MTSS 21: Boobies

Boobies. Boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Jugs. Tits. Fun Bags. Dirty Pillows. Milk Sacks. Hooters. Ta Ta’s. Melons. Headlights. Rack. The Twins. Boulders. Sweater Meat. Udders. Bee Stings. Jubblies. Chesticles. Bazookas. Mammaries. Blouse Bunnies. Yabbos. Flapjacks. Orbs. Twin Peaks. Dairy Section. Bosom. Lady Bollocks. Lunch.

57 Responses to “MTSS 21: Boobies”

  1. 1 Idir

    Oh Jesus Christ Almighty!
    You didn’t mention moobs, men bras, or HIV transmission via breast milk? Today is World AIDS day, noobs :p
    Anyways. I really like this episode, even though I’m a gay guy, and I also like nipple play.
    And no, I wasn’t going to press “stop”. Yahtzee!

  2. 2 Idir

    Oh, and I hate to double-comment, but the teaser is just RAD!
    Love ya!

  3. 3 Rob

    Terrific! Keep up the great work guys, made my day.

  4. 4 Sarah

    What/where is episode 20??

  5. 5 Guy

    Episode 20 is here:

    (on the drop down menu)

    go Wildcats!


  6. 6 Rebecca

    Thank you for putting the thing in about how bras don’t prevent your boobs from sagging. My bf has this idea that they do.

  7. 7 Kristan

    I love Tiny Tim at the end :)

    Another breastmilk question: Can AIDS be transmitted through drinking breastmilk?

  8. 8 Nikol

    Interesting topic. I have contacted a few doctors asking them about this and had a conversation with Audacia Ray about it. The answer seems to be that you are just as likely to get AIDS from kissing a person as from drinking breast milk. And you would have to drink a whole lot of it all at once. (Why does this make me envision breast milk drinking contests or breast milk pong? Maybe because I am a little bit wrong in the head.)

    While it is believed that HIV can be transmitted from mother to child through breast milk, that is also very rare and can be avoided completely with medication. But adult humans do not contract AIDS or HIV from drinking breast milk.

    Does this mean you should go out, find an infected person and get them to lactate so you can drink their breast milk? I would still advise against it.

    I am looking forward to seeing what other people have to say.

  9. 9 John

    No offense - but MTSS used to be funny - an now it’s not

    A mediocre Christmas Carol sketch? Really? How original.

    Have you ever seen anyone who had a faild boob job?
    And what the hell was that politics/boob job “gag” about?
    That didn’t make sense - it wasn’t smart or surreal enough to even begin to be funny - you might as well have said that a failed boobjob makes you sprout fur, a silly voice, and get a stop on Seseme Street.

    Its an educational episode for sure - Nikol you always provides the facts - but the sketches fell flat this week - not a single one made me smirk - let alone smile - and I’m pretty sure anyone who would be introduced to the show with this ep would feel the same.

    Hope the next one is better, I really do. I don’t want one of my favorite webseries to fall to mediocrity because of lazy writing.

    Oh - and Nikol is so damn hot - keep up the good work - both the show and being hot.

    PS. lose Todd. Seriously - it was really really funny to see him once every 3-5 episodes - not be an “artist” and have his stupid Limpdick cameo.*

    *Oh sorry - did I say Limpdick - I meant Hitchcock.

  10. 10 Chris

    True not as funny as they used to be, but still great work. Cut them some slack :)

  11. 11 Carol

    what is wrong with your antispam that i have to do it twice? once top and then with recaptcha. who programmed that and why did it just make me type todd? i had to use the audio on it, anyway, because the image is not showing.

    of course they have gotten less funny. they have to answer to a sponsor now and they can’t be as funny as they were before. maybe it was just this episode. some of them are good, but this one wasn’t as great.

    i don’t know what you are talking about with limp dicks but the todd thing is getting old. it is like if they made a cancer joke every episode.

  12. 12 Nikol

    @John We appreciate your feedback. Is there anything you would have done to make boobs more funny?

    @Chris Thanks, man. I will send you that pony I promised you for sticking up for us.

    @Carol I only get the bottom AntiSpam. I wanted to let you know that our sponsors allow us complete creative freedom, so any lack of funny is totally us.

  13. 13 Guy

    The extra anti-spam box shouldn’t have been there. Looks like an old plugin got activated. Sorry for any confusion.

  14. 14 Lee

    I think more people would donate money to make a DVD if they were confident that it would be as funny as the old episodes and not as much of an epic fail as the new ones.
    The plots really ruin them.
    Let’s go back to stringing a few great jokes together to make one awesome MTSS.

