MTSS 19: Orgasms

Have you ever had one?

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  1. 1 Calvin

    “I live in a camera”
    Just priceless! Another great episode.

  2. 2 Joshua

    “Yahtzee” :)

    Great as usual. Your persistant high quality fails to disapoint me again. :o)

  3. 3 Curvaceous Dee

    Todd’s a liar, all right. That was brilliant, guys - hope we see SEX COP again in the future :)

    xx Dee

  4. 4 succubusisis

    Now that O’s been caught, does he take conjugal visits in jail?

  5. 5 Rob Wells

    Oh man, you’ve ruined my idea of Todd and his royal status. I… I don’t think I can take it anymore.

    Yet another brilliant episode, thanks guys.

  6. 6 Mark

    The Boobowski detective bit was high and larious, Britney was funny as always. I specially liked when Nicole said ‘only unlike god, orgasms are real’, truer words were never spoken.

    Such a classic episode, keep up guys.

  7. 7 Clintus

    The O is magical

  8. 8 Polly

    What??? You mean my mom wasn’t right when I asked her what an orgasm was and she said girls didn’t have to worry about those? (I swear, this really happened.)

  9. 9 Katie

    Another classic. You never disappoint!

  10. 10 Macster

    Ahaha, oh my god, I’ve been a fan since day 1 (and gave monies too!) this was awesome. The intro was a bit uh, annoying? But that is having a sponsor for you. All in all, AWESOME episode.

    My ex girlfriend a few years back was a squirter which threw us both off because she had never experienced it with her past guys. When it first happened I naturally at first thought she pissed all over me. After doing further “experiments” that was later discovered that it wasn’t the case at all.

    One of the most puzzling things however about that situation was that there were days that she was “creamy” like a thick white goo (but damn sweet tasting!!) and it was just “flow” out when she would orgasm and other times she would be totally clear and damn near shoot across the bed with me being inside her. Her doctor didn’t have an answer (and I don’t think still to this day most docs do) but the entire thing was a total absolute turn on.

    Hmm, maybe the next MTSS should be public sex =D *whistles*

  11. 11 Electrobix

    Homos? Please. Even we homos know that orgasms are a purely physical thing!
    That God joke was hilarious BTW x_x

  12. 12 Jordan

    not your best work. still a big fan of the show though.

    if you’re going to discourage “nay saying” in sexual experimentation you should probably leave religious matters to others. it’s inconsistent to frown on those who are overtly hostile to your positions on sex (the topic of your show) and then be overtly hostile to the existence of God (not the topic of your show). jokes about televangelists et. al. can be funny and tasteful (and have been). but your theo-philosophical rhetoric is out of context in this show.

    keep up the generally great work. i look forward to the next episode.

  13. 13 Stevie

    I absolutely loved the “Search for the elusive Clitoris/Gspot” reference from the first episode of MTSS. Bloody awesome. ^^

    And the last line “What makes you think I’d know? I live in a camera.” was soooo funny!! (I hate using the word “so” in that manner, but I’m at a loss for words, so the multiple O’s will have to speak for me.)

    And also, for women, here’s a quiz that will tell if you’ve had an orgasm or not:

  14. 14 Upset

    A good episode until the God “not real” comment.

    Keep the show talk to the sex, and leave the religious bashing out of it.

  15. 15 Christine

    I don’t know if it is because you guys have a sponsor now or something, but this episode seemed a bit higher quality than the others. Not that I didn’t love the previous episodes. Because I did love them.

    But this one was especially good!

  16. 16 Max

    great episode! lots of high quality quotes from this one as with all the other episodes. I’m sure it was a hard decision to keep the god joke in there, like the cancer joke from a previous episode. I’m glad you did, if you can’t laugh at everything, you shouldn’t laugh at anything.

    keep them coming! 1 episode a month is killing me =P

  17. 17 Nikol

    God liked that joke.
    There is nothing in this world that you can do well without taking chances. We aren’t attacking religion at all, just making a joke. And? A joke is a joke is a joke. As someone said to me recently, if you can’t find a way to laugh at everything, don’t laugh at anything.
    But thanks for your continued support.
    Re: Video quality and sponsorship- KoldCast is really being amazing by sponsoring us, and we are talking to them right now about the preroll presentation being more palatable for all of your needs. While they are making it possible for us to keep making the show, part of the improvement of our quality is that we’re getting more experience. We’ll keep working to improve. And make jokes. And we may take some macrame classes. We hear that’s the newest craze.

