How are you preventing babies?

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  1. 1 Becky

    I’m currently on the pill, and that’s my primary form of BC. That whole 99.9% effectiveness and the fact that people say they got pregnant while on it scares the SHIT outta me though.

  2. 2 Nobilis

    Menopause, low libido, and complacency.

    When we were younger, we used polycystic ovaries and condoms.

    We had twins.

  3. 3 Curvaceous Dee

    I have a Mirena IUD, which has been in for four years now. Before that, I was on the pill.

    (Being polyamorous and having six partners, I also use condoms for all penetrative sex, other than with my husband. I also get a full STD-check every year, and they all do the same.)

    xx Dee

  4. 4 ICM

    Cork collecting.

    Luckily(?) being a high school geek, sex is not an issue, and therefore nor is birth control. Sure, we learn in school about all kinds of ways to not have babies. However, I personally like my route: Star Trek, anime, programming, and Linux.

  5. 5 Jix


  6. 6 Kate

    I only sleep with one guy and he only sleeps with me, so STDs are not an issue, so we use the pill and the pull out method.

  7. 7 ChuckJean

    We used condoms, the pill, and now vasectomy for birth control. We also dry-humped for ten months at age 17. I surprised we never set our pants on fire.

    We used condoms from the start, age 17. Condoms helped me with premature ejacualation. (The best treatment for teenage premature ejaculation is to say, “OK, so you squirted, start over, in five minutes, and you’ll be fine. BTW, I don’t recall an episode on foreplay. As a teenage boy, I needed about five seconds of foreplay. My wife, as a teenage girl through 40+, needs cunnilingus to orgasm for foreplay.)

    The pill reduces wifey’s sex drive and vaginal secretions. For her, the pill was like 21 days of PMS, then a period.

    We don’t recommend vasectomy for teens. Vasectomies are for mature monogamous couples past child bearing years. Many husbands would rather have wifey get her tubes tied than get the man’s tubes snipped. I had little discomfort with the vasectomy, and made wifey very happy.

  8. 8 J (AltoidLover)

    Damn, someone else grabbed my line.

    At the moment, homosexuality is my BC of choice. But that said, there was a time when I was younger and confused. We used condoms, birth control pills and the rhythm method all in hopes of being sure that we didn’t get a surprise.

    That said, there was still one memorable occassion when I remember running out at 11pm to try to find an open drug store that had pregnancy tests, when she realized that she was late.

    Even as someone that loves kids, I was still absolutely terrified. I had a job that was barely keeping me in an apartment, student loans, and many months until I would be done with my college degree. And that’s just the living situation, there was still deep-seated fear of being a parent. To call my family upbringing challenging would be charitable bordering on abject denial. With that parenting example, I was terrified of repeating the behavior I learned.

    Getting that pregnancy test and bringing it home left me with way too much time alone with my thoughts and fears.

    I brought home several tests, unsure which one was best. While I was gone, she had been throwing back coffee and water so she’d be ready. Once the drying sticks were lined up in the bathroom sink, there was nothing to do but wait.

    Too tense to talk to each other, we settled onto the futon to watch TV. I don’t remember what was on. The only thing that comes back to me after all these years was how far we sat apart.

  9. 9 Doug

    Condoms are a consistent part of my birth control regime. My girlfriend spent quite a bit of time on the pill on top of this. We are both nowhere near ready to have kids.

  10. 10 Pickle

    I just use the pill. I’ve had the same partner for over 2 years now, so I’m not worried about disease. We don’t use condoms, and after reading some literature, I’m beginning to think that maybe we ought to use the rubber after all.

  11. 11 Polly

    I had my tubes tied when I was 28. I had never wanted kids and thought this was no big deal until I attempted to have my tubes tied for the first time when I was 18. Well, society is just not comfortable with women who think outside of the box like that and my quest to get ‘fixed’ began. I had it documented in my medical records that I wanted to have this done and had to wait a few years because doctors were concerned that I would change my mind and regret never having been through the joy of being blown up like a balloon. How paternal of them! Of course a poor, defenseless woman is unable to make a serious decision like this, what was I thinking? Anyway, I persisted and took the pill like clockwork and pestered my local hospital until they relented, probably to get me to shut up. It’s been over a decade since then and I have never regretted it.

  12. 12 Couchpixie

    The message I got from my sex ed was always use two forms of birth control so you have a backup because things DO happen. I always, always use a condom (with spermicide) and birth control. So if something slips or breaks or you didn’t take your pills precisely on time, you still have a layer of protection.

    A question: there was a lot of talk in my sex ed class about foams and jellies. Do these things still exist? And do people use them? Or are they for people with diaphragms and I just don’t hang out with those kind of people?

  13. 13 Polly

    Kate - As somebody who used to go on business trips with men, I’m here to tell you, your partner may not be as faithful as you think. Unless you guys are together 24 hours a day, please get a yearly check for STDs, just in case. You can have them do this when you get your pap done. I’m not telling you to use a condom because I don’t think you’d listen. It’s also a good idea to get the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. 60% of sexually active people have the HPV virus.

  14. 14 yourleastfavorite

    I am on the Pill, but sometimes I mess with it (taking it four weeks in a row instead of skipping a week, for example) to control when I have my period. That certainly reduces it’s effectiveness.

    I use a condom every time with my monogamous partner. We are also careful during non-penetrative “play” - no touching the head on the penis (with pre-cum on it) and then putting that hand into me, for example.

    My cousin (age 27) just got pregnant while on the Pill. She swears she was really careful to always take it at the same time, ever since she was a teenager.

    I hope the baby doesn’t have any birth defects. The Pill’s “exception babies” are at high risk for stillbirth, late-term miscarriages, and some birth defects.

