MTSS 23: Vaginas

Find out what happens when vaginas stop being polite and start getting real.

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  1. 1 Carlyn

    Great skits, acting, voices. Awesome!!!!

  2. 2 Nicole

    OMG you guys are amazing. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year, and you never fail to amuse and educate me. I love you guys!

  3. 3 Shaun

    This episode reminds me of one of my favorite bookmarks.

    Euphemisms List

    Playing hee-haw with the wrinkled me-maw

    Oh, and I shall never eat while watching this show again…

  4. 4 Chris Griswold

    Great as usual, but please watch the use of Comic Sans. Every time it came up on screen I got excited, thinking there was an office party coming up.

  5. 5 Seth Miller

    Another stellar show you guys! I loved the “real world” skit. Keep up the good work!

  6. 6 Christian Siegert

    Great episode. The Vagestonia skit is awesome!

  7. 7 Kaleena

    “If your vagina’s as dry as a cow’s udder come wintertime…”

    I love it! keep up the great work!

  8. 8 couchpixie

    I’m so relieved to learn that my pendulous labia are all the rage in Vagistonia! I shall never feel shame again!

    A REALLY important piece of advice for the ladies so you don’t need to learn the hard way: pee after intercourse! You’ll probably never ever be able to spot your pee-hole, but a thrusting dick will have no problem stuffing it with bacteria. You flush it out with a whiz, though, and you can skip the whole incredibly painful peeing blood thing. Overly tight knickers and being sloppy when you wipe are other ways to spread the bacterial love. Some people are much more prone to UTIs the others–if that describes you, always urinate after sex and you’ll be a lot more comfortable in the long run.

    Also, antibiotics are a really common cause for yeast infections, which hurt and itch and smell. Your vagina is actually chock full of beneficial bacteria that can get killed off by antibiotics, allowing the yeasty-beasties to take over. If you’re going to take antibiotics, it doesn’t hurt to step up the yogurt consumption and cut down on your sugar intake. Both of those things discourage a yeast frenzy. And for the record, if you’ve got a yeast infection, you can spread it to others! Keep your bits to yourself until things are back under control.

  9. 9 couchpixie

    Also, best and briefest summation of the usefulness of the douche ever!

  10. 10 Joseph Finley

    how come some of your shows are not on the other podcast show download list when i subscribe like for example am i masturbating right, dont encourage her, how do i sleep at night and as well as vagina

  11. 11 Guy

    Joseph, those are bonus videos created exclusively for the site. They may be available in other formats someday, but for now we encourage you to check out the bonus videos here or at

  12. 12 ollieollie_OH!

    ABSOLUTE GENIUS! It’s about time everyone started talking about vaginas! Men spend every waking hour talking about penises…and they’re not as amazing as VAGINAS! Go Vaginas.

    Oh. And i would love to visit Vagistonia. It sounds like a blast.

  13. 13 Reshi

    HA! I knew it! To all the people who were griping on previous episodes, I TOLD you so! I TOLD you that we’d have another amazing episode soon! Thank you, Midwest Teen Sex Show, for preventing suicide in Wisconsin (which by the way is not where i live)

  14. 14 Idir

    …and you wouldn’t date one, would you?

  15. 15 klassikal

    Very funny episode..cant wait for the next! talking vaginas; Hilarious

  16. 16 Ka1ax

    What an awesome episode, best one yet! If you haven’t already, check out your area’s production of the Vagina Monologues, and be ready for a great time!

  17. 17 cobainerz

    Gynesol for the win.

  18. 18 Josh

    had you guys have been my parents i would have been running away screaming ewwwww and covering my ears so thanks for scaring my shatless.

  19. 19 Josh

    ya so nice job way to go

  20. 20 Lauren


  21. 21 Modern Hooker

    I was loving this site UNTIL the “dead hooker” comment in the Vaginas video. As enlightened as this site appears to be, I cannot believe you guys would actually make a joke at the expense of REAL women who are victims of REAL violence. Sex workers do not deserve the prejudice, hate and insensitivity you show here. Shame on you!

