nikol_head1Nikol Hasler

Former expert practitioner of teen promiscuity, Nikol Hasler lives out her days as a Midwestern mother of three. Her interests range from music, movies, trash television, and naked rodeo clowns with handlebar mustaches to cooking, reading and naked rodeo clowns with handlebar mustaches. Nikol spends her free time writing and teaching creative writing workshops to high school students. She hates the phrase “swimsuit area,” and hopes her own life experiences will better inform viewers on the realities of teen sexuality.

brit_head1Britney Barber

“I do all my own stunts.”



neil_head1Neil Arsenty

Neil is a character actor, sometimes writer and all around comedian. He has appeared in dozens of sketch comedy revues, improv and stand-up sets in Chicago and has also performed in numerous plays and gay ol’ musicals. He went to high school with half the people associated with this show, and graduated with a degree in theater from Cardinal Stritch University in 2003. His work can be found at

larissa_headLarissa Zageris

Larissa is a writer, filmmaker, and performer from Midlothian, IL- aka the “Gem of the Midwest.” She learned to write and film things at New York University, how to kiss from Johnny Depp, and how to teach playwriting to teenagers with Pegasus Players. “Fang!”, a vampire sitcom she made, screened as a finalist at the 2007 Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition. She also sings with The Blue Ribbon Glee Club. You can read her blog here.

pupper_head1Guy Clark

Director Guy Clark is the creator of Midwest Teen Sex Show. He has won awards for his online spots for GEICO Car Insurance,,, and Kelley Blue Book. He has three Telly Awards. Guy continues to produce media content for online and broadcast venues. His commercial work and production services can be found at Clark Olson Media. He also loves cheese.