  15. 15 Becky

    So I just found out the St John’s Wort I’ve been taking lowers the effectiveness of the Pill to about 50%.

    I might be pregnant.


  16. 16 SD

    I am on the pill and I am worried about getting pregnant, not for the obvious reason, but because if I do get pregnant what happens to the baby if I keep taking the pill without knowing of its existence? I dont know if I would be able to live with myself.

    I think that if there was ever a doubt in my mind that the pills were working I would just stop taking them until I knew for sure.

    All in all, I dont feel that my main focus in my teenage hood is preventing babies. This makes me weird because the multitude find my reasoning immature and/or immoral. Dont get me wrong, I’m not trying to have a baby now, but I have worked with kids… and their parents for years and through my observations I have realized that despite my age I would still make a better parent than many of those of “society approved” parenting age.

  17. 17 Marie



  18. 18 FunnyGuy

    How am I preventing pregnancy?

    I don’t have a girl friend.

  19. 19 Lisa

    The reason people get pregnant when they’re on the pill is mostly due to the fact that they don’t use it properly! What most people don’t know is that it is only 99.9% effective if you take it EVERY DAY at the SAME TIME!! Taking it one day at 8am and then the next day at 8pm could cause your body to ovulate, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.
    So if you are using the pill CORRECTLY, you have no reason to be scared. I’ve never once met someone who took it correctly and got pregnant. Just do your research before you start taking it. (Same goes for all other contraceptive methods)

  20. 20 May

    After reading Becky’s post ^^ i went and rewatched the birth control ep and went areadin’ for some info on the effects of drug-mixing with the pill.
    “The effectiveness of the Pill is lowered when taken with certain medications, including antibiotics, anti-seizure, tuberculosis, and migraine medications. If you are taking any medications, tell your clinician. When taking medications that may interfere with BC, consider adding a backup method of birth control, like condoms and spermicide. As with all drugs, it is useful to inform all your medical providers if you are using hormonal birth control.” -

    Medications can play havoc with each other, but isn’t st john’s wart just a natural medicine you can by in the supermarket? i take things like iron, fish oil, multivits etc but i doubt if they’d make the pill less effective O.o

  21. 21 Ashley ^o^

    Let’s see
    How am i preventing babies?
    By not having sex…
    its effective
    100% of the time

  22. 22 D

    I use the depo shot–and I love it. I used to take the kariva BC pill, but I had issues remembering to take it at the same time daily. This is much easier. My bf and I still use condoms though.

  23. 23 Red

    I have the implanon (Australia) which is a rod in the arm which last 3 years.
    My friend and I got it at the same time (rod buddies!) she is having a fun time on it as she doesn’t get her period at all and it doesn’t make her all nasty like the pill did.
    I on the other hand HATE it and want it OUT OF ME!!! I have had my period straight for 5 months, never had any mishaps which is great but here is the thing I got it put in for free… to get it taken out is going to cost me $150… sponsor me please to get this crazy birth control out of me!!!!!

  24. 24 Jasmine

    The first time i had sex, my boyfriend and i just used a condom, and it freaked me out. i couldnt really enjoy the event because i couldnt stop worrying about getting pregnant.

    Also, i realized that something really stupid had happened.

    we were in a hormonal rush, and when he tried to put it on, he accidentally got it upside down, then flipped it over to put it on. i didnt think about it at the time, but there could have been precum on the outside of the condom.


    Next week, i went to the doctor and asked if i could get birth control so that i wouldnt have my period anymore.

    Because i am underage, my mom insisted on knowing about it, which is annoying, but still, at least her insurance kinda covers the cost a bit.

    As of now, my boyfriend and i use condoms and i take the pill.

    i am really comfortable with the two measures, that way if one fails, hopefully the other would hold up.

    oh, and somebody mentioned earlier that they were using the rhythm method with the pill. By definition, that won’t work. the rhythm method times when you are ovulating, and the pill stops you from ovulating.

    at least, thats the impression i got.

  25. 25 Jasmine

    By the way, to ICM: my boyfriend is a high school geek, so that method of BC may not always work. ;)

  26. 26 Ara

    I’m not sexually active right now, exactly, but my boyfriend and I are planning to have sex this fall, so I’ve just started the pill and we’ll be using condoms also. He’s also fully prepared to go to a pharmacy and buy me Plan B if the condom breaks and we’re nervous about pregnancy for some reason. We are definitely not old enough to have children.

  27. 27 JM

    Memorize these four words: “oral,” “anal,” and “mutual masturbation.”

  28. 28 Nikephorus

    JM - “Anal” does not equal no baby.

  29. 29 Becky

    As an update, I am not pregnant! Woo… but it was a pretty scary situation.

    To update May above ^^ upon further investigation of the interactivity of St. John’s Wort and the BC pill… after taking the 2 together for a while the effectiveness of the pill can go down by as much as 50% according to some websites. The reason is St. John’s Wort works as an anti-depressent by adjusting your hormonal balance, the same hormonal balance that the BC pill is trying to control. I don’t have the articles to link to off hand but if you are on the pill and are thinking about anti-depressents or are taking any herbal supplements you think are harmless with the pill, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!! I wish I had, that week was a horrid, unnecessary ball of STRESS!!

  30. 30 AltoidLover

    Nikephorus - ‘”Anal” does not equal no baby.’?

    Maybe I sat through the wrong health class, but how do those little wrigglers make a baby during anal?


