MTSS 22: Hook Ups

Got three minutes? Want to hook up?

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  1. 1 Marrz

    lol, Corniest Sponsor Plug EVER

    But thanks koldcast for keeping this series alive

  2. 2 Idir

    Um… it’s not supposed to say “this episode is gonna get me” and stop, is it?
    Anyways. I like! Especially the part about blowjobs.
    But my captcha is actually even funnier.

  3. 3 Idir

    No, I did not mean to double-comment, sorry.

  4. 4 Sarah

    Where can I get the song at the end?

  5. 5 Stevie

    Classic MTSS! I loved it.

    Who was that girl in the hookup scene with Britney? I don’t think I’ve seen her on the show before. (Though I could be wrong.)

    That last line was the best, btw. That’s so my new motto. ^^

  6. 6 Thandor

    I gained more insight into my own life than I have since the fetish ep.

    and I’ll be sharing with all the girls I know who don’t hook up at nerd cons. because knowing is half the battle

    (also, I don’t have Nikol’s numbers to give to my really really hot peoples)

  7. 7 Thandor

    pure inspiration. I learned more about myself than I have since….the fetish episode

    and we have a new party game, ‘answer the questions’. I think we’re going to add a gong, just cuz. and the hook-up elf will have spare condoms, since elves serve no other purpose

    and a new catch-phrase, since stealing them from the youth of America keeps me young and my libido strong, damn middle 20s

  8. 8 Jonathan

    I had forgotten how good/funny/titillating this show was. Thanks for keeping in touch on Face.

  9. 9 Betty Rae

    The hookup elf! That’s brilliant! I’m telling everyone about the MTSS because it is the best thing ever. I wish it was around when I was a teen. At least I can pass it on to others. I can’t wait to see all of the new and fun features on the website. I heart you guys.

  10. 10 Meghan

    MTSS, I’d give you both my kidneys.

    KoldCast: please, please, please, make a less obnoxious embedded player. Please. Seriously. Please. Having the friggen controls cover a third of the screen every time I mouse over enrages me so much that I could only really express it by digging my fingernails into your shoulders and wildly hyperventilating an inch from your face. PLEEEASE.

  11. 11 someone

    this player BLOWS, i hardly watch the show anymore because of how shitty it is. it takes about 15 minutes to watch a 5 minute episode. time to upgrade and move on mtss.

  12. 12 Guy

    Sarah, the band’s name is “Jacks Of All Trades.” Sadly they don’t have distribution at this point, but you can view their videos here:

  13. 13 Icarus

    Hook up girl has good taste in bear.

    Blue moon = Yummy

  14. 14 couchpixie

    Yay, hookup elf! Liked that bit very much! (Perhaps because I usually AM the hookup elf?) Props to Neil for really looking all dorky and excited when the elf appears! And props to everyone at MTSS for continuing to spread the love (safely).

  15. 15 Minny

    Stop complaining about the embedded player and subscribe to the FREE podcast. Easier, and in High Def.

    Loved this episode.

  16. 16 couchpixie

    Also, LOVED the deleted scenes. Great series with Britney!

  17. 17 khabal

    Yeah another great episode guys!

    and in reference to the Koldcast player.. maximize it than you shouldnt have any problems viewing it. Thanks for the sponsorship KoldCast!

  18. 18 Catie

    Is it just me or have the recent shows gotten shorter? There’s so much more to hook-ups than what was covered. What about the shame aspect? What about the safety aspect?

  19. 19 Nikol

    Hi Catie,

    Our episodes vary in length. There were a few recent episodes that were longer than our first episodes, which probably made this one seem shorter. As for covering topics, we use 3 to 5 minutes to talk about topics that require a whole ton of discussion. You can further the discussion here or on our Ning network, which we link to on the home page. Shame and safety were touched on, but not covered completely.
    Shame: Unhealthy sexual behaviors
    Safety: The Hook Up Elf

    Still, we look forward to all you have to say on these topics, as one of the points of these shows is to get people talking.

  20. 20 Maggie

    Hookup Elf needs some serious merchandising - a better mascot for Valentine’s day, at any rate.

    ^^ See URL for one possibility.

  21. 21 Rachel

    Loved it, but I’m not sure how to take the incest bit, though the “love circle” mentioned in the deleted scenes.

  22. 22 NickG

    Hey MWTSS, I was wondering if you had any of the deleted scene clips up online so that I could link them to share with friends. I get them on my podcast, and love them there, but when I find it necessary for others to see them, it is much easier to send them a link rather than to convince them to subscribe to the podcast themselves (which I still do anyway).

  23. 23 Guy

    We add them over time to our community page videos:

  24. 24 NickG

    Oh, Cheers Guy!

  25. 25 Ria

    What’s with the marriage hate?

    “Hooking up can be a good way to explore what you want but not worth it if you see yourself as only worthy of attention because of sex, that’s what marriage is for!”

    WTF? I’m as pro-choice and feminist as they come, but where do these people get off equating marriage with devaluing women?

  26. 26 Nikol

    Ria, I am not sure if you just started watching this show at this episode and are unaware of the tone, but let me copy and paste the line that seems to come up more often than not.

    It was a joke.
    A sarcastic bit of haha poking fun at something while still managing to get the message across about hook ups and how there are healthy manifestations of them and unhealthy manifestations of them.

  27. 27 Garrick

    I have a question: At about two thirds in—

    “________ leads to more hookups. Mistakes are made, and all of a sudden you’ve boinked your mom again.”

    —I love that line, but I cannot figure out the first word of the sentence. Frequent porting? Recomporting?

    Sorry if it is totally obvious.

  28. 28 Guy

    Frequent Partying! Which is what I assume one would be doing to miss the line. :)

  29. 29 Mary

    i just want to say that i have been a big fan of this show since almost day one. i’ve told a bunch of my friends about it. and i found out about this show from the tyra show. i just thought someone should mention that. and i was just wondering if there was anyway you could possibly get the message across to parents that this show does not show any nudity or anything, that it’s not porn. i have no idea how you would do this, but if you think of anything, then thanks so much. i love this show and will continue to be a fan. i give my full support to this show. It Is Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!

  30. 30 Larissa

    TYRA KNOWS ABOUT MTSS?!?!?! Did she call us fierce?!?

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