  22. 22 Guy

    I’ve noticed that there are three topics people take offense to on our show: Religion, Cancer, and Sex Workers. We are writing an episode focused on Sex Workers for the coming months. One hopes you haven’t given up on us and will find the episode more enlightening, sensitive, and humorous than the “dead hooker” joke.

  23. 23 Belinda

    I loved this episode. Vagistonia was awesome! It was so funny!

  24. 24 Modern Hooker

    @Guy: I believe the most enlightened thing you can do is to publicly apologize to the sex worker community and take down or re-edit that video to exclude the highly offensive reference.

    There’s been some intelligent discussion about this video on my blog:

  25. 25 mickey

    Yeah, the dead hooker joke is really f#%$ing funny! How bout you make a joke about about how smelly lynched n@#^%#s are and then say you’re going to post an african american focused episode to show how hip and with it you are. A public apology would be a great addition to this SW centric upcoming episode.

  26. 26 Juliana

    There are “three topics people take offense to?” right. no one took offense to the topic, we took offense to your misogynistic commentary disguised as a joke. it’s insult to injury that you can’t even aplogize and take responsibility.

  27. 27 Serpent

    Yeah, I was offended by the “dead hooker” joke too and had meant to say something about it earlier. C’mon guys, you know better! (Hopefully)

    Looking forward to the sex work episode…if you need a consultant, you know who to call.

  28. 28 jenny demilo

    I’m a hooker and i wasn’t offended by the dead hooker joke. If you watch all of the Midwest Teen Sex Show Episodes you will see they OFTEN make jokes out of sensitive subjects, its part of their style check out the episode about being gay if you don’t believe me. Its irreverent comedy!

    You cant be PC all of the time, especially in comedy and they weren’t advocating killing hookers in any way shape or form, if you look at the joke in context. Its your right to be offended and yeah its often hard for sex workers to get the respect i think we deserve. It can be a hot button topic so I’m not surprised that its making the sex worker blog rounds but as a member of the sex worker community i wasn’t personally offended by this joke.

  29. 29 Reese

    They make offensive jokes all the time and don’t have to apologize. South Park makes horrible jokes all the time and don’t have to apologize. Not a big deal.

  30. 30 Lily

    in my country, teenagers have the most boring shows about sex. And when I found out one of my scout troops (14 year old guys) hadn’t seen it, I linked one of them.
    By the way, I got many friends who always laugh at how your show name sounds like porn site :)

  31. 31 Mr. Bill

    @Modern Hooker
    I just took a look at your site because I was interested in what you had to say. You can only imagine my surprise when I saw your “pimp” character was black. If you want to take offense about stereotypes, make sure you even-handed. People in glass houses, and all.

  32. 32 Meghan

    Funny how offended commenters declare themselves to have been loving the site, including all its (fucking obviously) sarcastic jokes at the “expense” of cancer patients and people falsely accused of rape.
    Option A: you took all these jokes about other unfortunate people in a literal sense, but had no problem with them until it was your turn to have seemingly awful opinions expressed against you. You are a hypocrite.
    Option B: the sarcasm was both apparent to you and an acceptable form of humour, but only until you ran into a (double-fucking obviously) sarcastic joke involving your own demographic, which just so happens to be the only one nobody should ever joke about. You are a hypocrite.
    PROTIP FOR THE COMEDY-IMPAIRED: Learn to distinguish between the serious expression of an outdated and offensive attitude versus a parody of that attitude. I prescribe copious amounts of Sacha Baron Cohen.

  33. 33 Idir

    thankyouthankyouthankyou Jenny.
    Please. What about the gay jokes, the religious jokes, or the Walmart jokes? Isn’t it enough that they removed the cancer shirt?

  34. 34 NIkol

    Seriously? I’m being lambasted and called a sex worker violence advocate because Britney uttered the phrase “dead hooker” and indicated that dead hookers smell bad? Dead everyone smells bad if you leave them out in the sun.