  31. 31 Beth

    Condoms. We didn’t use one the first time (we were both stupid and horny and impatient to lose our virginity), he pulled out, which worked, thank God, but we both realize that was pure luck I didn’t get pregnant, condoms = must have.
    (my best friend found out, first thing she did was smack me in the back of the head and call me an idiot, which I 100% deserved)
    Really, I would prefer to be using two methods (so would he), but asking my parents about getting birth control would result in me being forbidden from seeing my boyfriend, which would make the Pill sort of pointless…

  32. 32 Logan S

    FALCON PUNCH! Sorry bad joke. Not having a partner cuts down on the potential progeny of my loins. Girls just need too keep their gines away from my towels. Nasty!

  33. 33 Tomi

    the rhythm method and condoms. i dont like the idea of any chemicals interfereing with my reproductive organs.

    also, ladies, i would be wary of the hpv vaccine. do your research about this stuff, dont just accept it on principle as something to prevent disease.

  34. 34 jessica

    When I was younger I used depo and a condom…now my husband has had a vasectomy and I still have him use a condom, you never know if it gonna grow back together till it’s too late

  35. 35 Nikki


    Of course, I’m a virgin.

    I do plan to go on birth control. I already take two pills, while not another one? =D

  36. 36 Marta

    The patch!!! if it werent for the patch i would have been preggers a long time ago works wonders dosent require rocket science

  37. 37 g

    Yeah, ICM, I’m with Jasmine — being a geek should not be considered an effective form of birth control! Even if you are into Star Trek and Linux. I’m really tired of this idea that “social outcasts,” such as we supposedly are, don’t have sex. It’s such a ridiculous misconception. I’m a girl geek and happily lost my virginity on a school trip at 16 for just this reason — the chaperones must have been thinking “Oh, those kids are good chaste little nerds, and we’re sure the guys are gonna come out of the closet at some point — why not let the boys and girls sleep in the same tent?” Ha ha, chaperones! Take that!

    I’m now much older and my current boyfriend is the latest of many who say that my geekiness is a major turn-on. Yes, I know girl geeks are hard to find. Frankly, there’s so little support for being a girl geek in mainstream society that my number one suggestion for finding more of them is to cultivate them — find a sweet girl who isn’t trying her hardest to be popular, support her interests in sci fi and computers, and give her emotional support to be herself when media, religious, parental, and peer voices tell her to conform.

    And contraceptive-wise? I use condoms and the bcp Jolessa, which cuts my periods down to 4 times a year. As someone who has been super mood-swingy before her periods in the past, having fewer periods is turning out to be a really good thing. I really recommend to any teen girl who’s having mood swings that she pay attention to *when* they happen — if they’re associated with your period, it may be easier to regulate them with a birth control pill or female herbal supplement than with antidepressants and the like. I wish someone had given me this advice when I was younger.

  38. 38 Anis

    I’m gay.

  39. 39 Meredith

    I just wanted to say that me and my boyfriend use the Pill and condoms, at least for now. I have done a lot of reading about the Pill, having switched brands, and just because I’m an insanely paranoid person. What I’ve read has been very encouraging -99.99% effective, and the errors that occur are due to human ones, such as not taking it the exact same time every day. It’s also very important to remember that you need to take the pill at the exact same time for days before AND AFTER having sex. Sperm can live for more than just a few hours, I don’t remember the exact time, but it is important not to skip or be late on pills for the following few days after having sex.

    And, “yourleastfavorite” according to mayoclinic, using the pill to skip your period, even if the pill you take is designed to have a “period” every four weeks, does not lower the effectiveness… I’d check with my doctor just to be safe though… and “SD”, numerous studies have not shown damage done to a fetus if the mother takes birth control pills because she doesn’t know she’s pregnant. But you should stop taking them as soon as you know. (I guess they think there could be risk, but there is so far no evidence to show that harm caused by the pills?)

    Anyway, please don’t take my word for any of this… just thought I’d let you know what I’ve come across so you can research it for yourself :)

  40. 40 Megan

    Well right now I’m on the pill and on top of that my boyfriend pulls out. There’s only been two instances where he hasn’t (with my permission) and the first time i got ridiculously paranoid and made him take me to buy a pregnancy test. Things checked out fine and I decided that it wouldn’t happen again, if only to stop me from being so antsy. But then, a couple of days ago it happened a second time.. heat of the moment, you know.. and now I’m starting to get nervous again. I know I have no real reason to, but I can’t seem to help it.

    Maybe we should start wearing condoms, if only to stop me acting like a crazy person.

  41. 41 Laura

    I was on the pill (two different ones, actually) for about a year and a half until I finally figured out that hormonal bc was not my friend - lowered my libido (not strong to begin with) and made me kinda crazy. We then tried condoms for a while, but we never seemed to have as much fun with a condom and STDs aren’t an issue for us. I ended up getting a Paragard IUD last October and LOVE it. It can come with heavier periods and more cramps, but those started to subside after the first 6 months and now we have always-on no-baby protection that doesn’t make either of us miserable. We haven’t had any mishaps or serious scares using any of the three methods we’ve tried.

    I do have a question about the pill that I’ve never gotten a good answer for, even from health professionals. I know that the pill is only 99+% effective under perfect use, i.e. when taken at the same time every day. What does “the same time” mean? For that effectiveness rate, does it have to be same time on the nose? Is there a few minute margin of error? What about an hour or two? What about the seasonal time changes? How quickly does the effectiveness deteriorate when it’s not taken on time? Does its success decrease if the pill is taken too early as opposed to too late? As I stated above, not an issue for me anymore, just always been curious.

  42. 42 Amy

    Condom (which seems to be pretty typical). I actually lost my virginity last night and we remembered a condom, but I want to start taking birth control pills. I’m sixteen with overprotective parents; can I get the pill without having to go to a doctor? I want to be safe and I love my boyfriend (we’ve been going out for a year and he’s never pushed farther than I felt comfortable), but I don’t want my parents to think I’ve gone from straight-edge to slut, and restrict out time together.
    Has anyone been through this before? Any advice?

