Midwest Teen Sex Live 12 and 13

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  1. 1 Cisz

    About kissing with your head on the left or right side: I have done some observing about a very similiar thing when hugging someone, because I often end up on the wrong side and we bump into each other, and I blame me beeing left handed.

    So maybe thats the deep secret.

    Left handed people turn their head to the left side.

    With hugging, if i turn my head to the left side, it makes me feel less vulnerable, as I am very sensitive about the left side of my neck.

    What do you say? Mystery solved? :)

  2. 2 Taryn

    “turn around” is the song they danced to when they gave a presentation about drugs and abstinence at my freshman orientation for high school.

    yep. we had three different presentations about abstinence through my years in public high school.

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