    I am still a bit tired from traveling, but I wanted to post quickly about this thread. I am glad people are talking about sex workers because this site is meant to drive discussion, and now we can start talking about that. BUT I refuse to be told I need to issue an apology for that joke. Hey, sex workers, even those of you who I am close friends with? If you are going to spew off a bunch of ridiculous hypocritical nonsense, get the facts straight and get comfortable with the fact that you are behaving like the very people who oppress you. String me up in the town square until I tell you how sorry I am.

  35. 35 Ian

    Just a quick note to say that I personally didn’t think there was anything wrong with the joke. Mainly because it was funny, and partly because there was nothing wrong with it.

    Just because the (completely made up) hooker was dead, there is no evidence to suggest she died of any violent related incident, and there is every possibility she merely died of natural causes, something she was always going to do at some point anyway . . .

    Plus, apologies are only good if the person apologising actually means it, just apologising because you’re being told to is, IMHO, just adding to the insult.

  36. 36 Erik

    Sometimes it is wholly appropriate to use an exaggeration of a stereotype to illuminate the stupidity of said stereotype. This is one of those times. Those taking such umbrage to this joke appear incapable of moving beyond their own sensitivities to a place where they can see the genius in it.

  37. 37 Ian

    Plus, everyone smells bad on a shrimping boat . . .

  38. 38 Lee Isserow

    Is ModernHooker missing the fact that the “dead hooker” line was not about a “murdered” hooker or “disembowled” hooker - it was about a dead one.

    Contrary to what the media may have you believing, hookers often die from natural causes and don’t all expire by murder. I can think of at least 3 not-murdered prostitutes I know and none of them would have a problem with the line. I imagine they are all slightly more sane than a person with 40 twitter followers who thinks she’s changing the world and they way they see sex workers.

    For someone who uses a pejorative term as their alias, you’d think they’d lighten up about a line from a comedy show.

    In addition, ModernHooker is all about the “civil disobedience” according to her site, yet she doesn’t seem interested in dialogue about what she’s rambling about.

    I received this email from her in response to a comment she wouldn’t let me post on her site based on her blog “Evil Doings at Upcoming Sex 2.0 Conference” about her war on Nikol:

    “It’s primarily Nikol’s site and she is responsible for it’s contents. I have NO PROBLEM with Nikol herself. I’ve never met her. I’m sure she’s wonderful, and I’m not being facetious. However, I will not be approving your post because it’s obvious you’re not following along (or perhaps don’t understand what we’re discussing) and have nothing to constructive to add. Thank you.”

    Yes. because I disagree with you I shouldn’t be allowed an opinion. MTSS have approved your comment even though you’re badmouthing them. If I disagreed with you and I was still a male prostitute would you let me have an opinion?
    How about you quit your one-woman war against a woman whose doing a hell of a lot more than you to change the world.

  39. 39 Nikol

    Interesting note here: Lee attempted to comment on @ModernHooker’s blog stating that
    a.) I had not even been the one to make the joke
    b.) Her personal attack was misguided
    c.) I spend a lot of time advocating for sex positive attitudes.

    ModernHooker decided not to approve his comment because he obviously “wasn’t following along” properly with the issue or he would agree with her. She also sticks to her claim that I am the OVERLORD of the MTSS site with control over all of it.

    This brings us to another very important point of discussion. What do people think is appropriate in comment moderation?

  40. 40 Erik

    Two thoughts, Nikol. First, on the matter of not “following along” properly……bullshit! Unanimity of thought is neither possible nor desirable. Disagreement and discussion is what makes decision making better. Going along to get along is, IMO, almost always a bad idea. There must be dissent. Second, as to comment moderation, anything that you suspect may be slanderous, libelous, or otherwise illegal is subject to rejection as I see it. To reject a comment simply for not being in agreement with the site moderators point of view seems to go against almost everything I think the internet to be…a place where ideas are freely shared and debated.