  43. 43 kristin

    I use the NuvaRing and LOVE it. You put it in once every three weeks and don’t have to worry about it, and its 98-99% effective. Its really hard to mess it up. ^-^ It’s practically the same success rate as the pill, but I still use condoms just to be on the safe side.
    To JM- Anal sex with a woman is NOT an acceptable form of birth control. Oftentimes, small amounts of semen will leak from the rectum and enter the vagina. The studies I”ve read say that the risk of pregnancy in heterosexual couples using anal sex is equal to those using the pull-out method for vaginal sex. You still need to wear a condom to be safe.

  44. 44 anonymiss

    I know you have to take the pill at the same time, but I heard it doesn’t hurt anything if you take it 20-30 minutes later/earlier. Well, I usually take my pill around 9-9:15PM and I was stranded somewhere away from my purse so I had to take my pill at 10:25PM. I had intercourse with my boyfriend last night. I’ve been on the pill for about 4 months and have never missed a pill (and I’m on ortho tricyclin if that helps). Does anyone know if I have any cause for alarm here?

  45. 45 kristin

    Amy, what state do you live in? The laws regarding this issue are diffrent depending on where you live. If I were you I would talk to my school nurse about this. A few school clinics will actually distribute hormonal birth control. (I remember hearing about this on the news, but someone please correct me if this has changed) Even if yours doesn’t, your nurse should be well-versed in the laws of your area and can answer any questions you have.

    Anonymiss- When I was talking to my doctor about which method of BC would be best for me, she said that the risk of pregnancy from one late dose of ortho tricyclen is very slim. If you actually miss more then two doses you should be very concerned but in your case I wouldn’t worry too much. I would, however, use a back-up method for one week to be on the safe side.

  46. 46 ~Katie~

    As I am allergic to latex… There isn’t much selection or affordable alternatives to condoms. I have been on bc for just under a year. I’m lucky enough that I can get bc on my own if I need to living in Canada, but I suggest to any girls that can’t to take the bad cramps and long, heavy periods route with their parents if they can’t get it themselves and would like to go on as a contraceptive. No one is really going to question you with that excuse. Its always worth a try.

  47. 47 Miss Vida

    I use the fertility awareness method and condoms. Ya gotta be EXTREMELY aware of your body and VERY responsible for this method. However, it works quite well, and I just don’t have sex, or I use protection, when I could be fertile (which is only about a week per 33 days). It has worked for almost two years and I have had friends use it for longer than that. I did have a co-worker using the fertility awareness method and he was cheating, and guess what?! They have a baby. Fortunately, it wasn’t a big deal for them and they wanted a baby anyway :).

  48. 48 Heather

    ICM I loved your comment!!! And G, I’m a geek girl too! lol Power to the geek girls! I love my video games and manga! lol. But that doesn’t stop me or my equally geeky boyfriend! ;) We use condoms and BC!

  49. 49 Amy

    Thanks, Kristin. I live in California, where one option for me is Planned Parenthood (though I don’t think it matters what state you live in for Planned Parenthood, though I could be wrong).

    By the way, I tried something recently that I would NOT recommend. They’re called vaginal contraceptive films. I wanted two forms of protection and as I don’t have the pill, I thought I’d try this. Stung like hell.

  50. 50 Vanessa

    My boyfriend and I used condoms and I was on the pill for the first 4 months we were sexually active with eachother (I was his first, him my second… first with a condom). After we realized we were having sex up to 8 times a day and therefore using 8 condoms daily, we had an honest discussion about just relying on the pill.
    The first month was a bit of a scare — being only a day late and running out to get a pregnancy test, but after that, everything has been great.
    Now we only use condoms if I miss a pill or if I’m on my week of non-hormonal pills.

  51. 51 JamieE

    I’m a fan of the pill. I loved the NuvaRing, but it got to be a bit too expensive, so I’m back on the pill. Yay to no babies.

    After reading through this discussion, I watched the episode on birth control again. While I believe it was very well done, I wish you would do a follow-up. You talk a lot about the product side of things, but not the relationship/access/communication/cost angle of the things.

    I still don’t know how to talk to my mom about BC and she knows I’m on it! Also, I know it can be tricky or uncomfortable knowing how to talk to your partner about contraceptives. Lastly, BC has become really, really expensive and just getting info on where to go for affordable BC would be really awesome.

    Major kudos to everybody at MWTSS; I love you guys.

  52. 52 Chels

    I’ve tried pretty much everything; the pill (always forgot it), the patch (couldn’t deal with the weird sticky, dark ring around the outside), the shot (the hormones made me crazy), and nuvaring. I have yet to get an IUD, but what I’ve heard about potential side-effects is scaring me enough that I probably never will.

    The ring is awesome! And for those whole like to skip the placebo pills in their pack, after a long discussion with my pharmacist, we came to the conclusion that skipping your week off the ring wouldn’t be a bad thing (A new one every three weeks, just to be clear). So, yay! No periods, reliable birth control, and I can get it from the local sexual health clinic for $10/month. Something to look into, ladies.

    Plus condoms… I hate searching for a towel afterward. >.<

  53. 53 Ashley

    When I lost my virginity my boyfriend at the time and I used condoms and that method worked very well. He ended up pressuring me into having unprotected sex with him. So, for a couple of months, until I could actually get on birth control, we were just using the pull out method. Doing it in the first place was probably the dumbest idea he’s ever had and I’ve ever let myself go along with. I am extremely fertile and he’s incredibly virile; a great baby making combo. I did get pregnant, ironically I think it was the first night that we started the pull out method. Luckily for me, I ended up miscarrying so I didn’t have to deal with being a single mother at 19 putting herself through college and raising a child.