  15. 15 Jason

    Well, I for one thought that this episode was great. As have been the last few. And you can only “string a few jokes together” for so long. Formulaic inevitably becomes tired; I think they’re movin up and movin on. As far as I can tell, they’ve had a sponsor for quite a while now, so I don’t think they’re kowtowing to anyone for bucks. Keep up the great works, guys!

  16. 16 Joe Baldwin

    A friend sent me this link last week and I love it! Now I’m just waiting for the penis episode…

  17. 17 karin

    lurrvved it. thanks for introducing me to the term “mipples”; y’learn something new every day…

  18. 18 Nikol

    Hey Joe! Have you found the penis episode yet? Take a look at our drop down menu of eps.

  19. 19 Joe Baldwin

    Look at your drop down menu for a penis video… I think I almost fell for that line once. (I found it shortly after posting my last comment, I didn’t realize there were so many episodes!).

  20. 20 Kyle W

    This was the first episode I’ve seen and was funny enough to make me watch a bunch of others. Now I know EVEN MORE about syphilis. Thanks, Midwest Teen Sex Show!

  21. 21 brad

    Christ on a plate, i love this show.

  22. 22 Alison

    I must agree with Lee on this one. The addition of a full-on plot seems to have really taken away from the great comedic work the mtss can do. I’m actually finding the new episodes less informative, too. There honestly weren’t many boob facts; I usually learn a thing or 2 from these videos, and today I cannot say that I did.
    Either way, I support you guys, and I’ll keep on a-watchin’.

  23. 23 Jenny

    Um haters hello?!?! Have you ever heard of a RUNNING JOKE before? Lighten up!!! This episode had a bunch of sketches totally unrelated to the Xmas one and they were funny & informative. If they had to satisfy all you haters this show would stop being funny at all. Keep up the good work MTSS!

  24. 24 Carol

    nobody is hating. running jokes are beter when they are every once in a while, not every episode. todd may be the king, but that is not funny if it is beaten into me. who the hell is that dork? anyways the whole thing is that this show used to push some lines and now it just sits there being like ain’t I funny? I just made a joke.
    nicole looks sad and serious and what the hell happened to her and the rest feels all like her parts got nuthin to do with the rest of the parts. where did they go?
    I learned that i don’t have to wear a bra.

  25. 25 laivine

    I just found this show on ITunes. It is so wonderful with its dry humor (or sometimes wet, gross-out, swimming pool of vomit and diseased limbs humor) and info.

    I kind of OD’d on everything last night and can’t wait for more. Thanks for a great show.

  26. 26 Akela Talamasca

    I’m only here to declare my allegiance to Nikol, because she demanded it!

  27. 27 Missy

    i thought this episode was pretty good. much better than the HPV one but maybe not quite as funny as the first episodes.

    so when’s the next episode?

  28. 28 Neil

    Thanks for your comments everyone. We shot the sketch segments for “Hook-Ups” a few weeks ago; had a hard time keeping a straight face during the shooting. :) I think those who love the randomness and not the plots will really like this one. Should be soon; I’m excited to see it too!!

  29. 29 David S. Samuels

    This is a response to Carol’s concerns that the Show isn’t as funny any more because the producers “… have to answer to a sponsor now and they can’t be as funny as they were before.”

    As the CEO of KoldCast TV, the Show’s Sponsor, we want the loyal fans of the Show to know that KoldCast TV never asked for, and does not have, any creative control over the Show. And, quite to the contrary, KoldCast TV digs “edgy” episodes… the edgier the better! F-bombs… bring ‘em on! Here’s the bottom line though; we believe in MTSS and its producers and have full faith in their creative writing abilities and execution of every episode. End of story.

    As the Sponsor of MTSS, KoldCast TV merely finances the production of Episodes and distributes and promotes the Show at our own expense. We do, however, get to express our opinion of what episodes are selected for production.

    Whether any Viewer agrees or disagrees with Carol’s opinion, KoldCast TV wishes to thank you for your continued loyalty to this brilliant groundbreaking Show. Stay tuned; more great episodes of MTSS are coming your way in 2009!

    Happy New Year Everyone!


    David S. Samuels, CEO
    KoldCast TV

  30. 30 Scott

    Stick a fork in it…this show is DONE. It’s not funny AT ALL, and feels way too forced. You had a good run- stop before it’s painfully unfunny.

  31. 31 Riley

    So, funny. It’s amazing that something so informational can be so entertaining at the same time. And I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way.

  32. 32 Bennie

    Here via Jenny The Blogess. Oh my effing GOD! You gals are HIlarious!!! will be back often.