  41. 41 Kitty

    Go, Nikol!

    I believe open swearing or vulgar name calling should be the two things moderated. Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it’s not cruel. :)

  42. 42 Luc

    Wow I think everyone needs to stop their attacks on the BRILLIANT people who run this show. They don’t have to make these videos but they choose to do it; they have been so informative as well as hilarious, so who cares if one thing they said offended you. At this point they have the right to be slightly offensive because the of the positive impact they have had on sexual education. So pull the sticks out of your butts and enjoy what they have to say. I love you guys. Don’t give these people the power to control what you say.

  43. 43 Shaun

    Nikol, don’t feed the trolls!

  44. 44 Mark

    I loved the ending! Great episode!

  45. 45 TexasTeenager

    Here’s this fine podcast brilliance,
    and all you guys want to talk about is a harmless joke made in passing?
    as was stated before, you don’t hear cancer victims complaining about the episode in which cancer was poked at,
    or religious people throwing fits over the episode where the existance of God is questioned.
    it’s a joke, this is a comedic, educational podcast.
    People need to change their tampons and move on with their lives.

  46. 46 Kim

    Wow, I just started watching the show and watched everyone on Itunes all weekend. I come on here to read the comments and I’m truly surpirsed that people are being so negative or are offened by the jokes. Also apparently the newer episodes were “less funny” than the old ones. Perhaps because it’s all very fresh to me, I really haven’t seen an decline in the quality of the videos as they progressed.

    What makes a joke innapropriate? Is it if it is a sensitive issue? If thats the case this who site is offensive because teen sexuality is a sensitive issue. The only people who would find the site offensive are people who aren’t comfortable with sexuality.

  47. 47 sophia

    haha omg this one was awesome:)

    i lmao when britney did that weird spit thingy in the vagestonia skit:) also the real world spoof made my day

    good job:)

  48. 48 Mishra Planeswalker

    I liked this one a lot - quite funny.

    You guys should sell Vagestonia postcards in the online store, I’m sure they’d be a hit.

    Regarding the dead hooker joke:

    I don’t think that it was in bad taste, as the definition of satire is to ridicule the stupidity of public opinion. Thus we can use a variant of deductive reasoning to illustrate this case of satire.

    1. Girl is afraid of the way her vagina smells
    2. Society has a perception of the ‘worst’ possible vagina. That is a) the stereotype of sex workers having smelly vaginas (this is satire here - stupidity of public opinion) and b) simple science that says a woman’s vagina will smell nicer when she is alive when contrasted to when she is dead.
    3. Girl’s vagina is compared to the societal perception, yet in a mocking fashion, originating in the teenage anxiety experienced by the character in this episode.

    Summative Notes:
    1. This episode did not advocate harm to prostitutes
    2. This episode did not advocate the specific killing of prostitutes, or otherwise unpleasant details of how a prostitute died.
    3. The only reason that the word “dead” was included was due to the basic science outlined above.
    4. This episode did, however, employ a satirical device that can be used to make fun of societal perception that prostitutes have vaginas that are less than pleasurable to smell.

    A last word:
    This episode should not be condemned anymore than any other comedic form of entertainment that uses such stereotypes. Would ModernHooker be offended at every TV show that shows a gay man with a high voice and a non-conforming wardrobe. Would she condemn shows where a Jewish person made a frugal business decision? My point is that satire exists to outline the flaws in public perception, and that is what this line has done.


  49. 49 Ian

    Seeing as most people seem to find the dead prostitute thing the thing most worth talking about (me included), I figured I’d add this link in the hope that a previous example might settle the argument. It’s a joke, build a bridge and get over it.

    Incidentally, I thought that the rest of the episode was awesome.