    After dealing with that catastrophe, I went on the pill and that worked extremely well. I even had a few mishaps with not taking it at the same time (being twenty minutes or so off on some days) and a few missed days, but there were no other pregnancy scares like the earlier one. I would definitely suggest taking birth control pills.

  54. 54 Matt

    Not having Hetero-Sex helps with the non-babyness.
    I am a gay guy and there is no uterous or falopean tubes or vaginas involved… just penis..
    I use condoms everytime though but it is more STD control than birth control(I hope!!!)
    Also i was wondering if there is like another nifty term floating around out there cause birth control is tossed around like always and i’m like… “I’m gay and the birth is not the problem” and i’m not sure about most gays but i almost feel like exempt from protection just because it is called birth control. I dunno now i’m just rambling….

    ANYWAYS I love MTSS. A group of friends and myself all watch it togeth cause it is funny and informative and cause we are theatre kids and sexual humor is our favourite!! hehe :)

    Great job you guys keep it up!!!

  55. 55 Nikki

    So, i didn’t go through all the other posts so I’ll just babble anyway.
    The pill is actually really really ineffective now. Since there were lots of cases of heart attacks and clots, the companies lowered the levels of hormones making them much much less effective.

    I was on the patch until a few weeks ago when I got an IUD.
    -I was on the patch for 3 years and I never had a problem. Recently, I realized the hormones made me a MONSTER and the people I associated with on a day to day basis were lucky I didn’t carry a firearm.
    -Thus, I had the “brilliant” idea of getting an IUD. the IUD (Intra Uterine Device) is usually used in women who have had children before. I haven’t had children so I have a tighter, longer cervix… so I’m having LOTS of problems. lots of pain.Getting it installed hurt like nothing I can describe. (the doctor actually said I’m one of the only people who didn’t cry). BUT, the Bright side is, it has no hormones, and it lasts 10 years. I can also get it removed at any time. A few people I know who have had one said it made their sex life so much better, but I bleed every time and it hurts ALOT. So… we’ll see how it goes….

  56. 56 Kitty

    How do I prevent babies? The pill, abstinence and erotica. And having an understanding boyfriend.

  57. 57 Rachel

    I’ve never had sex, but I’ve done pretty much everything else, and believe me, even though I was on the pill and he used a condom, it still happened that I got pregnant. Stress from him leaving me caused a miscarriage after three months, so I have no babies running around, but I’ve learned a lot from that experience… I just keep my pants on now.

  58. 58 Garrett


    Outside of that, I probably won’t be.

    Catholics win!

  59. 59 Shana

    the pill
    condoms are a huge inconvenience when you have sex 9 times a day almost everyday ;)
    i’ve had no side effects involving the pill at all so i’m really happy
    my doctor told me that you can take the pill within a 2 hour time difference from your regular time and be perfectly safe
    but i try to do it the same time exactly anyways

  60. 60 Kim

    I’ve been on the pill for 7 years (yes, it does get expensive, but fortunately my parents have the same pharmacy as I do, so they pick it up sometimes…and my insurance covers it, so it’s only $10-$15 a month).
    About that whole same time every day thing: I started out taking the pill at 630 pm every day, but it’s gradually worked its way up to 430-ish, give-or-take an hour or 2. Well, I’ll take it as early as 330, and as late as I get home in the evening if I forget to take it with me when I know I might be out later than 5 pm (sometimes as late as 1130 or midnight). I’ve never had any problems with it, except when I was first taking the pill, and I hadnt gotten used to my new cycle. Then I would freak out sometimes if my period was a day late, but now I know it can start up to 2 days after I take the last pill, and that was too much information, wasnt it? Sorry. Anyway, at one point, I was taking the pill probably a couple hours off, because I was on vacation in a different time zone and I couldnt convert the time properly, and now, I just take it at 430-ish in whatever time zone I’m in (as long as I’m still in the US).
    I’ve had a couple friends and cousins get pregnant while on the pill, but I dont know their exact pill-usage habits. And sometimes that makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me or my bf (same one the whole time), because if all these people I know are getting pregnant while on the pill, shouldnt I have a pregnancy scare or something? not that I think that would be a good idea, and I’m thankful that hasnt happened, but it still makes me wonder sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly maternal. (Just so you know, my bf and I are planning on having kids, just not yet- and we’re both currently mid-to-late 20’s, and holy cow, now I feel old again.)
    Anyway, to sum up- 7 years on the pill, only take it within the same general time range every day, with aiming at the same time, never really any pregnancy scares, and the only form of birth control, except during the “off week” of the pill, we use a condom then, if we decide to have sex.

  61. 61 Kung Foo

    I call it: being unattractive.

  62. 62 ang

    I don’t sleep with people who produce sperm. That’s not to say I don’t sleep with men, but the only penis involved is detachable.

  63. 63 Tom


    I’m sorry but I’m having a little trouble believing that you have done everything except sex. You were on the pill and he was using a condom and you got pregnant… how does that happen?

  64. 64 Miranda

    I was never a pill user. The thought of not being protected if i missed taking a pill every day scared the crap out of me. I have tryed the patch but found it wasnt for me. (in other words i didnt want a big white square on my ass when i went tanning)

    I have been using the Nuva ring and i LOVE IT! I only have to remember once a month to do something. If i want to delay having my period for a few days i can just by leaving it in, and some times durring sex it will slip over my boyfriends penis and it will “get really really good” for him.