  33. 33 Jocko

    So the gentalman from KoldCastTV stated: “We do, however, get to express our opinion of what episodes are selected for production.”

    Isn’t that basically the same thing as effecting their free reign of creativity? Knowing that possibly they could want to do an idea and it get shot down and therefore no funding by KoldCast?

    I as well would love to see MWTSS without the need for the sponsor but have no idea how much money they blow to make each webisode and how rough it’d be to support them.

    Either way I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes tremendously and have learned a thing or two, especially the fact that you shouldn’t date someone with cancer.

    Furthermore it’s hard to be consistantly funny for extended periods of time without new sources for input, and as far as I’m aware the crew really hasn’t changed a whole heck of a lot.

    Lastly, if I’m not mistaken for all those asking who Todd is, I believe if you watch the credits he’s one of the writers, so I can understand him loving a bit of face time ^-^ Either that or I’m on crack and he’s just the king…

  34. 34 Nikol

    Hey Jocko (and everyone)

    So far, the way it has worked is that we tell KoldCast which episode we’re doing next and they’ve said, “That sounds good.” We haven’t hit any walls with them on any of the topics we’ve wanted to do. Not sure how they would feel if we said, “Next we want to cover fisting.” But, then… Um. We aren’t there yet.

    Our costs to maintain the site and make episodes is fairly low. However, this has become a full time job. We need a sponsor if we want to be able to sleep indoors.

    You should only date people with cancer. There. I said it.

    And for all of you wanting to know who Todd is, he is the director, Guy Clark.

  35. 35 Jules

    Yah, something got lost along the way. MTSS was never really “educational” unless you were a grade-school dropout, but it used to be kind of funny. Now it’s like a Kanye West song: it has talent hidden somewhere, but it’s overshadowed by overproduction to compensate for the rushed feel of the writing writing, which is not very good these days. The original episodes made me laugh sometimes, but that’s been a long time since. The last dozen or so, all have gone downhill. I can’t blame you, eventually you just run out of material to cover or halfway decent jokes that you have used to deflect the lack of real education. But, the writing is what used to shine through even when it was just 3 people who looked like they were having fun. Now it’s like a group of wanna-be Thespians who take themselves way too seriously. This isn’t The West Wing - get back to having fun, damnit, because that’s when you made a decent show!

    I didn’t even bother to watch this episode because I already can predict what it’ll be like, and I see others are feeling this way too. It was good that first few months, but R.I.P. to the old MTSS which was entertaining at one time. Now it’s just another podcast in the herd of thousands who all want your attention but don’t really give you a reason to keep coming back.

    It’s been fun, but I can’t say it’s any surprise that there’s a lot of people saying that you’ve run your course. If you don’t go back to your roots of decent writing that made you successful, you’re going to end up one more show that got attention for a short while and fizzled out into oblivion from lack of trying when you hit your peak. Either way, I’ll wait a few episodes and check back in the spring. Hopefully you’ll have figured out what made your show good in the first place and go back to that formula in order to save it from dying a drawn-out and painful death. I’d hate to see that happen.

  36. 36 Guy

    “We prefer your earlier, funnier movies.”

  37. 37 Nikol

    Hahahaha, Guy! Stardust Memories.

    Okay. Here’s the skinny. Maybe this wasn’t your favorite episode. If you happen to have enjoyed what we did before, how about you tell us what used to work for you instead of just telling us to stop production. I think we can all agree that there are hundreds of sexually related topics still to be covered. I have several email folders of them. Lack of material is not the issue.

    What was the funniest stuff we used to do? Let us know.

  38. 38 Somebodyunfamous

    First time watcher, found you from a Twitter link. I thought it was pretty funny, but according to the comments, I need to watch the “earlier, funnier movies,” if I really want to laugh my ass off. Hope I can say ass…well, I already did (twice), hope that’s ok.

    Thanks for making me laugh and focusing on one of my favorite topics!

  39. 39 zd

    i’m not sure that the show has changed all that much; it’s more possible that peoples’ expectations have changed. there were 2 flat jokes in this episode, but many other instances of things that made me laugh. all the episodes have been like that for me.and mtss has never been a show to come to for comprehensive sex education, they’ve stated that before. what they do is provide entertainment, to open up a dialogue. there are many websites that provide extensive sex education, and what mtss does is balance it within an entertainment videolog format. and you know how you see commercials on tv where actors in conversation are talking about the side effects, price & whatnot of a specific product? and it seems so fake? the fact that mtss talks what it talks about, and avoids that fakeness, is a mark of talent.

    i do find the koldkast ads overly intrusive. 10 seconds or so at the beginning, a plug for the sponsor inside the episode, then nothing but advertisements for the entire end of the clip. koldkast could possibly learn that subtle advertisements sometimes work better (i.e., it’s already in our faces, why the in episode plug as well?), though i think they’re awesome for taking a chance on mtss and sponsoring them.