  50. 50 Juliana

    do non-sexworkers have any idea how many acceptable little hooker, whore, ho jokes we sex workers have to endure? many times were in environments where we don’t feel safe to take a stand - at our kid’s school, in a professional setting, etc. and we just have to sit there and watch everyone yuck it up about how nasty and dirty we are and how we’re “asking for it” when we’re hurt or killed. then to hear the same “humor” coming from an “ally”, it’s just to fucking much. if our allies refuse to be sensitive to the fact that we and our sisters are murdered, raped and categorized as diseased bodies, then who do we have?

  51. 51 Neil

    Great link, Ian. Thanks! Looks like the station didn’t apologize, but did say it was not intended to cause offense. I’m certain it’s the same case here.

  52. 52 A joke is a joke to everyone but you

    What did the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb Hooker get for Christmas?


  53. 53 Alison

    I don’t think any apology should be issued.
    Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this episode. I saw nothing that could be taken offense to until I read the comments. Take it easy, guys. I mean, really, it’s not as though this is the first time you’ve heard prostitute jokes, right? If it is, I must say I’m rather surprised.
    It’s not like mtss is starting some sort of trend of bashing sexworkers. It was a joke.
    But then again, I’m someone who thinks dead baby jokes are funny. So sue me.

    (And just saying, “a joke is a joke to everyone but you” is a great username. :D )

  54. 54 Ali

    Reading through all of this, I think I’ve learned an important lesson about sex workers. They have absolutely no sense of humor and get all their makeup and high heels and skimpy clothes in a bunch over something that isn’t a big deal in the greater scheme of things.

    Thank you Nikol, Modern Hooker, and all other sex workers and non-sex workers here. I feel enlightened and I got out into the world with new knowledge.

  55. 55 Michael C.

    Hahaha, I must say that this was a very funny video.
    My favorite part would definitely be the vagestonia skit.
    Vagina’s are our friends, don’t rub them the wrong way. ^_^

  56. 56 dave

    well, i’m a male prostitute… hooker… escort… whore - whatever you want to call it. i am in my line of work by choice, i support myself and my kids this way, i am an activist for sex worker rights, i am happy and healthy and love what i do, i’m openly sex-positive, bisexual and polyamorous, and i teach classes in escorting. and i’ve been told my others that i have a great sense of humor. (please don’t start concluding that sex workers have no sense of humor! in fact, don’t start concluding ANY ONE THING about sex workers - it’s like making a statement about ALL waiters, or ALL doctors. let’s be bigger than that.)

    now, i am definitely on the sasha baron cohen / sarah silverman side of comedy. that’s just my preference. the “dead hooker” comment was neither funny nor offensive to me. i just rolled past it, and found myself more titillated by the country of Vagestonia, and the spitting Vagestonian. i agree with many of the above commenters - the Midwest Teen Sex Show uses irreverent comedy as an element of its style. if you can’t get over it, and you can’t “get” what they’re ultimately saying, then this is not the thing for you.

    i think you guys - Nikol et al - are doing a great job. if you want some help / advice with your upcoming episode on sex workers, please feel free to hit me up.

  57. 57 Brian


    Anyone logging onto this site to see videos that promote peace, harmony and unicorns has come to the wrong place. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is a site meant to engage viewers and get them talking and thinking about issues involving sex.

    So if an off-handed comment about a dead hooker on a shrimp boat gets a laugh, and gets a point across, then let’s have more dead hookers out at sea.

    Really, if people are going to bitch about these videos, they’ll read their politically correct heads over anything.

  58. 58 Brian

    Um, that’s “rear their heads” not “read their heads.” Apparently, I need to proofread BEFORE I submit.

  59. 59 Larissa

    Um…we definitely promote unicorns. I do, at least.

  60. 60 Svarthofthi


    Drink their blood and instantly become validated.


  61. 61 Alex

    So. Fecking Funny!!!
    Awesome. Love it! Will be watching again. :P
    Spot on with the Real World parody! Gotta love Vagestonia!

  62. 62 robert

    what is this site for?

  63. 63 Eriel

    What body part have you guys not covered yet?

  64. 64 joey

    so beautifull

  65. 65 harris

    Those girl have some fail vaginas.

  66. 66 ronny


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