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Cell Camp Comedy Troupe: It’s A Good Thing They Are Funny…

…because they SUCK at writing emails.

“Sometimes I’ll throw in a j/k, but only if I am really upset… j/k”
Richie Cross, one of the six members of the comedy troupe Cell Camp is answering a string of “reply all” messages discussing the groups history of email mis-communications. Two members have quit the group in the last six months via email and there were some major confusions over a joking suggestion about adding a new member.

It’s gotten to the point that they have all created a special way of letting the rest of the group know when they are joking; a funny thing for a comedy troop to have to do. One would assume they’d have to make it clear when they are being serious instead. Marla Depew (who uses the compound hahahahahahaha) has kicked off the recent string of emails with the question that most often gets discussed in the emails “Are we rehearsing today?” From the moment her “Smooches, M” hits the net the back and forth begins over just when they are rehearsing and who can and cannot be there.

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