    I have in the past when i was taking a break from Birth control had “accidents” were we forgot to use a condom and in those situations i have used the morning after pill. Although i was a part of the very small percentage where it was un effective and ended up getting pregnant. Thankfully i live in Canada where abortions are legal and available along with a lot of information and counseling and support.

  65. 65 YayNoBabies

    Tubes tied at 23. Happiest day of my life, even more so than my wedding day.

    When I first started having sex at 18, we were stupid and had unprotected sex (we were each others “firsts”). When my brain kicked in, we moved on to a combination of the Pill and spermicides. After that relationship ended, any other sex was pill and condom combo.

    Now I’m married to someone who is infertile and I have my tubes tied. We consider ourselves pretty bulletproof at this point.

  66. 66 Ariel

    Right now I’m in a long term, monogamous relationship, and both of us have been tested for all STDs so I just use the pill. I’ve been on the pill for years and have never had even one pregnancy scare, so I’m confident in its effectiveness. That said, I also have been told by my doctor that because of hormone issues, even if I wanted to get pregnant, I’d have a very difficult time doing so. (Still, I’m not taking any chances.)

    Under other circumstances, I would use both the pill and condoms. It’s really dangerous to be having unprotected sex even if you’re on the pill, and I’ve only ever stopped using them in situations like I’m in now where we’re both clean and been together forever and are completely monogamous.

    I would, however, like to give a bit of cautionary advice to girls looking to go on the pill: long term usage can have some pretty bad side affects. I have to take it at the moment because if I don’t I won’t get my period, but if I had a choice I’d be back to using condoms, because in addition to the annoying decrease in sex drive, it’s also caused me to have problems with my circulation and raised my blood pressure, among other things. Obviously not getting pregnant, especially as a teen, takes top priority, but just make sure to talk to your doctor about the health risks involved in hormonal methods of birth control before going on them… and try not to make it a long-term solution (meaning, more than a year or two.)

  67. 67 clair

    instead of having any sort of contact with other human beings, i spend most of my time hiding in my room with a stack of books.
    sad, i know.

  68. 68 JM

    Anal Sex Play — Many people enjoy anal sex play. Partners can explore each other’s buttocks, anus, and rectum with their hands, mouths, sex organs, or with toys. Anal sex play cannot cause pregnancy — but it can easily pass infection. Using a latex or plastic barrier can reduce the risks. Using lubrication can make it more comfortable.

  69. 69 Quixotic

    Until recently, my GF and I only used condoms. That worked pretty well for us; I have no complaints about using them, etc, etc. I do know that we haven’t used them perfectly; there are so many little rukes to remember. I’m fairly sure I’ve gotten precum on the outside at least once; a different time GF asked me to kep thrusting after I came.

    Anyway, one discussion about safety later and we’re now on condoms and withdrawal, at least of the time. Withdrawal works pretty well for me, as I don’t come during intercourse unless I consciously choose to.

  70. 70 Ruby

    The Nuva Ring, and I far prefer it to the pill as a hormonal method.
    Lower dose of hormones and less fret about a daily obligation. I’m in a years-old monog relationship so we only use the condoms if I screw it up.

    When I first started using the pill, I had this mental block about it really working, and felt really anxious every time I had sex without a condom. I should have continued the condom use; I would’ve been having better sex and in retrospect I really shouldn’t have risked being fluid bound to that particular guy.

  71. 71 Adam

    Im 15 and I have been dating this girl since..forever and I have always known her all my life, She is 16 and I really just, I don’t know if I should or not, she is not pushing me at all and she respects anything I choose, but if something were to happen, I would be there for her but I don’t think I could live with myself. She is On BC because her mom got sick of her using 1,000,000 tampons a day 12 days a months so..What do you think I should do?

  72. 72 Stevie

    How am I preventing babies? Gay sex.
    For real.
    Speaking of which, an episode entitled “Homosexuality Part 1″ implies that there’s going to be a part two…

  73. 73 RHM

    When I first started having sex, it was condoms; although I was stupid and let the first bf talk me out of them (thank God I never got pregnant). Then I was on the Depo-Provera shot for 6 years straight; never had a period (!) but blamed it for weight gain (don’t know). Now I use the Fertility Awareness Method which is AKA the sympto-thermal method. We use condoms during the fertile period, if we have sex at all. I love FAM because I don’t have to take any hormonal BC and completely know what is going on with my body. It’s very cool. You take your temperature everyday around the same time and check your cervical fluid daily. For those interested in more info, is a great website.

    Some people have been talking about HPV. Yes, there is a vaccine, but it’d be a lot safer and very effective just to use a condom. Also, from what I’ve read, there are only 4 strains of HPV used in the vaccine and actually a hundred or more different strains of HPV! Something to think about…

  74. 74 Erin

    Currently, I use Nuva Ring. My partner and I are fluid-bonded and can have sex without condoms at this point, but we always use condoms for vaginal sex, just as an extra precaution.

    I’ve always been one to use multiple forms of birth control to be on the safe side, but I know from experience that it doesn’t always work.

    When I was in college, I was on the pill and I used the sponge and my partner used condoms. Even with these three methods used simultaneously, I got pregnant. It did end in a miscarriage, but I still managed to get pregnant. That’s why I’m so cautious to this day.

  75. 75 YoungWife

    I have been on the pill called Trisepta (I think that’s how it’s spelled) for 2 years now… This is the only kind of birth control my husband and I use.
    However, before we got hitched we found out I was pregnant. After talking to several of my friends with children it seemed to be a reoccurring theme. About 80% of my friends that were on this BC had children. All of us took our pills at the same time everyday and still managed to get pregnant…. This pill does not work near as well as it says. If you are on this BC use other protection.