  40. 40 spellwight

    Think Legos. Hahaha

    PETA thinks Ben & Jerry’s should make it’s ice cream out of breast milk. Apparently it tastes okay though the consistency is off. Imagine the boob work with their production quotas.

    And to those whiners up there, YOU try and bring the funny to every person every time. I applaud these people for trying and if you think they missed the mark, then run along little whiny child and find another episode or come back next time. Or make your own.

  41. 41 C

    Jules, you can’t whine about an episode you didn’t watch.

    I liked this episode and I can’t wait for the next one. Good work Guy and co.

  42. 42 Guy

    Comments are going to be turned off for the next 48 hours while we move to our new site design for 2009. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    In the short term you can always start a discussion at our community site:

  43. 43 MorningtonCrescent

    Meh. Bored.

    What happened to the original jokes? And why is Nikol not in sketches anymore - has she gone off to live in black and white question and answer sessions instead of adding the funny back to the show?

  44. 44 Danica

    OH my random semi blasphemous expletive!

    Why is everyone complaining?

    Ok so some episodes are not as funny… Do you seriously want your funny portioned out in precisely measured doses?

    Ok you know more about boobies than you do about homosexuality or anal sex …. do you or do you not see boobies more than anal sex? It makes sense that you are probably going to know more about things that you see more often.

    Show a little appreciation folks. What is going on here is that someone has finally taken sex education seriously enough to be funny about it… in a way that makes teens pay attention.

    After a friend showed me mtss I came home and watched them with my teen daughter. She got all the jokes and even asked a few questions that i doubt she would have asked without seing the show.

    It must be remembered that if parents do not talk to kids about sex, someone else will, and someone else LIES.

    This is a goldmine for parent teen communication. All respects to Koldcast, but i wish it were better advertised.

    Ill hand my soapbox back now.

    Thank you mtss!


  45. 45 Shaina

    Major props to Danica. Not only was this episode not as bad as everyone made it out to be, but if you didn’t even watch it, your comments have to justification.

    In short, good episode guys! Keep doing what you do best which is making all of us laugh and keeping us all informed. I’m sure plenty of other people who watch the webisode appreciate all of the effort you guys are putting toward sexual education.

  46. 46 couchpixie

    I have to say I’ve been caught a bit off-guard by this sudden surge of rancor. As someone who has been watching since day one, I’ve seen this show evolve from a goofy experiment slapped together by two old friends into a national pop culture phenomenon that has become a factor in the dialogue at large about sex education for teens. And yes, along the way, you’re going to lose a few people who loved the show best when it was a haphazard series of skits that introduced Guy, Nikol, & Co. to the fact that no, you cannot make jokes about cancer even if they are tongue-in-cheek and absolutely dripping with sarcasm. I really liked some of the early ones, I have favorites from the middle, and I thought some of the recent episodes have been outstanding. But what I think is funny is not going to be the same as what you think is funny. (And no, this last one wasn’t my favorite episode and I thought it seemed the crew might have been a little tired. But does MTSS need to be taken out behind the barn and shot? Absolutely not!) In striving to find a new way each month to make the information funny, sometimes these folks are going to come up with things that don’t do it for you. If so, and especially if you feel this is part of a trend, do what Nikol suggested above and offer specific information. “The older ones were funnier” is awfully vague. Which episodes? What sketches within those episodes? And you know, cut ‘em some slack, too. YOU try producing ten minutes of well-polished laughs every month. We’re not talking about well-paid professionals here. This show is still very much a labor of love, “overproduced” in the basement of Guy’s mom’s house.

    What I’ve always liked to see most in this comments section is not necessarily endless repeats of “you guys are awesome keep it up!” but a nice smattering of objections to the material, questions raised or left unaddressed, personal stories, arguments among people posting (and not just about whether or not MTSS is still funny), reports on what people are being taught in schools on the subject, corrections by experts (it’s REALLY fun when the experts argue!), misconceptions, and the occasion howl from the wilderness. I’ll be thrilled if the next episode makes every single one of you laugh hard enough to pee your pants, but what I really hope is that we can get back to this big messy dialogue about sex education.

    Bottom line: tired of MTSS? So don’t watch it. Tired of that baby because someone told you that their brother said condoms were more effective if you “double-bag” them? Stuck with it for life, sweetheart. And that is why we need to keep talking and watching.

