MTSS VS. The Internet

Tilzy.TV has a post up about our continuing struggle to post content on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Our sponsor KoldCast.TV has attempted to BUY ads on MySpace to promote the show, but the ads have been rejected.  Most recently our Facebook group of over 2000 members was shutdown for violating their terms of service. However no specific violation was given, and no contact information was provided to make a case for reopening the group. If you have a friend that works at Facebook, let us know!

‘Midwest Teen Sex Show’ Episodes Removed from Myspace, YouTube, Facebook

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  1. 1 Laura

    Clearly this is happening because sex is gross and unnatural.

    If I had become a lawyer instead of a musician I would be doing all I can to help. Petition?

  2. 2 Shaun

    I’m willing to bet that this is just like when you first started and were trying to get Google Ads on this site. They have a complicated algorithm that finds words like “Sex” or “Teen Sex” and arbitrarily cancels or denies them. It sucks yes but be diligent and keep trying to get the word out.

    I know I mentioned this to you before but honestly, try and write to Ben Popken or Meghann Marco (who is a local Chicagoan BTW). Its not really a consumer issue but it brings up a good point about how its kinda sneaky that there is no appeal, nor any real way to get a hold of someone. This happens all the time with other companies and this site helps expose it a lot. Give it a shot!

    FYI: the entire TOS debacle that Facebook had recently was started on consumerist. They wound up reverting to their old TOS after the story got out there. Might be a good try to strike while the iron is hot.

  3. 3 NR

    The article was definitely interesting, and I’m sad to see you’re having such problems.
    I’m working with a group of teens at a peer education group that absolutely ADORE y’all.

    I have to ask: Why did they say you’re red state natives? Illinois has been blue as Lake Michigan my whole life. And did you move to Brooklyn!?

  4. 4 WC

    Merely agreeing with Shaun here; Myspace and Facebook, the latter in particular, are pretty, well, retarded, sometimes when it comes to ads that could be considered offensive to some.

  5. 5 Guy

    Shaun, Larissa contacted Consumerist yesterday.

    NR, Nikol was a native of Wisconsin and is now living in Brooklyn. The rest of us are still in the lovely blue state of Illinois. Although I live in a red county, and Neil has been known to wear red lipstick.

  6. 6 Larissa

    I thought it likely we were getting blocked because of “sex” and other keywords as well, but every day I sign into Facebook and an ad for a Sexy Girlfriend pops up, or a a wax ad featuring a girl’s Thong Zone thrusting ever so through my screen. I also learned through the Tilzy.TV article comments that there is a popular Facebook App called SexGames. AND someone just sent me a Sexy Leather Guy through Facebook.

    Three Sexy Leather Guys to those of you spreading the word, writing to Facebook and watchdog blogs to get this mess right.

  7. 7 Marc

    how about a FB group to bring back the MTSS group? stupid as it sounds, it might be a way to get FB’s attention?

  8. 8 Nikol

    Marc, I think it would be hilarious to start a “Facebook Group to Bring Back the MTSS Facebook Group”.

    NR- I did move to Brooklyn. While the Midwest was always where I meandered about, most recently in Wisconsin, I have found myself to be at home here in New York. It was a big risk and a big move, but I am so glad to have done something that I never imagined I would have the guts to do.

    As for Facebook, we will continue to prod them and hopefully some sort of precedent can be set which prompts them to take notice of their hypocrisy. It is more likely that they’ll ignore the whole thing, but we can hope.

  9. 9 Idir

    Them Internet conglomerates are seriously Nazis :(

  10. 10 couchpixie

    I find it interesting that suddenly you face simultaneous censorship from Facebook, Myspace, AND YouTube. I wonder if someone has launched a complaint crusade under the cover of anonymous “inappropriate content” flaggings. I wish you luck in getting reinstated after being so unfairly targeted when so much more inappropriate material is widely available on all of those sites!

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