  76. 76 Lilly

    They say abstinence is the only way to be 100% protected against baby making.

    Well, homosexuality works pretty damn well too. My girlfriend and I lack the proper equipment to impregnate one another. We’ve been monogamous for five years now (we got together when we were just barely 15!) and no longer use “shields” when preforming orally, though we used to to protect ourselves just in case. The only other protection we use are condoms on certain toys, though that is for hygienic purposes only.

  77. 77 kansas

    took the pill for a week - puked everyday

    did the nuvaring for six months - while the sex was awesome (first time without condoms at age 25) that thing made me crazy. i cried all the time, thought about killing myself, etc. i don’t think hormones are for everyone

    six months ago i got a copper iud - it was a bit painful at first, but it has proven to be so f-ing great. i don’t have to think about birthcontrol for another 12 years.

    i still use condoms for disease protection.

  78. 78 Jerrett

    My form of BC is doin guys in the butt and vice versa!!11!1!11one!1!1!!!

  79. 79 Kathryn

    I use a copper IUD, and I love it. I knew there was a risk of heavier periods, but my experience has been fabulous. And I know in the States there is some misinformation floating around about it not being suitable for people never having given birth, but it’s all poppycock (love that word). The rest of the world knows it’s fine (and I’m American by birth, so I’m not bashing anybody). Got my first one in Germany when I was 18. Ten years later, while my friends have weathered the hormonal storms, the pregnancy scares, and scraping the money together every month, I sit here happy as Larry with my perfect BC match.

  80. 80 Kate

    I’m a queer. =]
    Works for me!
    My girlfriend thinks so too. Hahaha

  81. 81 Chewy...

    I’m currently not having sex…but am on the pill (Yasmin) in combonation with Accutane which requires I be on it. I’m still not regular even though its been 4 months. *sigh*

    When I was sexually active we used condoms. It didn’t stop me from becoming pregnant though (after a very messy breakup, and tons of stress I misscarried). It terms of how it would effect me in the long run I think it was for the best. Being a single mother a 17 isn’t exactly the ideal. Though short term I was really screwed up.

    Case and point of offering too much information; always use to forms of birth control. You’ll thank yourself later.

  82. 82 Jolis

    I agree with Jix :3 easiest way. My sister was on BC for period but she wound up with galstones and had to have her galbladder removed. Then again I also know a number of people who were preventing as much as they could (BC and condoms) and still got pregnant.

  83. 83 Rachel

    I got my Mirena IUD in early August, and it’s been like a dream come true. No more fiddling with condoms, and the hormones involved are in small enough amounts that it doesn’t bother me. (The pill did.) Five years of no babies, and my period seems to have lightened into nothing! It’s completely worth the discomfort of getting it put in, which is bad, but not terrible.

  84. 84 TexasTeenager

    how do I prevent babies?
    i participate in frottage with my boyfriend.

  85. 85 Mr. Sifuentes

    i shot blanks

  86. 86 A Truck Driving Pilot

    I prefer to throw a hand grenade in after I finish to for safety.

  87. 87 Ellyse

    My experience with birth control has been… interesting. After ten months of using birth control pills, I discovered I had a massive blood clot in my right arm, which could have potentially killed me. I am now on anti-coagulants for a year, and can never use estrogen-based birth control ever again. Luckily there are other reliable forms!

    I just want everyone to know that there are other risks to using birth control besides an unwanted pregnancy. Women using hormonal birth control methods (which is most of us) need to be really aware of what their bodies are doing and how they are responding to it. The only reason I got so scared and went to the hospital when I experienced arm pain was because I knew the possibility of clots existed. My life has now completely changed, and I just wanted readers to know that birth control, while it is incredibly useful, does come with its own risks.

    P.S. To Becky from July 8: If you had read the insert included in your birth control package you would have known that St. John’s Wort drastically reduces the effectiveness of birth control pills. They include that info for a reason.

  88. 88 Heather

    I’m on the pill but I make him wear a condom.
    He doesn’t like it but sometimes I forget to take a pill on time and I’m not taking any chances.
    He thinks I’m being ridiculous. I think that’s fine.
    I’d rather be ridiculous than pregnant.

  89. 89 Jess

    Nuva ring… which I love… I generally like any excuse to shove my hand up my vag or to get help from someone else cause i cant reach lol.

    I’ve been on the pill I was constantly crying and an absolute mess. I wasn’t a fan at all and I tried about 5 from the age of 13 on. Nuva ring has a lower dosage of estrogen and you feel more in control because its steadily going into your body not daily bursts.

    Oh there was the brief affair I had with the sponge last year. Effective when used correctly. But absolutely a pain to get out especially with tiny fingers

  90. 90 Griffin

    Paragard IUD–no worries for 10 years.

    IUDs are great (practically 100% effective once placed and easily reversible), but–

    1) they are not for people who have sex with multiple partners

    2) they are not for women who are sensitive to copper (in the case of the Paragard)

    3) I wouldn’t recommend the copper-wire IUD to women who have heavy periods without hormonal birth control because the IUD can make periods even heavier.

  91. 91 Brad

    I had sex using only condoms for about a year and a half, and I have nothing but 100% positive feedback. I used Trojan brand, spermicidal condoms, in case anyone wants to know.

    Nowadays my girlfriend and I are on the pill — and it is indeed an “us” thing, because I always remind her right at 4:30 to take it. I usually get an annoyed “I did!” but the almost 100% effectiveness is worth being naggy. :)

    I also tend to withdraw more often than not, not just because I find it amazingly sexy to ejaculate on certain areas of her body but also because she expresses discomfort when I come inside her.

  92. 92 Kor

    I’m on Birth control,
    and my boyfriend and I ALWAYS
    use a condom.

