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NYC Sex Blogger’s Calendar

Nikol looks at the engine

Last year I decided that I would wander beyond the dairy land and out to the east coast to try to make some connections in New York City. While I was there I met many amazing people.

I got to live with
Audacia Ray. We even had an It’s Complicated. It was the best It’s Complicated I have had to date. (and I am a pretty complicated woman)

I got to spend some time with Viviane who taught me what dim sum was all about. It turns out I prefer to know what I am putting in my mouth, but at least I had the experience.

I lived in BedStuy where the bodegas were plentiful and Lee Judah Isserow and I made lots of fun short films. He even taught me how to use a camera.

I met the friend collector Emily May, who is doing her part to make sure we don’t have to get heckled on public transport, Sean & Jess who even produced a short in which I got to act, and I got to spend time with my dear Allison who has been a friend to MTSS for years now and even decorated my apartment with pink streamers for my 30th birthday.

And one of the many interesting things I got to do was work with photographer Paul Sarkis to be in a calendar with all proceeds going to benefit Sex Work Awareness. I got to be a model for a day and I think we even ate at Fuddrucker’s to celebrate. Very sexy, that. And in the end I got to be a part of one of the sexiest calendars I have ever seen.

So, if you need to keep track of 2010 and your cubicle needs a little dressing up, pop on over to the site and buy a calendar. Take a look at the models. Check out the SWA site as well as the sites of all of the blogger/models.

This will be a fun way to celebrate 2010!