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Revenge of the Pre-Roll (About Our Sponsor)

You may have noticed we acquired a sponsor for MTSS. Without KoldCast’s sponsorship (and your donations) MTSS would not have been able to continue producing new episodes. We struggled for a year to find a company with enough vision and guts to back MTSS. KoldCast first tried to find us an outside sponsor that would advertise on our show. When these advertisers passed, KoldCast made the decision to reach into their own pockets to fund new episodes. This is an unheard of gesture in the new media space.

Thanks for all the feedback regarding the length of the pre-roll on the latest episode. With you in mind, we have all agreed to remove it from the front end of our episode and place it on the back end. We encourage you to check out the rest of KoldCast’s programming – it’s sexy.

Thank you for watching, thank you for your donations, and thank you to KoldCast.TV. Without all these elements coming into play there would be no Sex Cop, and no one should have to live in a world without Sex Cop.