MTSS and Comedy Central Make Sweet Love

We’re excited to announce that MTSS will be creating a pilot/presentation for Comedy Central this summer. You can read more details over at

For our friends from the start, the middle, or whenever you accidentally found us, you may be wondering if we’re about to sell out hard and turn MTSS into a pile of commercial poop.  We want to assure you that we are keeping the style of the show the same.  It was the style of the show that Comedy Central first noticed, and they want us to keep making it from the finest ingredients.  The difference is that now those ingredients will not be bought from a guy on the street corner wearing a trench coat.

We may not be rolling in the dough, but we will be able to take our labor of love and turn it into a labor of better wigs, props, and maybe even pay our cast.  (Please don’t mention to the cast yet that they may get paid.  It’ll only turn them into insufferable jerkwads.)

It’s been two years since we started shooting MTSS, and we are indebted to everyone who has ever worked on, watched, emailed, commented, donated, and forced their friends and family to watch our little sex show. A special shout out to KoldCast.TV for supporting our show when no one else would. You can continue to see all 25 episodes over at KoldCast.TV.

What does this mean for the future of the show? We’ll be taking a break from producing new episodes of the podcast as we focus on creating the sexiest most Midwesternest pilot the world has ever seen. Please continue to visit the site for our weekly live show and new bonus videos.

Thank you again for all your support.

Midwest Love,

Nikol, Britney, Guy

31 Responses to “MTSS and Comedy Central Make Sweet Love”

  1. 1 montuos

    Making it into the bigtime at last! That is awesome! :)

  2. 2 Cathy McCaughan


  3. 3 Nobilis

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it.

    I’ll get everyone I know to have a look when it comes out!

  4. 4 nickeb

    awesome! im so excited for this. full fledged show of mtss? brilliant idea. its comforting to see this promise of quality in writing. im also super excited that this wont die out. so happy!

  5. 5 Jared

    Wow that’s cool news. I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen because you’re all so talented. Congrats!

  6. 6 Ryan Wise

    Congratulations. That’s awesome news!

  7. 7 mgafm

    I am so so happy for you. I’ve been following since the beginning and couldn’t be more excited to see you on TV!

  8. 8 couchpixie

    One of my RECAPTCHA words is “spongers,” as in, MTSS hopefully won’t have to be sponging off their friends and family members anymore in order to make funny happen! Big props to KoldCast and now Comedy Central for being willing to touch the untouchable subject! Congrats to everyone and I really hope it works out!!!!!!!

  9. 9 Cheryl Bollig

    WOOO this is amazing i cant wait.

  10. 10 Kim

    Awesome! You guys totally deserve it :D

  11. 11 Fad23

    I’ll be behind you guys all the way. Especially in that creepy way.

  12. 12 David S. Samuels

    We weren’t crazy after all! Comedy Central’s pick-up of MTSS not only affirms KoldCast TV’s sponsorship of the show, it confirms many other things. Among them the fact that it’s really alright to talk about sex. Even to teenagers. Especially to teenagers! And if a show is not entertaining to watch, no one will, and no one will learn from it. That’s why MTSS works. The show knows its audience and knows how to make them laugh. Kudos to the MTSS team. Kudos to Comedy Central. Kudos to viewers for tuning in.

    What will be interesting, beyond the Pilot episode, is who Comedy Central will find as Sponsors! We’re thrilled to have discovered the show first!


  13. 13 mtssfan

    my new favorite show

  14. 14 MateoM

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you guys are hitting the big time. You really deserve it. Comedy central is good for letting shows be outrageous and wacky, so I’m sure the show will survive in tact.

    Just don’t forget the little people.

  15. 15 Jessie

    I have been following your show from the very first episode, and I have to say, no one deserves this more than you guys. I can only hope that Comedy Central will respect your creativity and not compromise the quality (material-wise) of the show. Best of luck, Nikol, Guy, Britney, Larissa, Neil, and everyone else who makes this show possible. You guys rock!

  16. 16 Bonnie

    I’m really excited that this is happening. I think it is very cool that you try to really educate in an honest, open and fresh way in a world that would rather try to hide and shame something as natural as sex. Teenagers need this information, and it is really hard to get from an unbiased source. I’ve been having sex for years, and I still learn something new from a lot of your episodes. And I consider myself pretty well educated.

    More people need to see MTSS. This seems to be one of the most effective ways to make the show available. I can’t wait to see when it happens.

  17. 17 Mark W.

    YES!! AWESOME!!! GREAT NEWS!!! I cannot WAIT to see this on

  18. 18 Kate

    Well, congratulations! This is awesome news! Except for the part about “taking a break.” I’m not sure what full-fledged MTSS withdrawal will look like, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  19. 19 pyrateking

    gratz cannot wait for the show. will be a dvr pick for sure

  20. 20 Neil

    Don’t worry, Kate, we’ll still be doing shorts and site-exclusive content every few weeks or so to get our internet fix! Stay tuned!

  21. 21 J Rodriguez

    Boy, you know your stuff!

  22. 22 Charls

    Yay! Congratulations. Nikol, you and your cast are highlarious! I was lucky enough to find you at the start and check back often for updates.

  23. 23 Mighty Ponygirl


    Are you going to be a half-hour show, or are you going to be sticking to the 4-5 minute format and rounding out irregularly-sized movies/etc?

    I’m so excited for you guys! Here’s hoping you become fabulously wealthy… but also that you’re able to amplify your voice to a more mainstream venue where it can do even more good!

  24. 24 megan

    hey i first saw u when my brother was on this site and so yeah
    i also hope u get the money for the trip to washington dc i think it was i cant remember anyway
    i watch your show and its realy good

  25. 25 Neil

    Nikol talks more about what MTSS intends to do with the pilot at

  26. 26 canadaman

    ya I first learnt of you guys from torrent ( is there site)i was kinda like “sex but informative and funny WTF” eventually i decided to check it out and now i’m hooked

    one of my words was sissies

  27. 27 joanie

    Pale told me the good news and I about crapped my pants. Not that I am surprised…cause the show is soo good. I am so proud of you Nikol! I can’t wait to see the pilot. You are awesome.

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