MTSS 24: Condoms

No matter how many times you’ve seen the banana demo, it’s not the same as putting one on a boner.

Special thanks to singer Nina Storey and composer Ryan Franks for creating the character of “Hank” for this episode. You can hear more of Nina’s music at, along with the sweet sounds of Mr. Franks over at

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  1. 1 Ali

    Funny and educational as always. My only concern is that there was no information on female condoms or dental dams. I know female condoms aren’t used as often as male condoms, but they deserve a mention. I can’t remember if dental dams were covered in one of the previous episodes, but they seem to fit in here as well, especially since one of the alternatives to dental dams is cutting a condom.

  2. 2 Neil

    Ali, thanks for the feedback! Dental dams (and I believe the condom suggestion) were actually mentioned in the Oral Sex episode.

  3. 3 Spencer

    Love the episode, guys! Very well written and produced. Also, doesn’t one of those actors do his own short films? I wanna say he’s the guy I saw do this hilarious video called Wheelchair Werewolf. Anyway, great work all!

  4. 4 Idir

    The DEATHS of millions!
    I <3 you guys.

  5. 5 Meghan

    Hank has usurped Mr. Hankey’s place as my favourite gross-but-loveable squeaky voiced… thing.

  6. 6 Larissa

    Named Hank, no less!

  7. 7 Neil

    Spencer, very observant! Do a search on YouTube for Joe Avella and you can find a lot of shorts he’s written and directed (I’m in some of ‘em, too!) He also directed the upcoming 4th episode of “Midwestern Teenager’s Intercourse Program.”

    Joe and I have been friends for years and he was invited to the shoot for this ep. Very funny on screen and behind it! Also, very white.

  8. 8 waraw

    Excellent if surreal.

    There’s one brand of condoms I’ve had break more than any other, and unfortunately when I was in college (before emergency contraception) this brand was always the one being given away for free at the clinic. Rhymes with StrifeMiles.

  9. 9 couchpixie

    And another tip–if you realize you’ve put the condom on inside out, don’t just flip that thing right-side-out and go back to work! It would mightily suck to knock up a lady with a little special-loaded pre-ejaculate. Inside out? Throw it out! This is one of many good reasons to always have a back-up condom! (Others include breakage, slippage, and the first round being so hot you want to do it again!)

    I did not know about the dangers of nonoxynol-9! Thanks, MTSS! This, of course, increases the importance of proper condom usage and highlights the importance of my rule that you always ALWAYS have two forms of birth control in place. I never investigated the whole “foams and jellies” category of spermicides that they spoke about in sex ed, being more of a Pill girl myself. Do you guys know about the safety/effectiveness of these?

    And for the youngsters: this is a message that has been around the block a few times, but I do believe there is still something to it. Too embarrassed to buy condoms? Then maybe, just maybe, you’re not quite ready to handle the whole responsibility thing that SHOULD come with having sex. If you’re bound and determined to get laid, for the love of god, please beg, borrow, or steal condoms rather than go without if you’re not quite ready to slap a pack down in the checkout lane. But if you’re not totally certain about the whole thing and obtaining birth control freaks you out, it might be a better idea to stick with mutual masturbation for the time being.

  10. 10 Mottled

    I preached the dangers of n-9 at my sex shop. That stuff is gross like pthalates. Well, maybe not THAT gross.

  11. 11 Onel

    Finding the need to post on myspace, hahaha

  12. 12 manu

    Great. Fucking great Episode.

  13. 13 Amber

    Very informative. I never knew that about spermicidal condoms, but I do remember that my mom told me once that she would never use spermicide because it caused pretty bad irritation for her. So I already had it in my head to never use spermicide.

  14. 14 Rain

    What are the lyrics to the “condom song”?
    My sister and I love this haha!

  15. 15 mbrgirl8400

    Love the mtss. nicole looks like a skinny version on cathy from the biggest loser

  16. 16 Nikol

    I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  17. 17 Emme

    The don’t forget the tip song was rather disturbing, but strangely addictive.

    Loved the episode. Thanks MTSS! ^^

  18. 18 Benji

    Ok britny is REALLY hot! You guys should make an episode with just britny!

    (and by hot I mean 3rd degree burn hot)

  19. 19 Nikol

    @Benji I was thinking we should have an all Guy Clark episode.

  20. 20 Benji

    Whatever I don’t care what u do it’s ur show I was just sudjesting… Well keep making epesodes I love em

  21. 21 Guy

    Guy Clark the country singer? I don’t think we can afford him.

  22. 22 Katerina

    Hey. This is a great episode, but I was wondering about ribbed condoms. Do they really feel better, does it feel weird, does it vary from girl to girl?

  23. 23 Anabella

    The show was pretty great, as always. Im a virgin however..I know a lot about condoms, haha. I have a pretty decent collection of more than 30 of different brands and colours. They are fascinating things. Wear a condom!