    I always tell him if he isn’t wearing one,
    he isn’t getting any.
    I know they have a risk of breaking,
    so hence why
    1) Birth control
    2) No matter what, I clean the area very well after.

    With my Mom, I was that .1% that made
    it through birth control and a condom.
    So yeah, I’m cautious.

  93. 93 Meg

    My form of BC? Not getting any. I’ve used the pill (3 different kinds), the patch, the shot, and condoms. I actually stopped taking birth control when I thought I might be pregnant. Waited a couple weeks to see if my period came, which it didn’t. Took a pregnancy test, which said I was pregnant.

    Then a week before I saw my doctor (this was almost three weeks after I thought I was pregnant) to verify the pregnancy I had sex with my boyfriend unprotected (the first time in my life I had done that). Guess what! THAT was when I actually got pregnant. The BC I was using had messed up my cycle and my hormones so I didn’t get my period and my PG test was a false positive.

    So it was surprising when the doctor told me I couldn’t be more than 4 weeks pregnant and my calculations had put me at about 8 weeks at this point. I learned my lesson to keep using condoms even once you think you’re pregnant and until you have confirmation from a doctor.

  94. 94 afm

    I first went on the patch when I was 19. I was extremely depressed and had stopped having my period for 4 months. My doctor didn’t believe that I was a virgin and made me have a pregnancy test. Bit of a jerk. Anyway, they induced my period (painful lots of hormones) and put me on the Patch. Which I took for an abstinent year, I didn’t like how itchy it was, but I did like the much lighter periods!

    When I decided to become sexually active, I found a much better gyno than the one before, and I went on Depo Provera. Briefly used condoms, but was in a long term monogamous relationship. I did 6 mos on Depo and lost most of my hair. I also gained weight, became depressed, and lost my libido.

    I decided to just go back onto the patch, which I almost never took a week off for the break through bleed. A year passed, and I had some abdominal pain and they discovered an ovarian cyst. They also discovered a cyst that implied my ovaries were potentially releasing eggs. They put me on the pill.

    I’ve been on Jolessa (4 periods a year pill) for over 2 years, never had a scare. Paranoid about it though.

    Don’t think I could do an IUD with the heavier periods (even with lighter ones, I lose at least an entire day to intense pain). Wish it was as easy as just flipping a switch.

  95. 95 Clara

    He’s fixed.


  96. 96 louise

    Well i think that its sh*t that girls have got to worry the most about getting pregnant.. It would be good if there was a pill boys could take everyday to stop their sperm from working or something.

    With my past experience i was taking microgynen pill for a year.. And i got pregnant on it.. I stopped taking it the minute i thought i was, didnt have sex again, i went to the local clinic twice, a few weeks after one anouther in my area, they told me i was not pregnant, so off i went i went out for a few weekends the regular rutine, drinking, smoking. Then it wasnt till a few weeks after i still didnt feel myself, i went to the store bought myself a home pregnancy test, i got a faint posative, left it a week and got anouther one, i got a positive. Im really angry the fact the clinic did not listen to me when i said to them i really think i am, they told me i was not and tried to convince me to start taking the pill again. I would not of went out drinking and smoking otherwise.

    Well turns out im now 7 months along an im having a baby girl. I couldnt bring myself to get rid even though i know im not ready for a child.

    But everything happens for a reason.

    A word of advice for everyone you can get pregnant off the pill its not a high chance but it can happen!! most people dont like condoms, boys say they dont feel the same.. Some people are scared of injections.. And maybe people dont want a rod inserted into their arm. With the pill i was very moody!! I put on weight.. Ate alot.. It made me feel sick all the time.. It can also cause bloodclot!!

    Ohhh the joys of being a girl. If only boys got periods and had to take pills everyday or get injections every three months or have things shuved up them to stop them having kids! Maybe they would change their friggin ways!!!

  97. 97 Esther

    I’m a queer virgin, so yeah, that’s pretty damn effective birth control right there. xD

    @ Kate and Anis, don’t hide, I know who you are! :P QA FTW :)

  98. 98 Anabella

    Louise, hey…I mean, it is what it is. Everyone needs to be worried about it, girls and guys. You dont like taking the pill, fine. Dont let your boyfriend, or whoever u having sex with stop using a condom. You need to be sure about that, alright? Is not a thing that only guys need to worry about. And yea, everything happens for a reason.

  99. 99 succubusisis

    Condoms. I need to get my hands on some spermicide but I haven’t found a pharmacy that has this in my non-us country. Does anyone know if it’s fallen out of use? I can’t go with any hormonal treatments, as they are already messed up and I’m trying to get them under control. (Suggestions, info on the spermicide issue? PMs to my twitter are welcome)
    I’m not surprised someone would claim they were the exception, those percentages (as with condoms) are based on the pretense that people use BC correctly, following instructions to the t-so shit happens, not really as a fault of the science, but as a fault of the user… Yet abstinence-only ed turns the premise around.
    ps. my security word was todd! Because Todd is the king, right?

  100. 100 assman

    My no baby plan is ANAL SEX! You can’t get no babies if you only jizz in a chicks butt!

  101. 101 Nikol

    Assman, your plan will surely work out well for you. I am now sending out a global warning to all of your future dates.

  102. 102 louise

    My boyfriend didnt wear a condom when id got pregnant because i was on the pill.. I do take the pill still to be careful. Not saying its just guys that should worry. But most guys don’t, espescially the majority were i come from. Most of them are tw*ts.. But i think its rather sh*t that girls are the ones to take all the pills get the rod put in your arm and all these painful prosediors, when all a guy would have to do is put a rubber on the end, which alot dont

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