  47. 47 Reshi

    Honestly people, what happened to compliment sandwiches? Gosh, so negative! (=P) It’s Christmas, and we demand too much from our beautiful and talented people from MTSS.(..oh yea.. so talented ;) haha!) I have faith that the next one, whenever it happens to appear, will be amazing and worth sitting through a few less than perfect episodes. Quit whining! =D I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! (by the way, I, personally, think that “todd is the king” IS getting old, though I appreciate Guy, but I like the whole personification of body parts thing, like this one with the boobs that are different sizes, and dave’s penis and being flexible [in The Penis episode], and oh.. I love it! hilarity!…Plus I was very intrigued about that guy in episode Orgasms who was in the fallen over chair. Maybe an interesting character somewhere in there? Lastly whatever happened to when in episodes like The Older Boyfriend and Abstinence where Britney would play like 7 different parts? haha those were also pretty good.. so yea… CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! people should try it!)

    p.s. sorry for talking so much… I’m lonely and bored… *weeps tears of anguish*… WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME BACK, MOM!

    p.p.s… I tend to be a bit of a loser sometimes.. sorry =P

  48. 48 Dylan

    I only saw one comment that bothered me and I’d like to address. This show may not be informative to some people who have been lucky enough to learn about sex in an actually honest environment, but you would be shocked at how many people would rather let their children learn everything from their idiot friends in middle school than talk about sex themselves. They’re too embarrased to talk about sex and would rather believe these kids are innocent little angels than face up to the truth of the real world. It’s those kids that this show is really helpful for. Instead of hearing some messed up version of the information, they can figure out what’s correct and ask questions about anything else that they don’t understand. And because it’s funny, it takes the edge off the embarrasment they’ve learned from their parents. And personally, I do think it’s still pretty great. Sure, there have been a few flat episodes, but overall I think you guys are doing a fantastic job here.

  49. 49 Dylan

    I only saw one comment that bothered me and I’d like to address. This show may not be informative to some people who have been lucky enough to learn about sex in an actually honest environment, but you would be shocked at how many people would rather let their children learn everything from their idiot friends in middle school than talk about sex themselves. They’re too embarrased to talk about sex and would rather believe these kids are innocent little angels than face up to the truth of the real world. It’s those kids that this show is really helpful for. Instead of hearing some messed up version of the information, they can figure out what’s correct and ask questions about anything else that they don’t understand. And because it’s funny, it takes the edge off the embarrasment they’ve learned from their parents. And personally, I do think it’s still pretty great. Sure, there have been a few flat episodes, but overall I think you guys are doing a fantastic job here.

  50. 50 Philip

    Are you really sure that wearing a bra does not prevent breasts from sagging (”breast ptosis” technically? I’d be really interested to see your sources on this one. I’m no expert, but it’s a basic principle of biology that living tissue exposed to tension generates extra cells. As a man who had phimosis (i.e. tight foreskin) as a child, I know firsthand how skin can be permanently stretched as a result of repeated application of tension (which in my case was therapeutic). It’s difficult for me to believe that the constant pull of gravity coupled with the effects of regular physical activity wouldn’t cause breast tissue to stretch (especially if the breasts are heavy), and that the use of a bra wouldn’t reduce this effect.

  51. 51 Nikol
  52. 52 calvin

    i just found this show, and am shocked that anything that is so funny or that has such high production values could come from wisconsin (as a resident, sheboygan in particular). seriously. keep it up, and ignore the twats whining about the end of the show. they will do it every episode from now on, even 500 episodes, a deal with MTV, international gigs, and 5.4 billion dollars in ad deals later.

  53. 53 Nimi

    Breastmilk is definitely one of the four body fluids that contain enough HIV viral load for possible transmission. The other three are blood, vaginal fluid, and semen (including pre-come).
    Also, HIV- the virus- is what you contract. AIDS stands for acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome and is the final stage of the disease characterized by a series of symptoms after having being diagnosed with an opportunistic infection due to a weakened immune system.
    Basically, you contract HIV, not AIDS because AIDS is the final stage of progression. Oftentimes associating a disease with only its final stage (ie death) is the cause of a lot of fear and stigma.

  54. 54 T.J.

    this is the first episode I watched, and honestly came upon it because I am a chauvinist pig and I like boobs, even the word alone is sometimes fun to say. But I have to say that I find it hysterical, but then again I haven’t seen the “old stuff”, and I am easily entertained.

  55. 55 Nikol

    Nimi, in your statement about breast milk, please provide us with a good citation. Everyone I’ve spoken with and everything I have read has told me that an adult human would have to drink gallons of human breast milk in order to acquire HIV.

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