  24. 24 phizzled

    katerina: (i’m a guy) i’ve had different experiences. as near as i can tell, the brand used doesn’t matter all the much. i can’t feel a difference. there are a few brands that i can’t easily roll on, but that’s just me. my current girlfriend doesn’t notice any difference in sensation with ribbed condoms. my last girlfriend found them surprisingly pleasurable, and would have a…better experience even if she didn’t know the condom i’d grabbed was one of the ribbed ones. i think it depends on geometry of both partners and her sensitivity in general. the ribs and bumps are usually pretty small, but if you’re rubbing the right places, the extra texture will make a noticeable difference.

  25. 25 Jamesie

    I am a gay man, I find that here in the UK condoms are ridiculously expensive! they give out condoms and lube in gay bars, but me and my partner don’t go out every week!
    also they usually give us ‘trim’ condoms where as I and my partner need ‘extra’ if you catch my drift… we can also go to our heath authority or a clinic but they will only give you 10 a month!

    any solutions to cheap abundant condoms?

  26. 26 dan

    Lube. Lube lube lube. Condoms & lube. Lots of lube. Always have lube around with a condoms. Condoms need lube! Can’t say it enough . . .

  27. 27 CAM

    seriously this is one of the best educational vids i have ever seen it applys to young teens it wuld probably catch there atention keep up this grate work love it

  28. 28 Opal

    DO stress that it is essential to pinch a tip for air space on the end of the condom when it’s put on! I have found way too many men who aren’t aware that they shouldn’t just fit the thing snuggly up against their… thing, leading to greater potential for bursting. Or else they think they should have a bubble on the tip! Too much confusion out there!

  29. 29 CJ Casey

    Hey, just wanted to comment on the latex allergy bit. My wife thought that she had that when we first started dating, but it was just a matter of experimenting with different brands of condoms and using different lubes. From time to time, one brand will irritate her, so we switch. I’ve mentioned that to other people with ‘latex allergies’ and that almost always fixes the problem.

  30. 30 Carla

    This episode was very entertaining and educational, as always. Even if the vast majority of people aren’t allergic to latex, I’m still very glad that you mentioned polyurethane as an alternative to latex since sheepskin condoms only offer protection against pregnancy and not STDs. I remember when I took the required health & wellness class at my high school the teacher didn’t mention polyurethane, and had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned it to her.

    Also, I wanted to add that you can use your fingers to push the condom out of the wrapper once you’ve opened it, ideally by tearing it open from the corners. This will reduce the rick of breaking the condom before you get it on (pun intended). Planned Parenthood has a video of this method on their site that it helpful and banana-free; they use a dildo to demonstrate.

    Last but not least, if a guy ever gives you the excuse that condoms don’t feel good, suggest that he add a little bit of lube to inside of the condom at the tip before you put on, which can help with sensitivity. If that doesn’t work, take Nikol’s advice and tell him to fuck himself.

    Keep up the good work!

  31. 31 L.L. Wynn

    couchpixie, I agree that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, but the idea that pre-ejaculatory fluid can cause pregnancy is a medical myth! We’ve done some research on this, and as far as we can tell, the idea was first published in a 1960s Masters and Johnson sex textbook and then repeated by other medical textbooks and articles, but apparently the M&J claim was never based on scientific research. About three small studies have recently tested pre-ejaculatory fluid and found no motile sperm in it — in other words it can’t impregnate anyone. However, it CAN carry HIV. So in the end I agree about throwing out the condom that got put on inside-out: better safe than sorry. (Reference: See

  32. 32 couchpixie

    Thanks for the info update, L.L. Wynn. Why is it that things that AREN’T actually true are the easiest to remember and to pass along? I’m glad someone’s checking out the facts–even if it is nearly fifty years down the line! But bottom line, kids–the policy remains the same! Don’t put it in unless you’ve put it on right the first time.

  33. 33 mmalibumallory

    Lifestyle’s new SKYN condoms are made of polyisoprene and not latex AND don’t contain nonoxynol-9! I started using them because I am allergic to latex (actually had allergy testing done years ago-Neither me nor my doctors can use latex gloves, even. Promise I’m not just one of those people) and the other non-latex condoms are expensive (the SKYN ones are only $6 for a 12 pack at Walmart (I know, “Walmart is bad people”. But hey, Target doesn’t even carry them!) I don’t use sheepskin because it grosses me out. Happy wrapping!

  34. 34 Sergio

    I have to disagree LLWynn. Yes pre ejaculatory fluid does not contain any semen but it could still impregnate a girl. After you ejaculate, if you do not pee and become aroused again getting ready for another round, the pre ejaculatory fluid may contain sperm that did not go all the way out of your penis the previous time. They all go through the same canal, the urethra.

  35. 35 Julian

    Thank condom song was brilliant.

  36. 36 todd

    sometimes i wrap a tissue around my finger kind of like a finger condom before i pick my nose, but it doesnt work as well

  37. 37 Julie


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