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high-res-logo-refThe internet is like an Oreo.  It’s filled with delicious information and best when dunked in milk.  And it can make you fat if you use it too much.

With all the sites out there filled with user based information, it can be way too easy to search for information about removing a splinter then come away thinking you have amoebic dysentery.  That’s why it is so relieving to find sites where users don’t talk at each other, they talk to each other.

Leftos.com (LEssonsForTheOppositeSex) is a site designed to allow people to post and answer questions about the sometimes baffling differences between men and women.  It is a fairly new site, so it’s not yet populated enough to be filled with valuable information.

And that is why it needs your help.  Sex educators have recently begun asking their students to visit sites just like this one and to help provide accurate information about sexual health.  We love the platform of this site and we love it’s newness because if enough of us can get in there and join these discussions, this could be a legit place for sex information.

We do have a pretty big issue with it that I hope the site admins can address.  “Lessons for the opposite sex” is extremely hetero-normative.  We’d love to see this site used by the gays, too.  Just because two people both have penises or vaginas it doesn’t make it easier for them to understand each other.  By opening that door a little wider it may also become a place in which people learn to be tolerant of different lifestyles.

So, under Sites We Love with a slight lean toward sites that need a bit of a tweak: Check out www.Leftos.com and start adding your much needed sexy info right away.