MTSS 25: Prom

Prom babies cry just as loud.

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  1. 1 Piper

    This is amazing! I think all high schools should air this to upperclassmen!

  2. 2 Amber

    A friend of mine actually gets 4 proms because her school is so small if just the senior class it probably would not even be 30 people, so they let all the grades go. And, this year she’s bringing me and another friend as a group.

  3. 3 Frank

    LOVED IT !!! it was awesome. All your episodes are awesome !! :D

  4. 4 Idir

    A huge dyke that makes sex podcasts having a “HARD” time?
    You’re lovably unrealistic <3

  5. 5 Nikol

    I’m in love with the music on this episode. Gordon Tebo is a genius.

  6. 6 couchpixie

    Good old prom. Awkward, boring, expensive, and exhausting. Trust me: as is the case with many things, the eager anticipation of the event far surpasses the reality. I’m not saying you shouldn’t attend (because ladies, when else in your life will you ever have an opportunity to wear a dress like that?) or you won’t necessarily have fun, but don’t stress yourself out by trying to make it THE MOST PERFECT NIGHT EVER. Because it won’t be. Despite the $200 dress and the sculptural hair and the professional nails, two months of tanning sessions and the makeup applied at the department store, while you may look a bit fancier than usual, you’ll still be you with all your rampant insecurities, your social awkwardness, your nearly pathetic desire to make your date love you, and all other emotional agonies you suffer from in daily life. Prom isn’t magic, no matter what your prom theme may claim. (All of my best “Night(s) to Remember” happened of their own accord in college.) If you keep that in mind, you’re much more likely to have fun.

  7. 7 Gordon Tebo

    Hey, thanks, Nikol!!

  8. 8 x

    Kudos on the Troma movie plug. Yay, Cannibal the Musical!

  9. 9 Svarthofthi

    So what’s the deal with the lady auction; that still going on? It’s the thrill of the hunt that makes it so delicious, you know.

  10. 10 EZ

    What is going on??!! why are the episodes being censored and bleeped? how can you educate with censorship??
    did the bible thumpers get you Nikol??

  11. 11 Neil

    The show’s always bleeped swear words. I think you just want to see Britney’s boob. It’s a nice boob. I didn’t get to see the other one.

  12. 12 Alex

    Great episode, and I loved the signing at the auction. A great inside joke for those who know ASL. Too bad it was cut off rather quickly here and there. :(

  13. 13 Svarthofthi

    You know, the only thing I can remember from my prom is Tom Collins (yep, that’s right, I was a rebel!) and ice sculptures. It was pleasant.

  14. 14 Elle

    You guys never seize to amaze me. Your topics are awesome and theres never a dull moment. I love your show!

  15. 15 locutys

    The biggest reason to go to your prom is so you won’t spend your whole life regretting that you didn’t. I went to mine and my wife didn’t attend hers. Every spring when “Prom” season arrives and the telltale signs are all over our small Texas town I am sure to hear at least one long sigh and her say “I wish I had gone…” So, blow the cash, wear the crappy rented tux, eat at Red Lobster (or where ever), take the corny pictures, perform the whole ritual. I truely is one of life’s rites of passage that everyone should endure….or forever be doomed to sigh and say “I should have…..

  16. 16 Mirabelle J.

    Lovin’ all the episodes. Well done!!! Cheers from Berlin!

  17. 17 ChristopherJ

    The ASL “interpreter” is hilarious! She kept getting cut off, so I didn’t get it all, but basically: “Say, I need your help. I hate this place. Come get me please.” And something about a kidna?

  18. 18 Lee

    Love the videos.

    Coming from a college student who went to both proms (junior and senior year) with the boyfriend of the time, I will say that if I could do it all over I would have gone with a group of friends or with one of my girlfriends.

    If you go with a date you have to babysit them the whole time, or you get irritated that they’re talking/dancing/flirting with someone else. Going without a date means you can work the floor and flirt/dance/talk to anyone you like. :D

  19. 19 Justin

    Aw i really wanted to see Britneys boob! ;-)

  20. 20 handkok


  21. 21 Reed Segovia


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