  18. 18 Electrobix

    They totally have the right to make that God joke, as it is protected by the First Amendment.
    I mean, if you don’t like it, why did you watch it? Like the homosexuality shirts - too bad they aren’t available anymore.
    Well, I guess that is “freedom of speech”.

    And that was the best part of this episode BTW. Plus as can be read at the beginning of the vid, this is mainly for your ENTERTAINMENT, don’t take it too seriously…

  19. 19 The Vag

    Love you guys,
    remember to keep your quirks and your style though, even with the koldcast personality.

    Also, i wanna know more about squirting!

  20. 20 Ian

    Another great episode, I don’t know where you guys get your ideas from, but I’m just glad that you do.

    And I liked the God joke. Mainly because I could tell it was a joke, and that it didnt involve any long discussions on the nature of religion whatsoever.

    If I’m being picky though, I do think you could have talked more about female ejacualtion.

    And I also heard somewhere that it’s possible for guys to ejaculate without actually orgasming as well. At least that what a friend tells me . . . . :S

  21. 21 Jiz Lee

    Yes on Squirting! Can you do an episode on Fe-Jack?

  22. 22 JB Justice

    To Y’all,

    Keep on with the great work. Perhaps your work will help all of the abstinence only sex ed programed kids with common sense and humor.

    Hummmm…Ab only Ed + Carma = Rep.VP family issue for all to learn about.

    Hugs from the West Coast,

  23. 23 Savocado

    How can I download this? Thanks.

  24. 24 Guy

    Wow. I guess we’ll have to do an episode on squirting.

    Savocado: You can download the current episode via KoldCast’s itunes feed:

    Otherwise the episode will be released on the MTSS feed this Saturday. As our sponsor KoldCast gets two weeks to premiere the newest episodes. We figure we owe them that much (and maybe some flowers).

  25. 25 Kate

    I was directed here by the Crash Pad website [I always like to check what sites have for their 'don't come in' button/link] and I watched all the episodes today, and this is AWESOME!

    You guys should put all this on a DVD so I can use it to explain sex when I eventually have kids [I just turned 18, no babies anytime soon.] Or maybe you guys will just have a spot on some crazy cable channel by then. :D


  26. 26 shonda

    When diddled properly…..that’s fucking awesome, pun very much intended.

  27. 27 yourleastfavorite

    Hahaha did I just hear what I think I heard?
    “Some people think it’s purely an emotional thing (homos)…”

    Don’t correct me if I’m wrong, it’s funny the way it is.

  28. 28 1eyedgurl

    The best episode yet! Hilarious! Keep it coming…yes, I meant it like that.

  29. 29 frenchie

    although the pre-roll sort of took away from the awesomness, amazing episode!
    the best think about mtss is that you are so deadpan and provide awesome information…but wait, what was that? when i first saw the “fetishes” episode, i thought ok, heres some comprehensive education…wait, what?

    orgasms. some people think its a purely emotional thing, homos, while others…

    pure mtss gold there.

  30. 30 Jordan

    Fabulous - I hope you will find the clitoris someday, I hear it’s a bit easier to find than the g-spot. Good luck!

  31. 31 Chris

    I’ll add another request for a squirting episode :)

  32. 32 Noah

    The entire video is one frame, the audio works fine…
    I’m in GNU/Linux, Flash 10… all your other videos work, any hints on debugging this?

  33. 33 Guy

    I’ll try to find out what the issue is Noah.

  34. 34 Rev.Stephanie

    I absolutely appreciate the god joke, best thing ever. & if anyone has a serous problem with it, well then… they should probably be on a website that conveys humor that requires no open-mindedness.

    Though I have watched most of your episodes and feel you should expand on certain things. for example: spontaneous orgasms… isn’t that common in pregnancy?

  35. 35 Patrick R.

    I disagree with you on a major issue. God is real. And my purpose of writing this comment is to stand up for God and let you know that you are mistaken on you comment that God is not real. I will not watch anymore of your videos because of that comment. May you open your eyes and see the light.

  36. 36 James

    Yes, Stephanie, God is real. And he thinks you’re a douchebag. Lighten up.

    -Jesus H. Christ

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