Sleeping & Living

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  1. 1 Tobin

    Poisoning the minds of youth with healthy doses of comedic sexual education! Pssh, prudes.

    Great job, Nikol! :)

  2. 2 Eric Susch


    We don’t get interesting questions like these over at Let’s Knit2gether. I’m jealous! You get all the fun!

    Here’s to our youth. May they make better decisions through ignorance!

  3. 3 Sean Gilmore

    So much win, haha.

    I wonder how the woman so offended randomly found the site…?

    Perhaps searching “teen” and “sex”

    tisk tisk

  4. 4 Icarus

    Have you tried emotional abusing yourself?

    Because really those weren’t good excuses for living with yourself.

    Try harder to not live with yourself! >:O

  5. 5 Meghan

    Ruh-roh. Are you co-dependant with yourself? Have you tried… FATALLY DENYING YOURSELF ORGASMS?

  6. 6 Idir


    However, as a gay dude, I’m effin’ sure that living too long with an orgasm will cause your… pathetic anaorgasmic life to end very soon.
    Why else would priests rape boys?
    (And yeah, nuns are “celibate”.)

  7. 7 Tomi

    sometimes i’m positive that if i don’t have sex that i will explode.

    maybe that’s the real cause for spontaneous combustion.

  8. 8 Jens

    *lol* Veeery funny Q&A-session! Don’t let religious fundamentalist pigheads ruin your agenda. Well done!!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  9. 9 NickG

    Dear Nikol,

    You make my life. Way to be awesome.


  10. 10 Henry

    Nikol, wonderful Q&A episode, I’ve heard those questions before from my customers, another fun one tends to be “What does your mother think about what you do?”

    So Nikol, what does your mom think about what you do? =)

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