complex vascular system, and tens of thousands of highly concentrated, specialized, erogenous nerve cells and fine touch receptors. These specialized structures include the preputial sphincter, the frenulum, and the ridged band. In particular, the frenulum is a very erogenous region that is either ablated during circumcision or is underdeveloped on the circumcised penis. The ridged band’s fine touch receptors complement the coarse sensory receptors of the glans (head of the penis) and it is always removed during circumcision.

    Besides nerves, the foreskin acts as an erogenous sheath in which the shaft and glans glide and with which the frenulum and ridged band are stimulated.

    The foreskin provides not just more sensitivity, but *enhanced* sensitivity.

    These structures and nerves are essential to the complete experience and functioning of the sex act, so that their amputation results in a clear sensory and mechanical deficiency.

    There is no debate that circumcision destroys sexual ‘perception’. The only question is whether the REMAINING tissue (glans and what’s left of the inner foreskin) is desensitized due to the conditions engendered by the amputation of the foreskin. While there is conflicting evidence as to the degree of further desensitizing, it is certainly the case that the glans and remaining inner foreskin are transformed into fully external structures—something that is unnatural for these mucosal tissues. They suffer from drying-out, subtle lifelong abrasion (simple contact with clothes), and keratinization (a response that reduces the irritation of drying-out and abrasion, but also results in a reduction of nerve stimulation; intact men, who find themselves to be too sensitive are often instructed to retract their foreskins for intervals of time in order to dull their senses).

    To forcibly circumcise a defenseless baby boy is to slight his human rights, dignity, respect, and personal liberty.

  50. 50 teen t shirts

    Thanks for providing this informative site. I will return often.

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